Education Books

Homeschool Advocacy – Righteousness, Independence, Brilliance (PDF)
Learning Methods (PDF)
Prominent Voices of Truth – Books, Teachers, Forums (PDF)

RS Ed Forums 3.24.24 6×9 20p – Links to social forums by topic for learning and teaching.

RS Ed Great Divide 3.24.24 6×9 24p – Traditionalist vs Progressive Philosophies

RS Ed Sleep Overrated 3.24.24 6×9 30p – Quotes and stories of heroes who have pushed past sleep to do great things.

RS Ed Slogans 3.24.24 6×9 30p – Fun slogans for clothes, stickers, etc. by topic.

RS Ed Solutions 3.24.24 6×9 30p – Notes on a lecture I did overviewing various educational solutions to help families.

RS Libraries 3.24.24 6×9 70p – Suggested books movies etc.

Education Videos

2hrs Staying Traditional in a World Gone Mad – Nate & Megan Richardson on The Mormon Renegade Podcast with David Sanders  (Encouraging family based culture, large families, resisting anti-family social pressure, sibling groups for socialization, homeschooling for Christian customized education, failure of public school’s curriculum and toxic behavior allowance, dating, parental discipline, traditional gender roles, seeking religious community, foster parenting, finding likeminded groups, exploring the higher law of plural marriage for family creation, etc.)

40min The Ideal Classroom, Why We Don’t Give Graded Homework, and Gospel Analogies – Continued

13min Joy: The Key to Learning

Education Blog Posts

2023 Education Posts

AP Government Textbooks Full Of Democratic Anti Trump Propaganda 05/21/2023

2023 Language Posts 2023

Duolingo: Morally Corrupt Pro-Homosexual Language Program 05/23/2023

2022 (none)

2021 Education Posts

Cleon Skousen: Prayer in Schools – Lecture Highlights 11/13/2021

~3 Books of Each Genre Suggested by Dr. Peter Kreeft 10/25/2021

The Debate Finisher on Sleep from D&C 123 09/17/2021

2020 Education Posts

Latter-day Saint Traditionalist University: Prominent Voices of Truth 11/10/2020

A Topical List of Progressive VS Traditionalist Philosophies: Awakening to the Great Divide 11/09/2020

Reasons Why I Homeschool: A Topical Introduction to a Zion Education 10/17/2020

2020 Church Education System Lecture with Elder Bednar – Lecture Notes 08/26/2020

Scriptures Study Techniques from Elder Bednar 03/29/2020

Language Learning Strategies & Resources 02/02/2020


2019 Education Posts

Professional Rules for Any Job 11/30/2019

Writing Academic Papers: 5 Step Beginners Guide 11/29/2019

Advice for Freshman College Students 11/29/2019

Keys to Successful Studying 11/29/2019

Joy: The Key to Learning 11/29/2019

Why We Study Various Key Fields 11/29/2019

Homeschool Forums 11/29/2019

Educational Resources 11/29/2019

The Ideal Classroom, Why we don’t Give Graded Homework, and Gospel Analogies 01/25/2019

2018 Education Posts

Little Sleep: What to Expect, How to Stay Awake, Polyphasic Sleep, Morning Routines 12/14/2018

Questions for the 1 Verse per Day Scripture Enthusiasts 12/13/2018

Steps to Making a Website 09/27/2018

Thou Shalt Keep a Journal – A Prophetic Mandate 09/12/2018

Careers Benefits of Nursing Track VS MD Track 09/08/2018

Learn Faster & Morning Routines by Jim Kwik – Lecture Notes 08/09/2018

The Temple as Model Schoolhouse 07/17/2018

How to Do What You Love: Philosophical Discussion on 3 Options For Vocation 07/23/2018

Selling the Soul to College: An Inevitable Eventual Defeat 06/16/2018

Prophets Say an Hour of Scripture Study Daily is Ideal 05/26/2018

Presentation: A Necessary Evil for the Sake of The Student: How and Why to Sell your Message 05/12/2018

Homeschool video clips from Blimey Cow 05/12/2018

National Home Education Research Institute (NHERI) Facts 05/05/2018

Jack Monnett on Homeschooling & The Restored Church – Lecture Notes 04/29/2018

Celestial Education – Homeschooling in the Restored Church of Jesus Christ by Michelle Stone – Lecture Notes 04/28/2018

Public Education Fraud by Joel Skousen – World Affairs Brief Excerpt 04/27/2018

Willpower Instinct by Kelly McGonigal – Book Notes 04/11/2018

Technology to Tell the World of A Savior by Elder Stevenson, Summary 02/01/2018
Why Learn Languages 01/24/2018

Prophetic Council Regarding Scripture Study 01/27/2018

Car Magnets I’ve Made 01/27/2018

Reasons why we do Scripture Study in the MORNING 01/27/2018

Joseph Campbell Literature: Message of Myth, First Storytellers, Love & The Goddess, Hero’s Adventure, Sacrifice & Bliss, Masks of Eternity – Documentary Notes 01/25/2018

Mass Academic Corruption: APA Homosexual Parenting “Research” & Beyond 01/25/2018

Directing Youths about Vocation in non-harmful ways & the non-pop version of the idea that there is more to life than career 01/24/2018

Vocation analysis by Hugh Nibley from BofM/PoGP Lectures 01/24/2018

On Sleep: Wisdom & Courage from Prophets & Other Inspired Individuals 01/23/2018

Career Choice, LDS Quotes composition 01/17/2018

Low Budget Library 01/17/2018

Study Smarter Not Harder by Kevin Paul – Book Introduction Highlights 01/17/2018

2018 Language Posts

Why Learn Languages 01/24/2018