Health Transformation: “Vegan Black Guy” Tells His Story – Notes

“Vegan Black Guy” Tells His Story – Notes

Someday or day one? Is this the life you’de envisioned?

Get on that treadmill, one of the best investments. Woke an hour earlier daily and walked 30 minutes.
Also went on walks at lunch.

Vegetarian, vegan mostly.
Consistency is key.
Lost 120 lbs. (I think more now)
Eating was an addiction, a disease, out of control.
Started with a week long smoothie fast.

“I’m running from the guy I used to be every day.”

He wanted to be a better father, and being healthy would help him do that.

He was depressed and had tried other diets, vegan whole foods is what worked. His cravings for junk went away and he was satisfied with health food. When he became healthy he gained his motivation to be busy following opportunities in life.

He promotes vegan diet for health, not for ethics or environment.

He grew up in a “food desert” in Detroit where no one was growing their own food, but that’s changing now, and more options are available.

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