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Prophets Declare: Too Much Meat! 4

Introduction to Health & Nutrition: “Feed My Sheep”. 4

Water Fasting Study Notes. 5

The Why of Health: Preciousness of the Body. 6

Health Excuses of Time & Tastes, VS Things Healthy People Do Instead  7

Exercise & Healthy Lifestyles – Teachings of the Prophets  8

Emulating God Through Health. 10

Envision health. 13

CDC on Benefits of Exercise. 13

The Bible & Nutrition. 13

The Case for Completely Eliminating Animal Products in the Diet 13

Assorted Nutrition Study Notes (Primarily WFPB) 14

Brain Health: Fats, Herbs, Hormones, etc.: Study Notes. 32

Gut Microbiome Nutrition Notes. 35

Weight Loss & Using Starches: Study Notes. 35

Dr. Neal Barnard: PCRM (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine): WFPB Based Studies. 36

Dr. Joel Fuhrman: Nutritarian Diet: WFPB Based Studies. 36

Dr. David Katz – WFPB Advocate –  Intro & Highlights. 37

Raw Zero-Prep Shopping List 38

Simple Plant Based Dishes. 39

Weight Loss Tips. 39

Gallon of Water Daily. 40

Calorie Counting. 40

No Keto! The Toxic Fad Diet 42

You are What You Eat 42

Eliminating Caffeinated Beverages & Other Hot Drinks. 42

Animal Rights Quotes: Brigham Young, Hugh Nibley, etc. 43

Doctor Craft – Prophetic Warnings. 43

The Science and Skepticism Behind the Vaccine War – Documentary Highlights. 45

Vaccines by Jack Stockwell – Lecture Highlights. 46

Cherokee Herbal & The Modern Witch Hunt for Naturopathic Medicine  46

Inflammation Tips. 50

Thyroid & Hashimoto Disease. 50

Healthcare in the Free Market 50

Candy Vendors a Form of Priestcraft 51

On Offending Others by Your Diet 51

Instant Insanity Drugs. 51

Psychotropic Drugs VS Exercise. 52

Dangers of Anti-Depressant Drugs by Anne Tracy – Lecture Highlights  53

Spirituality and Sorcery: Full Text by Ann Tracy. 58

Slogans to Share on Nutrition. 61

Resources on Nutrition. 61


. 62

Introductory Note. 63

Ch. 1: Awakening to the Word of Wisdom.. 63

Ch. 2 The Flesh of Beasts. 63

Ch. 3 Wholesome herbs and every fruit 63

Ch. 4 All Grain is Good. 64

Ch. 5 what about dairy and eggs. 64

Ch. 6 Science and the Word of Wisdom.. 64

Ch. 7 Common Objections. 65

Ch. 8 Stewards of our Bodies, the Earth, and its Creatures. 65

Ch. 9 Why Doesn’t the Church tell us These Things?. 66

Ch. 10 the Promised Blessings. 67




Prophets Declare: Too Much Meat!




Joseph Smith calls for the end of animal violence: “In pitching my tent we found three massasaugas or prairie rattlesnakes, which the brethren were about to kill, but I said, “Let them alone — don’t hurt them! How will the serpent ever lose its venom, while the servants of God possess the same disposition, and continue to make war upon it? Men must become harmless before the brute creation, and when men lose their vicious dispositions and cease to destroy the animal race, the lion and the lamb can dwell together, and the sucking child can play with the serpent in safety.” The brethren took the serpents carefully on sticks and carried them across the creek. I exhorted the brethren not to kill a serpent, bird, or an animal of any kind during our journey unless it became necessary in order to preserve ourselves from hunger.” (May 26, 1834.) D.H.C. 2:71.


Here is a compilation of quotes from the early brethren about eating meat sparingly:


D&C section 49 summary tells us “the eating of meat is approved”, but Hugh Nibley and many prophets have taught that there is a special blessing for those who refrain, and they have led by example by eating little to no meat. With the many philosophies today on diet and the scattered research and evil designs which can be easily inserted into those so-called scientific studies (it’s easy to manipulate data), our best hope is to cling to God’s revelation to us (D&C 89) while we’re waiting for the science to catch up and unify, and weed out the corruption from their field of study.


This document is to emphasize that we should however eat meat “sparingly” (D&C 89), such as in times of NEED. Need! I.e. to save your life. For example the D&C suggests that we eat meat in time of winter to get nutrients that aren’t available from plants which are out of season. I understand how many people don’t want to eat any meat these days, there are so many loaded hormones and preservatives and GMO’s and other wretched things that you don’t know what you’re getting. Though I don’t agree with everything they say, I’ve found much supportive materials on the subject from, much of which I have shared here. Truly, as taught by prophets, we won’t eat any meat in the Millennium. There will be no death, nor violence.


-Why did Brigham Young encourage people to eat very little meat, and not at all in some circumstances? Perhaps it was to establish a cultural thing as well as health. Israel used to not eat shrimp, a thing that would set them apart as a community. This could be the same type of thing which Brigham was trying to establish- a culture of the community of the Saints that helped them stand out.

-Brigham Young said he doesn’t need a law to tell him that eating pork isn’t good for you.


-This could cause people to say, perhaps, “ah, these people don’t drink coffee. That’s odd. I wonder what else they don’t do and why…” which leads them to investigate the glorious truths of the gospel.



-use meat “for to save your lives.” the scripture says


-“For the Lord worketh not in secret combinations, neither doth he will that man should shed blood, but in all things hath forbidden it, from the beginning of man.” (Ether 9:8)


-“And wo be unto man that sheddeth blood or that wasteth flesh and hath no need.” (D&C 49:21)



-visit for many more quotes of the prophets etc. on not eating meat.






Introduction to Health & Nutrition: “Feed My Sheep”


Join with me in the adventure to learn about your body & how it was intended to be nourished. Good nutrition, along with a reasonable amount of physical activity, is critical for a long happy life. Taking care of our bodies is one of the forgotten commandments of the restored gospel! Who among us can say we are living the inspired revelation on health called The Word of Wisdom, to its fullest? Come study with me ways to unlock success in these matters. Primarily whole foods plant-based diets are the tried and true way to gain optimal health. While we aren’t obsessed with longevity or interested in endlessly honing our bodies at the expense of other duties, we do recognize the serious duty it is to care for our bodies. Ironically, while Satan doesn’t have a body, some of his sorest temptations are for us to misuse ours. Health is one of the great promised blessings for the saints. It is obvious that as a people, we are not living up to the privileges that could be ours in these matters. Caring for the body isn’t merely temporal. The Lord makes no distinction between temporal and spiritual commands. Rather, caring for the body greatly increases the capacity of the spirit to receive revelation. The battle for good health doesn’t have to be hopeless. Nutritional physiology and knowledge about micronutrients which feed our true hunger are the keys to developing righteous nutritional willpower.

“Let food be thy medicine.” Hippocrates

“Run and not be weary, walk and not faint.” -D&C 89

“The intelligent want self-control; children want candy.” –Rumi








Water Fasting Study Notes

after 3-4 days you aren’t even hungry and have lots of energy. It is Gods gift for fasting.
After 48 hours your start burning fat and go into ketosis.
Fasting is a good way to jump start a healthy diet of soups beans etc.
Can easily do 3 weeks (21 days) or more, but beware after 5 days of fasting you should be somewhere that you can be observed to stay safe just in case.
One at day 23 was able to finally make a fist despite major arthritis for decades.
Carbonated water can help you get through the first 3 days.
After a day eat light for like soup.
Intermittent fasting such as not eating until noon helps the body cleanse.
Fasting for 3 weeks helps you not be worried about missing lunch.
If you’re skipping a meal skip breakfast.
fasting increases your growth hormone so your muscles will grow rather than just fatigue
Fasting creates brain cells
Fasting brings insulin into a manageable level for multiple days after the fast
If your insulin levels aren’t low you’re not going to lose weight
The body is built to thrive with only eating every now and then
Fasting is the fastest way to increase stem cells
If you do a 7-Day water fast your chance of getting cancer goes down 70% because those bad cells die off and stem cells are created
A three day fast can help make stem cells as well
And the nutrients that cancer cells want aren’t there the cancer cells die off
If you fast 36 hours before chemotherapy your body will tolerate it much better
Your normal cells will be more resilient and there will be less death of your normal cells
Cancer cells are the weak cells they’re the ones who die and your normal cells are optimized through fasting.
When you’re sick you naturally don’t want to eat listen to your body when it says that.
Fasting for 3 days is the most potent thing you can do for anti-inflammatory results.
When you fast your body can focus on healing autoimmune diseases.
Someone with dementia give them only water for 3 days and they’ll start clearing up.
One reason to drink more when you’re fasting is you urinate frequently due to the decreased insulin.
The kidneys are highly efficient at keeping the electrolytes you need rather than urinating them out.
It’s unusual to get deficient in electrolytes but if you do put a pinch of salt in your water and you’ll have less dizziness and cramps and headaches.
Dizziness from fasting is not from low sugar it’s from low blood pressure so drink water.
A tub of Epsom salts can help.
Salt and magnesium you’ll feel better.
Hunger comes and goes with the circadian rhythm drink water to expand your stomach.
In about a half hour the hunger will go away.
A fasting person does not stay hungry all day.
Cravings during fasting are from food addictions.
Day 5 you get tons of energy.
Second day is the hardest.
If you want to be healthy eat just once a day at most twice a day in a 6 to 8 hour period.
Don’t snack in between or it messes up your insulin levels.
Once a week instead of skipping two meals skip all three and it’ll give you a huge immunity boost.
36 hours is the special time when stem cells kick in.
For chronic disease do a 7-Day fast every 6 months or an occasional two week fast in severe cases. The rest of the time the time restrictive feeding. These will also help you lose your excess weight.
The ratio of NAD to nadh in the cell as determined by fat metabolism taking place in the cell is how your body detects whether or not you’ve eaten. It’s not necessarily based on sugar.

S a r t1 goes up when you fast it connects to the histones on your DNA and unravels them so that you can access that DNA that you don’t use
Therefore you make new proteins and your genetic expression changes

Fox 03 Gene gets activated
This activates the antioxidant genes in the body
This is how turmeric activates antioxidation.
Turmeric in and of itself does not have antioxidant properties but it does access the fox03.

Vitamin D3 is involved in over 300 genetic reactions involving gene expression. 90% of people are deficient in it and need to supplement it as well as getting 10 minutes in the Sun every day.

Fox03 keeps telomeres long
And the longer those are the longer your lifespan

Fox03 helps clear away old cells and stops a poptosis and prevents Alzheimer’s

Some say you can throw in some tea or other beverage with some coconut oil to help curb your hunger on your fasting

Beware a vitamin k deficiency when you fast those stem cells want something to attach to so you might need to replace your vitamin k with some bone broth it might even be appropriate to have bone broth during your fast.

Insulin should not be taken during fasting. It’s okay to have high sugars for a few days in your blood level which is likely to happen if you’re diabetic and you fast.

If you have high insulin levels that’s treated by fasting.

Jason Fung see his book on fasting

Even people on medicatiom are fine to do their own restricted eating to 1 or 2 meals a day unsupervised.





The Why of Health: Preciousness of the Body



We are created after the image of God.

We are not our own but are bought with a price.

Men are that they might have joy.

Fullness of joy comes only when body and spirit are united.

Spiritual receptivity is enhanced with the body is taken care of

Caring for the body is a reflection of self-control.

God has given laws concerning the body and rejecting those laws councils and standards is an act of rebellion against God, or in other words, pride.

Gain focus and retention power in studies.

Gain persuasion for exponential missionary work

Enjoy and relax in social settings, the which you hope to have much more of.

Avoid diabetes & heart failure.

Pure joy from health leads a person to be motivated to excel in all other duties of life, enthusiastically!

Have more energy to persue your calling in life, including family time.





Health Excuses of Time & Tastes, VS Things Healthy People Do Instead



Both our physical and spiritual health require consistent efforts, moderation, balance, and dedication. We must spend significant effort in both regards. These analogies also apply to taking time out of our day for doing missionary work, and how missionary work can be successful with consistent attention to it.


Look and live: the serpent on staff: easy but need consistent. This applies to all of God’s commandments. If they are procrastinated and avoided, they become hard or impossible. I asked a friend who struggles with morbid obesity but is very active in the church, how much time they would give daily to work on their health. Before the answer, I preface this by saying we are all morbidly obese in our own way. All of us have much to improve. And some perhaps even many of cases of morbid or moderate obesity have to do with health issues. In fact, technically speaking the BMI says I am obese. In my case it’s a plain old case of neglect, and I’m working on that. I asked my friend, how much time would you be willing to spend each day on improving your physical health? All day was the reply. Via eating patterns etc. But I said “let me rephrase it. How much time not multitasking, just doing fitness?” A pause and the reply, “10 minutes”. I just did a nutrition class in nursing program so this stuff is on my mind. My nutrition professor believed we need an hour a day to maintain good health in our sedimentary lifestyles.

I think at the root of this woman’s case is that she thinks she will let down God if she takes time to do things other than family history work, or some other form of service to others. I submit it is God’s will that we try to keep all his commandments. We must beware how we use our time. Missionary work takes time. Sometimes it’s time scrolling Facebook. Many of us might do too much of that. But some is important.  Etc.

The spirit will help us keep the word of wisdom. Sometimes however, we say exercise and missionary work for people w/ too much time on hands, like my friend with serious health issues who was willing only to take only ’10 min’ /day on non-multitasking health, for example. We know we are accountable to God and we like to work lots to please God.  But we have permission to take time for our health and for missionary work! The admission to take time to be holy includes take time to play basketball with your friends, or time to play board games with your kids or friends or neighbors!

Rare do elderly with health issues have just 1 issue, but “comorbidity” multiple system failure.

Missionary work, like physical and spiritual health maintenance, also takes time.

The command to care for our health and do missionary work has this aspect, “Thou Shalt Party and make merry with thy friends.” Who are my friends? Same as who is our neighbor. These commandments are some of the more particularly happy thank-God commandments.

Like health issues, some of us have great excuses for not exercising/missionary working. Like a bad foot meaning no walking. My nutrition professor says cases where someone is so sick they can’t do any type of fitness are almost nonexistent.

Elder Holland said recently that if we do not pay for health now, we will pay later.

Someone once said to me once when she saw me with a lunch brought from home ‘I can’t pack homemade lunch’. I guess in some circumstance this could be true. I said “it’s about priorities.” She said no I just can’t, I work too much.: I don’t think she got what I was saying. Perhaps her ultra-nice truck could go so she wouldn’t have to work so many hours to pay for it and could put attention to her critical health issues. We don’t judge others, but we do try to teach and uplift ourselves and others in the ways of wisdom, and find balance in keeping all of God’s commandments.


Time & The Debt Mentality:

You’ll never have more time, God will always give you plenty of assignments all through your life, and your mental obsession with doing tasks won’t suddenly end just because you graduate college or get some promotion, or a kid grows up or you get more money or something.

You don’t have endless tomorrows to set things straight; thousands get diabetes, what makes you so different than them? Do you think they wanted it or saw it coming? No, and neither do you, but it is coming.


You live in the debt-oriented mindset of our time, thinking that just because loans are available, that’s the only way to live. You have amassed health debt. All those pounds and lack of muscle are like dollars you owe. Time to turn it around and live for not the immediate present, but for the future. Time to seriously journey toward the day when you will be debt free and able to give greatly. Time to turn the focus from you to charity.


You think God cares about your giving or your using time to serve, but he cares about you, about your health, about how you manage your person; of all the people you’re taking care of, another that you’ve been commanded to take care of is yourself. Don’t have the hyper-savior syndrome where you think that everything will fall apart if you take some time for your own health now and then – Christ (the prototypical savior) taught temperance.



Don’t think that those who do fitness are just people with too much time on their hands; if you want to talk about more time, consider the time you won’t be in a hospital, and the added years of life. Consider the increased focus which will come as you make health a priority. It’s the healthy people who really respect time and take time seriously. Of course, there are the occasional idiot who are healthy and yet clueless, don’t let them cloud your vision to the path God has commanded you to walk.


Don’t think fitness and diet are suggestions; they are commandments from God; neglect of one’s body is a serious issue; just think what society would be like if all were healthy – more sensitivity to the spirit would be the key gift; now how are you going to help them be healthy if you aren’t healthy first? Truly one of the evils of our time is the idea that ‘everyone is doing it’ on account of poor health choices. As Joel Fuhrman says, you must choose to be different than the normal.



Acquiring a Taste for Zion Culture


Taste buds adapt to lifestyle. After a while, junk food isn’t even appealing. As someone said, “that guy is so healthy, he doesn’t even LOOK at the McDonalds as he drives by!”

Joseph Smith spoke of doctrine, that he can taste good doctrine, he said that we can too. Pray for discernment and follow the subtle guidance of the spirit to learn the ways of the kingdom of God.

We can come away from Babylon culture and start to learn to love better culture. Like a fat person can learn to enjoy eating salad and other things which will bring savor and health, and the junk food becomes sour to his taste with time, and he weeps for the time he lost before transitioning to the higher lifestyle.

This being said, we define Babylon culture as an attitude which mocks God and his laws; multiculturalism is a beautiful thing and we can embrace each other’s differences and learn from each other as we together learn to live the higher culture. I think heaven will have all sorts of song, dance, dress, etc., inasmuch as they are wholesome (and that rules out much of popular music of the last century). There is so much good out there we don’t need to bother with the bad.


Things Physically Healthy People Do


Imagine the health gods, those people who give glory to god by their stunning beauty and athleticism, which effects all aspects of their lives positively.


These are characteristics of such a person:


Sleep – can’t let things get in the way of this; 6-8 hours are the standard to seek, but this varies by person.


Healthy foods – have to be proactive


Destress via non procrastination and techniques

Workout and run and stretch; don’t injure body in sport, so take it easy in sport until at safe weight


Take responsibility


Snacks – they have fruits veggies nuts and water

They don’t eat refined foods


Decide beforehand things you will and won’t eat. Find the right way, then commit.


Be willing to “offend” others who offer you or your family unhealthy food. Church President George Albert Smith brought a jar of wheat with him when traveling, and ate that not what was served at the houses he went to.


Be ok with focusing on other things than food – don’t you remember Gandhi? you don’t have to be flooded with a king’s dish every day. Hunger isn’t an emergency.

Don’t let sickness or laziness of others be an excuse to not be strong










Exercise & Healthy Lifestyles – Teachings of the Prophets



“I would not want you to neglect your body. It deserves daily care. Physical conditioning through regular exercise requires self-mastery too. I marvel at Elder Joseph Anderson, now in his ninety-sixth year. For decades, the strength of his spirit over his body has induced him to swim regularly. But his motivation has never been to attain physical longevity. That has come only incidentally. His desire has been to serve God and His anointed. Elder Anderson has followed what I label as the Lord’s prescription for a long and useful life. Those faithful in “magnifying their calling, are sanctified by the Spirit unto the renewing of their bodies. They become … the elect of God.” (D&C 84:33–34.) Elder Anderson’s exercise program agrees with the perspective of Paul, who said: “Bodily exercise profiteth little: but godliness is profitable unto all things, having promise of the life that now is, and of that which is to come.” (1 Tim. 4:8.) Handsome and fit, Elder Anderson personifies this scripture: “Glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s.” (1 Cor. 6:20.)

(Self Mastery, by Elder Russel M Nelson, General Conference Oct 1985)

“Take responsibility for your own physical well-being. Your soul consists of your body and spirit (see D&C 88:15). Feeding the spirit while neglecting the body, which is a temple, usually leads to spiritual dissonance and lowered self-esteem. If you are out of shape, if you are uncomfortable in your own body and can do something about it, then do it!”
(Approaching The Throne of God with Confidence by Elder Jörg Klebingat October 2014 General Conference;

Elder Russell M. Nelson has taught that we should “regard our body as a temple of our very own” and that we should “control our diet and exercise for physical fitness” (“We Are Children of God,” Ensign, Nov. 1998, 87; Liahona, Jan. 1999, 103).”

President Boyd K. Packer has taught “that our spirit and our body are combined in such a way that our body becomes an instrument of our mind and the foundation of our character” (“The Instrument of Your Mind and the Foundation of Your Character” [Church Educational System fireside, Feb. 2, 2003], 2;

“please use good judgment in what and especially how much you eat, and regularly give your body the exercise it needs and deserves. If you are physically able, decide today to be the master of your own house and begin a regular, long-term exercise program, suited to your abilities, combined with a healthier diet. Spiritual confidence increases when your spirit, with the help of the Savior, is truly in charge of your natural man or woman.” (Approaching The Throne of God with Confidence by Elder Jörg Klebingat October 2014 General Conference;

“We will regard our body as a temple of our very own.24 We will not let it be desecrated or defaced in any way.25 We will control our diet and exercise for physical fitness.” (Russel M Nelson, “We are children of God”, 1998 General Conference

“Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you? … The temple of God is holy, which temple ye are” (1 Corinthians 3:16–17).

“Nutritious meals, regular exercise, and appropriate sleep are necessary for a strong body, just as consistent scripture study and prayer strengthen the mind and spirit.” (Thomas S. Monson, Standards of Strength

“I remember a blessing I received when I was serving in the military. It included counsel that’s good for every young person: “You have been given a body of such physical proportions and fitness as to enable your spirit to function through it. … You should cherish this as a great heritage. Guard [it] and protect it. Take nothing into it that shall harm the organs thereof because it is sacred. It is the instrument of your mind and [the] foundation of your character.”” (Boyd K Packer, 1996 May Ensign The Word of Wisdom: The Principle and the Promise

“And see that all these things are done in wisdom and order; for it is not requisite that a man should run faster than he has strength. And again, it is expedient that he should be diligent, that thereby he might win the prize; therefore, all things must be done in order.” (Mosiah 4:27)

“The Lord sets a high standard for us in telling us to consider our bodies a temple. … [He] has established some basic standards for the governance of our physical bodies” and mental health so that we may become more self-reliant and better prepared to progress personally, strengthen the family, and serve in the Church and community (see L. Tom Perry, “The Tradition of a Balanced, Righteous Life,” Liahona, Aug. 2011, 32)

“Maintaining the best possible physical health has been a gospel ideal throughout the ages—from the strict dietary laws of ancient Israel, with the example of Daniel and his associates, to the Word of Wisdom in this dispensation and the counsel of today’s prophets and apostles. The physical body is a gift from God and should be properly cared for and respected. Mental health is also important and should not be overlooked, as it can affect us both physically and spiritually. We must do all we can to take care of both our bodies and our minds.”
(Topic: Health: Intro; )

“Nutritious meals, regular exercise, and appropriate sleep are necessary for a strong body, just as consistent scripture study and prayer strengthen the mind and spirit” (Thomas S. Monson, “That We May Touch Heaven,” Ensign, Nov. 1990, 46)

“Rest and physical exercise are essential, and a walk in the fresh air can refresh the spirit. Wholesome recreation is part of our religion, and a change of pace is necessary, and even its anticipation can lift the spirit” (Ezra Taft Benson, “Do Not Despair,” Ensign, Nov. 1974, 66)

“The Lord has commanded members to take care of their minds and bodies. They should obey the Word of Wisdom, eat nutritious food, exercise regularly, control their weight, and get adequate sleep. They should shun substances or practices that abuse their bodies or minds and that could lead to addiction. They should practice good sanitation and hygiene and obtain adequate medical and dental care…” (Handbook 2: Administering the Church [2010], 6.1.1)

“Exercising physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual abilities is required to not only maintain but also improve these abilities. Without exercise, these abilities diminish. Furthermore, fitness in one area can strongly influence fitness in another. For example, improving physical fitness enhances mental, emotional, and even spiritual acuity.

Specific exercises are designed to improve strength, flexibility, balance, and aerobic capacity. But every exercise must be tailored to meet a person’s individual requirements, such as age. Where weight bearing is a problem, water exercises are helpful. Chair and desk exercises are useful for those who spend long hours in a sitting position. There are many exercises and activities like these that are inexpensive and can fit the budget of almost anyone.” (Provident Living: Exercise and Health: Physical Fitness

“The Lord has commanded you to take good care of your body. To do this, observe the Word of Wisdom, found in Doctrine and Covenants 89. Eat nutritious food, exercise regularly, and get enough sleep. When you do all these things, you remain free from harmful addictions and have control over your life. You gain the blessings of a healthy body, an alert mind, and the guidance of the Holy Ghost. …” (Elder L Tom Perry, October 2008 General Conference, “Let Him Do It With Simplicity”

“Your body is a temple, a gift from God. You will be blessed as you care for your body. Choose to obey the Word of Wisdom (see D&C 89). When you are obedient to this law, you remain free from harmful addictions and have control over your life. You gain the blessings of a healthy body, an alert mind, and the guidance of the Holy Ghost. You will be prepared to serve the Lord. Never let Satan or others deceive you into thinking that breaking the Word of Wisdom will make you happier, more popular, or more attractive.
To care for your body, eat nutritious food, exercise regularly, and get enough sleep. Practice balance and moderation in all aspects of your physical health.” (For the Strength of Youth: Physical and Emotional Health

Here is an excellent article from the Ensign about running 20 miles a week to lose weight, since less than that doesn’t really work. He has alternatives to running for heavier people such as swimming. He also addresses the diet cycle. He also has strategies for building up your exercise amount. “Running away from it all” 1981

Here is an excellent Ensign article on the benefits of exercising with weights. 1932 “Why Train with Weights?” by Larry Tucker, director of health promotion, Brigham Young University








Emulating God Through Health



Brigham Young said of the kingdom of heaven, how each person there is as breathtakingly beautiful as the next. That one would gasp and per adventure faith upon each sight if persons there. He taught they would be as beautiful as the angels that surround the throne of God if they merit the great attainment of exaltation in the kingdom of God.

President Nelson said those who have studied the body have seen God moving in his majesty and glory.

While it’s wasteful to spend all one’s time honing the body in the gym, and rude to show off the body too much in public, we can learn from healthy people. Let us consider health. This gives glory to God. This inspires faith in God.

Show them you are chaste not because you are obese, but because you deliberately chose to be. Be attractive to show all the more that the Lord Jehovah is your God.

The health gods make good choices about food every time, or darn near close to it. They couldn’t be so healthy if they didn’t. Surely God makes good health choices. They emulate God in this, and thus more closely emulate and show his form and grandeur. The beauty of a fully healthy person is truly astonishing, it is a reflection of the image of God.

Obesity is usually an indicator of lack of self-control, and over indulgence in one or more areas of life. It also represents a lack of values, cynicism, and isolationism. Sometimes it’s from genetic disease, usually from poor management. I’m not judging, just teaching.

We can emulate God by seeking health, though not too ambiguously lest we forget our other duties. The character of Christ us several fold, and this is one of those folds.

The inspired person will seek to be beautiful and set aside trends which are not beautiful when it comes to dress and appearance.


There is something significant about the fact that our bodies correlate with our spirits, and that we must tame not only our spirits, but our bodies. Indeed, the taming of the body, the appetites, the lusts etc. to be channeled into holy submission with excellent health and high moral standards, these are keys of spirituality. Temporality cannot be separated from spirituality. If a righteous person does well in all with exception of the taming of his own appetites, this person indeed pleases God, but has yet sin to extinguish in his journey to the kingdom of God.

Some have said that the curse of Adam is in large the biological inheritance of the human race, the physical body appetites and instincts which are not in harmony with the perfect character of the Lord Jesus Christ. We can work toward being in control of ourselves, bringing all things in subjection through righteous restraint and priorities.

Understanding that it is the will of God that we take care of our health to a reasonable extent (reasonable perhaps meaning staying within the ‘normal’ ranges which are not pre-indications for the development of terminal illnesses) empowers us to allow ourselves the time of day and other needed resources for seeing to it that we have a clean bill of health. I suggest D&C 89 as the standard for obtaining that clean bill of health, it can help you loose weight, gain weight, gain control, etc. as your body requires. There is within good nutrition a standard of health which the body draws to, meaning that if you eat right, your body will gravitate toward an ideal healthy body weight.

Not unfrequently has Zion been called beautiful! The doctrine of beauty is shunned by many zealous religionists, but let them search their souls, and they will find that it is a true principle consistent with the heavens and citizens there. We are not to wait for the life to come to give attention to health, or to whimsically wish for a forthcoming day when despite all our neglect, we will be given a clean bill of health. Brigham Young said that we are not going to wait for Zion to descend from heaven, we are going to build it right here, and right now!

If you see that your body is not in compliance with the generous ranges suggested by the scientists of pathophysiology pertaining to the ranges of health which are predictors that you will not develop one of the many diseases of excess such as DM2 hypertension strokes etc., let that be your measuring rod to see that you aren’t correctly balancing your priorities, and need to scale back on something else to give more attention to your health. Remember always that the Lord has said it is better to obey than sacrifice, meaning that your good ideas aren’t as good as his commandments, and that you’ll make the best use of your time by first keeping the commandments, then playing around with creative service ideas after that. Let God be praised for inspiring us with the sciences we have today which can guide us in a confident knowledge of when we are outside of a healthy range, so that we can get back on track rather than living in confusion of why certain pesky symptoms plague us. Granted some people do all the right things when it comes to health and still have issues, but I think that is the exception, not the rule. Further, when people set aside council from God on health (D&C 89) and replace it for fad health practices, they should not be surprised to see that the creation of the Creator is having a higher rate of malfunction than they had hoped.

The overweight person, the obese person, and the morbidly obese person all have something in common: they are, some faster than others, on the track toward premature death, and lethargy through life. They may appear energetic and work long hours, but compared to what they could do in good health, it is miniscule. Many heavy people have great willpower in their profession or home making, perhaps compensating for their other weaknesses by working long hours of dedicated service to some cause of interest. What they must learn is that when they take care of their bodies, though some investment of mental and physical effort and foresight. will be involved, those investments will provide exponential dividends in their quality of life, and the quality of service they give to their fellow man, and thus their God.

A nutrition-based health plan instead of a constant exercise-based plan will accommodate any busy person in a journey toward health when it’s hard to find an extra hour or two of spare time each day for exercise, though we cannot entirely dismiss exercise.

Is your physical health keeping you from accessing the fullness of temple blessings? One key reason I plead with people to make healthy choices is that some are so embarrassed by their health that they refuse to date and marry. This so frequently being the case, we see that their unbridled appetites have become the idol they worship. I say idol because it has reached the point where it’s in the way of them getting on the covenant path. Their lack of attention to health has become a stumbling block between them and the temple, where marriages are made solemn for eternity. With such a powerful emphasis on the need for temple ordinances from the prophets, we ought to be terrified of anything that threatens to get in the way of us and the temple, and fight whoever those enemies are head on. Being obese disadvantages you from marriage creation in a few ways. First, the human body was not designed to be obese, and our biological programming sends us alert signals that create feelings of undesirability for romantic relations with obese persons, perhaps as a way of warning us that obesity leads to death. Further, when people see an obese person, for bettor or worse they associate that with lack of self control and lack of self esteem, and fear that these weaknesses will be manifest in other areas of life, which can be a great defect when trying to get along in a marriage, control finances, work towards goals, and raise children. I explain these things so the reader will not think that I’m intolerant and overly judgmental of obese people. To consider obesity as “just another acceptable lifestyle” (yes, I’ve seen it promoted that way) is actually Satanic, because it leads to the destruction of bodies, which are the temple of God. To consider that a state of obesity is a healthy state of life is to deny the laws of nature, and thereby deny the God of nature, Jesus Christ. I love everyone, Jesus Christ loves everyone too, but ignorance of these things will only lead to disappointment. Love doesn’t mean condone. Love means care enough to try and warn someone that they are on a path to destruction. So take control of your health so you can be a better candidate for marriage and temple blessings. This is a hard subject for many to swallow, but in reality it’s just illustrating that we cannot reject spiritual commandments and not expect them to have negative spiritual consequences. D&C 89 gives the standard of health, if we set it aside, spiritual anti-blessings / curses invariably come. The D&C teaches that blessings are always predicated on obedience to laws; the converse of this is that curses are always predicated on disobedience to laws. For those who don’t like the world “cursings”, we can call it ‘living in the world with a lesser degree of the assistance of God.’ To insist that we can ignore God’s councils and still be worthy of all of his blessings is to deny the word of God. What will God say when we make a case that we didn’t have an opportunity to marry in this life but yet spent our days destroying our bodies? Some people are obese because of circumstances beyond their control, but most do not. Further, often the Satanic chains of hell are sown one thread at a time. For example, chronic conditions can develop after a while of denying health to the body. Then the chain is set, and our health is sometimes out of our control. But the chance to take control was there earlier, and we denied it. The same is true regarding addiction: some say, and rightly so, “I literally can’t help it, I have to use drugs/alcohol.” Yes, they may have become bound in chains of addiction and have no more choice in the matter, but earlier before they were into it that far, they did have a choice. They crossed the line, and lost their agency in that matter. Satan loves it when we lose agency, but it’s never his fault, always ours. We are perfectly accountable for the messes we get ourselves into. He can tempt us sure, but it’s up to us to make choices even in the midst of temptation. God is a merciful judge, but he also isn’t one to be toyed with. You and I had better be able to make a strong case that we realy truly did try our best, and that we never gave up, no matter how discouraged we became. A truly sad state is when someone says that they’ve tried to change and can’t, and resign themselves to a life of bad choices. To make such a claim is to deny the power of Christ. Long have the prophets taught that he can reach deeper than any despair, so don’t give up. Don’t be a sideline spectator of your destiny. Make the temple the chief object of your focus, then identify roadblocks in your way, and muster all your strength to obliterate those road blocks, and rush into the house of the Lord!

You must beg your Father in Heaven through prayer in the name of Jesus Christ to give you power to overcome your health issues, to bridle your appetites, to understand revealed principles of health, to learn what the sciences have to offer in the corpus of studies on nutrition and health, to gain every principle which you lack in the righteous and obedient pursuit to be a good steward of the body given to you by Christ.

Surely one of the best ways to share the gospel of our Lord is to show that we have found genuine happiness by embracing it, so lets not let health be the thorn in the side any longer keeping us back from finding more happiness in life, happiness which God intends for us to have and share.

Some think that it is pompous and proud to spend any time dealing with the self. Joseph Smith taught, “Some people entirely denounce the principle of self-aggrandizement as wrong. But it is a correct principle, and may be indulged upon only one role or plan – and that is to elevate, benefit and bless others first. If you will elevate others, the very work itself will exalt you. Upon no other plan can a man justly and permanently aggrandize himself.” (Joseph Smith, Young Woman’s Journal, vol. 2, p. 3660). It’s noteworthy that Joseph says to lift others first. President Henry B. Eyring recently spoke of Christlike service which members gave to others facing natural disaster, before even meeting their own needs. He taught that there is a time and a place to put others’ needs before those of your own. However we must take caution: if you have a chronic legacy of neglecting your health in the name of helping others, you must make adjustments, you have carried out the principle of service beyond its proper bounds, and you must go now and pluck the beam from your own eye so you can see better to remove the mote from the eyes of others. You can’t excuse a lifetime of neglect. From time to time, heroic efforts on your behalf will be required, and your own needs will take the back shelf. But those who ignore regular maintenance of their bodies are practicing neglect. The prophets have said that if we find anything lacking in ourselves, it is our duty to pray for the gift we lack so we can overcome whatever trial is before us. The Book of Mormon prophet called us to do all things in wisdom and order. One of the heroic efforts which you are called upon to make is the long-term management of your body.

I speak of these things not to say that they are more important than other items, but because one doesn’t need to look far, usually not farther than the mirror, to see that we as a society have fallen into gluttony in mass, and do not practice self-control. We are dying in mass from self induced causes. A BYU professor of biology Benjamin Bikman gave a lecture on this topic titled “The Plagues of Prosperity” ( The D&C revelation section 89 was designed to help us avoid these plagues. Lets take good care of our health on a regular basis so we can spend less time in hospitals, less time in shame, less time in gymnasiums making frantic efforts to hide bad dietary choices under the blanket, so we can spend more time doing the work of the Lord, and thereby finding true happiness for ourselves, putting ourselves in an ideal and persuasive position to point others likewise to that happy state we enjoy.






Envision health


You are no longer overweight!
You sleep well at night and feel rested faster.
Your confidence shines and you engage in more social interactions.
Your natural talents are expanded and your mind and memory function well.
You aren’t groggy,  you wake up happy to be alive.
Your relationships at home and work are blossoming, and you are living without regrets, making meaningful memories.
You are better able to focus your time and energy outward rather than on yourself.
You freely enjoy sport, dance, and your daily duties do not overwhelm you or break your spirits.
You do not fear chronic illnesses, you’re rarely sick, you are immune to otherwise frightful diseases.
You have newfound time energy and concentration to study vast depths of knowledge.
Your example inspires others to follow you and have joy as you do.
Your body and taste buds have become sensitive to what truly is good.









CDC on Benefits of Exercise


The Center for Disease Control lists the following as benefits of regular physical exercise:

  • “Maintain weight.
  • Reduce high blood pressure.
  • Reduce risk for type 2 diabetes, heart attack, stroke, and several forms of cancer.
  • Reduce arthritis pain and associated disability.
  • Reduce risk for osteoporosis and falls.
  • Reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety.”




The Bible & Nutrition


Book your right to be beautiful. About a back to Eden diet


Book The Bible prescription for Health and longevity


In Leviticus God told people when you touch a dead body you’re unclean you need to wash your hands well it took us 3,000 years for science to figure that out the first guy who said wash your hands after touching a dead body in hospitals was fired from several hospitals for saying that and eventually put in a mental institution but his practice dropped the death rate significantly in hospitals where it was employed


The Lord told Adam and Eve a perfect diet to eat herbs fruits and seeds


The Bible says bread was to strengthen man’s heart but now they take the vitamin e and the natural oils etc out of the wheat and use white flour because it lasts on a shelf longer. God said make daily bread not long-term shelf life bread.


Our treatment of disease with drugs could tie into evolution evolution says we’re nothing but chemicals which came into being and so they think we can fix everything with chemical pills.



The Case for Completely Eliminating Animal Products in the Diet

D&C says it pleases god if meats are ONLY used in winter/famine aka when better alternatives aren’t available.

God doesn’t want us to put animal rights above human rights, but he doesn’t need us to eat meat sometimes when it’s not famine.

It’s ok to promote veganism, so long as we confess the animal option as ok for emergencies

Joel Fuhrman and the nutritarian view is likely correct that trace amounts of animal products aren’t the bad guy. HOWEVER it is psychological – if a person says they will have 0 animal products, the debates are over, no more constant struggles to decide how much is ok. It’s like what the church did for alcohol, just say 0 and you never have to toy with it, a slippery slope.

Hugh Nibley comments on this topic, and says that while meat is not forbidden, there is surely a blessing in reserve for those who go without. I would say that nutritional science certainly backs this claim.

We hearken to the great Millennium of peace, when no animal will die, nor be abused. Truly God loves animals. Perhaps they will feed their kind, and we ours.



Assorted Nutrition Study Notes (Primarily WFPB)






Sugar oil and salt these are not foods they are chemical agents that trigger dopamine

2/3 of people now are obese or overweight

When you fast you lose fat but not lean tissue

Like again water and protein are what you gain if you gain weight after fast so you lose the fat and gain good things this is the opposite of what happens in the keto diet where you lose muscle and gain fat

Caffeine has a 17 hour half life so it disturbs your sleep
It is also addictive highly addictive

When you eat healthy plant foods the microbes in your stomach have healthy byproduct fertilizer for your body but not so with all the animal products they make the byproducts then of TMA

Salt oil and sugar spell out the international sign of distress SOS

Type 1 diabetics should not do water fasts but type 2 should it will normalize their levels and then they eat a healthy diet afterwards and it can help get rid of their diabetes

Everyone should do at least a 12-hour water fast every day 16 is better
But don’t do too much everyday or your glycogen storage etc mechanisms will start getting messed up

You can almost always fix hypertension through diet sleep and exercise
Sadly many think lifetime medication is the only way

If you have a blood pressure above 160 it’s probably not a good idea to do a complete fast you want to work your way into it until you’re below 160

Its good to rest whole fasting

Drinking beyond thirst can lead to electrolyte depletion.
Your electrolytes will likely be fine during your fast your body manages it if you don’t overdrink.

Beware soup after the fast too much salt in that condition can be dangerous for the heart.

See book the pleasure trap by Alan Goldhamer


Stations poison the lover to keep the body fr making it’s own stations

Eating has become our national sport. Michael Clapper

It’s Bazar that what someone eats in their lifestyle isn’t even part of their medical record.

Cows cry for days when their calves are taken.
Not eating meat is a stand for non violence.

You lose brain cells neurons whenever you get low sleep, eat candy, eat junk food, eat meat, etc. Eventually itll catch up with you.

Vegetables legumes grains and fruit are the four main food groups

Animal flesh doesn’t have taste it’s the herbs and so forth that we put on it

Dairy is very inflammatory so eliminating dairy will help with asthma after a few months

We use too much fruits in general they were traditionally harvest in the fall and used to get you through the winter but now we don’t have a winter we have access to food year round so you probably shouldn’t be eating more than a fruit a day and preferably a low glycemic index fruit like an apple more than one is unnecessary.

Omega-3 deficiencies are extremely common probably 95% of people and not just omega-3 deficiency but ratio of Omega-3 to omega-6. Preferably we should have a one-to-one ratio of these but we usually have about a 20 to 1 ratio way more six.
Six is found in vegetable oil.
Omega-3 and vitamin d lengthen the telomeres.
Meditation and sleep keep the telomeres long. Melatonin also triggers Fox 03. So if you’re not sleeping you’re going to get cancer.

Your genetic expression changes with every meal you eat

Too much protein leads to too much igf-1 insulinloke growth factor 1
This leads to cell proliferation which leads to cancer.

If animals you eat are fed on corn you’re getting too much omega-6 and omega-6 and omega-3 draw on the same source so if you have a ton of six you’re three will not be accessed

If you’re sick you need more protein than usual

Sugar is not found in nature it’s as processed as any processed food and it is poison
There is no such thing as sugar it’s totally processed

Your biological age is much older than your chronological age if you’re harming your body when you eat you can choose to age slower by the foods you eat and we know that diseases set in the more we age and so make the choices to avoid aging by what you eat

In your efforts to slow down aging do that as naturally as possible not with drugs and creams

Vitamin K2 is a good thing to supplement it takes the calcium out of the tissues and puts it back in the bone where it belongs
Vitamin k is absorbed through fat as well as vitamin d and so when people go on low fat diets they become deficient in k and d.
When you eat natural fats they already have the fat soluble vitamins a d e k in them.

Vioxx was once a popular drug to treat arthritis. In 2004, Merck & Co. pulled it from the market after seeing people develop heart-valve problems and die from this (beware, it’s still available in generic form).

fluoroquinolone antibiotic  causes ruptures to tendons throughout our bodies (see FDA and CDC warnings against this here: )

MRI using a Gadolinium contrast agent has known risks of adding this toxin to our bodies and potentially contracting Gadolinium deposition disease (see:…/abs/pii/S1548559517300575).

Epigenetics: what you eat impacts the next 4 generations genetically



Heavy metals from vaccines cause alzheimers
Vaccines cause most if not all SIDS sudden infant death syndrome

See book the plant based athlete
By Matt Frazier

You’re running more than an hour and you need some energy have a madjewel date

Gatorade is mostly fruitose it does not Digest well

Water down fruit juice with a tiny bit of salt is a better alternative sports drink than Gatorade

If your workout or run is not intense and over an hour long you don’t need to be sipping on a sports drink that’s just putting back in the calories you’re trying to burn

Drinking water to thirst may be sufficient without extra electrolytes as your body balances things on its own.

Nitric oxide found in plants is a vasodilater And helps with oxygen

Plant protein has all 9 essential amino acids
Some have more of it than others

Animal proteins have excessive calories when compared to plant protein

Plant based athletes have reduced inflammation better recovery and a longer athletic career

Leafy greens beats nuts Potatoes seeds chia seed flax seed, These help and workout recovery

It’s harder to stretch if you’re chronically inflamed so avoid the animal products

For usable energy the best is carbohydrate than fact and last protein

Cancers we face these days did not take place historically there because we are eating our way into it

The scripture says in the last days the hearts of men will fail them while the leading cause of death in a mountain ye sell them well the leading cause of death in America is heart attack and stroke because of what we eat so this lack of self hes what we eat so this lack of self control and knowledge leads to this it leads to this heart failure

Antibiotics statins and other drugs great greatly increase the risk of breast cancer

Nutritional studies done in America are usually funded by the drug companies and news and agriculture et cetera the International studies are usually much is national studies are usually much more valuable

Just because we have mammograms and radiation now we’re not living any longer oh we’re not living any longer than we were before all that

The mammogram actually increases your risk of getting breast is a risk of getting breast cancer

People in the 13th century 14th and 15th centuries they lived longer than teenth centuries they lived longer than we do now when you take into account the variable of increasing to account the variable of increased death of childbirth

We don’t see cancers as the cause of death in the early days in the early days there would be a massive save lamp et cetera they would know but no at the time of death but this is not indicated in the records but this is not indicated in the records nor in the research of the mummies et cetera with the mummy’s et cetera and other bodies samples

Cancer is not genetic it’s about what we eat

During World War II we were trying to make these energy efficient foods energy efficient foods to take on the battlefield and then people start eating those at home and and people start eating those at home and increasing the fast food economy

Supplements may increase your risk of cancer these artificialIs substances

If a study is less than 15 years long you can basically disregard it

Arthrosclerosis cancer Stroke heart attack et cetera these are et cetera these are inevitable if you’re eating the standard American diet

Most people have cancer and it’s not yet diagnosed and it’s not yet diagnosed in these earlier stages it’s possible to reverse it by nutrition

It’s not good to grow up fast it’s not good to get all these is meats and milks and things that give those extra things that give those extra growth hormones to children they end up paying they end up paying for it later by a shorter lifespan

When you’re eating healthy you have a later menstrual cycle beginning you don’t go through beginning you don’t go through puberty until you’re 16 17 years old

Is methylation defects from eating poorly from eating poorly for years can be reversed by nutritional excellence

People want magic they want a pill they want to not have to work but it’ll take Burke but it’ll take a while like 6 months on average before you’ll enjoy average before you’ll enjoy eating this healthy way just as much as you want it way just as much as you enjoyed your unhealthy eating

If you have higher insulin levels from eating higher from eating higher glycemic foods this will increase your risk of cancer this will increase your risk of cancer and IGF1  Which promotes cellular growth including growth of cancer This is needed when you’re an infant in the womb growing but as hes doing but as an adult you have this in excess and it goes and it goes to build cancer

Fat cells make more estrogen and that estrogen increases your risk of cancer

Most of the correctly weighted Americans are smokers drug addicts et cetera they’re not actually healthy

It’s not enough to just go vegan turn off to just go vegan and eat these highlight semen these high glycemic high sugary foods all the time and the hot it’s all the time and the high oil foods you’re doing just as bad as if you weren’t vegan you’re doing just as bad as if you weren’t vegan at all

If a vitamin or herbal remedy has one bad side effect the FDA bans it. This is hypocritical as the medications have many known bad side effects and are approved so long as the commercials list the possible bad side effects.

Bioweapoms become increasingly potent, get healthy asap.

Alcohol even 1 glass of wine a day increases the risk of breast cancer 10% .

Women are more prone to get cancer from alcohol than men because they are smaller so their livers are smaller.

Antibiotics cause cancer,ost of them are incorrectly proscribed.

White flowers, unlike beans and nuts, are high glycemic and cause excess insulin in the body, which triggerd creation of fat cells.

Nuts and seeds pull out the bad fats from the body

High protein diets raise IGF1 which shortens the lifespan.

GBOMBS (greens beans onions mushrooms seeds/nuts) are low glycemic high nutrient

Use less coarsely ground grains

Look at label of wheat bread, often first ingredient is white flower

Cow milk is designed to maximize growth we don’t want that

Proteins from beans and nuts don’t overly raise IGF1.

The more dairy you eat the higher risk of cancer

A long term study showed that there was a 25% increase in cancer is an increase in cancer for people who ate 30% dairy as opposed to 10% dairy

Egg companies use short term studies it was short term studies to make people think it doesn’t raise collection people think it doesn’t raise cholesterol but long term studies show it does and dramatically end it does dramatically increase as the risk of cancer as it is a high protein food there is a high protein food et cetera

rare meats and barbecued meats and charcoal cooked and charcoal cooking this all yes all leads to cancer

When you’re getting Bread look for 100% whole grain don’t just buy some is rain don’t just buy something that says wheat flower

Salt sugar and 20 different chemicals are often found in French fries

Fast food is not even food it’s a chemical concoction designed to addict and kill people

Is having a 13 hour break between dinner and breakfast your risk of cancer is your risk of cancer goes down 25%
Your body repairs heels and detoxifies when it’s not eating
When you snack frequently it keeps your metabolism up which is bad it ages you faster
We want to extend the catabolic phase in which we are not digesting food.

ITCs from green vegetables are the most anti-cancer powerful agents
And the ITC is not in them until you it’s not in them until you choose them because a chemical reaction happens a chemical reaction happens at that point
The most important part of an anti-cancer program is the lots of greens every day and is the lots of greens everyday and to them thoroughly
300 mg A-day is recommended to fight cancer and a cancer and Americans eat nor close to that

IP5 and beans does very good at fighting does very good at fighting cancer
Eat 2 cups of beans A-day you will have a very long life

Alienase enzyme in  Onion is heat sensitive so don’t roast itIt helps get rid of cancer

Mushrooms are natural aromatase inhibitors which stops cancer This is an internal part of the immune system

Mushrooms and onions prohibit fat growth

Natural angiohenesis inhibitors are soy edemame berries etc.

Berries cherries pomegranate have antiglycemic effects

ACV and cashews and nutritional yeast amd soy or almond milk and red onions make a good sauce put on or dip on with dehydrated leaves

Broccoli and kale grow easily, can even harvest them in cold months and under snow

Most Americans get 400-500 calories from oil a day

If you have over 10 percent of calories from Aminal products you’ll have health problems
Lecturer doctor has documented thousands of academic journals and cases demonstrating dangers of vaccines

they’re basically three types of food plant foods processed foods and animal foods the animal and process are very similar because they don’t have hardly any nutrients

The gorillas eat more than 50 times the amount of antioxidants is humans

Processed foods and animal foods are hormonally unfavorable for example the bagel is a processed food it ramps up the insulin which messes with your hormones and the chicken ramps up your igf-1 which messes with your hormones.

Americans only eat 2% of their diet in vegetables and those are what prevent cancer no wonder everyone in America has cancer

Eating empty sugars like honey and maple syrup even in small amounts increase your risk for disease significantly you need to be all in

They compare eggs to meet and donuts to try and make eggs look healthy but they never compare eggs to beans beans are way more healthy

What’s considered a low sodium diet is still way too high in sodium the people of the jungles etc that don’t put salt on their foods have consistent 90 over 60 blood pressure or 100 over 70.

If you’re using salt you’re going to get a hemorrhagic stroke. Becoming healthy weight etc will help you avoid an ischemic stroke but if you’re healthy but still use salt your risk for a hemorrhagic stroke.

There’s a strong connection between eating fried foods and developing autoimmune disorders

Acne and psoriasis and arthritis and lupus and heart disease  essentially disappear when you’re eating healthy

We’ve been brainwashed to think that disease is a normal part of life a normal part of aging and normal part of genetics but the truth is that our body naturally repairs itself and when fed correctly it’s natural to be healthy

It’s crazy to think that you should wait until you have a disease to start taking care of your health along these lines it’s also true that the same diet is appropriate for avoiding disease as it is for curing disease

There are cases where the doctor says a terminally ill patient must be treated a certain way and police guard the hospital room door and it’s illegal for the parents to remove the child from the hospital or to give the child alternative treatments

There have been cases of multiple sclerosis which have been healed by nutrition

Build up of fat increases your body’s insulin production and leads to diabetes
Because the beta cells fail

The cholesterol from eggs is toxic it takes a long time for the body to get that out of the bloodstream

When you switch from white rice and white flour to whole grains your risk for diabetes goes down by 30%, but when you switch to beans it goes down 60%

Eventually your body will crave green vegetables once you’ve been feeding it that

Type 1 diabetics have some type 2 mixed in with their type 1 and that’s what kills them and this of course can be controlled

When you eat right you won’t just lose weight you’ll get to your ideal weight

When you obtain an ideal weight you don’t just look younger you are biologically younger

If you use a cast iron pan daily you’ll get way too much iron and it will oxidize in your body creating free radicals same thing with copper pipes but water sits in overnight which you then drink from in the morning

Vitamin e is an antioxidant that kills free radicals but there are many forms of it if you get it in a pill it’s only one form if you get it in natural foods you’ll get all of it in the correct balance




-much of the meat today: viruses, bacteria, parasites, prions, hormones, fats, genetic adultery, antigenic, autoimmune disease producing proteins, fats, and second-hand adulterating chemistry



Migraines are helped by ginger. Also an old herb called “fever few” taken daily, not at onset of migraine. Alcohol obviously triggers migraines too. Vegan diet helps.

Remember processed food is not food. It is free radicals and pleasure center triggers.

Chew throughly puree with teeth. Plants have cellulose walls we break.

Soak beans overnight before putting them into a soup.

Eat sea vegetables to get iodine.

To much iodine floods the thyroid and causes hypothyroid

Iodine evaporates off of sea salt when they dry it out. Hence they have to add it back in.

Kelp has iodine but if you eat a lot of it you’ll get way too much iodine
See dr. Michael clapper

See book reverse and prevent heart disease by Dr. Caldwell b esselstyn Jr.

Illness isn’t mysterious, it’s from the food you eat.
You don’t need to manage disease, reverse it.

Fat in the blood remains for five hours before the liver begins to clear it.

Salt hardens artery walls

Sugar should be a minor sweetener, not a food. It ages you.

Even eye sight and knees can be healed by nutrition

Slaughter house bacteria causes leaky gut

Grains eaten by animals are loaded with pesticides and growth promoters.

It is bazar that we blame so much on genetics when the effect of food is so obvious.

Gas line plug and spark plugs fail when you put wrong fuel in the car, same with the body.

Fried meats have oxidated stress.

High protein diets are bad for kidneys, they’ll need dialysis.

Some describe becoming a healthy weight like like after coming off drugs.

Arteries don’t just have build up, they get worn out, broken.

When you fry a healthy food, it becomes a toxin, and it’s no longer food. It’s a free radical cancer bomb of the devil.

Antioxidants from green leafy vegetables eliminate the free radicals in the cells
Leading to elimination of plaque and re-establishment of endothelial lining
This is possible because the bone marrow puts out new stem cells to fortify the artery etc

The medical journals have shown for the past 25 years that heart disease can be reversed by a plant-based diet it is unethical to not tell patients about this

We are designed to burn carbohydrates not fats

Healthy carbohydrates do not turn into fat
Your body radiates the heat of the excess carbs it does not turn them to fat

If you’re vegan and you’re fat still it’s because you’re using a bunch of oils

Tamari sauce and salsa are good for on potatoes

Oil is liquid fat in a bottle and it damages your arteries

Vegetable broth or vegetable soup are good substances to use to fry vegetables

Water walnuts orange and vegetables blend them up and you have a healthy salad dressing
Balsamic vinegar is another good salad dressing

Instead of heavy breads you can use lettuce to wrap your sandwich

It takes about 4 hours to burn off the starches so don’t eat late at night when you’re supposed to be in fat burn mode

If you’re hungry late at night have some herbal tea

Don’t snack throughout the day it’s too much work on your body

Edward bernay is the advertising executive who made up the idea that breakfast is the most important meal of the day as a sales tactic to promote bacon

You don’t need breakfast for energy if you go for a walk in the morning you burn some stores of glycogen from food eaten days ago

Your body burns fat during the night and it’s rare to be very hungry in the morning as the process continues somewhat
Just drink water until you get hungry you likely don’t even need to eat until noon
If you’re hungry eat if you’re not hungry don’t eat

The chicken you buy in the stores today has been genetically modified to make it as much fat as possible
The fat even is in the muscle cells not to mention all of the pesticide and herbicide that’s on the food they feed them

Chicken is not lean meat it is very fatty consider making chicken soup the fat floats up to the top
Checking is more fatty than lean beef

Most Americans eat animal flesh three times a day not even Lions do that

No advanced primate eats any flesh

Human canine teeth are not nearly as long as carnivorous animals canine teeth

Paleo people fossils show that tons of fiber
The women brought in the grasses and berries

Elephant Buffalo giraffe all of the biggest strongest animals eat plants only
There are vegan bodybuilders as well

Some people take time to maintain a plant-based diet because their bodies have been eating animal flesh three times a day for 30 years and their systems downgraded during that time
People who grow up not eating meat don’t have meat cravings their mouths don’t water at the meat we develop a physical dependency and abnormal physiological attraction
It may take some time to change the enzymes the liver function and microbes etc to the plant-based Nature Way
These people who have the flesh dependency might need to gradually ease into the plant-based diet over 6 months or so

You go to restaurants to have good time with your friends so eat before you go to the restaurant so you’re not consuming everything they put in front of you

Travel with a plate and a knife so you can stop by grocery stores and grab a cantaloupe while you travel

Your tastes will change after a few months

Consumption of animal products drives everyone of the global crises that we are facing
Soil erosion water depletion deforestation water contamination
Pesticide use greenhouse gases
They cut down the forest to make grazing land for the beef
They have lots of grain fields that are specifically and only for feeding the cattle and animals
Pesticide herbicide and manure pollute the water sources by these fields for the animal foo

We kill 80 billion animals a year for food

All these animals we are raising are breathing out nitrous oxides

We burn a lot of fossil fuels to drive the animal trucks to refrigerate the animal products etc

We are strip mining the oceans we have used up all the fishing

See book a diet for America

See book comfortably unaware about the meeting dairy industry

The water of Life is in the fruits and vegetables
It will heal you

Many 18-year-olds have clogged arteries as well we have seen this when examining bodies from tragic car accidents etc
Erectile dysfunction is a sign of clogged arteries., Expect 3-5 years having heat failure if you have ED.
Lower back pain can be a sign of clogged arteries as the blood flow is not sufficient there in the discs begin to grind
If you live in America you can basically be confident that you have plugged arteries
Vegan diet and no fried foods helps arteries.
The classic sign of clogged arteries is chest pain if you change the diet that go away in about a month

Berries are made of water and natural food sugars you really can’t have too much of them
It’s better to get organic berries because Farmers like to spray pesticides on berries

Things you don’t want like copper and iron are often built into multivitamins

Most vitamin B12 supplements have way more than you need

If you have iron deficiency anemia you need more Greens and beans

97 percent of Americans get too much protien and 3 percent get enough fiber.

See Dr will bulsiewicz book fiber fuel


It can reduce your risk of getting dementia if you eat soy or recent study says

Eating flavonals lowers blood pressure

Berries grapes apples all have Flavanols  Pomegranates and cranberries also

People who eat fresh fruit everyday a study in China showed are less likely to get type 2 diabetes fruit should be your snacks and your desserts diabetic people should even eat fruits because they’re also getting fibre vital chemicals minerals lots of great things

A study showed that those already have diabetes if they ate fruits regularly there were less likely than half diabetic complications have diabetic complications

Type 2 diabetes is 90% of all diabetes

CO CO especially when not roasted is also good for flavonal

A white chocolate bar is just a sugar and fat pulled out of the chocolate it does not have the flavonals

Beta amaloid is a toxic plaque that builds up in the brain and when we sleep we get rid of this those who have more of this build-up have an earlier onset for  Alzeimers

Diet doesn’t need to be news everyday. Blue zones eat the same thing year after year.

The single leading cause of premature death is food.

“Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.” said Michael pollen

We are eating more of everything, its no mystery why we are fat.

Paleolithic people ate 100g of fiber a day and walked over ten miles a day.

There is more than one way to eat badly and we Americans are interested in exploiting them all. Just because one terrible fat is bad doesn’t mean a bad but less terrible fat is good.

Be outraged about companies exploiting us by intentionally getting us addicted and diabetic for profits.

Doctors learn biochemistry but they don’t know stuff they can teach to their patients like good recipes the patients can use.

Teaching children about nutrition they’ll go teach their parents.

Meet hundrei are high and saturated fat and they have cholesterol and have hormones Meet hundrei are high and saturated fat and they have cholesterol and they have hormones

The milk sugar lactose is something that most humans can’t  Digest and there’s really no health benefit from it

Animal products do not have fiber or vitamin C

Meat increases LDL the low density cholesterol it is typically seen as the bad cholesterol and HDL as the good cholesterol meet also raises HDL but there’s actually no shown benefits of HDL

We need iron in our diet animals don’t make iron iron is an element in the Earth the only reason animals have iron is because they’re eating plants

Studies show that vegetarians and vegans often get more iron than metres

Meat has bad heme iron which Is it difficult to process and it contributes to Alzheimer’s

Plants have all the essential mino acids you need special of University of plants

Meat and dairy are missing so many things that plants have the phytonutrients et cetera

There is iodine in milk but it’s because it’s supplemented in cow food
The dairies use an iodine based disinfectant on the utters and much of that gets into your milk
You can get iodine from iodized salt or sea vegetables

Processed meat is a known carcinogen in the same category as tobacco and cigarettes yet we feed it at school lunch it’s all the time



Fat cells cause inflammation which kills brain cells

Eric Clapton said sugar was his gateway drug to heroin




70 to 80% of all Healthcare problems in the United States are self-induced problems so if you want to go get sick that’s your business but if you want me to pay for it that’s not fair this is why socialized Healthcare is immoral


Apricot seed oil on the skin prevents wrinkling the apricot seed has anti-cancer factors people in the Himalayas where the legend of Shangri-La came from use a lot of apricot seed they used to grow to 160 years old on average.




We can be addicted to food. How do we know if we are? When we frequently give in to eating unhealthy foods.

We differentiate between macronutrients like carbs and protein, but many foods are essentially equally unhealthy despite being in different macronutrient food groups. Eating a slab of meat is about just as unhealthy as eating a fake pastry.


You can’t just say a white sugar causes diabetes you have to qualify that by saying avoid refined sugar also you can’t just say that what fruits have is sugar you should qualify that and say it’s whole sugar


Fat not just sugar but fat causes diabetes but it’s not just any fat it’s fat beyond what your body needs


Trans fats are known causes of heart problems


9 classes of nutrients in whole foods are carbohydrate protein fat vitamin mineral antioxidant fiber water antioxidants  phytochemicals

All whole foods have all nine of these


The three macronutrients are all used for energy they’re all turned into ATP


Fiber is like the rebar and concrete it holds all the nutrients together


You want a slow rise in fatty acids and amino acids and blood glucose this is why we eat things whole rather than blend it up so they take time to be broken down by our stomach enzymes and absorbed into the small intestine.

A good tip is to drink smoothies slowly and have something to eat with them


Some foods make people’s blood sugar Spike which don’t affect others in the same way


Your brain and your gut are constantly communicating. Did you pay attention to this your body will tell you which foods are not good for you and you will cease to crave the bad foods.


Type 1 diabetes is autoimmune and there is a small genetic factor to that but type 2 diabetes prediabetes and gestational diabetes are essentially negligible levels of genetic Factor.



Cholesterol, saturated fat, refined sugar, these are what lead to diabetes


Intermittent fasting daily movement and nutritional eating three of the greatest keys to avoid diabetes


See book mastering diabetes by Cyrus Khambatta


Liver and muscle are meant to operate on glucose but we are putting fat in them


The metabolic functions being stopped the insulin resistance this is what makes someone’s blood sugar rocket when they get a fruit but the problem isn’t the fruit it’s that they’re metabolic system is messed up with the fat in their muscle and liver etc



The fat in muscle cells is what leads to diabetes


When people cut out the sugary foods they don’t realize they’re also cutting out a lot of fat there’s tons of fat in cake ice cream etc


When you eat beans rinse out the fluids from the can as it may have bacteria can’t digest


One of the main reasons you don’t have to worry about protein on a vegan diet lifestyle is because of all the beans you eat


Iodine is important for thyroid health

Many people get their iodine from dairy it’s better to get it from an iodized salt


Bagels and donuts are both hormonally unfavorable and low in nutrients and they make free radicals

You should never be aware of your internal organs they should never feel your stomach distend

Eating vegetables and fruits after about 400 calories in a meal you will feel full

Oil and white flower are typical products that are poisons that people eat

It’s easy to lose weight when you’re focusing on vegetables it’s impossible to eat too many greens

Oils white flower all of that kind of stuff makes you feel hungrier

we do experiments with rats where we give them an option between cocaine and food and they choose the cocaine every time and they do that to an extent that they stop eating completely and starve to death humans do the same and that they choose low nutrient foods and they eventually die

Humans and all animals will always choose the cocaine-like version if you give the kids an option to have the fries the pizzas the white breads they will always take those. Those are brain stimulating foods they’re not healthy for the body.

When parents give their kids junk food as a reward for participating in sports it shows that the parent is a drug addict. Food is a drug. You might as well shoot them up with heroin as a reward for them playing sports

Junk foods have no fiber and leave you instantly wanting more

Beans are the slowest digested carbohydrate.they are the carbohydrates with the highest amount of fiber and resistant starch. Resistant means those carbohydrates are resistant to enzymatic degradation. some of the starch and beans are fermented by bacteria into fat. This turns into fat very far down in the digestive tract so it passes through into the toilet bowl and does not get absorbed.

sugar and fast food are gateway drugs to illegal drugs this is why there are so many drug addicts in the United States

it takes pain to throw toxins out of the body if you are feeling bad you are getting better if you are feeling good you are getting worse

The longer you live in the catabolic phase the longer you will live so do not eat often

You will feel shaky headache fatigue etc as your detoxifying

Hunger dictates to a precise degree of within 25 calories per day of how much food you need so do not eat unless you are hungry get in the habit of saving things for later

Often parents think that their children are too thin and they manipulate their children into getting them to get eat more food and they develop unhealthy patterns of not listening to the bodies hunger

True hunger does not exist to make you overweight it exists to protect your lean body mass

Eating animal products takes a long time to digest

When certain animals eat other animals they sit around digesting that for a week

the animal products diet keeps you out of the catabolic phase

you don’t need to eat before you work out so you have energy you should have energy all of the time you should not just have energy when you eat

You don’t need calories for energy you burn fat for energy

an overweight person does not need to eat food for energy they have enough for the next 6 months on their body already

Eat episodically only when hungry.

Go to bed on an empty stomach so you can not be constantly digesting, and be in the anabolic stages for greater periods of time. This is similar to intermittent fasting.

14 hours without eating daily

If you never get hungry you’re unhealthy

If hungry at bed time go to sleep



You don’t want to add size to your body as an adult this is also increasing the cancer if you’re encouraging the growth as an adult, so you don’t need a bunch of meat to increase in size


the football linebackers always die at a young age because they’re so big and eat all that meat



lifespan shortens when you eat animal products and processed foods but that’s basically all Americans eat now


Today Americans only eat 2% of calories from vegetables


fast food isn’t just food you buy at a fast food restaurant it is white bread commercial pastries and pastas

Salad oil mayonnaise crackers


Loss of brain function and change of personality result from bad health they are a shell of what they could have been. Difficulty concentrating.


Heart disease and cancer increase as you increase animal products


People ignore the studies showing the animal products lead to death because they don’t want to give up their meat, they follow the most popular diets in the world because they don’t want to give up their meat


eating nuts and seeds dramatically increases lifespan and decreases cardiovascular disease this is one of the key findings of the past 20 years of research in nutritional health


TMAO rises when you eat eggs as well this leads to dementia and heart disease


The majority of studies point to animal products being bad for long-term health the few studies that have said eggs are good for you are ones where they’re already getting tons of me they just changed it from others to eggs or where they’re placed eggs of sugars to show the people were worse off without them cetera


Eggs and are twice as likely to die in 20 years also eggs are highly connected to breast cancer because of all that cholesterol


Animal products are void of phytochemicals and antioxidants


having lots of micronutrients and moderate caloric restriction is the only proven way to extend life and every study that holds true

But you can’t just have one without the other you have to have both high nutrient and moderate calorie


micronutrient completeness leads to a decreased appetite so you can control your appetite if you have your fiber antioxidants etc.


buy vegetables to snack on at work and so forth carrots and other high-fiber things that are cheap


Diets fail because they cut back on calories without improving macronutrient and take


you can’t breathe on the 12 breaths a minute instead of 14 you can maintain it for a while but you’re going to be gasping eventually this is similar to when people cut back on calories without improving the nutrition


If you eat more calories now you will be eating less calories later because you’ll be in a coffin. you might enjoy the foods reading right now but they don’t taste very good when you’re in a coffin.

Your smell and sight and taste buds get healthier when you eat healthy taste buds change to enjoy the good foods.


people who stick to healthy eating like their new diet just as much as their old diet


Food addictions take 20 years off your life and decrease the quality of life before you die

To suffer for 10 or 20 years before you die


and your partner before you die it’s like being in a war and being captured as a war prisoner and they don’t just tell you they torture you I take all your money and then they let you die

No peaceful death at home


your body is designed to live a whole life well just like the deer running around in the woods

They are not on dialysis or taking Prozac


Going up longevity proteins maintaining telomere length decreasing DNA damage increasing DNA repair these are some of the things that happen when you have a high micronutrient diet

Toxins are removed from the cells

your body is like a factory that takes in products and creates them into other products and there are waste by-products and as those waste product build-up you age

If you do not get rid of the waste products you will age at 10 times the rate

You do not want the factory to be overworked and produce extra waste


The battery in the flashlight maintains its charge if you keep it off but the more you rev it up two more quickly it’s used. Similarly, having a high metabolism isn’t conducive to long term health.


We need food to survive the excess food kills us so we need to eat the minimum amount of food we need to survive and the only way to do this is by making the food that you do eat high in micronutrients


if you eat 50 more calories a day than you need to maintain your ideal body weight then that’s about 4 pounds a year that you gain and over the years that adds up big time

10 years that’s 50 lbs.

and 20 years are taken off your life just from those extra 50 calories a day


however, if you eat 50 less calories than you need to maintain your body weight per day nothing happens your muscles actually get stronger not weaker

There’ll be less activity of the bones less stuff going on and off of them so you’ll become less osteoporotic not more

the metabolism will slow your body will resist weight loss by reducing body temperature which conserves energy for the body. in the winter you’ll need to wrap up extra warm but in the summer, you won’t be bothered by the heat as much

The thyroid gets slower which makes you live longer. Your respiratory rate and heart rate slows which means you don’t waste as many calories breathing etc. diets today try to make your top metabolism faster but that’s the opposite of what you should be doing you wanted to be slower which puts us work on your body and makes you live longer

The diets of today are all about telling you that you can have whatever you want and be healthy

There’s the twinkie diet that takes 30 years off your life but who cares!


when you don’t spend as much time editing that also adds lifespan because you’re not using as much of your life eating. and Jim training coaches give bad advice telling you to constantly eat protein.


Cancer is an advanced disease which is a result of a destroyed body take care of your body earlier


the best appetite suppressant is fiber because it supports the growth of healthy bacteria. It takes up space in the stomach, but it also sends chemical signals to tell the brain to be full. Resistant starch also helps with appetite be satiated and that is high and beans. beans are highest in protein and fiber of all carbohydrate foods.


Beans are very good to protect against cancer and especially soybeans protect against cancer.


Corn now is less healthy than it used to be because it’s been hybridized to be sweeter.


no food is good if it is processed that includes corn and soybeans if it’s processed then it’s no better.

Even tofu and soymilk are partially processed because the fiber is removed. That won’t have the same anti-cancer effects an entire soybean wood.


The food that is most protective against dementia is green vegetables.


The food most protective against cancer is green vegetables.


humans are green vegetable dependent animals they have nutrients which are not optional.


If you don’t like greens that’s fine just live close to a hospital but even that won’t really help


-going to the doctor today for meds is like smashing your hand with a hammer and going to get pain meds for it, then the next day smashing your hand with that hammer again and returning for the pain medication. Rather we should change our diet.

-when fed correctly, the human body takes care of itself

-you aren’t a failure, the information you’ve been operating on has failed you.

-with the science of nutrition advancements today, we can have the best health in human history


Your health destiny must be earned it can’t come by taking pills


all healthy centurions all healthy blue lines all healthy groups of people have a BMI of less than 23 which means that over 80% of the population is overweight but the state statistics tell you it’s only 70% because they use a BMI of 25 which is an accurate

It’s really 89% of people that are overweight


there’s no such thing as an overweight healthy person you can’t have it both ways


You don’t want foods that jump into the bloodstream quickly


fat cells allow and permit cancer cells to grow on your body as well


fat cells also block the intake of insulin makes the beta cells in the pancreas need to secrete more insulin

That excess insulin doesn’t just promote more angiotensin and fat storage it promotes cell replication and cancer and atherosclerosis and increases neuro inflammation which in turn makes you more of a food addict increasing your appetite


fat on the body is a vicious cycle leading to more serious illnesses

The neuro hormones from fat make it more difficult for you to be healthy and lose weight


If you are not getting overweight on the normal American diet, there’s something wrong about you something sick with you


only about two and a half percent of Americans have achieved in normal weight because they eat healthfully

Or they exercise the rest of the normal weight people are sick.


100 years ago, 1 and 100 Americans were mentally ill. Today it’s one in five


Bad food doesn’t just make you overweight it destroys your brain cells

Then you lose control of your life and your primitive brain kicks in

Hormones begin to dictate your behavior


animals running around in the forest or never overweight they control their appetite with a very fine line of exactly how much they need to eat

Even the predator animals they’re all exactly the same weight as their ancestors


In primitive times there were no overweight humans


Overeating calories especially protein speeds up aging


This is nature’s way of wiping out any animal that eats too much of the food supply so that the food supply doesn’t go extinct and the animal the predator animal go extinct as well


Protein is the most important regulator of lifespan the more of it you eat the shorter life the less of it you eat the longer your life


The predator who overeats himself personally often won’t go extinct but his children well because the DNA changes, so the next generations live shorter so that all of that line are taking care of so that line doesn’t wipe out the prey species



everything a woman eats affect the future health of her children because her eggs are living in her body

it’s not just eating healthy when you’re pregnant that affects the child it’s eating healthy before you get pregnant


A woman who has a baby at age 30 has been affecting that egg for 30 years because the egg develops early in the stages of the mother’s womb so even what your mother ate affects your children


When someone gets cancer or a brain tumor 2 years after they are born that is in nutritional issue


What the males eat also impacts the health of the children


even when you’re an old person what you eat affects your children because if you destroy yourself and become dependent on your children to take care of you that destroys your children’s lives to


Fat prevents blood moving in and out of your vessels as your heart pumps that is inside and outside of your organs not just got that you can pinch not just the subcutaneous but also the visceral


the visceral fat is more dangerous than the subcutaneous fat and when people diet and lose weight the thing that goes off more is the subcutaneous not the visceral


then when you go off of a crazy diet and start gaining weight back the visceral fat is what comes back easier


When you gain weight quickly the body cannot put on subcutaneous fat quickly, so it puts on visceral fat


when you have yo-yo diets of gaining and losing weight, you’re shifting fat from subcutaneous to visceral which is more dangerous

So these crazy diets increase your risk of heart disease and cancer


if you are overweight and on a nutritarian diet and you are not losing weight and you are not really on a nutritarian diet


If you’re overweight and not losing 1 pound every 3 days and you are significantly overweight and you’re not really on a healthy nutrient based diet


I just start losing weight you become less insulin resistant

After losing 2 pounds a week or more estrogen levels go down and begin to be normal and the insulin slash resistant

you can become non-diabetic in the first 6 weeks even while you’re still overweight if you are losing weight

On a nutritarian diet because it is much more than just eating less calories

you are eating less calories but at the same time your body is being flooded with antioxidants and phytochemicals

Those allow the cells that were hibernating and degenerating to come back. you’re activating your immune system and the inflammatory mechanisms in cells. The cells begin to structure themselves to remove toxins. Excess weight coming off and needed nutrients coming in is the combination that brings the loss of diabetes etcetera.


slightly orange skin because of all the vegetables you eat is a good thing


We are thinning out the nutritional density of the food you eat because it has to go more places one cup of carrot juice becomes like about a half a cup of carrot juice because it has to go to so many places in your body as you lose weight food to eat automatically become more nutrient-dense just by way of ratio of where those nutrients need to go


your brain is a bowl of fat in that fat can become rancid and that in turn makes you rotten person in of bad behavior

Your creativity happiness and decision-making power goes down

Those powers are based on whether that fat is rancid or fresh

The brain has a continual need for antioxidants

your brain is the ultimate driver of how much you eat so you need to be flooding it with what it needs as you’re trying to become healthy


The rate at which you age is your metabolic rate


Moderate not excessive caloric reduction has been proven long-term to slow aging and increase lifespan


Too much caloric reduction or anorexia isn’t good for longevity


Eat moderately below your basal metabolic rate


almost every diet involves aging faster so that you can lose weight that’s like making a pact with the devil

Some of these include keto and paleo

You lose the weight, but you live 10 or 20 years shorter


When you eat more foods but you’re high in micronutrients and fiber you’ll want to eat less food

The desire to overeat will go away


if you are overweight then you are not eating the right food because you are not getting the right micronutrients if you are getting the right micronutrients your body would be telling you to eat less and you would be eating less so we know that if you are overweight you are not eating the right foods

when your diet isn’t healthy enough to develop and unrelenting desire to continue eating


You can’t control your behavior when you’re micronutrient deprived


sweeteners be there sugar or artificial no-calorie sweeteners as well as oil and salt are things which will make you eat more calories

Those all rev up your desire to want to eat more food


It’s a scam to say oil is healthy

Oil has no nutrients and no fiber and is the most concentrated calorie in existence


Nutrients and fiber suppress the appestat


Oil calories go from your lips to body fat storage in 5 minutes


All oils are unhealthy because they are fattening


Oils are processed to remove micronutrients and fiber so the calories simply immediately flow into the bloodstream


When calories go to the bloodstream so quickly it is like injecting yourself with heroin

They go right to the brain and signal dopamine receptors and make you an addict


Overtime it also makes you dopamine insensitive


The south is called the stroke belt they’re more strokes and heart attacks there than anywhere because of all the fried foods they eat


Even the fumes of the fryer are carcinogenic that oil sits out for hours and hours



Eating a piece of chicken is like eating a bagel they are both the source of macronutrients but neither has micronutrients in significant amounts

They have no phytochemicals or antioxidants and only few vitamins and minerals

they are just mostly calories without the things that control your appetite


When you’re eating calories you’re producing toxins and free radicals with every bite

The common cause of disease is the buildup of these toxins.


White flour and white rice are like eating marshmallows, the body doesn’t differentiate it, it’s just sugar entering the bloodstream.


There’s great joy and knowing the intellectual reason behind what is healthy for you to eat and then making that taste good and not having to worry about getting diseases like most other Americans


When you eat bad food it’s a life of fear and tragedy


Nutrition should be taught in school from the beginning all the way through with Reading writing and arithmetic because it’s going to affect whether you get depressed and whether you get diseases and your quality of everyday life and longevity



People save a bunch of money and then retire and then they spend all their retirement money and healthcare costs


If you are 50 pounds overweight, you’ll need about 10 times the amount of insulin

Is it because your body becomes more insulin resistant as you gain weight


Fat cells produce estrogen


high glycemic index means the glucose enters the bloodstream rapidly like honey sugar maple syrup white rice white bread

These a spike the insulin


But beans are broken down very slowly they enter the bloodstream about one or two calories a minute and it doesn’t require tons of insulin


Bean is high starch which is almost similar to a fiber meaning resistant to enzymatic digestion

So they are broken down by bacteria in the gut more so than insulin that’s the gut essentially ferments them they become a fuel

Which promotes the healthy growth of bacteria

the conversion of these beans into fat takes place too far down in the digestive tracts and 90% of it is lost in the toilet bow

These beans mostly passed through you as a non-caloric source


They bring down the appestat by the 50 calories but only five of the calories came in


Vegetables and nuts work similarly and all these results and feeling full without taking in tons of calories


the foods high on the glycemic index bring a sort of a high that’s why they say you can’t eat just one


even working in a fast food restaurant even if you don’t eat the food it’s carcinogenic because of the fumes of that rancid oil they keep reheating and cooking with


we are the only country who allows class 1 carcinogens like asbestos to be served in school lunches to kids; They don’t allow that in the Arab countries and Europe only here




Micro-nutrients of vitamins minerals and phytochemicals don’t have calories the macro-nutrients to have calories the protein carbohydrate fat



Every strawberry has seven hundred different phytochemicals in it every piece of broccoli has a thousand different phytochemicals these are not optional they are necessary in our immune system


And every study on longevity what shows is moderate caloric restriction and high-density micronutrients.


if you’re not eating vegetables especially green vegetables than you are micronutrient deficiency because those are the things that have the most micronutrients


when you eat calories that don’t have nutrients associated with them you shorten your lifespan with every bite


When you have enough micronutrients that prevents the cellular structure from breaking down


Your body has the ability to undo the damage that you’ve done to it by eating less calories


If you eat a 65-calorie apple before approaching a buffet you will generally put 65 less calories on your plate because your body registered the calories in the Apple because of the fiber etcetera. If you take a 120 calorie tablespoon of olive oil on your way up to a buffet because that oil has no bulk no fiber doesn’t occupy space and doesn’t have you chew anything then you go up to the buffet and you don’t eat any less your body doesn’t really register that as something to turn down the hunger levels.


When you put oil in your foods it makes you hungrier. it enters the bloodstream so rapidly that your body can’t use it for energy to ask to store as fat.

With an electron microscope you can look at what fat gets put on to someone the structure of it doesn’t even change you can tell if it’s fat from meat fat from cheese fat from oil etcetera because it takes 5 minutes from the lips to the hips when you’re eating these kind of things.


nuts and seeds are fat magnets they suck fat out of your body and put it into the digestive tract increase in the fatty stool

they pull the fat out of the bloodstream preferentially pulls out the bad fat

Like saturated fat LDL.

This is how nuts and seeds lower cholesterol.


for a heaping tablespoon of nuts or seeds it’s 35 calories unlike a tablespoon of oil which is 120 calories and the calories from the nuts and seeds actually satiate the hunger.

and it’s more like getting 25 calories + 35 calories when you take the nuts and seeds because so much of it goes to the digestive tract.


Most Americans eat about 5% of their diet as produce but we need is 90% of it as produce or we are going to get sick



in Fiji three times as many people smoke as do in Hawaii but in Hawaii there is more cancer because they eat way less produce in Hawaii than in Fiji.


We food addicts always can think of an excuse why to start later later later your life becomes a chase of supplying our addiction


People who are addicted to things become less kind and creative their ability to be a good parent and neighbor decreases. Other things don’t matter to them anymore they become more narcissistic.


Temporary weight loss is of no benefit whatever diet you do it’ll only keep the weight off if you do it your whole life I’m certain diets are not long-term sustainable but the nutritarian diet is


Disease is unnatural our bodies are disease resistant


Fruits often have a hard-exterior shell to preserve the clean water inside


When you eat a fruit chew the seeds in it


Chewing foods makes more of the nutrients in them more accessible


High-protein animal products raise igf-1 but high protein plant products do not




Animal proteins turn into hormones that we don’t need an excessive growth that we don’t need when we are an adult

Cancer is one of those things that starts growing


plant proteins are not as biologically complete as animal proteins the body mixes up amino acids

It can mix and match and digest some of the bacteria lying in the gut

Or take from some of the epithelial cells to add more protein to the bloodstream

To complete the protein needs

and this way the body measures and makes the amount of hormones that it needs rather than overshooting it which happens with animal products


For a lot of people 10% animal products in the diet is too high because it’s too much igf-1

they need to go down to between 0 and 5% to keep the igf-1 favorable

That’s how most individuals operate


Even the increase needs of an athlete are most favorably match with the plant-based protein system


many vegan diets are unfavorable because they don’t supply enough fat and protein to children and the elderly


VHA deficiency can result with the vegan diet of not enough fats it shrinks the brain. Flexitarians who include nuts and seeds in their diet are healthier than vegans who don’t eat nuts and seeds.


About 40% reduction in cardiovascular disease for people who eat nuts and seeds everyday

These are low glycemic index foods.

That decreases the amount of calories you feel like you need to eat.




Your fat should come from nuts not oils and it should be the correct amount of nuts because the nutrient nutritarian diet is all about getting the correct amount of calories


depression anxiety dementia are all symptoms of DHA deficiency eat this is why you don’t have enough fat in your brain shrinks vegans often get this so you need to make sure you’re eating nuts and seeds to get fats

In a study about 65% of vegans were DHA deficient, about 25% of them radically deficient they would have become severely demented if they would have followed that diet long-term the study had about 100 vegans

You can take a DHA supplement

DHA appears to be genetic and some people are low in it even if they do eat seeds


The nutritarian diet because of all the nutrients lowers cholesterol but specifically it lowers oxidized LDL which is the most dangerous type of cholesterol this diet lowers cholesterol more than statin drugs.

The statin drug causes cancer the natural method doesn’t and it even lowers the blood pressure more significantly restores elasticity of the blood vessels and increases smooth flow in the blood vessels etc.


blood pressure drugs are dangerous because they put the systolic in an unfavorable range in order to adjust the diastolic


have at least an ounce or an ounce and a half of nuts and seeds everyday about half an ounce with each meal and have at least three fresh fruit today one of those being berries or some other low-sugar fruit

Have a big salad everyday with beans have cooked vegetables everyday


Lupus arthritis etc. are some of the diseases that people get rid of when they start losing weight in a healthy way


a stent doesn’t make you live longer it makes you live shorter because there’s a foreign object in your body




a bad diet doesn’t just mean dying younger it means killing yourself along the way suffering along the way and you actually enjoy food more when you’re eating the right way too, it strengthens the taste buds when you’re eating the right way and when you’re eating the right way you’re not driven by addiction

The irrational food addicted self-talking



it’ll make you live longer if you finish dinner earlier so that when you go to sleep you don’t have food in your stomach

It’s the more hours of sleep you get without digesting food that makes you live longer

How much sleep you need could range from five hours to 8 hours on average people need six and a half to seven hours

If you don’t eat before bed you’ll sleep better and feel better while you sleep and live longer


if you’re allergic to some nuts you can do a test to see which ones you’re more sensitive to also you can use seeds

overtime as you eat healthfully and improve your immune system some of those allergies can go away

Also, by oral food challenge introducing very tiny amounts I can get the allergies to go away


You can lengthen telomeres with a good diet as seen in the telomere testing the telomeres both grow back and get lengthened

Methylation defects can also be measured today these lead to cancer and those also go back the other way


Cook beans in water as opposed to drag them out or cooking them in high temperatures

It’s not just being any food that you tried baked or barbecue or grill

When you bake it brown in the oven you farm acrylamides and other dangerous compounds but this doesn’t happen when you water cook in a stew in a pot.


blending things like nuts doesn’t decrease the bioavailability it’s just like chewing them well the fiber and everything is still there


if you overcook a food in the microwave it’s not going to radiate the food and put radiation in your body the fear of radiation is overrated


when you’re getting a nut remember those grow up high on trees and hard shells those are pretty safe to eat because hard shells protect them from pesticides etc.


the consumption of soy has the most protection against cancer compared to any other Bean



The major source of fat should be nuts and seeds these are even more beneficial than avocado also don’t have oils because those are all processed and a lot of the anti-cancer etc. effects or removed from them you just plan on don’t want processed foods. And it is erroneous to think that fat from nuts is the same as fat from some other thing like a processed oil because you want the package deal and you don’t want the extra cancer-causing things that come along with the bad foods.


it your fats as in your nuts and seeds with your meals so it can absorb the beneficial nutrients of your meals particularly your meals with lots of vegetables to absorb maximum amount of those nutrients


when you’re getting the correct diet almost always the type 2 diabetes will be reversed it’s very rare that you will still have type 2 diabetes if you’re eating the correct diet



potentially 10 years from now we could do stem cells to grow back the beta cells in the pancreas to resolve type 1 diabetes


Cholesterol level of animals like gorillas elephants monkeys the average cholesterol of these animals in the wild runs very low like between 40 and 70

This shows us that you don’t need much cholesterol in the body makes all that it needs

You don’t need to eat saturated fat for your cholesterol that ideas fabricated by people pushing animal products

The body makes the cholesterol it needs if it needs more it will make more

when you have a healthy diet, which does include some fats from nuts and seeds your body will convert what it needs into cholesterol

the very low amounts of saturated fats in nuts and seeds are not an issue

Your LDL should be below a hundred


The nitrogenous wastes ammonia urea acid etc.

Enter the circulation when a person starts a plant-based diet and so people who are just starting plant-based diets can feel wiped out

It can take even a month to get over that

the main thing about going on a plant-based diet if you need to give it about a month because that nitrogen is getting dumped back into the tissues

They’re dumping waste products out

They’re feeling El because of the waste dumping which means they are getting healthier

Also, a DHA deficiency can be a common problems people on a plant-based diet which makes them depressed but this of course can be resolved getting more seeds and green vegetables increase the protein as some people have higher protein needs

most of the vegans just eat lots of rice and potatoes and that’s not cracked and they’re missing out a lot of what they should be having to have protein adequacy. some have b-12 deficiency issues but most people aren’t big, and I already know that is slow and b12 so they take a supplement so B12 is not usually the issue of burnout on a plant-based diet. Becoming DHA deficient takes a couple years.


A carrot has more calories when you eat it cooked in other words the calories are more available more digestible when you cook it so don’t cook it


Donuts should be illegal you should have to legally smuggle them across the Mexican border and buy them a high prices from people hiding by their cars when you take donuts and cake and bagels just like shooting up heroin it sends those dopamine receptors which tell you all the time that you want more and make you constantly think about them


It’s impossible to get overweight if you’re just eating natural foods


Hitting the high-volume low-calorie food or other words the natural foods automatically decreases your desire for the junk. The more good food you eat the less you want the bad


Feeling better is not the same as getting better. You give the addict another cigarette and he will feel better, but he will not get better.


anything with the pharmacologic effect is toxic or poisonous blocks things and disturbs natural processes you want to be eating to where you don’t need medicine natural or otherwise


The reason people constantly eat all day and never have time to detoxify in the catabolic stage because their bodies are so toxic that they can’t tolerate not eating. They stay in the anabolic phase.  They have to keep getting more and more calories to stifle off the pain of all the toxins all that hunger which is a result of all those toxins the aching and so forth. True hunger happens at the end of the digestive phase in other words after the catabolic cycle. True hunger does not direct you to eat to become overweight.



In a study of 132000 people the more greens they ate the longer they lived greens are the highest micronutrient dense food that we know of yet hardly any Americans eat them


Greens like kale are 50 times as nutrient dense as Chicken and white bread


When whole food stores started using nutrients scores labels the sale of green vegetables went up tenfold


the nutrient scoring system measures about 32 different nutrients but that’s not everything like mushrooms might score low on it but they have lots of other things in them which are anti-cancer and I take that


You don’t want your food to drive up hormones like estrogen testosterone and insulin Charlotte Amore cancer if you have more of that


As a person needs more commercial baked goods depression goes up accordingly


The best way to give every woman breast cancer is to have high glycemic foods with high protein for example a hamburger.


Most men over 70 have prostate cancer but they usually die of heart attacks and most women over 70 have breast cancer and they usually die of breast cancer. the way to solve breast cancer and other cancers is not a mystery anymore.


Mammograms do not protect much against cancer because they detect cancer that has already been there for 10 years. You don’t need a mammogram to tell you that if you’re eating American food you have breast cancer. In the early stages it is not visible on a mammogram, but it exists in the cells of the tissues none the less. The body can come back and destroy cancer cells especially the earlier you catch it.



When you’re not eating more nutrients and you’re just going on some scheme to make you eat less calories it’s like telling you to breathe less air and you are invariably going to yo-yo diet and that situation.


True instinctual hunger is felt in the mouth and the throat you will salivate.


Ip5 found in beans doesn’t allow tumors to grow shovel is a half a cup of beans a day study showed the man who ate beans even only twice a week had much lower cancer.



Mushrooms should always be in cooked no need to cook it wanted 2 minutes because it has a mild carcinogen it goes away when it’s cooked a little bit what mushrooms are one of the healthiest foods that should be eaten on a regular basis you could that Lee cook the mushrooms and then put on your refrigerator sick and throw them onto a salad etcetera while they’re cold


Berries particularly pomegranates have the polyphenols that are very anti-diabetic even though they’re sweet. Blueberries and strawberries as well these can lower the glucose absorption of other foods when you eat these fruits with those other foods.


we have an economic crisis trying to pay for all these unhealthy people and it can’t be solved in Washington guess we solved by people becoming healthier


Vegetables, not bread and pasta, should be at the bottom of the food pyramid


if you’re having your diet in the shape of a plate then the majority of the plate should be vegetables turn on the rest of it you’ve got things like beans and seeds and fruits


If you want animal products in your diet, make sure they are not refined and that it’s under 10% of your diet

They should be for flavoring not for a big portion of your plate


Most Americans consume more than 400 calories of oil per day where are those calories going to go

On your body

unless you’re a physical laborer professional athlete you’re not going to burn it off

you’re certainly not going to burn it off working on a computer it is stored as fat to rapidly only if you were pulling a plow all day or dating with a shovel all day would you have a chance


Most Americans eat 70- 100 ounces a week of animal products and you should only be having up to 7 to 10 oz of week so 10 times less than standard American eats


Our attachment to unhealthy foods is emotional once we learn how to like healthy foods and our taste buds become stronger and more sensitive if we eat the unhealthy food it tastes disgusting because it’s too sweet not too much oil salt etcetera and we learn how to taste the bleach in the ice cream

And you would rather go home and eat the ice cream you made it home with a frozen banana


With the nutritarian diet you’re a beginner when you just starting and you don’t feel good because you’re detoxifying and you’re intermediate when you’re starting to eat healthier on a regular basis but you still wish you could eat the other way you’re a almost master when you start developing more of a preference for healthy food you’re master when you’ve changed your taste buds and you’re making healthy foods all the time and you’re no longer deceived by the high salt sugar fat foods your emotional connection the unhealthy food diminishes and unhealthy food tastes bad to you


Nutritarian diet enhances pleasure

the idea that eating healthy it’s not a pleasurable way to live is a myth if you eat unhealthy you’re going to have chronic stress going to weigh on your marriage going to weigh on your work


The addicted brain comes up with delusional ideas has excuses to maintenance addiction


addiction with food causes you to have an inability to cope with the stresses of your life. The reasons you give as why you can’t quit are the very things caused by your addiction.



The whiter the bread the sooner you’re dead.

Only eat when hungry.

Allow yourself to enter catabolic digestion rather than eating constantly. A nontoxic body won’t crave constant eating.


Donuts should be illegal like cocaine, you should only be able to buy them in the underground black-market, from shady figures on the streets, there should be drug wars over them, etc., they are addictive!


White rice white flour these processed unnatural foods they lead to cancer.

Discomfort isn’t necessarily hunger. It can often be your body trying to come away.

Eating chips and fries makes squirrels fat, us too.

Avoid white foods, like cocaine, cigarettes, and white donuts, white flour.

Oils go straight from lips to hips.

Whole foods take longer to digest, so they’re aren’t just stored as fat.

After eating beans a while, your stomach adapts, and you don’t have gas.


If you’re hungry but can’t envision an apple as satisfying that, you’re not really hungry, you’re seeking a dopamine rush to feed your emotions connected to a food addiction.

The super concentrated calories in cheese cake etc. won’t be appealing when we have eliminated food addictions. Their taste won’t be attractive. You’ll develop taste to the extent that you can sense the bleach they use to clean their machines and other chemicals. You’ll discern overly cooked food. You won’t go to restaurants because their portions of healthy food are too small, and overpriced. If it doesn’t have a salad bar, don’t go. Instead make your own food. Try the salad bar at the whole foods store, you don’t have to eat bad even when you’re away from home.  Have someone over to your home and enjoy truly delicious food together, or go to their home.

These changes always affect people’s emotional Outlook on life

It’s hard to get rid of food addiction because everyone is doing it. It’s the social norm. Food addiction is the most prevalent

We have the key of how to live a hundred years old in high quality of life not take advantage of that is insanity the nutritional breakthroughs of our time give us this power

The more calories you eat the sooner you’ll die

eating just one bite a day too much of calories that bite of a bagel or whatever it is well over 10 years you’ll gain 30 lbs. and that’ll cut 15 years off your life having 30 lbs. overweight will cut 15 years off your life

there’s no such thing as an overweight person who is healthy that is where the toxins go to those fat cells and that’s where cancer develops

The monkeys who have caloric restriction of calories the forty-year-old monkeys are just as strong as the 20-year old ones

the body is very efficient at storing fat in the same way that you ate it it’s toward that way it goes 5 minutes from your lips to your hips and this includes olive oil

most Americans never burn fat because they eat too often and they never run out of glycogen stores

being overweight is like being radiated everyday you’re carrying around carcinogenic tissues

when you are healthy you don’t need to eat food to have energy all day and when you do eat food it will taste better

hunger or appetite is the best sauce if you just ate 1 hour ago and someone wants you to try a soup they made for you is great thank you for flowers from now on I’m hungry again so I can drive it and the true feeling of hunger is the best way to gauge how many calories you need

You’re only ate food when you were really hungry you will never get over weight without the appropriate amount of calories to maximize your lifespan

soda is a chemical concoction dramatically affecting your body

Feeding your kids junk food destroys their intelligence and it increases the chances of mental illness depression and schizophrenia

Your body is made out of the things that you put into smoking looks weird it’s becoming accepted.

if you eat something and it makes you feel better it’s positive like when you eat some broccoli you’ll feel better if you feel nothing

plant proteins are preferred to animal proteins because they enter the bloodstream slowly and they carried with them phytonutrients

fried white flour and sugar the donut this is the most cancer-causing food on the planet fried white sugar and flour Titan oil most cancer-causing



-10 rule: ideal weight, x 10, is least amount calories needed.

-the parent bond milk opiate theory, and why to not have milk as adults

-taste buds have basically a thermostat based on what you’ve had previously; you’ll adapt as you get a few weeks into it

-metabolism goes up 16% when plant-based diet, likely because toxins aren’t decreasing your normal metabolism anymore

-before McDonalds, Japanese ate tons of rice and noodles, and they were the healthiest people living the longest.

-the top craving is pizza because of the cheese

-diabetes isn’t a one-way street it can be cured by the plant-based diet; this isn’t rare, but the longer you have it the harder to kick; the fats blocking the insulin receptors go away; Type 1 diabetes he recommends the same diet as type 2, though you’ll need to continue insulin on type 1 as you don’t make insulin.

-it’s not uncommon for people to lose 60 pounds in a year on a plant-based diet, or 130 in 2 years.

-erectile dysfunction isn’t performance anxiety, it’s a lack of blood flow; atherosclerosis happens in the arteries all over the body

-don’t count calories, just improve food quantity, we need at least 10 times our ideal weight in calories per day; less than that and we will binge later. You can have more than that.

-incorrect diets lead to failure and loss of self esteem

-a study showed that those with diabetes had double the risk of Alzheimer’s as those without diabetes

-the number one source of saturated fat is dairy products. second is meat. Whatever is bad for the heart is bad for the brain.

-46g for women 56g for men protein daily says the government; if you ate 2000 calories in broccoli per day you’d get 146 grams of pure protein; just lentils, 157g; all essential amino acids and enough protein you get when you eat plant based; so forget protein, it’s a non-issue

-calcium isn’t from a cow, it’s an element, it’s in the ground, it’s from the grass the cow eats; drink milk and get 30 % of that; cut the middle man and eat plants, absorb it in bigger fraction

-vit B12 for healthy nerves and blood, it is made by not plants or animals, but by bacteria. Soil on plants might give this but we clean the foods too well for that now. Meat eaters get some B12 from bacteria in intestine of the animal, but to absorb the B12 you need intrinsic factor and stomach acid, people over 50 don’t make that well, especially those on acid blockers or metformin; you must supplement B12 if on a vegan diet

-cats want to kill birds and rabbits and eat them; humans see them and don’t; we are herbivories. Our sharp teeth are no longer than our other teeth, unlike a cat etc. Carnivores have big ears and powerful noses to track prey; Humans have color vision to recognize colorful fruits, so we get antioxidants; the stone age gave us axes etc. so we can eat like a carnivore by hunting, but we have pre-stone age coronary arteries, we aren’t carnivores.

-Culture has much more to do with behavior than logic; ignore-phins and don’t-do-it-ary gland kick in when we teach them a plant-based diet because of their culture



-avg American carries 23 extra pounds if not more, especially when you factor in the too-high “normal” BMI of 25 vs the blue zone BMI of around 23.


-about 1/5 4-year old’s are over weight

-we spend five times more for health care than national defense


-every minute some dies of heart disease


Hippocrates said let food be thy medicine

-dietary cholesterol tends to stay in the blood stream, major cause of coronary disease, it’s found only in meat


-in nations without dairy and meat there is less disease

-America is the sickest nation despite spending the most on healthcare

-in WW2 without meat and dairy there was much less strokes and heart attacks, then after the war we got the meat and dairy back and it went rocketed up again.

-many are fully functional in their 80’s and 90’s because of a diet of rice and vegetables

-studies show protein in meat causes cancer. The same amount of protein from plants causes no rise in cancer.


-nutrients from animals promote cancer growth, while nutrients from plants don’t.

-unnaturally rich or processed food registers to our brains as not satiating us, so we think we aren’t full when we are

-when we switch to a plant-based diet, our cells and arteries which are damaged will not only stop getting worse, but they will heal.

-erectile dysfunction is the first indicator of cardiovascular disease and is healed by a plant based whole foods diet


-many people call this whole foods plant-based diet extreme, but the real extreme is having open heart surgery because of heart conditions, even sewing veins from your leg into your heart.


-See Game Changers documentary on many plant based athletes who report a quicker recovery time


-all whole foods have calcium, so we need not rely on milk. Osteoporosis is degenerating bones from lack of calcium, but actually nations with high calcium intake have high levels of hip fractures, a main indicator of osteoporosis.

-having low fat milk or fat free milk causes cancer because of the ratio of protein with it etc.

-cow milk is for cows not humans

-blood sugar in the 60’s is normal


-looking at the heart disease deaths in countries, those with more meat and dairy products have the highest.


-52% of firefighters who die is from heart disease

-with just weeks of a vegan diet your heart disease chance can be cut in half.




Brain Health: Fats, Herbs, Hormones, etc.: Study Notes


-human brain is 60% fat, so beware what types of fat you eat.

-seeds and nuts all have good fats including Omega 3


-organic and raw is better for you than roasted. Fresh roasted is better than store roasted.


-artificial fats are inflammatory, so not having them relieves pain


– artificial sweeteners are pure toxic. They have aspartame (in most chewing gums) which is called NutraSweet. Many complaints to the FDA are from this. If this has been heated it’s even worse. They attack central nervous system, hence headaches come. Irritable bowel conditions can come from this. People can get addicted to this and it causes addiction to other sweets.


-saccharin is an artificial sweeter. Sucilos called Splenda is sugar treated with chlorine to change shape so we don’t absorb it but it hurts the thymus gland and liver


-soda and coffee are terrible; these are super acidic and interfere with serotonin in the brain! Serotonin is a neurotransmitter in the brain about feeling good, these force a large dump of these, which lift for a moment then a crash happens.


-artificial sweeteners and colors interfere with the natural priorities of the body.


-there are 100’s of more nutrients in organic foods instead of commercial. i.e. 1500 g vs. 40 grams.


-nearly all the farmed fish are exposed to hormones, antibiotics, corn and wheat which aren’t in its natural food supply, etc. Also there is pesticide run-off from the farms. The salmon in these need to be died red to look red since they usually look grey when farmed.


-85% of Americans are deficient in Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acid. Get it from flax seed, etc.


-Some suggest having a minimal of 1000mg of Omega 3 a day. Pain relief and anti-inflammatory and mood and depression and memory, focus, concentration, you want 2000-3000mg range. You can even do 6000mg of it a day. This also helps eye and development.


-emotional outbursts, bipolar, and split personalities are helped when you have Omega 3


-the DHA helps esp. with memory and concentration, and apathy and social withdrawal


-flax seed must be ground; only grind what you’ll use within a few days; keep it in the refrigerator to keep it fresh as possible; start with about a half a tablespoon a day.

-digestive health translates into problems in the brain

-Memory Attention and Focus issues in the brain: circulation effects this; don’t want plaque clogging the arteries. Get rid of the plaque by Omega 3 which prevents such. Get rid of it by taking Silica (manages Calcium in the body putting it back onto the bone where it belongs); hawthorn berry helps also. Also circulation formulas are available, those are based on cyan pepper which helps with such.


-hormone imbalance in one area effects the entire body, namely the brain. Dr. can check on your hormone balance.

-insulin is a hormone, see if you have an issue with this. If you have low blood sugar it can bring on a panic attack.

-high blood sugar brings depression and irritation, low blood sugar brings panic attacks


-proteins and fats manage the neurotransmitters, which make thoughts happen


– Deep fried foods contribute to ADD & ADHD


-don’t ask children what they want to eat; put a healthy meal in front of them and expect them to eat it. If you ask them what they want to eat, they will merely choose unhealthy things, the sweets and fried foods etc.

-if you feed your children healthy, then when they eat much sugar, they will feel ill, and it will be a natural lesson to show them the ill effect of sugar.

-artificial things cause artificial stimulation; getting back to natural food when you have been having processed food is hard

-“Nordic Naturals Children’s DHA” is a great supplement for brain and behavioral issues.

-“Attention Gels by MRM” are good helping with the neurotransmission

-stress makes cortisol. Some make much of this from their stress and hence are very effected from stress. Breathe deeply, 10 deep ones, inhale to count of 8 through the mouth, hold for 4, then exhale all at once through the mouth. These help the brain and body let go. Breathing is a way that the body detoxifies so doing it helps.


-caffeine causes stress, as does sugar, because of the increase of serotonin then crash afterwards.


-thyroid imbalance effects the whole body

-adrenal glands are depleted by stress and sugar and caffeine. Try rhodiola and eleuthero herbs.


-digestive problems like heavy metal toxicity, food sensitivities, build up in intestines, this effects mood and memory.

-depression impairs memory.

-volunteering help to others in your special interests is uplifting and helps the brian.

– Smiling actually helps neurotransmitters in the brain.

– Patch Adams decided to be always happy and reports to have been such for years successfully.


-exercise increases serotonin and endorphins in the brain


-if you don’t digest well it’s bad for brain memory and mood. Break down food to right particle size and pH level. Animal products take much longer to digest. Lions sit around for weeks after eating a big kill so they can digest, but we just eat constantly.



-inhaled cortisone drugs and birth control pills are worst for our good bacteria and our yeast.


when out of good bacteria, a bad bacteria candida happens.

-too much candida and it gets in the intestines and makes cracks and holes in it letting bad things into the blood stream; this is linked to many autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, lupus, chromes disease etc. Amino acid “L-Glutamine” fixes these holes in the intestines. This helps the brain get nourished as well. Use it a few months regularly then go down to a small maintenance dose.

-candida starts in digestive tract but can go to entire system, and may take a year of concerted effort to get rid of it. See a book on it from the library etc. Whole real foods can get rid of it. Garlic helps also, yeast hates garlic. Oregano oil and acrylic acid help also.

-if you do a cleanse to get rid of candida ensure you are including fiber in your diet.

-candida causes leaky gut syndrome which makes depression etc. It’s called the brain gut connection.


anything that damages the heart damages the brain, leading to, among other things, Alzheimer’s disease.


-flax seed helps digestive track stay normal

-vitamin E prevents fats in the body from oxidizing. Vit. E less than 1000mg a day is fine. Tocotrienols and tocopherols are two kinds, some products have both.


-vit. B helps much, most multivitamins have this, but helping brain issues you may want to boost this.


Barley Grass juice is one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet. Dry it with air not with heat so the enzymes aren’t damaged.



-magnesium and calcium are good for tension anxiety etc.; magnesium helps muscles relax, calcium helps them contract; both are needed.

-if you jump when approached from behind being tapped on the shoulder, that is a big sign that you are low in magnesium

the military won’t even take people who have been on Ritalin for a certain amount of time because of the mental repercussions.

-holy basil can help with cortisol and stress.


magnolia bark, valerian root, and gaga, these help the brain relax. Gaba is particularly useful for those people who can’t get the wheels in their head to slow down.

-ashba honda is an Indian herb helping stress.


-cava cava treats anxiety and panic attacks


-valerian root can help with muscle spasms etc.; it works like a sledge hammer, too strong for some people, it will get you to sleep.


-St Johns Wart is an herb very helpful for depression, many studies show it as helpful as pharmaceuticals.


-sam E is a herb for mood disorders and joint pain


-chloreta is an algae that helps get heavy metals in the brain go away, these aluminum mercury lead etc. cause Alzheimer’s etc. We are most exposed to this during dental work or a month following. Chlorella for a month after these heavy metals is recommended.

-silica blocks heavy metals from getting absorbed; chlorella gets it out once it’s in.


we can’t just teach nutrition to doctors that needs to be taught to the young.

Malnutrition gives us dystymia which means you’re not really necessarily depressed but you’re not excited about life; you’re not involved in creative play and serving the world

Processed meats are classified as a class 1 carcinogen. Europe doesn’t allow them at schools.

green vegetables instantly increase the efficiency of the oxygen uptake of cells

there’s not much difference between marshmallows and white bread they both rush into the bloodstream quickly

fat stores only come off when you’re not eating an exercising when the glycogen stores have been used up and most people eat so frequently that they never lose weight for this reason even when they exercise

when you don’t get enough micronutrients you become a calorie consuming monster you really can’t control how much you’re eating

Fat cells damage brain cells

The fiber weight nutrients etc of an apple decrease your appetite it takes time to digest but 120 calories from a big spoon of olive oil doesn’t make you any less hungry

Hunger is not an emergency

fasting is when you’re not hungry it’s when you start eating that you get hungry

Seventh Day Adventist studies show the benefits of plant-based protein

Your health is your greatest wealth

You don’t just want to be healthy you want to be youthful and have your health of your Prime so you can enjoy your life

about sibo: intermittent fasting and thoroughly chewing your food helps a lot with that if you have any greens make sure they’re thoroughly chewed liquefied he suggest having small amounts rather than none so you can build up the good bacteria for them

It doesn’t take months of healthy eating to feel better it just takes weeks

Drinking wine even in small amounts increases women’s risk of breast cancer alcohol is carcinogenic

linebackers on football teams have the shortest lifespan of any profession in America

White rice is high glycemic junk food

Brown rice is too high in arsenic

between around 2.3 and 6 is a normal white blood count not between 5 and 10 like the doctors say because if you’re healthy your body doesn’t need a lot of white blood cells

there’s no such thing as a healthy overweight person because those fat cells keep you constantly inflamed and those fat cells spew out unhealthy things

regularly eating an extra 200 calories a day will gain you 20 lb a year but this doesn’t happen because your body increases its metabolism to deal with this excess so you would only gain something like 10 lb but your aging faster losing stem cells etc shortening telomeres, harming the thyroid
Similarly when you eat less you won’t necessarily lose that amount of weight but your metabolic processes will slow down and you’ll be colder









Gut Microbiome Nutrition Notes


Google nature David 2014 you’ll find a study where someone did 5 days and lots of people did five days of totally animal foods versus 5 days of totally plant foods and the gut biome changed significantly.


Even 24 hours of eating a different diet that got biome will respond


Trans fats are the worst kind of fats saturated is bad but not as bad


Nutrition is often about substitution about replacing one thing for something better


P the gut microbiome is a living creature and so if you give it rest sometimes it will come back stronger it shouldn’t be working all the time if you eat a somewhat early dinner and don’t eat again until breakfast you’ve got a built-in time of rest for your gut


Eating a food at 11:00 p.m. will have a different effect on your metabolism than eating the same food before the sun goes down


A pound of oil is 4,000 calories a pound of greens is 100 calories


Oils have lots of calories and no fiber


Our ancestors consumed 150 g of fiber a day which is 10 times more than what we eat


Antibiotics destroy the gut microbiome


If you have to take an antibiotic eat a lot of fiber to help defend the gut microbiome


Saturated fats and artificial sweeteners and alcohol destroy the gut microbiome


All plants have probiotics


Some nutrients are opened up and made available when you blend it into a smoothie


Osteoarthritis is not exclusively bone on bone it has a lot to do with inflammation so eat a low information diet in other words avoid animal products


Bad knees can be substantially helped by improved diet and turmeric


Microwaving is safer than high heat grilling


Book fiber fuel by Dr will bolshewitz.





Weight Loss & Using Starches: Study Notes


type 2 diabetes stop the insulin and have them lose weight otherwise they’re just going to gain weight and need ever increasing insulin

Europe and america are fat from processed foods and animal products. Africa and asia are skinny from rice and veggies.

Graze is better than gorgebetter to eat 20 times a day than to gorge three times a day because gorging raises your insulin levels and insulin puts fat into fat cells. However be aware of the need to not always be in the catabolic digestive stage.

Flours limit

Some suggest limiting fruits to one or two a day if you’re trying to lose weight. Limit nuts and seeds and avocados as well if you’re trying to lose weight. However these are of course better than junk food. Fruits which make your blood sugar high aren’t necessarily the problem, it’s your metabolic system that is out of wack and likely related to fat in your muscle cells etc., so keep eating the fruits.

When you take fruit and juice it removing the pulp etc the blood sugar is less regulated causing more insulin and insulin pushes fat into fat cells

Use potatoes and squash alot

Potatoes give all needed nutrients except B12

In a diet where the new transfer mainly obtained with from potatoes people reported being an excellent health and not growing tired of the diet

If you’re not satisfied you won’t stick to the diet so the way to be satisfied is starches

Don’t worry too much about deficiency problems who do you know who has a deficiency problem what we’re trying to get rid of is the excess

Avoid juices

Beans peas lentils empty the stomach slowly

Seek green and yellow vegtables

if you’re just eating raw foods you’re probably going to eat a lot of sugars and fats with your fruits and nuts you may as well cook some foods like starches starches or what societies live on historically if you just eat raw foods you won’t have enough energy

big changes bring big results which increase the likelihood that you’re going to want to stick with it

Support groups are good because knowing what to do and doing it are two different things

Flower is not natural food

Free fats do not occur in nature they need to have the protective shells on them when you have these standalone fats these oils they are toxin at worst and medicine at best

Dr. Neal Barnard: PCRM (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine): WFPB Based Studies



Barnard has authored many books. Quarterly Magazine The Exam Room Podcast


-step 1: 7 days; step 2: 3 weeks with no exceptions; by then you’ll be physically changed, and your taste buds will change


-see book ‘foods that fight pain’ 1988 Neal Bernard including arthritis (the dairy is the most common thing to attack the synovial linings around the joints), menstrual pain, migraines, etc. treated with plant-based diet





Dr. Joel Fuhrman: Nutritarian Diet: WFPB Based Studies





Dr Furman suggests that we can’t just teach nutrition to doctors that needs to be taught to the young; children should learn Reading writing arithmetic and nutritional science

The following aren’t quotes from Dr. Fuhrman but paraphrase some of his ideas.

Fuhrman has authored many books.


Don’t eat Frankin-foods

KFC is Kentucky fried cancer

(Note: here’s a fun one: “McDoomsday”)


-growing up, his dad brought 50 books on nutrition into the home, and he read them all.

Daily eat G BOMBS: green veggies, onions, mushrooms, beans, seeds


Coined “nutritarian diet” meaning Health = Nutrients / Calories


Dr. Fuhrman has slightly orange skin because of all the vegetables eats this is a good thing


The biggest scam perpetrated on humans was convincing them that oil is healthy for them

Oil calories go from your lips to your hips in 5 minutes flat


Laughing and smiling extend your lifespan when you hear a joke that isn’t funny you can smile and laugh anyway


Dr. Fuhrman’s children saw parents of other kids giving them lots of candy and sweets and so forth and asked don’t they love their children don’t these parents love their children giving them cancer

The superpowers in the movies aren’t things we need there’s no alien Invaders and things like that the real superpowers that we need are the ones to bring health to people because everyone’s dying of health problems


how many people in your family have been stabbed or shot? Not very many of you but how many of you have someone in your family who’s had a heart attack or stroke? almost all of you while you better move out of that neighborhood that’s a dangerous neighborhood! if you’re not taking care of your health then you’re not being kind and loving to your community or your family



The bigger the waistline the shorter the lifeline


On television dr. Fuhrman said that the standard American diet is designed by Al-Qaeda / Isis because it’s perfectly crafted to cause cancer. They edited that and what it said when it aired was that it was created by Darth Vader.


Dr. Fuhrman says you need 10 men to tie him up in force down his throat before he would eat sodas fast food junk food its the same thing as shooting him up with heroin.



One man was told that he needed an urgent heart stent but dr. Fuhrman took him in three months later he was able to go back to the doctor and shock the doctor because he didn’t need the stent anymore doctor never seen anything like that because the doctor never tells people how to make things better the stent wasn’t as urgent as the doctor was saying because the man wasn’t having pain at rest only pain at exercise


One woman that dr. Fuhrman worked with lost 200 lbs. in a year


See nutritionalresearch.Org a non-profit website the nutritional research foundation


at Doctor Fuhrman’s health resort they work on reducing harmful medications and they work with therapists who specialize in food addiction and they feed your delicious food based on a nutritarian diet


There are some cases where Dr. Fuhrman has worked with people with type 1 diabetes where it is gone away as well particularly with children were recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes but in cases where the type 1 diabetes has been there for years and the beta cells have died they aren’t going to go back


With the nutritarian diet you’re white belt when you just starting and you don’t feel good because you’re detoxifying and you’re a yellow belt when you’re starting to eat healthier on a regular basis but you still wish you could eat the other way you’re a brown belt when you start developing more of a preference for healthy food your black belt when you’ve changed your taste buds and you’re making healthy foods all the time and you’re no longer deceived by the high salt sugar fat foods your emotional connection the unhealthy food diminishes and unhealthy food tastes bad to you


The greener the leaner.


Al-Qaeda made the standard American diet. Also call it the DAD the deadly American diet.


When it comes to being nutritive, in a 5-mile race, green vegetables win by 4 miles.


if you had a son who was a heroin addict he would change them to himself for a year or however long it took for them to overcome the substance because the only treatment for any of the food addiction or other drugs is abstinence complete abstinence so if you would make his house the prison and they could only leave that house when they were under high supervision from trusted individuals. we love that sun, so you don’t want to let these chemicals take over the rational brain. Quitting on their own is too hard.


You cannot be half in or the tastes won’t change. Eating standard is insane. This is life or death. Unlock creativity personality love. Sickness destroys life. Getting old doesn’t need to mean disability. Joel can do sports just fine at age 65. Food doesn’t taste great in a coffin.
He has 45 exotic fruit trees at his resort, enough to feed an army.

People spend lots on cars phones and doctors but the minimal on what goes into their mouths.


He weighs 150 lbs. and never gains or loses . This much from age 18 on.


Dr. David Katz – WFPB Advocate –  Intro & Highlights



“Dinner is destiny”
“Lifestyle is the most potent medicine ever conceived”
“Fingers forks and feet” (smoking diet exercise) are the main determinants of whether one will have chronic disease.

See his Diet ID app which diagnoses your diet like an eye doctor you chose the image best matching your diet.
See his “true health initiative” website

Diet doesn’t need to be news everyday. Blue zones eat the same thing year after year.
The single leading cause of premature death is food.
“Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.” said Michael pollen
We are eating more of everything, its no mystery why we are fat.
Paleolithic people ate 100g of fiber a day and walked over ten miles a day.
There is more than one way to eat badly and we Americans are interested in exploiting them all. Just because one terrible fat is bad doesn’t mean a bad but less terrible fat is good.
Be outraged about companies exploiting us by intentionally getting us addicted and diabetic for profits.




Raw Zero-Prep Shopping List




Wheat bread
Potato (microwave)
Lentil soup
Lundeberg rice cakes
Rice (instant – microwave)
Bean – kidney, black, white, pinto, tofu, garbonzo
Ramin noodle?


Wasabi pea
Sunflower seed
Pumpkin seed


Onion red, yellow, green
Swiss chard
Collard green
Bok choy
Beet canned
Green pepper
Red bell pepper
Asperigus (microwave)
Squash (microwave)

VegeBase (instant soup mix flavor)




Red pepper
Black pepper
Peanut butter
Raw but butter
Dijon mustard

Mrs. Dash (no salt added)

Liquid Aminos (soy sauce flavor, less sodium)
Garlic cloves
Plant butter
Vegtable oil spray
Veg broth (cube/powder/can)
Soy sauce (or that other stuff)
Chili powder
Curry powder


Apple dipped in honey (an old Jewish favorite)

Ginger chews
Hard candy
Gum (no aspartame)
Chew on grass
Chew on rubber cord
Berry smoothie
Wasabi peas
Cracker with humice
Herbal tea





Simple Plant Based Dishes



Sections: Salad, Sauce, Stew, Curry, Noodle, Smoothie, Sandwich/Burrito, Desert, Snacks



Israeli Passover salad


Refried beans & onion for chip dip

Avocado tomato & lime for chip dip

Mango salsa

Teriyaki for noodles


Basalmic vinagre and olive oil bread dip

Hummace chip dip





chickpea potatoe coconut curry



ramen salad without ramen, find substitute





Subway all veggies sandwich on 12 Grain wheat bread with a hint of sauces to taste

Whole wheat tortillas

Tortillas made of beans

Tomato wrap

Spinach wrap



Cashew banana vanilla ice cream

Dairy free chocolate (high percentage cacao dark)

Date based ‘caramel’ apple



Lime water: ~ ½ lime squeezed into 1-gallon water

(NO fruit juices: too much added sugar, no fiber, less phytonutrients. Just buy whole fruits. You can squeeze your own juice, but eat all of the fruit you can (everything except some the peels).)



Bag of Kale (sprinkle lime juice for a delightful treat)

Salted Sunflower Seeds (baked?) (in shell, makes it take longer to eat, gives your mouth something to do)

Air popcorn with yeast & flax seed (not flax seed oil)

Chew on a tree branch

Baked chips

Air fried potatoes

Gum – several healthy types, nothing from a typical grocer

Chew on a rubber cord

Popcorn with seasoning, yeast, etc.

Apples dipped in peanut butter or almond butter or molasses or honey





Weight Loss Tips





Mega Weight Loss from Epic Running: I heard of a man who lost over 100 pounds, I think it was 150 pounds, in 3 months by running 5 miles a day and changing his eating. I threw this in here as a hopeful thing to remember when nothing else seems to work. And running 5 miles a day doesn’t even take that much time out of the day.

-Here is an example of what running for 6 months looks like:

-How I Lost 100 lbs Swimming 4x/Week | (Michael Allon)

-1500 cal/day of bad food loses weight slower than 2500/day good food.
-stop eating before 3 hours of inactivity or that will factually turn into fat
-likely get protein in diet not need it after a workout, esp. if such was before close to time of rest.
-the myfitnesspal app makes it easy to count calories

I once had a nutrition professor who suggested fitness for 1 hr/day, and to not eliminate any essential food group, including carbs fats proteins vitamins minerals

Find exercise you enjoy so you’ll actually do it, like dance or a sport.

Slow the metabolism in increase your lifespan. Fast metabolism to eat more without gaining weight is a deal with the Devil.



Gallon of Water Daily




Have you noticed how healthy people carry around a water bottle?

-recommended value is about half a gallon per day, but this is particularly good for those with eating and weight issues. Some experts recommend this for everyone. There is evidence supporting the idea the RDA’s for such things as this or vitamins are terribly too low.

-do it throughout the day; if do it all at once can drown

-you’ll see yourself snacking less and healthier

-you’ll see decreased appetite

-you’ll see weight loss

-you’ll see increased energy

-you’ll feel less groggy


Caution: drinking too much water is unhealthy and can deplete your nutrients.




Calorie Counting


Note: Those who aspire to a whole foods plant-based diet will likely not need to count calories, although having a general awareness of how much you intake is wise, because society today is way off in what’s normal vs what’s healthy. Fortunately, when you’re eating wholesome foods, particularly WFPB (whole food plant based), your body will gain speed in the ability to discern when it is full, so caloric intake won’t be such an issue. In fact, it can become a non-issue. The body is a great self-regulator, and starving yourself leads to binging. Improve the quality more so than the quantity of food.


Dr. Neal Bernard (specializes in WFPB) speaks of “the rule of 10” regarding calories, namely that if you’re eating less than this amount which I’ll show, that you’re starving yourself and will binge later. The rule is as follows: take your ideal body weight, multiply it by 10, and that’s how many calories you NEED BARE MINIMUM per day. Those who intake less than this are shooting themselves in the foot, starving themselves, and they will binge later to compensate.


Some find calorie counting as helpful, especially those not willing to make real dietary changes. For them, here are keys for that system.


-If you have interest in calorie counting, you probably already understand the use and importance of BMI, so we will not cover that here.

-A healthy body must have good sleep, good nutrition, and good exercise. To neglect any of these pillars of health is to deny scientific data about short- and long-term health. Good nutrition deals with both QUALITY and QUANTITY of food. Counting calories is about monitoring QUANTITY. All food has calories. A calorie is an energy unit.

-The key is the write your net calories of the day regardless of how bad you performed. Try to make this day better than yesterday, and this week better than last week. Don’t focus on months, they’re too unreal/removed and can result in giving up for long periods of time until there is a new month, or heaven forbid, a new year!

-Most of us eat too much because we think we need that energy to deal with our duties of the day. But when we learn we don’t need the energy (by seeing that we have reached the daily recommendation), we realize that our issue is mental depletion, not physical depletion. Food is for physical depletion. Other stuff is for mental depletion.

-MyFitnessPal is the free recommended app my nutrition professor recommended for counting calories. It makes it easy. Type what you ate and about how much of it, and it’ll do the rest. It also helps you set a daily goal based on how fast you want to lose (or just not gain) weight. Lastly, you log your weight (I recommend not weighing yourself more than once a week, so you don’t go crazy and micro-manage your diet), and it shows a bar graph of your body weight gains, flatline, or losses. The app also allows you to input what exercise you did so as to update your net caloric intake. Finally one of my favorite features is that after you log your day’s foods and fitness (fitness being optional), it will say “if you eat like this every day for the next 5 weeks, you will weigh “x” pounds!” That to me is very encouraging, picturing the self who is that many pounds. Note: this app is private, so no one will see your weight or your goals.

-the body gets bigger if it receives more energy than it uses. Calorie means energy. Weather you got your calories from meat or carbohydrates etc., whatever energy/calorie isn’t used, will make you bigger & less fit.

-counting calories is the best way to know if you’re eating WAY too much or WAY too little. With how bazar the standard American diet (S.A.D.) is today, you may be very surprised to learn that you don’t need all of what you’re eating. I certainly was! Overeating or overfeeding your kids out of ignorance-based compassion for yourself and them can be eliminated and replaced with effective compassion if we know more perfectly what our bodies do and do not need. Yes you need to have a balanced diet in order to be healthy, but you also need to pay attention to overall input output of energy by looking at your calories.

-You may be surprised to learn that even good foods like salad, beans, vegetables, fruits, etc. have calories. Just because a food isn’t a carbohydrate (carb being the main source of calories) doesn’t mean it doesn’t have calories! Too much of anything, even a good thing, is bad. Like how too much time reading the scriptures can be bad if it takes you away from serving the poor (VERY few people read too much scriptures, I’m just using a dramatic example of how even an extremely good thing can be bad if used too much). There are a few foods that have extremely little calories, and when you need to munch etc., you can learn to turn to these kids of food. Many foods are surprisingly high in calories for how small or innocent they look.

-you don’t have to be perfect in your count. Even getting a general idea is usually enough to help you make needed changes. This doesn’t mean just guess how many calories are in a food, yes you need to calculate it with a reference book or website or phone app, but the reason many get overwhelmed and quit calorie counting is because they are being too strict on how exact their count is.

-Have a goal for how many calories to take a day. 1500/day is the least recommended for average men who want to lose 2 pounds per week. 2000 is a rate where you will lose 1 pound per week. 2500 you will not change; more than 2500 you will gain. For women, it’s about 500 less overall.

-exercising burns calories. Today’s goal – amount eaten – amount burned (via exercise, including steps so wear a step counter) = net calories not used for that day. Try to have this net number be 0. If your goal is 1500, and you eat 2000 and burn 500, your net is 0. Since your daily goal is 1500, this daily 0 means you lost weight. Another way to look at it is to set a goal for 2000 daily (the amount where you don’t lose or gain) and try to be negative at the end of the day. If you’re at 0, no change; at positive, gained; in the negative, you lost weight. Caution: just because you exercise doesn’t mean you can eat more. The only time you can eat more is if your net caloric intake for the day is in the negative. If you are in the positive net caloric intake that day (meaning you will gain weight that day from the excess energy you’ve consumed), do some extra exercise. Now you know that Snickers isn’t just a 10 second mercy, it’s a half hour jog. Not so satisfying now, is it?

-having the motivation to change is so much easier when we know specifically how to change, or in other words, doing a large goal is so much easier if we know what little goals need to happen to make that bigger goal occur. Like the student who waits till last minute on an assignment and does poorly or even fails, so is the person who doesn’t do small goals to get their big goal. Being in the appropriate weight range (BMI) is impossible without small goals/checkpoints.

-One important note is the fundamental concept that if the calories you are eating are healthier, you’ll lose weight faster. One nutritionist said that a person will lose more weight eating 2500 calories per day of healthy foods than someone who eats 1500 per day of unhealthy foods. Don’t think that just because you eat healthy you don’t have to measure (count) energy (calories) intake.

-Beware: you will make excuses about why counting calories isn’t applicable or important to your health. There is a tendency to think that people with healthy bodies are just lucky that they don’t have “x” trial that you do. Most people have health problems, and those with healthy bodies are they who have overcome the common and uncommon barriers to health. My nutrition professor says that she can find ways for just about anyone to exercise, etc., even if they have a bad foot or whatever else if they don’t make excuses. Counting takes some amount of time. If your health is a high priority to you, find the time. Hire a nutritionist for a monthly meeting for a small fee.

-To wrap things up, life isn’t all about how much you weigh. Go have fun, go socialize. If you’re single, go on tons of dates with tons of people. Living to the fullest while not at your best health is a way of expressing that you believe in your ability to improve your health. You’ll lose weight faster if you’re not neglecting your social life than if your plan were to hide in a cave until you were perfect. Being involved in society helps you see how happy and effective people who are being responsible with their bodies. We often think that having a healthy and limited diet means we won’t enjoy life, and seeing healthy people (especially interacting with them) helps us know the reality of the joy of healthy lifestyles. Being depressed is a sign that you don’t think you can change, and leads to reclusively, and your favorite coping mechanism: putting energy (calories) in your body. With prayer to God in the name of Jesus Christ, and little tools to help you understand what’s really going on with your body, you can change! So be faithful, and be educated about your body!





No Keto! The Toxic Fad Diet



-When you have no carbs, ketones are made from attacking fats, ketones are acidic. This is the ‘keto’ diet. The acidity is bad. Adkins diet got a bad name when he died, the new name for it is ‘keto diet’. Lots of heart problems from this. It is not sustainable.


-Much of the weight loss from the Atkins/Keto diet is muscle loss, and you usually gain it back in fat rather than muscle when you start eating carbs again.


-Carbs and starches are key historically, and most major world religions suggest not using much meat if any.


-They looked at autopsies of Koreans and Americans in the Korean war, Americans have a meat heavy diet and were predisposed to atherosclerosis (which leads to heart failure), the Koreans didn’t have any signs of this (see Discovering the Word of Wisdom)


LDL cholesterol will raise which adds plaque to the arteries and inflammation will increase. These will lead to a heart attack and it is not worth the lower blood sugar levels and weight loss. There is no society that has lived long term in a state of ketosis.


The gut microbiome also suffers when we aren’t eating fibrous plants (all plants have fiber, meat does not, dairy hardly has fiber)


You are What You Eat


You are what you eat. Let’s look at animal proteins. In general animal proteins are bad in my opinion because it increases risk of disease, and it’s not really necessary for your body to have, because you’re trying to ingest metabolized food, you’re basically trying to tap into the stores of an animal, which may not necessarily store things the way you need to access them (Fuhrman, J., M.D. (2011). Eat to Live. Little, Brown and Company; namely Ch 4). So some of the nutrients they’ve ingested won’t be accessible to you, and some of what they’ve ingested which you don’t want will be accessible to you. Kidney failure, cancer, liver damage etc. can result from eating animals. One of the ways I like to think of it is by using a forest protein analogy. Plants have protein. Animals and humans wander in a forest seeking protein via the plants. Humans find it easier to kill animals than the garden. Humans decide that if animals eat plants, then eating the animals will bring them what the animal ate, the plants! But in reality, this “middle man” (the animal) is taking its toll, and the delivered product isn’t what it would have been if we had gone to the primary source (the plants) for the protein. Going to the primary source we get all that we were looking for, but using a middle man, lots of unwanted stuff is added into the “contract”, and lots of desired stuff is removed from the contract.



Eliminating Caffeinated Beverages & Other Hot Drinks


-Hot drinks burn the vitamins in the food leading to malnutrition, and burn the lining of the mouth, exposing the mouth to more toxins, increasing the risk of cancer. This is one of the reasons D&C discourages hot drinks.

-high fructose corn syrup it often comes in

-addictive nature

-leaves you burnt out after

-steadily decreases max energy capacity overall

-high amounts bad for heart


-empty calories it comes in

-scriptures warn to not run faster than have strength

-allow nature to be the guide of your natural body

-modifies natural cortisol production

-soda drinkers oft report strokes and quit soda after their stroke (if not dead from stroke)

-tempts you to not exercise and eat a healthy diet

-tempts you to not prioritize, imagining that there is an undefined unlimited amount of time at your disposal because you can supposedly simply override exhaustion indefinitely

-gain weight from bad sugar, hard to get it off, fat cells shrink they never go away

-sodas are man made not God made

-coffee is bad not only because of the caffeine, but many other bad chemicals put in it


I’m for medicinal caffeine use not recreational. We can talk about this because it’s a public health issue (so many can’t go without this drug for their daily routine!) although less important than some others. We all know the stuff is toxic ( look at the pics of spiders making webs on caffeine, etc., no longer artful or cohesive) but pulling all-nighters when you work during the day, with any amount of brain usage during the night, is impossible without it. President Uchtdorf this conference says he used it some when he had to get through some tough classes, seems we have to do this now and then. Granted, we should not eat any junk food including soda, with or without caffeine, both are bad! Utah is one of the most obese places, and people call us hypocrites having our laws of health yet being unhealthy; we are being tested in the little things to see if we will follow the spirit with our conscience, or if we will follow Satan who also whispers to our conscience. We must choose. We certainly don’t need use coffee or non-herbal tea since that takes our temple recommend. Of course it would be silly to be addicted to daily use of the stuff, in whatever form. I can sometimes go with 5 hours sleep average without the stuff, but when you get below that is when things get really rough. Of course if you’re averaging less than 5 hours sleep in general you should probably rethink your routine rather than take up caffeine. And of course like any other drug you’ll develop a tolerance to it over time needing more and more. In short, a lifestyle chronically sleep deprived isn’t sustainable even with caffeine, so you may as well not use the stuff on a regular basis, and only on cases of extreme and rare need. All of this said however does NOT excuse the use of substances specifically outlawed in The Word of Wisdom, namely coffee and non-herbal teas. We must obey The Word of Wisdom to have a temple recommend, don’t play around with that stuff. We don’t know all the reasons why those things have specifically been forbidden while other perhaps similar substances have not. The outlawing of said items does suggest the extreme care and awareness we must use if we choose to use caffeinated products as a medicinal aid for rare occasions. We fear God, and obey his laws. The world doesn’t understand us, it never has. We are the people of Zion, serving God with all our hearts, mights, minds, and souls. We don’t have answers to all of our questions, but we have enough answers to know that we must obey God. We are committed to being his “peculiar” people.






Animal Rights Quotes: Brigham Young, Hugh Nibley, etc.



Though we do not worship animals nor equate them the same status as mankind, they do have rights and are loved of God. They are not the children of God as humans are, but they are beloved nonetheless.


The Joseph Smith Translation of Genesis speaks of man being required to give an accounting for how they treated animals.

Scriptures speak of the lion & the lamb lying down together, and a future day when there will be no death, including no death of animals.

2 Nephi 2 says that before the fall of Adam, there was no death, including no death among animals.


Animals have intelligence and rights -Brigham Young


Only for their ignorance of what they do are men not punished for harm they do to other creatures of God’s creation. -Brigham Young


Animals fear covenant keeping humans. -Hugh Nibley

(they are in the image of their creator)


Every tree is a living soul. -Nibley


Animals will appear at God’s judgement bar to accuse those who’ve wronged them. -Nibley


Zion means beauty. -Nibley


Why God weeps over this earth in the book of Enoch? For all his earths are interconnected. -Nibley


Prophets see Jesus and Lucifer in personal interviews. -Nibley






Doctor Craft – Prophetic Warnings



We use doctors in the Church and believe in using faith and medicine as Elder Nelson and Elder Oaks and Elder Holland have recently taught. This is to supplement your understanding, so you are aware that there are conspiring men in this field, and not to always trust them 100% on everything as seems to be the current trend.


Many selections here found from a larger text: has a larger article addressing 4 crafts (doctorcraft, lawyercraft, priestcraft, kingcraft), though here I’ve selected some favorite quotes on doctorcraft.



-“When God spoke from heaven to Joseph Smith, the people were bound down by priestcraft, doctorcraft, kingcraft, and lawyercraft, the four grand crafts that uphold Satan’s kingdom.”(Brigham Young Deseret News, July 12, 1863)

-“The devil has sent his emissaries among us, some of whom come in the form of lawyers, doctors and ministers, and others as saloon keepers and gamblers, and [10] as “gentlemen” whose politeness and affability are peculiarly striking. Their special mission seems to be directed to the young of both sexes, to decoy and lead them astray. (Brigham Young JD 18:233)

-“Then you may take the class called merchants, also the doctors, the priests in the various sects, the lawyers, and every person engaged in any branch of business throughout the world, and, as a general thing, they are all taught from their childhood to be more or less dishonest.” (Brigham Young JD 6:72)

-“Some of the company thought I was not a very meek Prophet; so I told them: “I am meek and lowly in heart,” and will personify Jesus for a moment, to illustrate the principle, and cried out with a loud voice, “Woe unto you, ye doctors; woe unto you, ye lawyers; woe unto you, ye scribes, Pharisees, and hypocrites!” etc. But you cannot find the place where I ever went that I found fault with their food, their [11] drink, their house, their lodgings; no, never; and this is what is meant by the meekness and lowliness of Jesus.” (Joseph Smith DHC 5:218)

-“As to the doctors who are in our midst, who are our enemies, I say let them alone, for I have no doubt but that three to one who have died in this place had a doctor. * * * Do [20] cease to employ doctors, lawyers, and merchants who will empty your purses. * * * As to the doctors, let them go. I can prove that a doctor in this place doctored a woman that was in the family way, and did not know it until she was delivered, and both woman and child died, and if you will employ them, you will all die.” (Joseph Smith DHC 7:258-259)

-” All ye doctors who are fools, not well read, and do not understand the human constitution, stop your practice. And all ye lawyers who have no business, only as you hatch it up, would to God you would go to work or run away!” (Joseph Smith DHC 6:59)

-“Another thing: I want to speak about the lawyers of this city. I have good feelings towards them; nevertheless I will reprove the lawyers and doctors anyhow. Jesus did, and every prophet has; and if I am a prophet, I shall do it: at any rate, I shall do it, for I profess to be a prophet.” (Joseph Smith DHC 6:238)

-“I am happy to say I have never been under the necessity of calling a doctor to my family for forty years. I have had them in my family, but not from necessity. I like them when they are gentlemen; when they are wise and full of intelligence, I am very fond of them; but I do not ask them to doctor my family in any case; and there are no circumstances under which I think them necessary except in case of a broken bone, or where skillful mechanical or surgical aid is necessary. But to call a doctor to my family to administer physic to them, I am not under the necessity of doing it. Is this so? Yes, it is; and if the experiment could be tried, independent of the Gospel and of faith, in any community, I care not where, nor for what length [21] of time, of having any number of persons, with regularly qualified physicians to attend them; and the same number without such physicians, but who will doctor themselves according to nature and their own judgments, among that portion without doctors, there would be less sickness and fewer deaths than among those who had their doctors. The experience of the Latter-day Saints in Utah confirms this. (Brigham Young JD 13:142)

-“Would you want doctors? Yes, to set bones. We should want a good surgeon for that, or to cut off a limb. But do you want doctors? For not much of anything else, let me tell you, only the traditions of the people lead them to think so; and here is a growing evil in our midst. It will be so in a little time that not a woman in all Israel will dare to have a baby unless she can have a doctor by her. * * *

Now the cry is, “Send for a doctor.” If you have a pain in the head, “Send for a doctor;” if your heel aches, “I want a doctor;” “my back aches, and I want a doctor.” The study and practice of anatomy and surgery are very good; they are mechanical, and are frequently needed. Do you not think it is necessary to give medicine sometimes? Yes, but I would rather have a wife of mine that knows what medicine to give me when I am sick, than all the professional doctors in the world. (Brigham Young JD 15:225)

-“When he [Jedediah Grant] was here, the devils had power over his flesh, he warred with them and fought them, and said that they were around him by millions, and he fought them until he overcame them. So it is with you and I. You never felt a pain and ache, or felt disagreeable, or uncomfortable in your bodies and minds, but what an evil spirit was present causing it. Do you realize that the [22] ague, the fever, the chills, the severe pain in the head, the pleurisy, or any pain in the system, from the crown of the head to the soles of the feet, is put there by the devil? You do not realize this, do you?

I say but little about this matter, because I do not want you to realize it. When you have the rheumatism, do you realize that the devil put that upon you? No, but you say, “I got wet, caught cold, and thereby got the rheumatism.” The spirits that afflict us and plant disease in our bodies, pain in the system, and finally death, have control over us so far as the flesh is concerned. But when the spirit is unlocked from the body, it is free from the power of death and Satan; and when that body comes up again, it also, with the spirit, will gain the victory over death, hell, and the grave. (Brigham Young JD 4:133)

-“As an individual, I am free to acknowledge that I should much prefer to die a natural death, to being helped out of the world by the most “intelligent graduate,” new or old school, that ever scientifically flourished the wand of Esculapius, or any of his followers.” (Brigham Young Mill. Star 14:215)

-“The doctors in this region [Nauvoo] don’t know much; and the lawyers, when I speak about them, begin to say, “We will denounce you on the stand.” But they don’t come up; and I take the liberty to say what I have a mind to about them. Doctors won’t tell you where to go to be well; they want to kill or cure you, to get your money.” (Joseph Smith DHC 5:357)

-” I want to say to all who profess to be saints, do not harbor blacklegs, counterfeiters and bogus-makers, wipe them away; it is time to carry out the design of our Prophet; do [24] cease to employ doctors, lawyers, and merchants who will empty your purses and then mob you.” (Brigham Young DHC 7:259)

-“But the great majority of men who have amassed great wealth have done it at the expense of their fellows, on the principle that the doctors, the lawyers and the merchants acquire theirs. Such men are impositions on the community, and they ought to be taken and put to some honorable labor such as raising potatoes, raising grain, cattle and sheep, and performing other useful and necessary labors for the good of mankind. Amen.” (Brigham Young JD 19:98)

-“Doctors and their medicines I regard as a deadly bane to any community. Give your children, when sick, a little simple herb drink; and if they have eaten too much, let them go without food until their stomachs are cleansed and purified, and have faith in the name of Jesus and in the ordinances of his Church, and they will live. That is my faith with regard to this thing. I am not very partial to doctors and lawyers. I can see no use for them unless it is to raise grain or go to mechanical work.” (Brigham Young JD 14:108)

-“I can see the faces of this congregation, but I do not see two alike; and if I could look into your nervous systems and behold the operations of disease, from the crowns of your heads to the soles of your feet, I should behold the same difference that I see in your physiognomy-there would be no two precisely alike. Doctors make experiments, and if they find a medicine that will have the desired effect on one person, they set it down that it is good for everybody, but it is not so, for upon the second person that medicine is administered to, seemingly with the same disease, it might produce death. If you do not know this, you have not had the experience that I have.” (Brigham Young JD 15:226-227)

-“Who is the real doctor? That man who knows by the spirit of revelation what ails an individual and by the same spirit knows what medicine to administer. That is the real doctor, the others are quacks.” (Brigham Young, JD 15:226)

-“save the sick like a good physician, and not kill them by dosing down the medicine as do some of our doctors.” (Brigham Young, JD 9:125, 17 Feb. 1861)

-“You may go to some people here, and ask what ails them, and they answer, “I don’t know, but we feel a dreadful distress in the stomach and in the back; we feel all out of order, and we wish you to lay hands upon us.” “Have you used any remedies?” “No. We wish the Elders to lay hands upon us, and we have faith that we shall be healed.” That is very inconsistent according to my faith. If we are sick, and ask the Lord to heal us, and to do all for us that is necessary to be done, according to my understanding of the Gospel of salvation, I might as well ask the Lord to cause my wheat and corn to grow, without my plowing the ground and casting in the seed. It appears consistent to me to apply every remedy that comes within the range of my knowledge, and to ask my Father in heaven, in the name of Jesus Christ, to sanctify that application to the healing of my body” 21

-“If the people want to eat calomel,” he said, “let them do it and be damned. But don’t feed it to any of my family. If any doctor does and I know it I would kill him as quick as I would for feeding arsenic.” (Notes of Brigham Young’s medical lecture to the Board of Health in Great Salt Lake City, December 1851, Wilford Woodruff’s journal.)

-“”I will give $5000 dollars,” he said, “for the 16 part of an oz of poison that can be extracted out of all the lobelia in this valley.” (Brigham Young, Sermon, 16 June 1861, typescript, Church Archives, p.3)

-“But there is constitutions, and situations in life, wherein you may administer calomel to persons, and it will do them good when nothing else will. But is it good in every case? No. Not one in fifty thousand, but we will reduce that and say one to five thousand. It will produce death in five thousand where it will do good only to one person.” (Brigham Young, Sermon, 16 June 1861 p.3)

-Speaking of physicians “A worse set of ignoramuses do not walk the earth.” (Notes of Brigham Young’s medical lecture to the Board of Health in Great Salt Lake City, December 1851, Wilford Woodruff’s journal.)

-“I suppose there are physicians here laughing in their sleeves and thinking what a pity it is that brother Brigham was not a studied physician. A studied fool you mean—a learned fool. When you come to the real knowledge I know more than ye all and do not brag one particle. I could put all the real knowledge they possess in nut shell and put it in my vest pocket, and then I would have to hunt for it to find it.” (Brigham Young Sermon, Bowery, 16 Jan. 1861, pp. 7-8)

–If the Saints were to fully cultivate the gift of healing, “every doctor might be removed from our midst.” (Brigham Young JD 14:108, 8 Aug. 1869)

–“at Salt Lake they had no sickness till the doctors came. Then they, being too lazy to delve and hoe like others, made people ill, in order to get a living by doctoring them!” (Brigham Young; Harper’s Weekly, v. 13, 2 Oct. 1869)

-The doctors in this region don’t know much . . . and I take the liberty to say what I have a mind to about them. They won’t tell you where to go to be well; they want to kill or cure you to get your money. Calomel doctors will give you calomel to cure a sliver in your big toe, and they do not stop to know whether the stomach is empty or not; and calomel on an empty stomach will kill a patient. . . .” (Joseph Smith; Journal History, 13 April 1843)

-““People will seldom die of disease,” he explained, “provided we know it seasonably, and treat it mildly, patiently and perseveringly, and do not use harsh means.” ( Joseph Smith; Journal History, 19 April 1843)

-Speaking of the selfishness of one local doctor, Brigham Young said, “did not have quite sympathy enough to buy them a chicken or give them a shilling, though he was worth some four or five hundred thousand dollars.” (Watson, p. 53)

–George W. Hickman a doctor was told by Brigham Young “not to practice medicine because he [Young] wanted to teach the people faith and dependence upon God. . . . This was a stunning blow to a young man who had spent years in preparation for a profession suddenly to have his staff knocked from under him.” (From the journal of Josephine Hickman Finlayson, his daughter, in “Pioneer Medicines,” Heart Throbs of the West, 12 vols. (SLC; Daughter of the Utah Pioneers, 1939-1950, 7:210-11)

-“As to supporting a family by medical practice, we have physicians who find considerable employment, yet it is no uncommon thing to see them at work in the canyons getting out wood, plowing, sowing, or harvesting their crops, which, I think betokens a healthy state.” Brigham Young

-We want sister physicians that can officiate in any capacity that the gentlemen are called upon to officiate and unless they educate them- selves the gentlemen that are flocking in our midst will do it.” ( Eliza R Snow SLC (General or Cooperative) Retrenchment Association minutes, 1871-75, 13 Sept. 1873, LDS Church Archives)

-“Learn to take proper care of your children. If any of them are sick the cry now, instead of “Go and fetch the Elders to lay hands on my child!” is, “Run for a doctor.” Why do you not live so as to rebuke disease? It is your privilege to do so without sending for the Elders. You should go to work to study and see what you can do for the recovery of your children.” (Brigham Young JD 13:155, 14 Nov. 1869)

–“know their own systems, understand the diseases of their country, under- stand medicine and they ought to know enough to treat themselves and their neighbors in that way that they will live as long as it is possible for them to live.” (Brigham Young; Sermon, Bowery, 16 Jan. 1861, pp.3-4)



The Science and Skepticism Behind the Vaccine War – Documentary Highlights


by PBS & Frontline Journalism

-small pox, polio, diphtheria, etc. are gone from vaccines

-many parents don’t want autism risks from vaccines, they would rather have measles.


-within 6 years a child gets 36 inoculations

-they prevent 16 diseases by vaccines

-Heb B vaccine is an STD, and some say they don’t want such in a baby

-babies today get 4x the vaccines than in the 70’s

-there are reasons we get sick, getting sick is not a bad thing.

-some children don’t want to get sick from those without the vaccines

-National Vaccine Information Center is a current establishment

-Generation Rescue is a group by JB Handley currently on tens of thousands of cases of MMR triple shot and others becoming disabled, in ways like not looking at their parents after such, or never speaking again after such, etc.

-autism is a brain damage disease, we give more vaccines today, and this illness is increasing, the correlation is drawn.

-some say that children who get vaccines then autism is merely because that is the age autism generally develops

-mercury, ether, aluminum, formaldehyde, phosphate buffers, formalin, yeast protein, soy protein, bovine protein, thimerosal (mercury based), these are some of the ingredients of the vaccines.

-Robert Kennedy Jr. is one loud speaker against these.

-mercury is known to be a neurotoxicant, but not related to autism necessarily

-many studies in several nations show no link between MMR and autism

-thimerosal has mercury studies show no link with it and autism

-yet many cases show children go in to get vaccines, and leave regressing.

-some say 100,000’s of thousands are negatively affected from vaccines

-some say that the internet causes myths to not die which should die, others say the internet is showing more truth and allowing people to challenge the medical establishment.

-some say vaccines are private not public; that it’s like not taking a drug; but they there is the question of herd immunity. It’s said that the large drop in herd immunity is where the real issues come out.

-scientists say herd immunity matters like a wall around a community

-they say they still vaccinate against polio because some people with it are still alive. However they stopped giving smallpox vaccines because that is totally gone.

-some say people are taking control of their own health and don’t want to rely on a doctor. Physicians must get over the idea that they aren’t going to be obeyed all the time.


Vaccines by Jack Stockwell – Lecture Highlights

From a lecture at These notes are shared with permission of Brian Mecham of See other LDC lectures in the government writings.


-we need calcium in its raw form not in milk, but in plants or from something that ate a plant.

-health food stores have nothing to offer, they make you be vitamin deficient

-he never gave his sons a vaccine, never a shot in his life, for 17 years he remembers only 3 days when he was sick. He is also quite all, taller than his dad, and a basketball player.

-this man is 65 but doesn’t look it

-the FDA buys out the things that work in the health food stores because they don’t want you to be exempt from needing to take their drugs.

-vitamin f isn’t in health food stores because it works; it’s only to be found in a Dr.’s office

-vaccines do the opposite of what needs to happen with our bodies

-there is no long-term research proving that vaccines work

-many of those Dr’s who push the vaccines have stock invested in them, owning patents on them.

-get raw whole milk; it’s sold at a place called Real Foods in Orem, St. George, and a few other places.

-eat fatty deep-sea fish

-email him at

-free audio from Jack at

-mercury is in the vaccines very bad

-acid issues are from not having enough acid

-babies don’t develop anti-bodies until 12 months old (hence they don’t need vaccinations). An epidemiologist said they get moms to bring in babies to train them to bring them in for vaccines.

-they won’t do long term studies on vaccines for they have so much money invested in them.

-vaccines is a way they want to help the “overpopulation problem” in the world Bill Gates says.

-you must take thyroxin if you have no thyroid

-anti oxidants are an utter and total scam (not sure what he means by this)









Cherokee Herbal & The Modern Witch Hunt for Naturopathic Medicine






The way the Cherokee obtained and maintained their knowledge about health has become most fascinating to me. Our processes today are limited to empirical process, but the Cherokee remind us that there is more than one way to skin a cat.

The People of the Cherokee Share Wisdom of Health

The Cherokee people traditionally are very skeptical of what we call traditional or mainstream medicine. They feel like it is too governed by the government who has wronged them. The Cherokee nation wasn’t quite obliterated, but during the Trail of Tears it took a large blow when the government promised them things that it never gave them. While we want the Cherokee to be blessed by modern advances in medicine, we cannot neglect what they bring to the table of healthcare. The teenagers who are more integrated into western society don’t hold the belief of the medicine man. The medicine man replaces the modern physician. There are usually no medicine women. The medicine man carries a bag of a few specific herbs which he uses time and again on his patients.

Cherokee Health and The Family

Cherokee are very family oriented; they stay together with their families, and do ceremonies together, like tobacco ceremonies as a healing process. When the medicine man is sick, a close family member performs the ceremony. They give tobacco to the four winds and are return rewarded with power in the herb to heal. This offering is their giving to the earth because the earth gives to you. This offering also helps strengthen the plant, so that the plant can be strong to give more in the future. Cherokee tobacco is from various herbs, unlike the way we see it commonly today. Mullein or Lobelia was often included in their tobacco mix, these are strong anti-asthmatic, but Lobelia is in part like nicotine.

In a “spirit circle”, there can be about 40 people, and rocks to contribute to their circles of ceremony. These rocks are called medicine wheels; they have holes for north south east and west, wherein certain herbs fall.

The Shaman is a character among the Cherokee who represents man reaching back and forth between life and death, or what lies beyond. Death is not to be feared among the Cherokee. You make peace with death when death comes into you. They seek healing, but when it is time to die, they die well. They believe the Shaman can intercede by special balancing acts. Standing on knives or atop a roof dancing or some other extreme level of balance to not be injured shows that they intercede in the world of the secular and the world of Gaia, or the world of the living and the world of the dead. The Shaman show themselves to have access to a modern culture and a healing culture at the same time by these displays.

The plants which Gaia shared were companions, not servants. Garrett instructs, “Early use of plants evolved into listening to the stories told by many of the elders. They emphasized the values of plants as helpers, not as medicinal remedies for specific conditions of illness.” (Garrett, 2003, p. 26). To be a healer, you need to have had a vision, which can be from one of the plant spirits. These usually come in the form of Bear or Coyote or the plants appearing to you in the form of a person. These visions can happen in dreams. Angelica root would appear to you in the form of a beautiful young lady, and Burdock would appear in the form of a bear. The spirit plant guides taught the Cherokee of how to make use of their gifts, “Medicine was learned from the plant helpers for treating cuts, the stings and bites of insects, and for treating the upset stomachs of children and full bellies of the adults.” (Garrett, 2003, p. 21)

The ties Cherokee have with family and near community assist them in obtaining healthy lifestyles and healing independent of professionals in western medicine. This can be a weakness, but it can also be a strength in leu of the shortage in healthcare professionals today.


Cherokee Find Their Diet and Other Help from Gaia


The worship of Gaia (mother earth) brings with it a great respect for earth. Pagans were traditionally an earth centered religion also, referring to the mother earth and father sky, wherein one pays homage to the ground for producing the things to sustain you. They like the Cherokee held that when one treats the earth with respect, it treats you with respect back. This idea is being forgotten in modern society. The Cherokee diet is from the earth and isn’t processed like our food is today, and adherence to their diet would doubtless make many cancers and diabetic terrors a thing of the past.

The Cherokee speak to the plants, meditating with the plant, rather than assuming a license to pick any plant they wish, they would make a sort of arrangement with the plant to create a mutual relationship. Various songs and chants were sung to the plants to win their favor and further the negotiation process. Some plants may feel that they don’t want to be used at that time because they are currently unhealthy or have been recently abused by humans. They believe the earth can literally cry, and that when wasted, an area of earth can’t produce the desired beneficial life. Now we know from modern scientific measurements that, just as the Cherokee have long taught, when nutrients are taken out of soil, it is very hard to get that land to reproduce. That nature was the core of Cherokee medicine we see from Garrett’s work on Cherokee health, “The story of Cherokee Medicine begins with nature, ends with man, and begins again with nature.” (Garrett, 2003, p. 21)

The doctrine is signatures is practiced by the Cherokee. This means the plants will represent themselves similar to the animals. This is how humans first learned to associate plants with helpful uses for the human body (Bennett, 2007). The bear medicines are brown and fuzzy, like the bear. The bear medicines are considered most helpful to human conditions since the bear seems to be the animal most like the human, in that they use the hands to dig up roots, etc. The walnut is good for the heart because it looks like a heart. Angelica root looks like a uterus and is good for the uterus. It’s surprising how often these similarities pan out.  Bennett suggests that though little scientific proof is available to support the doctrine of signatures, it is still at least a very effective teaching method (Bennett, 2007).

Cherokee have found ways to sustain life from the land without resorting to processed foods. I’m sure they had to work for this sustenance, and perhaps even that work is part of their key to health. Health didn’t come cheap for the Cherokee, but when it came, it was abundant.


Our Persistence Intolerance of Naturopathic Medicine


We have a recent case in the US of the DCFS taking kids from parents who didn’t think chemotherapy and radiation was the best option. At first glance we might say “yes the state protected the children from death.” But this is upsetting as it ignores alternate treatments which the very knowledgeable naturopathic parents were going to perform.  Medical schools used to allow herbal and naturopathic studies. The Flexner report in the 20th century claimed that homeopathic schools were promoting dangerous graduates who did not understand medicine. This led to 25 large schools of natural medicine being shut down and lawsuits against many natural health practitioners. The Fitzgerald report in the appendix to the congressional record written by the chief investigator to interstate commerce showed that money from pharmaceutical companies was being put into shutting down natural clinics, hospitals, and laboratories which didn’t conform to standard pharmacology practices of the time. Pharmaceutical companies are known for trying to silence herbal remedy inventors like Harry Hoxsey. The American Medical Association lost a case called Wilk VS AMA in 1990 for having been identified as financing propaganda to shut down competitors in the naturopathic field.




The Cherokee could go for a walk and tell you what each plant is and what it does. I think most modern physicians could not do this. The Cherokee treated plants as a teammate, an ally, whereas today we treat plants as something that gets in the way of more serious matters.

The white people came to the Cherokee and the Cherokee told them of their medicinal ways, and the white’s called it kooky and threw it all away. If only we had at least tried to understand why they had the long-standing traditions which they had and had a more open mind to trying foreign things which had been helpful to other nations.

We would do well to not repeat the mistakes of our fathers and treat Cherokee patients with respect and reverence for their long-standing traditions in medicine even though many of them are not familiar to the modern civilized world. We must seek to accommodate their Cherokee patients in their desires to practice medicine in the way that their fathers have taught them to be correct.  We can listen to the Cherokee and take their clues and put them to the test in our labs, and I think that we will happily find that the correlations they have given us will prove to be a great advancement in modern medicine.

I echo the sentiment of Cherokee researcher JT Garrett, “My vision is that we will learn to respect Mother Earth more each day and come to know how we can be a protector for the resources that our ancestors have called “the Medicine Way.”” (Garrett, 2003, p. 17)




Garrett, J. (2003). Cherokee Herbal. Bear & Company.

Bennett, B. C. (2007). Doctrine of Signatures: An Explanation of Medicinal Plant Discovery or

Dissemination of Knowledge? [Abstract]. Economic Botany,61(3), 246-255.    D




Appendix: Additional Information on the history of naturopathic schools in the US:


Medical schools used to allow herbal and naturopathic studies.


Wilk VS AMA (American Medical Association) in 1990 is a case where propaganda was used to try and eliminate chiropractic’s etc. and the court ruled against AMA ( .


Harry Hoxsey found a natural cure for cancer, the AMA wanted to buy it from him but they didn’t plan to sell it to the public, so he wouldn’t sell, shortly thereafter he was jailed.


The Flexner report which was funded by Carnegie and Rockefeller claimed that homeopathic schools were promoting dangerous graduates who did not understand medicine. This lead to 25 large schools of natural medicine  being shut down and lawsuits against many natural health practitioners.

“Homeopathy and natural medicines were derided; some doctors were jailed.”

“to adhere strictly to the protocols of mainstream science

“published in 1910 under the aegis of the Carnegie Foundation. Many aspects of the present-day American medical profession stem from the Flexner Report and its aftermath.”

“Many American medical schools fell short of the standard advocated in the Flexner Report and, subsequent to its publication, nearly half of such schools merged or were closed outright. Colleges in electrotherapy were closed.”

“The Report also concluded that there were too many medical schools in the United States, and that too many doctors were being trained.”

“To help with the transition and change the minds of other doctors and scientists, Rockefeller gave more than $100 million to colleges, hospitals and founded a philanthropic front group called “General Education Board” (GEB)”

“In a very short time, medical colleges were all streamlined and homogenized (all the students were learning the same thing)”

“No medical school can be created without the permission of the state government. Likewise, the size of existing medical schools is subject to state regulation”

“When Flexner researched his report, “modern” medicine faced vigorous competition from several quarters, including osteopathic medicine, chiropractic medicine, electrotherapy, eclectic medicinenaturopathy and homeopathy.[16] Flexner clearly doubted the scientific validity of all forms of medicine other than that based on scientific research, deeming any approach to medicine that did not advocate the use of treatments such as vaccines to prevent and cure illness as tantamount to quackery and charlatanism. Medical schools that offered training in various disciplines including electromagnetic field therapy, phototherapy, eclectic medicine, physiomedicalism, naturopathy, and homeopathy, were told either to drop these courses from their curriculum or lose their accreditation and underwriting support. A few schools resisted for a time, but eventually all either complied with the Report or shut their doors.[17]


The Fitzgerald report in the appendix to the congressional record written by the chief investigator to interstate commerce showed that money from pharmaceutical companies was being put into shutting down natural clinics, hospitals, and laboratories which didn’t conform to standard pharmacology practices of the time.





Inflammation Tips


Sugar causes the joints to ache and swell.


Dairy is known for causing inflammation as well.


Use Turmeric, ginger, garlic blackened pepper…


makes sure to be getting enough healthy fats from nuts and seeds,


fruits esp berries, greens, starches, & nutritional yeast.




Thyroid & Hashimoto Disease




Check your resting temperatures to see if they are regularly low first thing in the morning, which can indicate hypothyroid even when doctors wont diagnose it.

If you don’t address hormone needs, diet and exercise won’t lose weight.

Hashimotos disease may be part of your thyroid issue, it often is. If this is the case, you would need a different dietary regimen. Run a TPA test to rule out Hashimotos.

TPA is thyroid producing antibodies, this test tells the level of antibodies in the thyroid, which tells amount of inflammation in the thyroid. If inflamed, you most likely have Hashimotos which is an inflammatory disorder.

If you have Hashimotos, you’ll need to make some large changes in the diet like cutting out gluten.


Many have reported remarkable benefits to thyroid issues when implementing a whole foods plant based (WFPB) diet.




Some of the symptoms include agitation darker eyes difficulty losing excess weight

Doctors often hesitate to diagnose people with this one way to tell is take your basal temperature first thing in the mornings see if you’re sitting low

Hypothyroid can be treated using Ashwaganda and probiotics which we already have. Ashwaganda is a good adaptogen so even if it’s not hypothyroid we are treating it will help your chronic stress too. Probiotics are just good for you overall. Also make sure you are taking B12.

herbs aren’t magic. It’s a slow heal. You will also want to stay away from refined sugar while taking it because they use the same receptors in your body.

Speaking of nutrition adding more carrots, spinach, nuts, beans, avocados can help you. Healthy fats and proteins and Vitamin A

We can add curcumin too but I would add one herb at a time so you know what’s doing what.






Healthcare in the Free Market


Why are hospitals and procedures expensive? Why do we need medical insurance? It boils down to one and only one factor: government overreach. Why? Because government requires a license to do just about anything.

If no license were required to execute various medical procedures, we would have practitioners who could offer basic services at very discounted prices.

An example is laser eye surgery. This procedure somehow was able to hit the market, and is a very low price now, such as $1000. Typically this procedure would be upwards of $50,000 in a typical hospital setting.

Very basic procedures are billed for a very high price. Why? Because someone with a license did it.

Then everyone jumps on the bandwagon. Everyone and their dog starts charging through the roof prices. The famous box of tissues in the hospital room is billed at a far surpassing price than the same box bought in the store.

If you need a highly technical procedure done, sure, get someone more expensive. But most healthcare services don’t need to be so high priced. Anyone could train to effectively administer those services with some basic in-house training.

This leads to another issue: the medical establishment schools. Sure, some experts should know the ins and outs of every aspect of biochemistry pathophysiology and pharmacology. But most training could be on the job.

Hospitals and healthcare should be privatized by deregulating the healthcare industry. Hospitals can be privately rated, and people can chose for themselves which level of risk they take on their care. It’s the same for auto mechanics: not all mechanics are equally expert, and word gets around of who is the best. Sure, sue them if they falsely represent themselves or lie. But there should be an option available for those who want discounted services and are willing to take a chance on it. Isn’t driving a car dangerous? Are you going to trust the word of your mechanic that your ultra-fast machine is going to hold up? That’s up to you, and so should your healthcare choices be.

I once saw a hospital elevator which said something to the effect of it having approval from the government. What?! They can’t trust us to build our own elevators?

The issue is agency and inherent risk. Its ok for people to die sometimes. Shocker! The corrupt will eventually come to light and be punished, but the human race can only thrive on freedom. Any good economist will tell you there is a dollar amount each human life is worth – in other words, there comes a point where we can’t keep dumping money into every little aspect of life to make sure it’s 300% safe and sound. At some point you’ve got to get out there and take some risk! If you feel the risk is too great, seek an alternative. But don’t legislate for laws that push everyone into your paranoid corner of uber-safety. “Not one shall be lost” is not the Lord’s way. The Lord’s way is to allow us to freely interact. Yes, some innocent will suffer, but it is the only way to greatness.

Imagine a society with wondrously cheap and effective healthcare. That is not our current society, it is a utopia. It is the eventual outcome of a free-market healthcare system.


Candy Vendors a Form of Priestcraft


Making things to replace gods creation,  to get gain . They have no authority to say such creations are food worthy of the temple of man.

In the broad sense, anyone who sells something which tends toward the debase nature of man is a form of priestcraft. Anything unhealthy or unbecoming of the dignity of the human family.



On Offending Others by Your Diet

Fuhrman says you’d have to tie him down and force feed him those things. He knows so much, he knows its insane to eat them.

Know that life is better for everyone when we do whats right, even when it hurts

GASmith would bring jar of wheat and eat that not what members offered.

The more you know, the easier it is to say no.

Some food you just don’t eat.  Like cardboard it’s not food, it doesn’t help the body.

You can say your health doesnt allow it, for no one’s health really does.

When you really know what isn’t ok to put in your temple, it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks.









Instant Insanity Drugs



Meth the Permanent Brain Frier, Marijuana The Gateway, & Insights from Cleon Skousen 


The most shocking thing I learned while working at the at the Utah State Hospital in Provo (a mental hospital) was that most people are there not for natural mental illness, but as a result of drug abuse! Think of that: your entire life and freedom, gone for the whims of a few temporary thrills! They get fried from meth and are permanently mentally disabled. The head psychiatrist at this hospital says that when people have schizophrenia from natural means, we can use drugs to treat much of that; but when someone has it as a result of drug use, there is little that can be done even with drugs, because there is no brain to work with; the brain is fried.

The other interesting thing is that the common thread among these patients is that marijuana was the gateway drug that got them into the harder stuff.

Marijuana is so bad and the gateway drug for this reason: it introduces the concept of getting something for nothing. The idea that you can experience pleasure without working for it, without a moral character. Then the mind is lead to think “that was the easiest fun I’ve ever had. I will go and find more easy fun.” Then all values fall away. Everything that used to be the framework for happiness drowns in the background of their new-found hypnosis. They spend their time swimming in the deception that their life is of value because they are experiencing pleasure, all the while they have reduced themselves to a corpse plugged into the matrix, vegetating day by day, approaching their death without ever having really lived.

The marijuana users find themselves saying “here is the life! why was I wasting time on that other garbage like work, ethics, social skills, honesty, industry, patience and faith? Everything I need is RIGHT HERE.” So they throw in the towel and disbelieve everything any authority figure or positive role model has told them, and they deliver themselves up to the wolves. Then when they think the meal is about to be served in this their new pack/tribe, they find out they ARE the meal. Of course then it’s too late.

For a book on how marijuana itself, not even meth, can cause mental illness and violence, read “Tell Your Children: The truth about marijuana, mental illness, and violence” by Alex Berenson.

Here are some highlights from a lecture by W. Cleon Skousen titled “Instant Insanity Drugs”:

(revisit to specify which substances referred to in each part of the lecture)

  • One user boasted of not having ill effects from taking it and slashed out the eyes of her son
  • One boy used it then found himself in jail and asked what have I done raped someone? He had killed his mother.
  • Some young users ran into a home killing a baby
  • One boy saw himself become a monster and his family become monsters, he screams and jumped a window falling 13 stories and dying
  • 1/20 of first-time users have terrible nightmare experiences, but one never knows when it could happen in their continued use.
  • Many go to mental institutions for prolonged time for using it.
  • Even 2 years after using the drug reports have been received of the user being in hallucinations and depression.
  • University labs have distributed it.
  • A potent dose of it is colorless tasteless and odorless and is microscopic.
  • In one ounce there are 280,000 doses.
  • One ounce would be worth about 1,400,000$.
  • Sometimes it’s kept in bottles named mouth wash, or in solid forms, or in sugar cubes, chewing gum, or gum flaps of envelopes, or in a cigarette holding 50,000 dollars’ worth.
  • International Liberation for Internal Freedom was a formal cultist group lead by college professors organizing people in acid usage.
  • “The League of Spiritual Discovery” was a religion made by a Dr. to allow him to use these drugs he made this religion.
  • LSD takes away the personality of a person, turning them into a mental vegetable with no desire to set goals and struggle.
  • An ounce of LSD could cause 300,000 people to be mentally disoriented, hence it’s considered a lethal war weapon.
  • “The Beyond Within” speaks of an LSD attack to a city and its effects; in 1/2 a day another city could take them over easily.
  • 60% of users who have a “bad trip” have to be committed to metal hospitals.
  • LSD can affect the chromosomes of the user, effecting the offspring of the user.
  • LSD causes users to feel like they should not exist, and to start to use heroin etc.
  • Heroin users often get to the point where 75$ a day are required to feed the addiction
  • Heroin users when don’t have their drug the body violently reacts.
  • Marijuana is classified as a sedative
  • Marijuana brings sexual promiscuity
  • Marijuana causes brazen disregard of other people
  • Marijuana causes some users to become permanently insane.
  • Withdrawal from heroin users are known to stay awake for weeks at a time and they rest only in states of a coma.
  • Those who have been on heroine will often return to it even after going through withdrawals and what would appear to be the recovery product.
  • These drugs are usually offered to youth by their close friends and peers rather than professional dealers
  • One Policeman kept this from a heroin user, “King Heroin is my shepherd, I shall always want. He maketh me to lie down in the gutters.”
  • Here’s a verse Cleon coined to show Satan’s care vs the Lords care as taught in the Psalms: “He leadeth me beside the troubled waters. He destroyeth my soul. He leadeth me in the paths of wickedness. Yea, I shall walk through the valley of poverty and will fear no evil for thou, Heroin, art with me. Thy needle and thy capsule comfort me. Thou strippest the table of groceries in the presence of my family. Thou robbest my head of reason. My cup of sorrow runneth over. Surely heroin addiction shall stalk me all the days of my life and I will dwell in the house of the damned forever.”
  • All studies show that the youth involved in genuine religion don’t get involved in narcotics
  • Studies show that those who get involved in narcotics are those who feel bored and not challenged in life
  • Studies show that those youth who have positive peers close to them don’t get involved in narcotics.




Psychotropic Drugs VS Exercise




A friend sent me a message about how diet and exercise were able to help her become mentally stable, leaving behind 5 psychotropic medications which doctors told her she would have to be on for life: “I radically altered my diet & exercise routine which allowed me (after 17 years of acute “treatment resistant” symptoms) to walk away from psychiatric symptoms that doctors said I’d have to be on 5 classes of medications for the rest of my life. Turns out, they were wrong. I’m so grateful that I sought out help to learn how to safely taper off meds and work to align my spirit with my body. The Lord really does guide us in finding the courage to do hard things. Withdrawal was probably the hardest thing I have EVER done in my life. I never understood how our central nervous system becomes completely dependent upon medication taken as prescribed. I never knew how many factors can contribute to/work against mental wellness. I am SO grateful I chose to take my life back.”

Hear more about her story at I recognize her story wouldn’t apply to all cases of medicated mental illness, but I will say that many could benefit from more closely aligning their lives with the councils of the Lord found regarding physical health. Truly things thought impossible are not impossible with the touch of the Master’s hand.”


I once spoke to a pharmacology professor about ADHD, and how many treat it with exercise. I was troubled by the long list of negative side effects of common medications used to treat this disease. Her response to me was essentially that even though exercise helps deal with the symptoms of the disease, not everyone wants to exercise. That’s it! People would rather have life threatening side effects than simply exercise. Again I recognize that there are various degrees of this illness, and that medication can be a good thing in some cases. But again, are we truly obeying the councils of the Lord to assist us in all things?

In this General Conference address titled “Myths about mental illness”, he speaks of the positive side of pharmaceuticals to treat mental illness, the great advances being made in this field of science. There can be some possibilities here, but we put first every other option, including those usually ignored related to fitness & nutrition.





Dangers of Anti-Depressant Drugs by Anne Tracy – Lecture Highlights


These notes are shared with the permission of the author.

Tracy is the International Drug Awareness President

Tracy raises awareness about potentially harmful effects of SSRI anti-depression medications.


Tracy has documented over 5,000 cases of violent crimes related to SSRI drug usage.
She has training on how to come off of SSRI’s, but admonishes this to be done very very slowly!
She wrote “Prozac: Panacea or Pandora? – Our Serotonin Nightmare” 2014, which sells for $12.50 on her website by clicking here or at this link:
Listen to her on her radio show via her website.
Another place to listen to her is the downloads section of
She has a CD on SSRI’s effects on spirituality, bi-polar disorder, REM sleep disorder, & false memory syndrome.
I’m emailed back and forth with her on a few topics, she is very helpful.
She suggests the book “Are There Any Sick Among You?” by LaDean Griffin.
She has used a vegan diet to overcome cancer.



These are notes from Ann Tracy – Dangers of Antidepressants Anne is a Latter-day Saint who teaches about the perils of using Antidepressants. This lecture was found at


-see site of Anne Tracy at with thousands of documented cases of extreme terrible behavior from these meds (see below for a list of some 5,000 cases)

-see this YouTube video of Anne Tracy:

-See another Anne Tracy video:

-see another Anne Tracy video:
-an audio file of a lecture by Tracy can also be found at

-It’s in water, so much that male fish are being born with ovaries. Fluoride.

-get distilled water or purified water, but we don’t know if even those will get all the drugs out of the water.

-*I see that many of our gender issues are from the effects of the drugs that we use in our society so much now! And these births with gender abnormalities!

-Why does Utah have the biggest problem with these drugs? It’s because they target Utah. Utah is the only state left in the country which still has strong family values and strong moral values, and that gets in the way of the plans of the drug companies. So they target Utah! A catholic fellow pointed this out.

-Monsanto and the drug companies are together in their planning, very closely related. Monsanto can create GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) for our food which can take away the nutrition and make us need to take more medication.

-since 2007 we have lost more military personnel to suicides than we have to combat.

-Anne Tracy teaches people these things 14-16 hours a day for 25 years; so long as these drugs are on the market she is fighting to let people know these things.

-mind altering drug means you lose your agency you can’t control yourself any more

-zombie talk is because of what is happening with these drugs, the shooters of homicides have a blank stare in their face, the lights are on, but no-one is home.

-70% of the physicians who prescribe these are on them.

–Prozac: Panacea or Pandora? the Rest of the Story on the New Class of SSRI Antidepressants Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, Lovan, Luvox & More. Paperback – June 1994 by Anne Blake Tracy is the bible about this topic (she is a PhD, head of the International Coalition for Drug Awareness) (the book is less than 1$ to buy used on, can do so at and puts out more research than the other books. Anne Tracy suggests this book over any other. Prozac Pentaci or Pandora is the old version of the book. It’s the best documented text Anne Tracy has found in years of reading on nutrition, and she recommends it to all her clients.

-you are more likely to have autistic children if you take Prozac or other anti-depressants within 12 months before you give birth. There will be 3 to 4 times the chance of autistic birth. Utah’s rate is 3-4 times the rate of other places.

-these can cause ADD

-one man after being on antidepressants for 5 days killed his family and himself; before he was known as the nicest guy in the community

-have a puppy instead of pills for anti-depression

-Oprah Winfrey had a show promoting Prozac and had the Prozac Dr. most famous for dispensing such on her show.

-Utah since it has the more issues with this is the place where there are the most children born with autism.

-this causes schizophrenia, bipolar, Alzheimer’s, ADD, autism, etc.

-in the military they encourage antidepressants much

-to children in foster care they get loaded with antidepressants because there is no regulating it

-you have to come off the drug slowly or it can be terrible

-these pills are what make a person psychotic, and that gets them to rely on the drug company

-they are now planning to have mental health treatments from your own home, people want Dr.’s or other people who can prescribe drugs to come in their home; they then stay at their home and are more likely to kill their family and neighbors like thousands of reported cases we have already seen.

-the physicians on this can’t remember things so they joke about like they’re just growing old and remind each other about what their patients need

-this effects memory TERRIBLY

-one military veteran began antidepressants after military combat and began using these drugs for his knee later and it’s then that he began how to kill his squad leaders.

-one lady beat her 17-year-old son to death with a mallet and then tried to commit suicide today she is locked up and doesn’t know why she did those things, it was these drugs. has recorded cases of killings from these drugs. is associated with and has thousands of records of what drugs people were on when they went out killing people and so forth.

-within 7 years Utah went from lowest in the nation divorces to now being over the national average.

-many who take these meds are lucky in only having physical side effects like losing their liver

-after the world trade center terrorist some companies gave out these drugs for free.

-drug companies targeted general doctors who get the pill out to the general public; the dose of Prozac given to Dr.’s to give to their patients they moved the dose up from 5mg to 20mg so the effect of the boost in mood would be seen obviously so that the doctors would really promote this; but we all know that what does up must come down.

-one mother complained about this about how Prozac is good, she had been on it for 4 years, she said it saved her life, this lady was a returned missionary married in the temple after 8 years they had a child they had long hoped for but then this lady confessed she has begun shoplifting involving her 10-year-old child in it and says she doesn’t want her child anymore. So people on this drug who appear to be doing well, dig deeper and you’ll see they aren’t doing well. She was so addicted to shoplifting she tried to put her shopping cart into the car. People who have been on this drug for 4 years have issues develop in their lives. For a while you can appear to do well with Prozac, but it begins to break down your ability to metabolize.

-this drug can make those who are good metabolizers become poor metabolizers from taking the drug

-patients taking these drugs have thoughts they don’t want to tell anyone about.

-Relief Society Presidents on these drugs become gay and leave the church.

-one experiment had rats the most mean you have ever seen, the issue was that they were not metabolizing the serotonin effectively, and their brain was being flooded with it.

-people think that the issue is a deficiency of serotonin, but it’s a metabolism issue in reality.

-things with methamphetamine those are meth they hurt out bodies in the very same way

-ppl on these drugs their body is affected similarly to the way that they would be effected by PCP.

-there is a CD by Anne Traci that tells how to get off of these drugs.

-so many in the world are suicidal because of hypoglycemia

-the brain cannot function without proper blood sugar levels, that is the reason why some can’t perform as well as others in school etc.

-it was 5 lb. of sugar in the 1800’s we used, but now 180 lb. of sugar we use. Anne doesn’t use any of this bad type sugar. (*teaching that the type of sugar we eat that is not good for us we use much more these days)

-wheatgrass juice and turmeric neutralize fluoride and fluoride is a main active ingredient of these drugs.

-she has CD’s on coming off of these drugs, mind control, bipolar, rem sleep behavior disorder, and how these drugs effect you personally

-rem sleep disorder behavior is the scientific name of what happens when people are like zombies where the lights are on and no one is home

-the brainwaves of the people who are on these drugs are like these are that of rem disorder behavior; they talk to others and their brain is asleep. A 30-year-old man who had been on Prozac for 6 months, when he was speaking to those who were doing the test on him, it was shown that he was in a complete anesthetic state while they were talking to him. The lights are on but no one home. I looked into his eyes, but no one was there. Rem sleep disorder this is, it’s where you act out your nightmares. 96% of who have the Rem sleep disorder are taking antidepressants. Many interviewed say that they do the thing they would least expect they would do when they are on this drug.

-the hosts of 1/3 of people that followed Satan in pre-mortality want to possess the bodies of the children of Adam and Eve, this is a huge way they do it.

-strengthen ourselves temporally so that we can stay secure spiritually

-the devils tell us lies to break us down and gradually get us to follow them by trying to break down our families.

-we lived all the laws of God in a spiritual body, now we are sent to earth to see if we can keep God’s laws in a physical body; so we must align our bodies with the things of God.

-over and over people say that they feel possessed on these drugs even atheists.

-the pineal gland is mainly responsible for metabolizing 50% of the serotonin in your system. If you overload your brain with serotonin, you overload that part of the system. This part of the brain is related to spirituality. When they take these drugs they say that can’t feel God anymore. They literally sever the connection to the spiritual!

-do we rely on the arm of flesh, our local doctor, more than our Savior?

-when doing talk shows on television 2 years after medications were allowed to advertise on television, Anne Tracy was to speak, and they told her that she could say anti-depressants[U1]  but not the name of the drugs specifically. Image now what would happen- they control what you see on TV.

-most of the commercials on TV are to sell drugs.

-psychiatric nurses never get to hear about the real side effects of these medications, but people including physicians can testify that these side effects are true.

-these drugs cause cravings for alcohol because they help with the hypoglycemia

-many people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s don’t have that, what they have is a prescription for an anti-depressant.

-Anne Tracy leaves her text in the original way it was published dispute adding things to it because it’s to show that dispute what she is finding now, they had much of the truth even then.

-autism and Alzheimer’s have long been known as a condition from elevated serotonin levels, and what anti-depressant drugs do is increase those levels. They say that people have low serotonin when they have depression, but that is not the case; what they have is poor metabolism to turn that serotonin into melatonin to help your body sleep and do those things your body needs.

-most of the people with these drugs have issues sleeping.

-these drugs work by going in and preventing/inhibiting (such is a serotonin re-uptake inhibitor is); you inhibit the metabolism of serotonin, and you end up with increased levels of it.

-before these drugs hit the market

-the dr. in Israel who found this called this serotonin irritation syndrome who could not metabolize well their serotonin; these people suffered from migraines, hot flashes, irritability, pain, worsening of bronchial complaints, sleeplessness, pains around the heart, difficulty breathing, irrational tension and anxiety, horrifying nightmares. These are the symptoms that people on these drugs have.

-PTSD is not necessarily from war, but from these type drugs that they encourage the military personnel to take.

-coming off of the drugs quickly can cause you to turn to alcohol for hypoglycemia and get strange deletions like that your neighbor has sexually abused your children, and you plot to kill them then kill them and others.

-A Texas mother Andrea Yates who loved her 5 children, raised them at homeschool to be with them more, etc., changed significantly the dose of her anti-depressant drugs and they next day drown her 5 children. She had a medication change in her Effexor and her Remeron the day before the incident. This literally was her worst nightmare, she could have thought of nothing worse than losing her children.

-patients on these meds testify that with the first pill you lose your control, your agency.

-since Andrea Yates there have been many like cases of mothers driving their children into rivers and lakes etc.

-author speaks of more cases like the above.

-A kind Dr. when he got on Prozac he killed his wife and himself.

-A guard at a prison called Anne and said I believe that Prozac is the reason why I have a plan to kill everyone on death row. This man was a patient of the once kind Dr. who was on this Prozac and hence we know that this Dr. was on Prozac. This prison guard assured Anne that this was not in the nature of this Dr.

-you act out your worst nightmare when you are on these drugs like the Texas mother who drown the children that she loved so much.

-monthly we lose 660 to suicide in our military, and another 1600 a month on top of that are trying to take their lives in the military alone.

-they make soldiers take an antidepressant before they do to Iraq. A person can refuse such though. This is terrible; they carry guns and face life threatening situations and need to be able to think.

-Trazadone is the drug of this type they give to the military personnel.

-homicidal delusions are a listed side effect of these drugs.

-suicide hostility or psychosis can result from going abruptly up or down on the dose of these drugs, so you can’t do that!

-the Dr. of Omar Bin-laden son of Osama diagnosed

-mental retardation, organic brain disease which is brain damage, substance abuse, insomnia, violent nightmares, arson, impulsive behavior with no concern for punishment, reckless driving, those are all symptoms of those drugs.

-many Dr.’s spoke out when these drugs were introduced asking why we would want to increase serotonin because LSD and PCP are drugs which mimic the effects of increased melatonin. The brain reads LSD or PCP as a rush of serotonin.

-these drugs inhibiting the ability to metabolize serotonin make you gradually over time become psychotic, then it looks like it’s you and not THE DRUG. This is the big serotonin lie. They are causing the psychosis etc.

-1996-2004 the time when these drugs were really getting out there like when in 1993 Oprah Winfrey did her show on promoting these drugs and all of the mothers were running into the Dr.’s saying my kid needs this drug, as soon as this happened, and these drugs rushed out to everyone, BIPOLAR INCREASED BY 4,000%.

-Dr. Jim Goodwin ‘the pied piper of Prozac’ was on Oprah’s show.

-1994 is when Anne Tracy’s book hit the market.

-Jim Goodwin is on Prozac, he has all his 800 patients on Prozac or Paxil. Anne told him that if he doesn’t get his children off of these there will be false accusations all over town for many of the nightmares that come from these drugs are sexual and you begin to think that you are remembering being raped.

-Wenatchee Washington where Dr. Goodwin did his dishing out of Prozac, had the largest sex sting ever heard of. 43 people were imprisoned wrongfully. Washington state paid out 100 million dollars for that. It was from a foster child little girl on Prozac and switched to Paxil, started saying that in many places they had orgies. The primary President and her husband went to prison for two years from being falsely accused in this incident. One child escaped from DCFS and did a show with 42 Hours interview on what had happened.

-Ritalin chemical name is methylphenidate – it’s meth. Parents can’t figure out that it’s an amphetamine, and is no different than meth. Concerta is Ritalin in time release. (*This is what ADD patients take?)

-One pharmacist speaks of how Ritalin turns kids into drug attics, gets them on meth in no time. Why do we think we have a problem with meth now? We have had kids on Ritalin for many years.

-Anne has done research on the school shootings etc. at, there is an entire database about reported cases of the effects of these drugs. There are almost 5,000 cases of these issues documented on this her website. Also in her book it speaks of these.

-mutant mice genetically engineered an experiment with such went wrong and they turned to be the most violent creatures ever. They found they lack the MAO enzyme, that which metabolizes serotonin. Hence their brains were flushed with such, and these Dr.’s testified plainly that the reason for the behavior of these rats was this flood of serotonin.

-Dr’s said that they doubled their prescribing of these drugs after 911 terror event. Visor (or another company) came and offered Zoloft for free after 911.

-LA Times reporter had an article printed in the Seattle Times where the reporter interviews the Taliban psychiatrist, as he walked into the man’s office, there were the regular posters for all of the anti-depressants on the wall. There was a young girl in his office. She said Dr. will we sacrifice another goat, so I can feel better? He said, “Nay nay, Allah has given these drugs great power, taking them is swallowing a little piece of God.” SO they call these drugs a new sacrament! You can imagine how such a Dr. would dish these drugs out! He had a commander in the army on the drugs who kept putting himself on the front line to get himself killed.

-one girl was documented to have had her father molest her, after they got her on one of these drugs, she began to believe that her mother molested her as well. She taught this to her children. THESE DRUGS HAVE DESTROYED MORE FAMILIES THAN THEY HAVE CREATED SUICIDES.

-hypoglycemia is the beginning stages of pancreatic breakdown. Med books say it causes marked weakness and disability, impaired memory, hyperactivity, inability to concentrate (ADD?), hopelessness, anxiety, exhaustion, depression, insomnia, irritability, vertigo, tremor, tachycardia, muscle pain and backache, phobias, difficulty concentrating, numbness, blurred vision, antisocial, obesity, abdominal spasms, blackouts, convulsions, suicidal tendencies.

-gestational hypoglycemia is what women get as they have a birth. They also go into hyperglycemia at times in this time which is diabetes. The body needs much nutrition at this time and such will reduce the depression and anxiety. So these women and it’s the same with puberty time, need nutrition and then they won’t get anywhere near the so-called depression and anxiety for the body is being taken care of. We ignore nutrition!

-The word of Wisdom says what not to eat, but nobody listens to what it says to do, that is to get the nutrition you need, get the body what it needs.

-those coming off of these meds who do the best are the ones who go on a raw food vegan diet.

-Anne Tracy is a 40-year cancer survivor. She said she couldn’t afford a coffin, so she had to go vegan.

-Hollywood stars either are health nuts to keep up with the trend of health, or they are doing drugs to force the body to keep up with that pace. It’s that simple.

-93% of pharmaceutical companies go into livestock. They don’t want us to stop eating meat because then they lose their business.

-we didn’t hear about road rage, air rage, school shootings with entire families being wiped out. 30 years ago you didn’t hear this on the news, it was boring news, not now.

-the state picks people up and put them in a hospital where they drug them and keep them residually in.

-if they would tell alcoholics that they are hypoglycemic and to change their diets they would be over the alcohol in no time.

-the pancreas is the first thing to be hit by stress of any form. The first physical reaction to stress then that we have a low blood sugar.

-if there is ever a time in the world that we need to care for our neighbor it’s now, because their nightmare could be your nightmare next.

-Coast to Coast was the biggest radio satiation in the country, Anne had much air time with them, in 2001 they got bought out, we haven’t heard info in these drugs since.

-People on these drugs won’t admit that it’s a problem; it’s like asking an alcoholic if he is drunk.

-never get the drug 5 HTP St. Johns, it works the same way as these anti-depression drugs.

-low blood sugar causes depression, which can even cause suicide. So how do we treat this? With nutrition!

-so many people in the world are suicidal because they have improper blood sugar levels.

-child sex abuse with teachers going manic on these drugs and seducing their students occurs.

-people on these can be obsessed with sex, be pyromaniacs, kleptomaniacs, etc.

-Demerol is another one of these drugs, some ppl even take them for blinding migraines.

-Below are over 5,000 cases of terrible behavior from anti-depressant meds from Anne Tracy’s website


Spirituality and Sorcery: Full Text by Ann Tracy


Full text article is shared with permission of the author.


Executive Director,
International Coalition for Drug Awareness


As John received revelation upon revelation sitting exiled upon the Isle of Patmos he issued a very strong warning to us in our day. He told us that our entire world would be deceived (lied to) through the sorceries that would come out of Babylon. (Rev. 18:23-24) He went on to say that the end result of this deception would be the demise of Prophets, Saints and many good men. In other words no one would be spared in this great deception by these sorceries. Remember that we were told that even the very elect would be deceived.

So what is this sorcery of which John warns?

The Greek translation of sorcery is “Pharmakia” which means “medicine from a pharmacy.” WHAT?! Does that mean the drugs we find in those pharmacies on nearly every street corner now? Is it talking about those same drugs with ads that run all day long on our TVs and in magazines that we see everywhere we look?! Is it any wonder then that these prescription drugs are now being reported as the biggest drug problem in America today? Is it any wonder that the whole world has been deceived about these drugs?

According to a 1995 study done by concerned pharmacists, prescription drugs, taken “as prescribed” rather than abused, are the third leading cause of death in this country, killing as many Americans every week as we lost at 9/11. The death toll of another 9/11 every week in this country! In light of this we need to ask who the real terrorists are when we are in a war over one week’s worth of these deaths while all the others go unnoticed, slaughtered and buried right under our noses. Is it any wonder the scriptures speak so sternly of sorcerers and sorcery?

January 17 this year [2008] we read in the New England Journal of Medicine that almost half of the studies done on one of America’s most popular group of drugs, antidepressants, were negative, yet when any of those negative studies were reported to the public the results were presented as positive. They also said the studies indicated that there was little evidence these drugs which bring in nearly $200 Million per day were more effective than placebo in treating depression.


Deadly deception!

How deadly?

The most popular of these antidepressants, Effexor, now has “homicidal ideation” listed as a side effect. Homicidal ideation is not just killing someone, but it is having constant ruminating thoughts of killing and how to kill. To see the results of just this one deception with antidepressants go to or www.ssristories.NETwhere you will find a very long list of school shootings, loving mothers and fathers who have killed their children, children who have killed their parents, suicides, murder/suicides, female school teachers who have seduced male students, even well respected ministers who have raped children, previously “straight” individuals who have become “gay” – even to the point of having sex change surgery, extreme out of character behavior, including violence, wild spending sprees, embezzlement, sexual promiscuity, exhibitionism, gambling, etc. – all side effects of antidepressants.

Then the FDA announced that they have been investigating many various types of medications for the potential of causing suicide. After learning that antidepressants increase suicidal potential by 2-3 times suddenly the FDA officials realized that multiple classes of medicines might cause dangerous psychiatric problems including suicide. Medicines to treat acne, hypertension, seizures, high cholesterol, swelling, heartburn, pain, bacterial infections and insomnia can all cause psychiatric problems, effects that were discovered in most cases after the drugs were approved and already used in millions of patients.

Now, how could these medications produce such things? With antidepressants that answer can be as simple as explaining that antidepressants create a sleep disorder in which the patient acts out nightmares. It is called a REM Sleep Behavior Disorder (RBD) and 86% of those being diagnosed with the disorder are taking antidepressants. RBD is known to produce both murder and suicide. Acting out one’s worst nightmare – what a perfect way to produce out-of-character behavior that could destroy all a person has worked to achieve in character building throughout life-all gone in the blink of the eye!

Even worse than understanding the potential of these drugs to produce RBD, is to know that in the past RBD was known mainly as a drug withdrawal state. So the question of great concern at this point should be: “If antidepressants are being found to be in current use in 86% of the cases just how high will that percentage go in the withdrawal state from these drugs?!” This is why is it so important to avoid the worst of withdrawal by weaning EXTREMELY SLOWLY down off an antidepressant.

As people begin to see how they have been lied to about the safety and effectiveness of these drugs and attempt to come off the drugs, what will the end result be? Knowing what I know about these drugs and the withdrawal from these drugs I can tell you that I for one DO NOT want to witness what we will see! If there has ever been a situation in the history of this world where we have so desperately needed to adhere to the command to be our “brother’s keeper” this is it! In doing so, even if you are not the one taking the drug, the life you save may be your own or that of a loved one. Why? Because when someone goes psychotic in the withdrawal they can do anything to anyone and I just might be you or your loved one. (For information on safe withdrawal go to to find the CD “Help! I Can’t Get Off My Antidepressant!)

Kim Crespi near Charlotte, NC learned of antidepressant withdrawal all too painfully on January 20, 2006 when her husband David, a good strong Christian and wonderful husband and father, who was also a vice president of the local bank and well respected in the community, stabbed their twin four year old daughters to death. David was months into an abrupt withdrawal from Paxil and had just started taking Prozac. He and Kim were not aware that the FDA had just warned the year before that any abrupt change in dose of an antidepressant, whether going up or down (he had just done both), can produce suicide, hostility, or psychosis – generally a manic psychosis leading to a diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder. Of course it is not true Bipolar, but a drug withdrawal effect, yet so many have found they would be medicated for years for something the Bipolar Disorder they don’t really have. Is it any wonder that the diagnosis of Bipolar has increased by 4000% over a recent 10 year period when it was basically unheard of before SSRI antidepressants?

But why is all this happening to us? Where did we go wrong?

For the answer we need to turn to Isaiah 28:8 where, he, speaking of our day, says that we will rise up each day to get drunk (but he had already made it clear that this drunkenness would not be from wine or strong drink). What would produce that drunken state then? Well when do people generally take their medications? First thing in the morning? These are mind altering medications. And what do the package inserts list as side effects? That is right – all the same effects one could expect from alcohol, but much stronger.

Isaiah then goes on to tell us why people would suffer the feelings of needing drugs. He says that our tables are “full of vomit” and there is nothing clean there.

Well, what is vomit? Vomit is food that either has already had the nutrients extracted or food that cannot be used by the body and is expelled because of that. And unclean? Look at the chemicals that have saturated our food supply.

So if our tables are full of vomit – food that has been depleted of nutrients or food that cannot be utilized where does that leave us? We are nutrient depleted. And where does nutrient depletion lead us? It leads us to stimulants of any kind in order to force our bodies and brains to perform since they do not have the fuel or building blocks from nutrients to perform.

Perhaps the most obvious segment of society in which to see this is that which is most transparent due to the exposure they get – Hollywood. Show business is a very high profile and highly demanding profession. If you watch the lives of those in the business you generally see only two groups: health nuts or drug users. They either reach for nutrients to supply the building blocks they need to build energy levels they need to cope with their fast paced lifestyle or they use drugs to force their bodies/brains to keep up the fast pace. It is simple to see which of those choices coincides with the Savior’s teachings.

One extremely critical point for all Christians to understand is the serotonin connection to spirituality. Antidepressants as well as the new atypical antipsychotics work by increasing levels of the neurotransmitter serotonin. But 50% of the serotonin is metabolized by the pineal gland.

What is the pineal gland? It is the master gland of the body and also known as the “seat of the soul” or our connection to higher, spiritual thoughts. In Eastern religions it is known as the Third Eye and is located right in the center of the brain behind the eyes. The question we need to ask is that if the Pineal gland is overloaded with large amounts of serotonin produced by these drugs, does it interfere with that spiritual connection?

According to patients using these drugs it does. They continually report that they can no longer feel God. One perfect example that comes to mind is that of Elizabeth Bush, the 14 year old girl who shot her best friend at the private Catholic school they attended. Elizabeth’s hero in life was Mother Theresa. Elizabeth planned to devote her life to God and become a nun. So how did she go from that point to a charge of attempted murder almost overnight?

I called her attorney when this happened and told him what happened was likely the result of the use of one of these antidepressants. He did not show much interest, but said he would check. Then the following week Elizabeth was interviewed on 20/20 and asked this very question of how did she go from Mother Teresa as her hero to shooting her best friend at school. Her reply was that she could “no longer feel God anymore.”

I called her attorney the following morning and told him I no longer had any question about whether or not his client had been on an antidepressant nor any question about its contribution to causing this tragedy. With that new evidence about her inability to feel God anymore, in my mind, I knew. At that point he asked me to hold for a minute and when he returned he said through the rustling of papers, “Paxil. Is Paxil one of those drugs?”

So, as dangerous and life-threatening as these drugs can be, even worse is the possibility that we can be severed from the spiritual by these drugs. Not only can they produce physical death, but also spiritual death.

Where did we go wrong?

Clearly we have underestimated Satan and his potential to pull us into his web of deceit and debauchery. Just because he is evil, does not mean he is stupid. He has much knowledge, far more than we do. Not more power than we do, because we do have the strength to overcome all with the help of the Savior. But we must be constantly aware of his cunning craftiness when it comes to his power to deceive. This awful situation in which we now find ourselves is a call for humility and faith and a reminder to always turn to the Savior in ALL things rather than trusting in the arm of flesh.

[For additional information on serotonin and antidepressant medications along with additional information on the great deception of pharmakia that John spoke of see Ann Blake-Tracy’s book, Prozac: Panacea or Pandora? – Our Serotonin Nightmare ]

[Additional critical information: In November of 2010 Dr. John Ioannidis, considered the world’s leading expert on medical research, confirmed what John warned us of in Rev. 18:21-24 when he spoke of the deception that would cover the earth deceiving “prophets, saints and all good men” resulting in death. In the article titled “Lies, Damn Lies and Medical Science,” Dr. Ioannidis states that at this point he believes up to 90% of medical research is tainted or even completely bogus due to influence ($$$$) from the industry. To demonstrate the seriousness of this situation he stated he is not sure medical science will be able to survive this! That interview can be found here: One simple question to bring perspective: “Would you take your car to a mechanic who is relying on information on the car which is 90% incorrect?” And yet according to Dr. Ioannidis, this is exactly what you are doing every time you walk into a doctor’s office!]

WITHDRAWAL HELP: You can find the hour and a half long CD on safe and effective withdrawal helps here: And if you need additional consultations with Ann Blake-Tracy, you can book one at .

WITHDRAWAL WARNING: In sharing this information about adverse reactions to antidepressants I always recommend that you also give reference to my CD on safe withdrawal, Help! I Can’t Get Off My Antidepressant!, so that we do not have more people dropping off these drugs too quickly – a move which I have warned from the beginning can be even more dangerous than staying on the drugs!

The FDA also now warns that any abrupt change in dose of an antidepressant can produce suicide, hostility or psychosis. These reactions can either come on very rapidly or even be delayed for months depending upon the adverse effects upon sleep patterns when the withdrawal is rapid!

Ann Blake Tracy, Executive Director,
International Coalition for Drug Awareness &
Author: ”Prozac: Panacea or Pandora? – Our Serotonin Nightmare – The Complete Truth of the Full Impact of Antidepressants Upon Us & Our World” & Withdrawal CD “Help! I Can’t Get Off My Antidepressant!”







Slogans to Share on Nutrition


Cows: Not Your Mom, Not Your Milk
Eden was vegan Gen 1:29
Gen 1:29 quote




Resources on Nutrition



– Independent nutrition scientists from around world in a nonprofit committee agree that health is mostly found in unprocessed plants

-dr. Michael clapper
See book reverse and prevent heart disease by Dr. Caldwell b esselstyn Jr.

-Buying food: Penzy  in draper cheap spices
Alpine food storage – cheap bulk fruit etc
Exchange groups
Bountiful baskets

-Food Storage Feast by Keith Snow Click here  $50 discount on lessons if you sign up using the discount code: WAB (stands for World Affairs Brief by Joel Skousen)

-Joel Fuhrman: Whole Food Plant Based Nutritarian

-Neal Bernard – – Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine by Neal Bernard – Whole Food Plant Based

-Andrew Saul: preventative nutrition, Foodmatters film,

-Steve Hickey: Vit. C miraculous healings etc.

-Abram Hoffer: megavitamin etc.

-Vitamins: Bo H Jonsson, Helen Saul Case, The Vitamin Movie, Ralph Campbell,

-GMO: Dennis Kucinich

-Joan Mathews Larson: nutrition for alcoholism, depression

-Nicholeen Peck: parenting via teaching self government

-Del Bigtree: Vaxxed movie

-Eli Camp Nd Dhanp: unvacinated child

-Anthony William

John Christopher – LDS Hebalist, store in Springville UT

Jane Birch – WFPB – – pointing to dozens of other sites books and resources for WFPB. by Megan Richardson

Shannon Hayes –








Shared with Permission

















Introductory Note



Note: Broad application of these topics into other topics: could apply to music, the idea of what to focus on and what to eliminate and what to use only sparingly when needed. Can also apply to finance, avoiding debt, cutting out borrowing. How we spend out time, etc. The word of wisdom typically applies to physical health, but when we unlock it, we can find wisdom more readily in all areas. Perhaps wisdom in health is a prequal, or at least a sure key, to wisdom in other domains.


Where become certified WFPB? Pg. 47

Suggested books from the text: appendix 7; also…Collin Campbell’s Whole ;Pg. 30 more  Pg. 47 Pg. 52 Pg. 56 Pg. 58 Pg. 65 Pg. 89 Pg. 154



Chapter 1: Awakening to the word of wisdom

Chapter 2 The Flesh of Beasts

Chapter 3 Wholesome herbs and every fruit

Chapter 4 All grain is good

Chapter 5 what about dairy and eggs

Chapter 6 science and the word of wisdom

Chapter 7 Common objections

Chapter 8 stewards of our bodies, the earth, and its creatures

Chapter 9 Why doesn’t the church tell us these things

Chapter 10 The Promised Blessings




Ch. 1: Awakening to the Word of Wisdom


-Dr. Grupa speaks of WFPB as heart attack proof diet; eliminates possibility

-Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn reversed all his patient’s CAD by WFPB

-taste buds will change

-no calorie counting so never go hungry

-this is hidden in plain view, but many ignore it

-8 days in you’ll enjoy it

-WFPB dramatically drops LDL and total cholesterol levels by 30% or more (which is how much a Statin drug would, perhaps even more)

-WFPB relieves knee issues and mental issues

-70% of what we believe to be regular aging is actually optional; some unhealthy elderly or late adults say ‘you just wait your turn is coming!’ but it doesn’t have to, not like that.

-see forks over knives documentary



Ch. 2 The Flesh of Beasts



-D&C, our most current revelation on health, says use meat in winter or famine to save your lives; we don’t have those right now

-plants can, unlike animals, synthesize organic materials from minerals air sunlight, thus they are the true source of nutrients (for example, cow doesn’t make dairy, it eats it and when we drink milk we get it second hand)

-more than enough (over 10% of calories) protein in WFPB

-D&C says plants for ‘nature and constitution of man’; they should be the core

-use meat as a backup source not a primary; disadvantages of meat (which don’t apply to plants) include too much cholesterol, too much protein, too much fat, wrong type of fat, too few essential nutrients, too much of some nutrients, no phytochemicals, no fiber, too many hormones & antibiotics, give to animals to get them fat and keep them from getting sick), too many pollutants, microbes, pesticides, herbicides

-protein like oxygen is abundant in nature, not something to worry about

-China Study showed cancer in rats from animal protein, but vegetable protein didn’t lead to cancer.

-in whole foods, we get the advantage of amino acids producing precise combinations needed; this doesn’t happen if you oil everything.

-don’t gamble your health by betting on some fad diet being better than the D&C

-report: in 6 wks. of this gone from cholesterol 238 to 164 or 201 to 138 etc. and lost 15 pounds.

-calorie for calorie broccoli has more protein than a stake



Ch. 3 Wholesome herbs and every fruit


-whole foods have many phytochemicals like alkaloids carotenoids flavonoids isoflavones organosulfides  phenolic acids phytosterols saponins etc. even many not yet discovered;

-phytochemicals in a whole food work together in a symbiotic way;

-nutrition is a young science, we are just scratching the surface; we can’t really improve on god’s creation by our supplements, just eat the food as found in nature

-D&C says to eat wholesome plants; that also suggests seeking a whole form not an oil form or refined or other ways

-real food is alive and should eventually die; preservatives thus aren’t good, and sap much nutrient; D&C also speaks of using food ‘in the season thereof’

-modern foods are too concentrated; same with cocaine, the leaves aren’t addictive, it’s the concentration it’s sold in. eat naturally and you can avoid addictions common in the standard American diet

-President Packer speaks of many things not specifically listed in the word of wisdom which are harmful

-refined plant oils have way more calories than the whole food version; i.e. 1 cup sweet corn is 130 cal. and 10% fat; but 2 tbsp of corn oil is 250 cal. and 100% fat

-adding vegetable oil to a plant-based diet just adds unneeded calories

-eating good fats (monounsaturated, like olive oil) leads to less cholesterol than bad fats, but both lead to CAD

-some things resolved by WFPB eating: UTI, acne, eczema, PMS, emotional issues, Raynaud’s, blood sugar imbalances, arthritis, less hypoadrenalism symptoms, restore color in cheeks, decrease pain and weight and happiness, less allergens and asthma




Ch. 4 All Grain is Good


-‘staff of life’ as it says in D&C means ‘staple food for life’; we’re in an upside-down society that says eat lots of meat and little carbs, esp. little wheat. Wheat is endorsed by God and it’s the first thing many attack.

-some are glucose intolerant but human history shows that’s the exception not the rule

-6 foods sustained life historically: barley, corn, millet, potatoes, rice, wheat, getting a bulk of calories from starch

-eating starches (corn, potatoes, etc.) helps us not take all day to get enough calories like it does for grazing cattle etc.

-paleolithic people actually got most their calories from carbs, their ancestors were nearly vegetarian; societies living on mainly animal foods are historically scarce and exceptions not the norm

-in China (before McDonalds/American diet came there) they were the healthiest people and they ate mostly rice and noodles and veggies and they lived longest

-the word of wisdom was given for our day when disease is mostly from food intake; back in Joseph Smith’s time most disease was communicable (spread from person to person, lack of hygiene/sterility, etc.), but the word of wisdom was focused on helping us in our day when food choices are so vast

-the way we eat and feed our children is equivalent to how people used to mingle with others who had bubonic plague or typhoid fever

-chronic diseases today are preventable, yet 1.7 million die from them annually

-genes may load the gun, but behavior pulls the trigger

-noncommunicable diseases (ones that can be prevented by diet) are leading factor of death now everywhere but Africa (Africa is closely following suit however)

-when we eat more calorically dense meat, we eat less of other stuff, i.e. stuff with nutrients like grain

-food selection choices are highest today, more so than ever. Thus the word of wisdom is key for our time

-90% of turkey has disease causing organisms, which are resistant to antibiotics

-many antibiotics are becoming ineffective for humans because they’re used so much on animals. We should instead focus on keeping these vital for when we need them and not waste them on animals. We get resistant when it’s introduced to animal or human, so shift the focus away from animal eating; 23,000 die per year from antibiotic resistant infections, more so than die from HIV/AIDs.

-even being 10 pounds overweight makes you functionally much weaker, you can’t be middle ground on this

-WFPB can help swelling and joint issues




Ch. 5 what about dairy and eggs


-dairy is like liquid meat and isn’t the source of any nutrients. It has too much protein, fat, cholesterol, calories, hormones, bacteria, and pollutants, even if it’s from ‘happy cows’, it has pus in it too; that protein is highly carcinogenic

-billions of people around the world are healthy without consuming any dairy.

-US has lots of milk but a very high rate of osteoporosis; get calcium from plants, the original source with highest absorption potential

-dairy can neutralize needed acidity, so nutrients come out of our bones to restore it, thus we have weaker bones when we use dairy

-adult mammals in the wild don’t consume dairy; we don’t need nutrients that baby chicks need, so don’t eat eggs; we have different needs than a baby cow so don’t drink cow milk

-Pres. Hinckley said don’t justify eating bad stuff just because it isn’t specified in the word of wisdom

-WFPB helps fertility; brings energy you had 30 years ago



Ch. 6 Science and the Word of Wisdom


-science is slowly catching up to the word of wisdom revelation

-many Christian traditions have promoted a vegan diet, especially 7th Day Adventists. 35% of 7th Day Adventists are vegetarian; Hugh Nibley says they have always been better than us at living the word of wisdom. They feel God has revealed the health code, and they are outspoken about sharing it as a religious duty. We should feel the same. John Westley promoted vegetarianism. Islam Buddhism and other world religions have long promoted elimination of animal products in diet. Joseph Smith taught the need to obey God before being blessed; some things in word of wisdom are contrary to modern fads and you need to take a leap of faith; however, most of this has been around for millennia.

-we have more science now but unhealthy people; knowledge doesn’t equal wisdom

-we always interpret the world of wisdom through contemporary science; for example, scientist and Apostle John Widtsoe spoke of using meat very sparingly, and even suggested eliminating animal products from the diet. He spoke of the need to heed the positives as much as the negatives in the word of wisdom, the do’s not just the don’ts. He says church members aren’t living up to this. He speaks of how vegetarians have often excelled in sports, and how meat proteins are more expensive and wasteful, and how all we need is found in vegetarianism.

-in the Korean war, the autopsies showed the Koreans were healthy, the American’s (eating lots of meat) were all predisposed for atherosclerosis

-get 10% calories from fat, 10 from protein, 80 from complex carbs

– avoid irreversible diabetes related nerve damage by catching your health early on as possible; but yes you can reverse diabetes with this and many have




Ch. 7 Common Objections


-it takes money to promote a message and drug companies and dairy companies don’t earn money by promoting WFPB, that’s why you aren’t taught this as much in schools, TV, etc.; food executives call marketing unprocessed food ‘a fools game’; the D&C warns us of conspiring people, this certainly applies to food companies today who will do whatever they can to get money, intentionally making foods in addictive combinations (‘secret combinations’ haha!)

-we ignore healthy food when unhealthy is present; a rat will die of starvation when offered both food and cocaine regularly

-fake food leads to loss of regular self-control; we don’t have to have these overpowering cravings if we detoxify our bodies; we eat unnaturally rich foods; as mentioned earlier, your taste buds will adapt to what you give them within a short period of time; junk food leads to a loss of the ability in our biological feedback systems (with leptin etc.) to tell when we are full

-here are some myths: 1. We need meat for adequate protein. 2. Eggs are an ideal protein. 3. Milk is good for our bones. 4. Carbs are dangerous. 5. We need more ‘healthy fats’ in our diet. 6. Olive oil, fish oil, coconut oil are ‘health foods’. 7. It can’t be wrong if everyone is doing it. 8. If something is labeled ‘natural’ it is good for you. 9. Junk food is fun, popular, and will make you happy. 10. Eating whatever foods you find delicious is part of living the good life. 11. Serving people rich, scrumptious foods shows you love them

-what of scientists who disagree with WFPB? The bulk of scientific evidence truly points in this direction; many who follow the USDA still have heart disease, diabetes, stroke, etc., and they blame it on factors like genetics, lack of exercise, or the environment, when really their diet is whack; even if they know of a healthier diet they don’t promote it because they think people are too weak to successfully do it (*note: promote the best, not just what you think people can handle! This is how they rise; humanity thrives on being challenged to become great, not on invitations to be mediocre.)

-many fad diets look like they’re working because they’re often better than the Standard American Diet (SAD), but that doesn’t mean they are the optimal diet (*Atkins/keto particularly leads to heart disease). And even a placebo can have real profound psychological effects resulting in physical changes (psychobiological effects)

– green smoothies aren’t as good as whole foods, less fiber etc.; (fiber tells you you’re full); we also can’t neglect starches or we’ll have not enough energy; supplements lack many phytochemicals found in whole foods; the apple has thousands of antioxidants impacting thousands of metabolic reactions, we can’t even calculate what’s going on, almost every chemical effects another chemical, an almost infinite number of biological consequences when we take things and change them from their natural state. Did they have a Vitamix 200 years ago? No, yet they were healthy. We can’t just go off of active ingredients, we are still learning about the complexity of anatomy and nutrition science

-when you stop eating bad stuff, at first you feel bad. Don’t let that trick you. It’s the same with stopping smoking or cocaine.

-the word of wisdom does not encourage us to “just eat right for your type”. among WFPB there is an extremely broad variety (*prophets have said regarding music which can be applied to nutrition: there is so much good, you don’t need to waste your time with the bad). Find a diet that works for you within the broad scope of WFPB.

-WFPB is the only diet clinically proven to eliminate heart disease; what’s more radical: the diet that causes many chronic illnesses, or the one that eliminates them? “moderation in all things” is not a scriptural statement. WFPB is the way the vast majority of humans have eaten in recorded history. The standard American diet is the real radical diet.

-many good latter-day saints ignore the positive aspects of the word of wisdom; this hurts relationships, dulls spiritual sensitivity, etc.

(*perhaps the Savior would say to them to live these principles when they ask, ‘what lack I yet?’. Will they like the young man go away sorrowing, now willing to consecrate what the Lord asks?)

(*it can also lead to hormonal imbalance, contributing to same sex attraction; think of all the estrogen in dairy products which men consume (the milk producing cows are pregnant after all)! Perhaps we have discovered one of the mysteries as to why boys from good religious homes can develop same sex attraction.)

-most Americans only eat 7% fruit and vegetable; we get 51% of food in a processed form. WFPB eliminates virtually all of the top ten sources of calories in the American diet (as identified by USDA): soda pop, cake and pastries, hamburgers, pizza, potato chips, white rice, white bread, cheese, beer, & french fries.

-D&C says the word of wisdom is adapted to the weakest of saints, so we know this can be done. Many people give things up, as seen in converts giving up tea coffee alcohol etc. (which they thought would be impossible) to be baptized (*then the Holy Ghost helps them even more after baptism). Similarly, we can give up meat, dairy, processed foods, etc. (*will this not bring an increase of the Holy Ghost, and thus more power to make good choices? Will it not make sin less appealing?). Many are so excited about the new life ahead that they don’t even experience withdrawals. Does a butterfly miss being a caterpillar?

(*chose to eat WFPB, and be firm in your resolve; then you don’t have to waste time debating the weaker side of your character and devils, which are very good debaters)

-what is harder, to give up certain foods, or to live with chronic illness?

-the ability to savor subtle delights of whole foods may take some time as your palate needs to adjust; eating real food is delicious and sustainable

-the church with it’s lines on what you can’t have has spared us from many illnesses, but we have yet to access the full blessings from fully heeding D&C 89.



Ch. 8 Stewards of our Bodies, the Earth, and its Creatures


-D&C 49:20-21 “it is not given that one man should possess that which is above another, wherefore the world lieth in sin. And wo be unto man that sheddeth blood or that wasteth flesh and hath no need.”

-in the bible, the eating of animals is only introduced after the flood which destroyed the vegetation on earth! (Note: It was also after the flood that human lifespans began to dramatically increase.)

-Genesis 9:9 Joseph Smith Translation “and surely, blood shall not be shed, only for meat, to save your lives; and the blood of every beast will I require at your hands.”

-meat may be ordained for our use, but not for our abuse

-Hugh Nibley suggests using meat ‘sparingly’ means spare the animals. He says the needy family in winter has right to using animals, but those who don’t need it have no right to them. He also says that “God will justify the taking of animal life to sustain man’s want, but he reserves a special blessing for those who place their nobility before their necessity” (source in text)

-how can animals find joy in filling the measure of their creation if we treat them so badly (the factories etc.)?

-using animal meats results in use of much more water than farming; it also creates more greenhouse gasses than all transportation; we could much more easily give up dairy than give up transportation!

-livestock industry leads in deforestation and reduction of biodiversity, an anthropogenic user of land; they make 130x more waste than humans, leading to widespread pollution of land and water

-the earth can produce enough for everyone’s need but not for everyone’s greed

-Brigham Young spoke of our savage nature going away as we use plants not animals for food (pg. 87)

-Joseph Smith had his fellow Zion’s Camp members not kill a snake among them, but encouraged them to become tame so the animals could follow suit (pg. 87) (remember full references to quotations etc. are in the text)

-George Q Cannon speaks of an increased spirit of God as we stop hurting animals, and peace then reigning on earth

-Heber C Kimball wrote of not hurting animals, but respecting that they too have life, the same as we do, and that the animals are doing their job, so should we do ours.

-Lorenzo Snow says the animals we kill unnecessarily may rise up someday and condemn us

-Joseph F. Smith said the love of nature is akin to the love of God

-more reports show WFPB can cure: bi-polar, sleep apnea, skin problems like boils and rashes, depression, panic attacks, reflux, eyesight, hearing, common sickness (rarely get sick), headaches, blood pressure, faster recovery when you do get sick, decreased anxiety



Ch. 9 Why Doesn’t the Church tell us These Things?


-D&C says it’s not by commandment or restraint

-Heber J Grant says some of the sweetest saints he knew disobeyed the word of wisdom

-some very noble people are yet not necessarily the healthiest

(*consider Thomas S Monson: a mighty prophet, but his biography shows they ate much meat growing up in his home, and later in life he was known for having a very bad case of diabetes; the Lord sustained and prolonged his health, but it was still a great hinderance to him, and perhaps shortened his life)

(*consider this positive example: George Albert Smith would bring a jar of wheat with him whenever he traveled; even eating in members’ homes, his escort would say ‘we are having stew for dinner, but President Smith is having wheat’. That’s amazing courage!)

-historically, it’s taken time for the word of wisdom to be understood in the church, and adapted into policy, culture, etc. We learn line upon line, as we are ready to receive it.

-Joseph Smith urged being merciful more than exacting when it came to this and other matters.

-Heber J Grant tried preaching the word of wisdom and few listened; after a sermon on it members giving him dinner had the nerve to offer him tea and coffee. Grant showed the saints that they were spending more money on tea and coffee than they were on tithes. Grant says he was called a crank for his views on the word of wisdom, but said that he therefore expected to go on being a crank to the end.

-another problem with enforcing positive aspects of D&C 89 is how hard it is to measure compliance. With alcohol etc. it’s easy to say ‘are you or aren’t you using it’ etc.

-Joseph Smith said, “I have tried for a number of years to get the minds of the Saints prepared to receive the things of God; but we frequently see some of them, after suffering all they have for the work of God, will fly to pieces like glass as soon as anything comes that is contrary to their traditions: they cannot stand the fire at all.” (History of the Church 6:184-85)

-George Albert Smith said the Lord always wanted a people who would listen but couldn’t find it, he wanted to exalt them, but they wouldn’t have it

He goes on to say how the Lord could not “reveal to us a single principle farther than He had done” or “He would have upset the whole of us.”

-Perhaps the emphasis on not doing the wrong things (i.e. alcohol) is a step closer to doing the right things (plant-based eating).

-we aren’t that different from the early saints when it comes to resisting revelations in the word of wisdom

-perhaps other items are far more important (such as getting us to be baptized, keep the sabbath, pray, not commit adultery, be honest, have charity, etc.), and we must focus on the most key items needed for salvation; (*it seems we have not graduation from the early grades, we aren’t, as a people, taking on the higher grades yet)

-D&C says we shouldn’t be commanded in all things

-often the gap between what we believe we should do and what we do is enormous

-statistics show Utah saints are fatter than non-Utah saints. Fatter-day Saints.

-why settle for only moderate obedience and thus only moderate blessings?

-Lorenzo Snow said the day of introducing to the saints that they should not shed animal blood and should refrain from eating meet was near at hand

-Ezra Taft Benson said we are digging an early grave with our teeth, and we need a generation of Daniel-like people who refuse the kings meat, and whose countenances show it

-Gordon  B Hinckley says he wishes we would live the word of wisdom more fully, and that we would be blessed if we would try to

-instead of asking ‘why haven’t church leaders spoken more of this?’ we would do well to ask, ‘why haven’t I listened to them more closely?’ as they’ve already encouraged this

-Heber J Grant ate very little meat, and he was known for working long hours without fatigue

-George Albert Smith ate no meat except for a small amount during winters; his meals are simple and nourishing (remember the jar of wheat story).

-Joseph Fielding Smith’s wife Jessie Evans said he doesn’t eat meat, and they eat lots of fruits and vegetables

-Ezra Taft Benson was sparing in his use of meat and generous in his use of fresh vegetables and grains

-as you see, many church leaders aren’t waiting for some official message to act on the council of D&C 89.

-in as little as 2 weeks of cutting animal products headaches can go away, menstrual pain becomes lessened, and the body manages its own weight (gains if it needs to gain, loses if it needs to lose)



Ch. 10 the Promised Blessings


-Harold B Lee said if we will be like Daniel and refuse the kings meat we will be protected when death comes to every household that doesn’t keep the commands of God

-D&C 45:31 speaks of an overflowing scourge to come where “desolating sickness shall cover the land”  and “pestilences of every kind” perhaps it’s a super bug from complete resistance to antibiotics

-George Q Cannon says that when pestilence comes, many who are now careless about the word of wisdom will likely reform and pay attention to the councils; he says we as a people are promised greater safety than other people, but that is predicated upon our obedience, and we shouldn’t expect the blessing without obedience.

-President Boyd K Packer taught “the word of wisdom is a key to individual revelation”

-for observant Jews, their dietary laws are, a Jewish author puts it, “a daily commitment in action to one’s faith, a formal choice, a quiet self-discipline”

-it’s ok to be different and separate from society, God’s people have always been called to do that; food is a great vehicle to remind us (and others) that we are a separate people

-some suffering in this life is our own fault because of not heeding these things

-apparently D&C 89 is an ‘adapted version’ for the weak and weakest of saints; perhaps a more full version is to come, and with it, more blessings; why not seek these?

-this is the secret to weight loss everyone is looking for

-WFPB can cure cancers and other heart (and brain) diseases; imagine a family home evening where you have to tell your kids you have cancer and you won’t be with them much longer. Is this not motivation enough to bring you to WFPB?

-Gandhi says those who can are vegetarian just for helping a health issue fall back, and to stay vegetarian, you need a moral basis.

(more guidelines in appendixes)



*Note: Here are 2 small lists I made: one of things to add, and another of things to cut, perhaps in descending order, but doing cutting and adding at the same time:

Add: fruits, veggies, whole grain, nutrient knowledge, whole food snacks & meal prep, light exercise, rigorous exercise (perhaps not needed), naps, sleep, short fasting, long fasting, write a cook book, teach others.

Cut: soda, meat, dairy, pastries, white breads/white rice, oils, bad sauces, bad candy, bad juice, exceptions (days/meals off), feeding non WFPB to others, character: stop ingratitude, entitlement, resentment, jealousy, selfishness.