Visions of Glory: One Man’s Astonishing Account of the Last Days by John Pontius – Book Highlights

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Highlighting Visions of Glory By Nate Richardson




On the Author & The Controversy. 4

Introductory Comments: Ponder Anew What The Almighty Can Do  5


On the Nature of Visions. 8

Spiritual Communication. 9

Spiritual Senses. 11

Ancestors. 12

Angels. 13

Ministry. 14

Destiny. 16

Cosmos. 17

Time. 18

Pre-mortal Spirit World. 19

Pre-mortal Education. 20

Evil Spirits. 21

Elemental Intelligence. 22


SLC Earthquakes, Flooding, & Collapse of USA   24

Foreign Troops & Persecution. 26

The Plague & Earthquake. 27

Political Correctness. 29

The Day of Miracles Begins 30

The Conference. 30

Gathering. 34

Translation, Urim’s, The Land Bridge, Divine Sciences, Inspiration  37

The Cavern Tribes. 43

Zion the New Jerusalem & The Tree of Life  46

The Second Coming & Millennium.. 51

His Coming. 54

Millennial Cosmology. 55







On the Author & The Controversy


John Pontius was scribe of these visions and published the book. Pontius also has other enlightening books. The man who had these visions never reveals his name so that people don’t come looking to him for more information about what is to come. He wants them to focus on the prophets and personal revelation as they continue their journey.


The book is written in narrative form like a story, and hence you’ll understand it much better by reading the book than my  notes. It is an account from the perspective of the person who had the visions. The author of this book experienced all these things firsthand in the visions he had; it’s what he saw and heard in his vision.

In the book Spencer tells us that in telling one of these visions to an Apostle, the Apostle said that it was of God. The author waited to release this information to the world until the Lord told him it was alright. He recognizes that official Church doctrine is from the President of the Church.


WHY HIM? Some say this man shouldn’t have such visions because he isn’t an Apostle. I think it is proper that this vision came to someone who is merely a member, because as Joseph Smith said, anyone can have revelations from God the same as any Church leader, it’s all based on personal worthiness and God’s will. The fact that this comes from a member and not an official Church representative puts us in a position to ask in faith whether this be of God. It allows those who aren’t ready for it to set it aside. It allows those who need the message to have access to it.


AUTHOR’S IDENTITY & CHARACTER: To some (including myself) the name of the man who had these visions is known. He is a righteous man who served as a bishop, worked for the church, etc.


ACCUSATIONS: False accusations have been made as is expected for any righteous endeavor, but those have been discovered to be false. The full backstory I cannot relate here. All I can tell you here is to pray about it, and let the Lord tell you whether this messenger is from God.


AN ANTAGONISTIC REBUTTAL: There’s an article against this book on Fair Mormon (now Fair Latter-day Saint). As is often the case with this group, I find their article isn’t really fair at all. Their assumptions minimize faith and the limit the potential miraculous events. They scrutinize the work with a narrow scope of possibilities. For instance, they insist that the question of the lost tribes is entirely settled, when in fact controversy on this topic still exists, as many quotations demonstrate. Ultimately you’ll have to read their rebuttal yourself, read the book yourself (people forget that part), pray about it, and make your own conclusions.


THE CRAZIES: There are also some crazies who have used the marvelous ideas in this book to justify their strange acts, claiming inspiration of the spirit. Though this book teaches about the spirit, it doesn’t in any way justify the crazies or their deeds.


THE CHURCH STANCE: The Church has on its website a statement about this book saying that it is not associated with this book. The site doesn’t condemn the book. It is true that this material isn’t for church, it is for people to read and determine by inspiration how to be used. The job of the Church has always been to dispense the ordinances and basic gospel teachings. The messages of this book are best for informal settings rather than formal church settings. Like many other books, this book isn’t official church doctrine, but is rather meditations on church doctrines, and possibilities to be considered, with some elements of it being possibly symbolic or according to the understanding of the author. So it is with many doctrines: the Church can and does have a hands off approach to many topics, which allows it to focus on other things


MY OPINION: As for me, I find the book enlightening, encouraging, and ringing true on many levels, even if not entirely accurate in every particular. It is with excitement and confidence that I proceed to share this work by what to me has been inspiration.


Introductory Comments: Ponder Anew What The Almighty Can Do


How these highlights are arranged: I have taken notes on the book and rearranged them by topic. These are notes from my thoughts during reading and don’t represent the entire book, nor all the ideas expressed therein.


This book has brought me to rejoice, expanding my mind like the song in our hymn book says, “ponder anew what the Almighty can do.”


Like the D&C suggests we do with the Apocrypha, use the spirit to guide you in what is in line with prophecy and what isn’t. Elder Pratt speaks of the man filled with the spirit as having the spirit of prophecy, and being able to spell out the events of the last days. Look at this text with those lens.

A Sample of the text, the first 20 pages basically, can be found at this link:

See also, and The author invites readers to speak with him in these venues.
Also remember Joseph Smith said that we must stretch our minds high up to heaven.

Also remember Joseph Smith said that he never heard of a man being damned for believing too much, but he had heard of many people being damned for believing too little.

Also remember that often when the prophets say to avoid speculation, they are referring to risky business ordeals that put our family finance in jeopardy and cause us to focus too much on money. Recall that Parly P Pratt said not to get stuck on the first principals and ordinances of the gospel in your study (See post of “Scripture Study” for this and similar quotes). He also said that it’s false doctrine that we should not try to understand all the things in the revelations which God has given us.

Recall that prophets have said that element has intelligence in it and hears and obeys God, this being part of how God creates. Thus the idea related in this book is not so farfetched.

I also note 1 Ne. 14:26 God has shown visions of the last days to Nephi and John the Beloved, but ALSO OTHERS, whom are not allowed to speak of them until the Lord’s timing is right.

I also note Elder Scott in a recent General Conference talk said that we can build relationships with people who have passed on to the other side of the veil.

I suggest the book “Life Everlasting” as a book to read before this go get a better knowledge of what the prophets have said on many topics this book covers. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to see that many of these ideas are endorsed by the prophets.

Recall that in a vision from a prophet (more detail on that in another location) saw that Joseph Smith would come back and be a part of the gathering of Israel once again as the time toward the Second Coming of Christ grew neigh. This supports what you’ll read here. I am not sure what the 10th article of faith means by a literal gathering and the restoration of the ten tribes, but it is noteworthy that the word “literal” is used in that passage.

Recall that Moses 7 speaks of the New Jerusalem being established BEFORE the Millennium, as is said in this text, in order to be a place where the Saints can prepare for the return of Jesus Christ at his Second Coming.

Recall that the Doctrine and Covenants of the Church say that the New Jerusalem will be built in Missouri.

Recall that Elder Nelson of the 12 Apostles said that the gathering place for Mexicans is Mexico, for Europeans is in Europe, for Russians is in Russia, etc. This idea is expressed in these visions, showing not only Missouri to be a gathering place, but also other cities of Zion to be established around the world. Recall prophets have said that not everyone needs to go to Missouri. Certainly, Missouri will be the center stake and various Zion cities will exist; where we go will depend on where we are called to serve.


Recall this quote of Elder Oaks which goes well with the theme of this book, “If we harden our hearts, reject continuing revelation, and limit our learning to what we can obtain by study and reason on the precise language of the present canon of scriptures, our understanding will be limited to what Alma called “the lesser portion of the word” (Alma 12:11)….What makes us different from most other Christians in the way we read and use the Bible and other scriptures is our belief in continuing revelation. For us, the scriptures are not the ultimate source of knowledge, but what precedes the ultimate source. The ultimate knowledge comes by revelation….Just as continuing revelation enlarges and illuminates the scriptures, so also a study of the scriptures enables men and women to receive revelations. Elder Bruce R. McConkie said, “I sometimes think that one of the best-kept secrets of the kingdom is that the scriptures open the door to the receipt of revelation” (Doctrines of the Restoration, ed. Mark L. McConkie, Salt Lake City: Bookcraft, 1989, p. 243). This happens because scripture reading puts us in tune with the Spirit of the Lord.” (“Scripture Reading and Revelation” by Elder Oaks, Jan. 1995 Ensign




On the Nature of Visions

-Like how Paul in the New Testament describes it, some visions are so real that we can’t tell if we are in the body or not.

-We can help each other understand the visions we have.


-Visions like these can help people turn their lives toward Christ and away from their selfish views.

Note- it seems there are some who mock the sharing of spiritual experiences, and discourage it. But God has given these experiences to be shared. Let us speak of God’s glory, of his real interactions with us! We are under covenant to bear witness of God, including his power! In the April 2024 general conference, one speaker righteously shared how he raised someone from the dead by the power of Christ. Bravo!

-Keep our visions sacred and to ourselves unless the Lord inspires you otherwise.
Note- sometimes it’s about timing and setting.

-In this book is part of the vision; scary parts are held back.


-The man who had these visions died multiple times, that’s when he had the visions.

-Self-interpretation of visions is dangerous, wait on the Lord for His interpretation.

Spiritual Communication


-Some spiritual states include thinking about something and getting the answer.

-Spiritual experiences can have layers of meaning, small in length but long in learning.


Note- I experienced this in the MTC when Elder Holland came and spoke to us, it was like a massive wave hit us, then even after leaving that meeting, more waves came crashing upon me with more and more meanings of what he said, it was a powerful sacred experience I will never forget. We couldn’t handle it all at once, it came part by part, and seems to still feed me. After this talk all the missionaries walked around as though in a haze, we all looked at each other and couldn’t talk, we all know what each other were experiencing, and it was powerful in a way beyond description.




-Non-verbal communication can fill a person faster than verbal communication. Verbal communication can be accompanied by non-verbal communication, words spoken from one mind to another (not just body language or hand gestures). In 1 thought you can communicate your entire feeling /message to someone and they understand completely.

-Once dead, a person can have unusual senses telling him when someone is lying etc. One may hear all the thoughts of others and know all the details of their lives. He felt not to judge, merely full of information. Increased compassion is felt for people. One can focus on many things fully at the same time. One has no pain. As the life of one flashes before them, they see all the details of all the lives of all the people involved.

-Resurrected beings can silently speak spiritually to each other to coordinate their efforts.


-Most of us ignore the continuing guidance of God because we are too busy entertaining and pleasing ourselves. Spirits surround mortals and try to get their attention so they can influence them including yelling at them.

-The spirit can help people know what it’s like to go through trials they have not been through. Understanding others often causes one to stop thinking ill of them.

-Just like mortals, not all spirits speak to each other, but simply go about their assignments.

-Those who didn’t listen to God as mortals continue to ignore God as spirits.

-Good spirits intervene in our lives to help us learn our life mission. Evil spirits always are trying to get us to not do our life mission.


Spiritual Senses


-The fall of Adam darkened all of our senses and memory.


-Memories are what cause spirits pain.

-When in spirit, gore doesn’t affect us as much, only as something sad, not gross.


-A spirit can leave the body at times of immense pain, then return when such is past.

-Some spirits initially refuse to accept that they are dead because the state of the dead is still a tangible state. Ministering angels come to these people to help them embrace the reality of their death.

-Good spirits honor the shape of their body because God is who gave them their body; bad spirits may change shape (like when the evil spirits were cast out into swine in the New Testament). The evil spirits appear in various shapes, like Satan as a snake, but never can change gender.

-Good spirits come to heal generational wounds. They come to help people who join the church who follow righteousness.

-Our weak bodies hold back the progression of our powerful spirits; this is the state of people since the fall of Adam. The spirit to enter a body is like being crammed into a tight spot and is most painful. The bodies we have suffer from the fall of Adam.

Note- God has a body and in the resurrection we get our bodies again but it’s hard to train the body to be what it needs to be.

-The spirit away from the body is ever aware of what is happening to the body even when it is not beside it.


Note- recall Welsh pioneer John Parry (my 4th grandfather), the first leader of the Tabernacle Choir, raising one from the dead where the person reports to have known what happened while he was dead, he being hovering over them in his spirit.


-People can be impressed to know when surgery is or is not needed for their condition (despite doctors).


-We must go through suffering so people will trust we can relate to them and see we know how it is. There is a way people can discern if you are part of this “Fellowship of the Suffering of Christ.” Suffering we experience is to prepare us for a specific mission, hence the fellowship of the suffering of Christ. There is no other way. It creates a recognizable mark on a person, a glow. Priesthood service, not fearing sacrifice, serves Jesus Christ directly. It prepares earth for His coming. Purity and sanctification qualify you.




-When people die, they don’t die alone but take a piece of the heart of those who love them.


-Before born, people are involved in their parents’ lives as a ministering angel.
Note- this makes a lot of sense, that we would be involved with helping our families not only after death, but before birth.


-It is a family responsibility of spirits to serve their mortal family members as ministering angels, to heal, to protect, and fortify family relationships and covenants. (Note- Hence the import of doing your own family history names over doing random ones.)

-In the spirit world, the gospel must be taught by those who received it in life. Hence, spirits are anxious for people with the gospel to die and come among them. Note- I am familiar with ancestors passed on who are preaching in the spirit world who didn’t have the gospel in life.


-When a spirit accepts a gospel ordinance performed on their behalf on earth, a ceremony of that ordinance is performed for them in the spirit world. They must keep up with the work that is done for them on earth and this causes them to be very busy.

-Most blessings mortals receive are from their righteous dead ancestors. They are sent by Jesus Christ in response to our prayers, etc. When a person has no righteous ancestors, their blessings are delivered by another righteous person, who attends first to his family, hence the blessings may be delayed. Hence it is a great blessing to have righteous ancestors.

Note the import of doing your own family history names over doing random ones.

-Dying in a foreign land is less favorable than dying at your homeland.





-The angels with a glow about them are the ones on errand from God. They usually wear white robes and find joy in what they do.

-There are classes of angels, levels of righteousness of angels.

-Mortals who listen to their hearts, although they be unaware of the angels present, receive comfort and begin to glow.


-The greater angels have power to withhold their identity so not even a spirit could discern it.
Note- this may be to help in teaching situations, like on the road to Emmaus, where people walked with the Savior but didn’t realize it was Him at first.

-Some angels are resurrected and are among us acting like normal people though we don’t recognize it. Many angels help births to happen, i.e. if a baby dies in the hospital they resuscitate them sometimes. Sometimes the nurses in a hospital seem like normal people but are angels. When a stillborn is born, angels revived it to live.


-Some angels have multi-colored eyes. Angels’ clothes go to ankles and wrists. Women angels’ hair goes down past the shoulders. God’s angels always ask permission to interact with people. God’s angels can bring to your memory experiences with Christ. Angels may command you to think positively. Angels may instruct you to write experiences in your journal, and not doubt. You may hear angels when others don’t.


-Angels good and evil are always present; we control which spirits are with us by our behavior; we are in charge and must choose. Since our agency is sacred, we must invite the good angels to influence us. Asking God for help even in the small things enables us to receive God’s aid.

-Even good intentions, thoughts of God, distant pleas, these cause good angels to come. Servants of Christ are like lanterns who push away dark evil spirits when they enter. Angels deliver blessings from Jesus Christ.

-Angels live in the truest reality; mortality is less of a reality.

-Some angels are more powerful than others because of their increased level of righteousness which they observed in mortality.




-The spirit can prompt you to tell you who you will help.


-Our lives at times are spared not merely for our sake but for those we will help. Note- this is a deep truth!


-A name is something that shows you know something of that person. When Jesus Christ calls your name, you may get the experience of seeing yourself as He sees you. Once you hear the Savior say your name you never think of your name in the way you used to before, with great appreciation.-The spirit can prompt you to tell you who you will help.

-When one sees their life ‘rehearsal’, they see it through the eyes of the love of God, with that perspective. They also see the ripple effect of all the good and bad they did in life.

-Some friendships were arranged before birth and are for specific purposes, ordained and engineered by God for our salvation.

-God doesn’t just send us to earth; he is involved in the minute matters of our lives. We are what he spends his time on!

-Get in the habit of ‘return and report.’ Have your children tell you their duty, how they did, and the result of such. This is an eternal method. We report to God on our lives after death in great detail.



-We can learn the gift of discernment. We can grow to have the capacity of seeing the lives of the people we deal with. We can understand them, their history, their heart, etc., which gives us more capacity to love and serve them.

-When giving priesthood blessings, say the will of God and don’t try to merely please the recipient; God may show the recipient the truth during the blessing if you aren’t willing to say it. Coming to terms with the truth is always the best thing. Note- it is good to pray beforehand about what God wants to be said in the blessing, then do as prompted.

-As we turn our lives over to God it may be hard to explain to family why we are changing our plans, but it must be done. Try to help them know God told you this is his will. Note- often God’s will is contrary to reason, and those who refuse to see with eyes of faith will never understand the methods of the faithful.

-Faith to be healed isn’t automatic, it takes work to develop it.




-We had to learn how to come to earth, and we must learn how to get back to God. The way to God may be understood as a pillar or portal of light, such as is often seen when we are about to die.

-During a hug from Jesus, you may get bursts of intimate personal spiritual knowledge, thrilling knowledge, and rejuvenation.


-Never doubt that your life mission will be fulfilled.


-There is a certain amount of things we in our bodies must learn to become complete. Note- It is important to get our work done now so we can progress

-The spirit may know of future trials to come. One must rely on Christ to accomplish those things, for they are daunting in their grandeur. In pre mortality we made a promise that we would be successful in our pursuit of exaltation. Our spirits are more advanced; they come into bodies in order to get those bodies ready for exaltation.

-Some choose their life path before being born.


-Many come to this earth with almost god-like dispositions in their spirits, it’s the body that slows us down. We are to train our bodies to be subject to Christ and overcome the fall.

Note- prophets have taught that once we could no longer progress further in our spirits in pre-mortality, we needed to come to earth and get a body to grow further. This of course has its limits, as Christ himself didn’t come to earth until the meridian of time, and many elect spirits were held back until the last dispensation to complete special missions there, and to experience special trials.

-In order to progress, you must learn to see people as beings with capacity to become gods, even infants.


-We are to learn who we are as God knows us. It’s not for us to show God who we are, but to learn from God who we are.


-You don’t have to be an Apostle for God to purify you to your best self.

-When we see Jesus Christ, our spirit knows him as the most familiar person in the universe. We remember what he has done for us and are overwhelmed by his appearance. Note- unless it’s him withholding his identity like on the road to Emmaus, or like in his mortal ministry when many didn’t recognize him.

-The energy that Christ emits in his space is that like of the sun, where all emanates from and revolves around Him.

-Jesus Christ is a little over 6-foot, blue eyes, dark hair to the shoulders with a beard closely shaven. He wears robes of white and red and old sandals. He stands on something but not the ground, it’s a little above the ground.





-There are multiple universes, each either Celestial Terrestrial or Telestial. Universes are efficiently folded together; we only see one plain, but there are many; when the earth moves such as happened with the Fall of Adam, this folding changes to accommodate. He saw God creating multiple galaxies.


Note- that is a very interesting point about the fall, at which time Earth fell through space, as prophets have taught.



Note- you might view each ‘universe’ as a disk, upon which there are many other disks, and below which there are many other disks. Galaxies and solar systems are planar, so universes may be too. Of course, the word universe can refer to ‘all things,’ or a very large amount of material, such as the amount we are aware of now.

-For those who want nothing to do with God, He creates for them a place to live away from him according to their desire.


Note- the book The Kolob Theorem makes an interesting suggestion that outer darkness is a place beyond galaxies in the dark and that Gods dwell in the bright centers of galaxies. Interestingly, Brigham Young said that our sun revolves around Kolob, which would put Kolob as the galaxy center.



-Spirit time is different than mortal time. What feels like 6 hours to a spirit is really 20 minutes to a mortal.
Note- We know about this from scripture, that 1 day to God is 1000 years to man.

-God does not live by time and can be at any place or time, traveling about, similar to the means of a time portal.


Note- of course, God has appointed times for things and time is a great constant, but God’s moving through it could be something we cannot now comprehend.

-We will learn to work without hindrance of time or distance; these conditions will help us prepare the world for the coming of Jesus Christ.

Pre-mortal Spirit World


-In the spirit world, nothing grows or decays or is harvested or manipulated in shape. Aing decay and opposition were hard for spirits to understand. There is no hunger for spirits.




-We will be able to see depths of waters whereas now they are murky. Touching water won’t get us wet as spirits. Spirit water isn’t H2O and spirits can walk in it; the floor of it is like a garden with paths, and fish do not scare away when petted.


-Grass is not damaged when you walk on it in the spirit world. It is tangible but in a finer way. Flowers of great variety which can’t be currently seen are in the spirit world.

-Plants grass and stones have no self-will or personality; they merely praise God. They understand your thoughts and can communicate history to you, etc. They seem to ever ask the children of Adam how they can serve them, this being the design of their creation.

-Our pre-mortal home was a big beautiful pearly mansion that Father created. The building expresses joy at the return of the children. There are no beds in pre-mortal rooms. The mansion has seamless doors, suggesting God commanded them to grow into that shape. God can build things without tools. Our memory of pre-mortality will return!

-One could imagine an object and a spiritual rendering of it would appear for use. The user could read the memories of what it had been through like the bible.


Pre-mortal Education

-Pre-mortal training was structured and the same for everyone. A room would be a virtual of whatever one wished to learn about, such as the time of the creation of the earth, or the birth of Christ – it would virtually be displayed before you. Upon having a question, the answer formed in one’s mind. The environment of the room shaped itself to give the answer. Not everyone was equally interested in education or equally per sued it.

-The author doesn’t recall everyone having the same parents in pre mortality.

Note- as in perhaps some had different mothers than others; this would be feasible since Abraham had a similar situation.

-Most of pre-mortal childhood was spent in personal care of Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother. We aren’t allowed to remember Mother to protect her and this is how it should be.

-Study desks have screens/portals in front of them where desired objects are seen, felt, etc. handled. Just touching a book gives one all the info in it. Touching it a little longer showed more depth of authors life etc., or all characters in the book.

Evil Spirits


-Some people are simply evil and delight in the suffering of others. To understand God, you must be aware of the evil, like how Christ had to descend beneath all things. Some people have a lust for everything evil, and ever think of war, and sacrifice virgins and children because of bad religion and want for revenge; this is why some nations are in poverty because their people did these things.

-Some people use suffering as an excuse to do evil or seek revenge, others use it to sanctify themselves. We must learn to drink the bitter cup without becoming bitter ourselves.


-Evil spirits find joy in mischief and try to throw off what the good spirits do. Little can be known about who they are or where they are from; they emanate darkness, and even looking at them causes a bad feeling. Evil spirits are on assignment to do their tormenting. Evil spirits mock the angels of light. The evil spirits don’t like to be noticed, and vanish and reappear in another location when they are detected at times.

-Evil people now dead come and look forward to people sinning and hope for such and yell in people’s faces while they sin to egg them on. Pre-mortal evil spirits only care about controlling people, keeping them under their spell, whacking them, jumping at them. Evil spirits enter the room when people go to sin; seeing people’s choice to sin, they can then enter. They get some of the pleasure of the sinful act. Many evil spirits contend with each other to get to come to these events of sin. Good spirits are driven away at such sinful occasions, till a person can’t hear them, and then the good spirits have to leave from the evil behavior. The evil spirits push each other out of the way to enter the person, in great violence they attack the sinner like wild dogs. Satan gets people to addictions because it’s easy and it destroys relationships. Evil spirits can prompt people in dreams to go and do evil.

-Unrepentant addicts who die don’t go to Christ and hence are never cured. They go around earth seeking people they can use to temporarily ease their torment; even then they don’t fully feel the gratification that the sinner does.


Note- obviously the mortal sinner never gets all his pain eased through drugs; often people begin drugs for a high, but they continue to do drugs to avoid the painful withdrawal feelings that come as a result of addiction.

-When sinners resist devils, the evils scream at them, and repeatedly attack. (Note- consider the old fable of a bad person requiring only one devil to get him to do evil, and a good man requiring 10 devils to get him to do evil.) Dark emotions separate us from the Holy Ghost. Sinners in their bad habits develop relationships with devils and learn to obey them.

-At night clubs there are more evil spirits than mortals, as well as at horse races where the theme is gambling. Evil spirits promote horse races. (Note- gambling involves getting something for nothing, which is in direct opposition to God’s command ‘six days thou shalt work’.)

-When giving in to evil, a ‘black hole’ opens over one’s head where evil spirits fight each other to enter quickly.

-People obsessed with entertainment choke out the Holy Ghost and good angels are caused to leave; focusing too much on school does this as well.


-Evil decreases the light of Christ on earth and hence makes the earth a less suitable physical environment to live in, not just spiritual damage. All humanity suffers when darkness reigns, hence earthquakes happen even in places where it’s not most evil.



Elemental Intelligence


-Elements have intelligence.


Note- we know this from prophets including Parley P Pratt & Brigham Young, who taught that elements have a tiny bit of intelligence inside of them so they know to obey God when he commands.


-A desk is pleased at the craftsman who made it and is pleased that it was not used for an evil purpose. It is from a tree, and that element is pleased with being what it is and has a little willpower. All it can do is serve God and enjoy being of service to him. It doesn’t have a will of its own.


Note- Hence the scripture that even the dirt is above mankind since at least the dirt obeys God when commanded. Mankind, however, are more intelligent, they are given the gift of free agency. They are children of God, embryos of God with the potential to become like him.


-Items that have been used for immoral purposes cry out to God with actual sound in pleas for justice; our ears can’t hear this, only spiritual ears. These items remember the details of the abuse done around or by them, know the effects of such, and remember such to bring accusations (to God) against the criminal.

-The spirit who goes through a desk knows about the wood it was made from, the carpenter who built it, and all the people who have ever touched it. The desk communicates its life and interactions with you with pleasure, as element is pleased when it can be used in the benefit of the posterity of Adam.
Note- recall the scripture where Jesus said that if people refrained from praising him, the rocks would cry out his praise.

-The test of our spirits in having a body is that the body desires almost everything that is contrary to God’s plan.
Note- Consider how many temptations from Satan center on the misuse of the body. Consider Christ’s statement that “the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. In the book of Ether it says our natures are fallen and are evil continually.

-Things created by God voice their contentment to be creations of God. Man-made things like steel and plastic are harder for a spirit to walk through, harder to know their history, and have no voice. Rocks have farther-back memories than wood because they have existed longer. They express long-time faith in Jesus Christ. One can learn to commune with all earthen things, but it’s extremely difficult because the earth is so intelligent. The earth is living, and can be thought of to be like a giant human, totally obedient to God, and hence very intimidating!
Note- prophets have indeed taught that earth is living.

-Rocks and wood have a positive vibe. They are easier for a spirit to be around than humans, as a spirit can see all the evil of the human, every secret and pain and lie. (Note- perhaps this is why being in nature is so enjoyable, it’s where righteous spirits like to be.)


-Consider the joy of associating with exalted beings when even a rock with it’s minuscule intelligence is a joy to commune with! The person who had these visions was in a state where he could commune with rocks, hence he tells all these things. In the Millennium, we will learn how to experience the earth; to understand/commune with it




SLC Earthquakes, Flooding, & Collapse of USA

-God’s judgments are oft wrongly interpreted as natural disasters and occurrences.


-Factories, banks, and global businesses will all shut down overnight and money will be worthless.


-Almost all water won’t be drinkable because of war.



-Massive earthquake in SLC to come in fall season. The destroyed SLC looks like it does today (this will happen soon). Mexico, California, and South America will be shaken and become islands; major cities fall. Inland areas will not as damaged.


-Europe will not as badly hurt as the USA, for Europe will send help to America. Robbers will be in all cities at large.

-Survivors march to western USA.
Note: We have long expected the west to be a place of many refugees.

-SLC will flood, the mountains will fall, I-15 will be covered with water. Many Church members and others will be angry and in despair.


-The SLC temple will survive the damage though it will have some water damage to be renovated. Only worthy members will be able to go in the temple to fix it.

Foreign Troops & Persecution


-10,000’s of foreign troops land at America to aid, patrol, and kill defenseless locals.


-Because of the collapse of civil authority, the Church will be the only organized group of people left in the USA, other than the foreign troops. In SLC because of the Church, they didn’t just give over control to foreign troops, nor stop helping when relief efforts came. The foreign soldiers have blue-green helmets.

-Foreign troops want to establish their own government but the operating Church in SLC stops that to an extent.


-At the flood time, what remains of the Federal Government will send out propaganda for people to submit to a new world order, claiming that all was different and changed, hence the foreign troops coming with provisions instead of bombs and guns. The propaganda may have been from the foreign troops, most of the people eventually decided such.

-The troops waiver in wanting to kill resistant Church members, Utahns, as they’re all mostly LDS, and some troops are LDS.

-The foreign troops will be anti-USA and anti-LDS Church, and will issue propaganda against the Church. The Holy Ghost will guide people to not fight the foreign troops or the laws the foreign troops set up but to wait upon the Lord quietly.


-The troops passed laws saying LDS Church had no say in civic affairs. Some LDS leaders were publicly executed. To ensure no LDS people had civil authority, they made it so no American could have civil authority since many LDS are American.

-Atomic weapons will take USA national defense and Utah’s defense out.


The Plague & Earthquake

-A man-induced plague will kill about 25% of people. Some foreign troops will be inoculated against it. It takes time for people to find this out.

-A UN wreath was on signs on plague posters and on every door saying no one with it could go in with plague; this is the same as John Taylor’s vision where he saw signs of mourning on every door. On the plague signs on doors, the people had to put stickers of how many people inside were dead and alive, and wept as they went out to change the numbers. The foreign troops had bar codes they would scan on each door to keep track of numbers.

-Those who touched the ooze from the pores of the red bursted spots would get the disease. Over 50% of the people exposed to the plague died.

-When symptoms came of the plague (red spots all over) they would die about 12 hours later.

-If you got sick and survived you became immune.

-From the earthquake and plague about 50% of all people were killed

-Those with food storage had hope. Few LDS had it.

-People lived in the Churches in quartered-off sections.

-There was no USA Federal Government, things were being run by the foreign troops. There were no jails, only executions by the foreign troops. The foreign troops got rid of civil liberties.

-The plague spread, even if unintentionally, to Europe Asia, and Africa, and hit harder there than at America. Over time this caused a complete collapse of society in those places. Then many more floods earthquakes diseases hurricanes and tornadoes came. The nations which launched the plagues and nuclear weapons were effected to utter obliteration by the natural disasters. The faithful migrated to Zion by guide of angels and translated beings.




Political Correctness

-About 30 years after the counterculture of political correctness began, including assaults on Christian values and traditions, the tribulation of plague, nukes, and many natural disasters began. The people making their evil policy made it seem good virtuous fair accepted and compassionate. They became unable to discern the Holy Ghost. The people who went along with the evil teachings had no help for themselves, but had to entirely rely on the foreign troops for their economy & food, who had no concern for their long term life and good.

-Many Church members gave all they had to the Church and the Church helped feed those who came to it.

-That next winter there was no snow, rivers and lakes became clearer, and more beautiful sun rises and sun sets occurred like the earth was getting cleansed. There was also ash in the air.

-For the most part priesthood blessings would not cure the plague.

The Day of Miracles Begins


-100’s of Priesthood blessings were administered, healing thousands of people, healing or raising from the dead 100% of whom was blessed, unless the rare chance of other dictation in the blessing. The Holy Ghost guided them in where to go and who to bless. The saints received new spiritual gifts, and considered that they had the fullness of the priesthood. They gave blessings all day and into the night healing, and told them not to tell the foreign troops about it. This healed them emotionally as well as physically, and all this quickly. These headings united the Saints. The day of miracles had begun. Their faith grew and could be seen. They knew God would cause them to survive. Much missionary work ensued as others were healed and asked what made the latter-day saints able to do that, and many people converted to the Church.

-Regular communication from the Church began to come, and a list of people who had died was circulated.

-Several months after the flood in October it wasn’t cold because of debris in air.

-The saints began to get more strength, more than other people, including many of the women. We could see something changing in each other physically & spiritually.


The Conference

-The 1st Sunday in Oct. a General Conference was held in the Conference Center in SLC. Representatives of the Church went around giving invitations, a different color of torn paper for each session. There was still much rubble and destruction.

-If our children live far away at time of the destruction described here, we will not know of their welfare, as there won’t be phones.

-The Church set up large screens on sides of the temple run by generators to show people the conference (there was no public electricity). The area was packed with people who came to see it who extended along streets. The screen & loudspeakers carried the message far. Foreign soldiers left so there would be more room for the saints because even they could feel the great peace ensuing. No cars or other things were moving around.

-Many of the General Authorities who were killed were well known by the author, some of his longtime friends (this suggests these events will soon occur).

-The first conference session was a funeral. There was sorrow, but mostly anticipation, feeling something great to come. There were no dissenters, only people eager to listen. The Holy Ghost there was strong, it felt electric.

-The Conference taught gospel principals, how to rebuild and regroup, and on the future of the Church and the world.

-The last session of conference was only for who were given a red invitation. Those going to the last session were like an army marching to it together. In this final session, all the remaining Apostles were recognized the author (who was attending this).


-One person sat where the First Presidency sits, the others had been killed. Joseph Smith Jr., founder of the Church, was on the stand. It appeared that a young Brigham Young, John Taylor, and other ancient prophets now resurrected were also on the stand. About 1/2 of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir was there, the rest were dead. A new 1st Presidency & Apostles were announced to fill the vacancies of those who had died. A resurrected Apostle stood, witnessed, and all knew he had seen Christ and been held in his arms.


-Joseph Smith Jr. spoke at the conference with pure knowledge weaving ancient scripture with his witness and had greater command of the language than anyone. He said he would work through the current prophet whom he recognized by name and that he was not going to do his own side program or take over the Church government.

-Adam-Ondi-Ahman was reported by Joseph Smith, that only a few attended, the heads of each prior dispensation whom gave their keys to Adam, then Christ came, Adam knelt before Christ and gave him the report of all the work and the keys. Christ accepted it and told them they did well.



-A gathering of Saints at SLC commenced, Joseph Smith announced it at General Conference and said many would come there prompted by God.

-Joseph Smith said there would be other Gathering places like Canada and Mexico as well, and those ordained for certain locations like Missouri would go there. Once all were gathered, the Millennium would commence and Jesus Christ would personally come and rule on earth. Joseph Smith said the miracles thus far were small compared to what they would see, and that this was the meaning of the fullness of times.

-Jesus Christ was at the meeting, Joseph Smith introduced him. Christ stood and the veil was lifted from the eyes of those in attendance, and they saw that it was Jesus. He was dressed in a black business suit with a white shirt and a red tie, his clothes were smudged showing he had been helping others. The glory around him increased until his clothes all appeared white from the glory. It was the Holy Ghost causing the people to be able to see him in his glory and not be consumed; Christ’s glory was always there but it was veiled to them until this time. More revelation and peace came to those in attendance about how to help their family members and others they were sent to earth to minister to. Some at the meeting were being translated (Note- see the scriptures etc. for what that means, a change of body etc. like John the Revelator and the 3 Nephites).


(Christ portrayed in 21st century attire, which goes with some of this book. I found this image here:



-When Jesus Christ spoke, all heard His first word as their own name, and in their minds, they saw a vision of their life missions, including all to whom they would minister. Jesus Christ then blessed all people at the same time with personal blessings that came to their minds, and they all knew were directly from Him.

-Attendants received assignments and had to travel for a year to some of them. The Apostles would show up there months before them, as they would travel by the Holy Ghost. The assignments people were receiving were shown to them each in their mind.

-Church authorities had set everyone apart to fulfill their latter-day assignments from Christ. They had formal callings before getting authority even though they may have seen the vision of it.




Most traveling groups of Saints were to go to a certain nation etc. and build Zion there. The companies of traveling Saints had to learn to rely on Christ more and more.

-Some of the nuclear bombs that went off were buried underground like a sabotage attack.

-While on the journey the saints made side trips to preach or serve people or gather more people who were prepared by God as directed by the Spirit. They often had visions of what would happen that day, whom they would meet, how to prepare, and how to deal with those they would encounter. Joseph Smith at the General Conference had said that these gifts of the spirit etc. were what it meant in the scriptures that the fullness of times had come, this is all part of it, like the scripture says, that greater things will be revealed now than ever have before.

-One spiritual gift some had was to teach and preach with such power that the enemies wouldn’t stop them. It wasn’t eloquence or long oration, but simple words which couldn’t be disbelieved when this gift was manifest.

-Another gift was to read men’s hearts, intent, needs, and to know how to reply to strangers or foreign troops, knowing that they were lying to you.

-Gatherers went to get those they were assigned to bring without waiting for them to come to them.

-Often those with authority to represent the Church instructed members they found to stay where they were and build Zion there.



-Saints were focused on building Zion, because when that was accomplished, more people would come and join the Church. (Note- remember that Zion and the Church are separate things, we covenant to build the Church, and Zion. Zion is a series of holy cities.)

-Money exchange became unimportant; food fuel and necessities were traded for but not with money. Horses were the main transportation if you had them.

-The groups of saints traveled along the countryside, not at big cities where it was so much more dangerous. The saints often camped in the countryside and sent only a few into town to exchange once they received word from the Holy Ghost that such would be alright.

-There was a presidency chosen over each traveling group, 12 appointed under them, and the older men would oft be spiritual advisors who would give their opinion after getting confirmation from the Holy Ghost.

-Small towns survived better than large ones, and more quickly reestablished law and order. Gangs ran the big cities. The Saints had night watch to keep the camp safe. When people came to steal their food they simply gave them food.

-Pray silently for the youth throughout the day and they’ll perform better.

-Wherever stakes of Zion had been organized prior to the earthquakes, there were places of safety the Saints gathered to there. These were in Europe, South America, etc.

Note- this is as the D&C 115:6 assures, that the stakes are places of safety when God pours out wrath without measure. Here’s the passage: “And that the gathering together upon the land of Zion, and upon her stakes, may be for a defense, and for a refuge from the storm, and from wrath when it shall be poured out without mixture upon the whole earth.”

-The Church had a communication system set up where it kept them informed of world events. Records were kept of which cities they ministered to on the way etc, and then they reported to Apostles.

-The groups that arrived in Canada learned that not all of them would go to Missouri, but that there in Canada would be a similar city of the same magnitude. Some groups were sent to other nations to build Zion in those places.

-Eventually, the Saints were able to understand each other despite only being able to speak their native languages. This also happened at times when teaching people who spoke a foreign language. The internet had disappeared, as well as TV and radio.

-Those with good knowledge of the scriptures could tell better about what would unfold and how the events occurring fit into the scheme of things.

-The leaders of the new Zion cities being constructed had been preparing for such for decades and knew how to handle the situations.

-The leaders had made a map showing Missouri as the center place like a bull’s eye, then rings going out around such where cities of Zion were planned; the goal was to have evenly spaced cities of Zion filling the entire continent.

-There were no more mountains in the US, they had fallen and become small hills.


Translation, Urim’s, The Land Bridge, Divine Sciences, Inspiration

-In the Zion cities they built permanent well-made large buildings, and farmed, etc. People in the Cities of Zion had their bodies changing and their spiritual IQ increasing.



-In places where government was restored, it was usually martial law and based on controlling people, and often civil wars emerged. The cities of Zion had nothing to do with those. The destruction had so far caused 1/2 of everyone on earth to die, and fighting outside the cities of Zion reduced that number by 1/2 again.

-The people were not just to travel to Zion, but to make themselves Zion. They had to learn to depend only on God and on nothing from the telestial world. One brother traveling to a City of Zion of great faith was shown in vision that he would make it, but he was dwindling from not having his diabetes medication. He almost died and had to learn to rely on God, not medicine, then he was healed and went forward.


-The law of “by the sweat of thy brow” had been amended, and in time, the Saints learned to use the priesthood to meet their needs, whereas before they relied on society and hard labor. There were no permanent plans for utilities since millennial bodies don’t hunger, thirst, or produce waste. The light of God would brighten the sky, and personal Urim and Thummim’s would be used for communication. They built things but knew that eventually all such would be of no use, things like factories clinics sawmills, and other industries.

-The changing bodies of the Saints would not get tired. In Zion, the people rotated from job to job unless they had specialties.

-A new land bridge is created from Russia to Alaska, and people come to America by this, and learn that they are the lost tribes of Israel. Those who lead them were literally angels, though the travelers mostly didn’t recognize them; some were from thousands of years ago, some from this day in time, some were translated beings. These angels had taught and baptized them. They were in rags when they arrived but were glowing with faith.



-Progress of building in what used to be called Missouri went very fast; the leaders of the Church had been preparing for such for a long time.

-Translated people would only tell each other about their having been translated. They had greater views, understandings, and spiritual gifts. They knew in time they would be impervious to injury but for now they didn’t have to sleep much at all, eat much at all, and when wounded if they prayed to God they would heal in a few minutes. If they just let it be it would heal in a few weeks rather than months or killing them. They didn’t feel pain when wounded; they didn’t know if sleep and food were even needed; they could go off of a few minutes of sleep.


-Translated beings could understand complex things quickly, and quickly come up with inspired correct answers to complex issues and concepts. They weren’t tempted. Revelation to them was unending. The iron rod became a part of them. Their ability to love greatly increased. The Holy Ghost was ever with them and they didn’t have to guess the will of the Lord, they knew it.


-The divine sciences we knew in creating worlds before we were born were coming back to us and replacing the old sciences we learned in mortality, and hence we needed not rely on supercomputers, etc., the answers would simply come to mind by revelation. The process of being translated would take them years, and they didn’t have all the gifts of it at once. The further in this process someone was, the more powerful righteous, and serene their appearance was. (*i.e. the Apostles and their power of instant travel; yes, personal righteousness does matter, and we are rewarded according to our deeds)

-The influence of the Holy Ghost at the camps could not be denied.

-Companies left from SLC to go to other Zion cities and gather people along the way, as directed by the Apostles at SLC.



-Translated beings would greet each other like a brother from childhood.

-The ‘work it out in your own mind then ask if it be right’ phase of revelation ended; the company began to wake each morning simply knowing the will of the Lord, and knowing what to do how to do it, what to say, etc., they ceased to make mistakes; they could meet strangers and tell those strangers all about the situation of the stranger and offer help, raising the dead etc. They woke each day with joy thinking ‘Behold the glory of the Lord!’

-Some righteous people who had come from backgrounds of much success and confidence at times were not translated but had to go through some humble times before they could get the fullness of God’s blessings; they weren’t necessarily less righteous, they just needed to have certain experiences.

-The foreign troops killed some of the company and tried to get them to not go to Missouri, perhaps it looked too powerful and threatening.

-The LDS became the largest non-foreign troop organization; the foreign troops wanted to kill them for that even though the LDS didn’t threaten them.

-The LDS were instructed to not take part in any politics, or commit to any government no matter who it was. They were to build the Kingdom of God for God himself to be the King.

-It became very difficult to survive on the journey. The traveling LDS were given miraculous food and water to meet their daily needs. Eventually a pillar of light appeared about 30 feet tall which went before and behind them as they traveled; it scared away their enemies and healed members of their company by bringing them up next to it in physical emotional or ailment of any kind. Sorrow of loss disappeared. They followed Jesus Christ, this was manifestation of his love and power. It would lead them and stop when they were to stop. They rescued those kidnapped from them and had them healed in every way. When threatened by gangs, the light would freeze the gangs and allow safe passage. The light was like the Liahona, working according to the righteousness and unity of the camp. As their faith grew, so did the light and its power.



-The more faith the people had, the less stuff they needed. The children and all of the camp became blessed with absence of doubt, and would sing in the face of trials and mobs. They had one truck which ran on no fuel.

-The children weren’t a burden but a help.

-One camp was trapped in a canyon with foreign troop armies with missile launchers on both sides, they mocked them and God, and opened fire. One woman of faith in the camp yelled a prayer and the light formed a shield around them reverting the missiles to hit those who launched them.

-One boy was healed slowly so his doubting father would see day after day the hand of the Lord.

-When arriving at Zion, all they could do was rejoice, being too tired to do anything else.

-Not everyone was to go to Missouri.


-In Zion many woman carried trees like tooth picks and men shoveled truckloads of dirt at once. They were probably angels or translated people.

-The New Jerusalem in Missouri was being constructed according to the plans Joseph Smith had put together while still alive living in Nauvoo. The temple at Missouri was a circular one, and had 12 portals going out of it to 12 temples, one for each tribe or Israel, connected on the outside so it looked like a wagon wheel. Each temple was built by the respective tribe it was for. Each of these 12 temples had designs showing what the place that tribe came from was like historically. The stone for this temple was of a white diamond-like sparkling material found in Canada which only God’s power could cut it was so hard. Angel Moroni was put on the temple like normal, but not blowing a trumpet, as that had already happened.

-In this temple there were portals one could look into to see any event. One could walk into that portal and be in the place of the event, commune with people, and exchange things with them. The portal would also heal those around it.

-Jesus Christ would be at the center of the main temple in the Holy of Holies when he would come to dwell in His temple. Jesus Christ came to the temple and ordained several people with power to translate others, whereas before this only few had been translated, and that by the hand of Jesus Christ personally, now it was extending, and they would go and do this. They saw who to go to and didn’t need write a list as they could not forget. They went around translating people until they had translated more than 144,000 people.

-One of the gifts of being translated was to be able to understand others, their history, needs, etc., entirely. This gift like the rest needed to be cultivated.

-In Zion people had duties in construction, engineering, farming, clothing, etc. Some power tools were used. Old science seemed stupid, and wonderful innovations based on faith occurred; the things created required faith to operate them.

-People went from loving self-reliance to loving reliance on Jesus Christ; everything was about Him.

-Those with temple offices at Zion would see people they were to minister to through their portals, learn of those people and their needs, history, etc., then appear to them at times without showing who they were to teach and bless and heal them, or raise their dead. It took a while for many of the people to convert the people they were assigned to. At times the teacher would appear to them while they journeyed to Zion to deliver them from foes, via the portal.

-Translated people don’t get cold or hot like other people.


The Cavern Tribes


-To escape persecution from religions and governments, people lived in mountain caverns, locking themselves inside; only a special key can open the door they make, which key is colorful, representing priesthood and life, and is ancient.


-There are caverns of cities in an ancient land that will be shown in the future in the arctic regions above Canada which will be shown later when the ice melts off of them; they are ancient, several millennia old. They have been covered in a hundred feet of ice. The entrance to the cavern they were going to was covered with a kind of concrete which was made to look natural on the outside. They chipped away at it and the opening was about the size of a 4-lane highway. This was the place he had seen earlier in vision, that cave. The lights in it were many, and were lit by the power of God like those of the brother of Jared in the Book of Mormon. No one had been inside for many generations.


-There were thousands of people inside being taught by someone in a strange language. Their teacher had a long white beard and long white robe, and read to them from a book of prophecy of the new changes on the face of the earth and the formation of the New Jerusalem. He read and spoke poetically almost like a song, and oh how beautiful! He read from scripture which only they had, and it detailed how translated beings and others who would come to lead them to the New Jerusalem etc., which was being fulfilled in the vision the author was seeing as a future event he would participate in. He taught that they would come from above at the surface of the earth.

-Their prophet told them how soon after their arrival in Zion the New Jerusalem Jesus Christ would come to cleanse the earth from sin. They looked forward to living where the sun shined. Their prophet then told them ‘this day is this scripture fulfilled in your ears!’ pointing to the man and his team whom had come into the cavern. All wept for joy including their prophet. They were very beautiful. There were about 20,000 of them, like the amount the Conference Center in SLC holds. The team which came to them had books to share with them, LDS scripture and temple descriptions etc.


-These people in the cavern had a preserved form of the Old Testament, and knew of Jehovah, and that He is Jesus Christ. They didn’t have the fullness of the gospel, but Christ came to them after his resurrection and told them he would send messengers to teach them the fullness of the gospel and deliver them from their self-imposed exile. They had beautiful gardens, playgrounds, furniture etc. which they had built. They could understand the English spoken by these messengers which came because of the Holy Ghost. They had the Aaronic Priesthood, their prophets had the Melchizedek Priesthood, and it was time for them to get the fullness of the gospel.

-There was a portion of the 12-part temple in the New Jerusalem at Missouri which had not yet been completed, only these people of the cavern could build it, they being of those respective tribes. They looked to these messengers sent to them like a Moses come to deliver them. The people of the cavern presented their genealogy which had been recorded by the hand of their prophets so their work could be competed in the temple.


-As they left the cavern they sealed it off behind them after disengaging the lights. It took these cavern people several years to walk or boat to Zion. The cavern people had kept themselves more pure by their isolation


Note: these caverns spoken of, there could be many of them, and the author visits one group of them. Have we explored all caverns? No we have not. And as was the case of living in Noah’s ark or the Jaredite barges, God can make otherwise uninhabitable places habitable.


Note- elsewhere in this book it also refers to people in Russia coming to Zion by a land bridge, and them learning they are of the lost tribes also. What it looks like is pockets of people here and there, some in these cavern systems, some spread in the land, etc. This would fulfill multiple scriptures, and multiple statements of Joseph Smith, etc.



Zion the New Jerusalem & The Tree of Life


-Missouri became known to the world as “Zion The New Jerusalem.”

-Under the temple at the New Jerusalem they hit a water spring, which was there for the purpose of water flowing out from under the temple, it made a fountain they called the “Fountain of Living Waters.”


-By that fountain a large tree was transplanted called the “Tree of Life.” That tree was from a terrestrial sphere. It used to be part of the city of Enoch. It was unlike any other tree they had seen. The tree had 12 types of fruit representing the 12 tribes of Israel, and each had its own healing properties. The leaves would also heal. Plucking a fruit it would almost immediately grow back. Planting its leaves healed the ground it was put in, causing much vegetation to grow. These leaves were to heal the water from the effects of war and radiation. Its leaves were carried to all the world to induce a Millennial state. Eating the fruit of the tree made a person into a terrestrial/millennial state. Note- the book of Revelation speaks of this.

-No one could get into the New Jerusalem except the worthy because it was protected by God.

-Those with spiritual eyes open could see angels guarding the Tree of Life like God instructed in the Garden of Eden. The Tree of Life always glowed.

-Since the water ran by the tree, it became terrestrial and was able to heal. the water was channeled into every street in Zion so all could freely partake. When the streams reached the edge of Zion they went underground to nourish the land. This healing of the land occurred about 2 years after a gulf of water came and made everything so salty that nothing would grow.

-A similar stream of water was found at Old Jerusalem. These streams were for the Millennium. The water from them would sparkle at night and was delicious to the taste.

-The water from the tree would heal wounds it touched, heal who drank it, and drinking it for a week would make a person as thought they were translated but without the spiritual gifts. It would cause your body to go back to the strength of age 30 where you’d stop aging. They would not thirst any more. They would not need to eat, except those who were not yet translated would need to eat on rare occasion. The water came from Jesus Christ. Putting this water on concrete etc. made it impervious to aging, cracking, or anything telestial. The effect of the living water on everything made it all glow, including the sidewalks. Grass trees and animals also were changed by the effect of the water.

-Grapes would grow to the size of watermelons. Picking the fruit it would grow right back so one didn’t need to plant massive amounts. The food eaten would be fully absorbed by the body and no waste would be produced.

-The ability to communicate increased. Pillars of fire protected people in Zion.

-There was light in the city of Zion, it centered at the temple, and a pillar of fire went from the temple up into heaven as high as one could see. It looked intimidating to enemies as Isaiah said that Zion would appear terrible as an army with banners.

-Thus we see the Saints were enjoying some Millennium conditions before the Second Coming of Christ and the full out Millennium began.

-Word spread that to escape war, you had to go to Zion. They didn’t call it Missouri any longer, they called it the City of God, Zion, the New Jerusalem.

-Jesus Christ and other notable people of the past walked the streets of Zion. Jesus Christ lived in the New Jerusalem in the temple, and it was commonplace to see him walking around there. He would go to people’s homes and bless them. The standard of worthiness in Zion as a minimal requirement was a Celestial level.



-In Zion the only food which they had was that which they grew there. The fruit from Zion would lose it’s healing power when it was taken away from the location of Zion because Zion is the reason it had its power.

-No one could enter without being pure or the pillars of fire would consume them. So those who fled the war to come to Zion had to get prepared. They had to camp outside of Zion in tents and be taught the gospel and live it before they could enter.


-Ambassadors come to Zion to ask them how they live in peace and prosperity, but they want nothing to do with the religion in Zion. Some could not believe God had anything to do with it. Some came to camp around Zion even though they could not get in because it was the only place of peace.

-Around Zion there were people trying to learn the gospel, and an outer ring around that people who lived by the sword just came there to get away from fighting who wanted nothing to do with religion. These rings were like the Celestial Terrestrial and Telestial Kingdoms of God. Missionaries were sent out there to preach daily and had great success. Preaching the gospel goes on throughout the Millennium, even towards the end of it there are people who refuse its blessings, although these are only small pockets of people. School buildings were set up around the outside of Zion to teach people the gospel, and there were varying levels of students.

-Translated beings used portals to go find people to bring to Zion. If the translated being lost faith or got afraid from what they saw, their portals would not work until they worked through that. When they would find very pure people, they could bring those people to Zion via the portal, otherwise the person would have to walk.

-Some people had been preparing for Zion on their own and came to Zion with songs of everlasting joy like Isaiah speaks of.

-When their assignments of gathering so required, the translated beings could change what they look and sound like, and the person they needed to be like, they would know the language of the place they were ministering to, etc. Male angels would always appear as male, and female angels would always appear as female.

Note- we have heard of Christ transfiguring his appearance, as in the song “A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief” and an allusion to it in “If the Savior Stood Beside Me.”

-Those using the portals could go back in time to minister to people. They could minister to people even for years, but when they return through the portal, it would be only a few minutes after the time they had left. This was a great and Godly blessing, such is the promise that the people of the Lord would receive, getting all that the Father has, including his power, and this was one of those powers. The portals took learning and experience of how to use all their functions.

Note- if this is a possibility, notice how it does not ‘change’ time. Time is the great constant.

-Eventually in Zion during the Millennium, everyone knew everything about each other and that increased their ability to rejoice together.

-It was after the New Jerusalem was built and operating but before the Second Coming of Christ in glory when the 2 prophets went to the streets of Jerusalem to preach the gospel as foretold in the scriptures. They were set apart for this and knew what they were getting into.

-The translated beings got to the point where they could become invisible to certain people as needed. They could also create an illusion to distract the enemy, and they could say to the enemy “no one is here” and the enemy would just go away. Sometimes the enemy would walk around them like they were a lamp post. Note- this is the real Jedi priesthood!

-When the translated beings met people and discerned they were fully ripe in iniquity and would never repent they could kill them. They would simply fall to the ground dead.

Note- the power of God is extending to these Saints in the dispensation of the fullness of times, where promises are being fulfilled more and more about how we are joint heirs with Christ, and he has said that when people are ripe in iniquity, he will sweep them from the face of the earth.

-When people had the Holy Ghost as their constant companion they could do their duties better, not forgetting things.

-Future temples show visions of things about the gospel, events of the plan of salvation, not just reenactments of them.

-Some aspects of the temple were changed from preparing for things to actual things happening. Search the scriptures and see the magnitude of this.
Note- not just anointed to become such upon faithfulness, but actually becoming kings and queens, etc. Not just willingness to take upon oneself the name of Christ, but actually taking that name.

-The City of Enoch came and was a large city of Zion.

-When spiritually mature, the members of the cities of Zion could communicate without using words, and have more power to understand.

-They could have things yield to their stewardship over them, such as a tree, and mold the tree into a chair without any wood chips etc. Also they could paint in extraordinary ways, namely those with a talent for art (those who develop such).
Note- This is like how Brigham Young says that if we get to that point, we will be ordained unto the power of organizing matter.



-Stones were lighted by the power of God to make electricity unneeded in homes; these could heat or cool a home, etc.

Note- like those which the brother of Jared used and perhaps Noah in his ark.

-A stone could be received which would work as a Urim and Thumim and portal. They could also be used to communicate with others who had such. The more one was aligned with heaven, the more they could use these gifts. Some people used the stones to see the future, some used them to travel (the portal), some used them to light a room or cook food. The great spiritual blessing was getting a seer stone, as these stones with these higher capacities were called.


The Second Coming & Millennium


-In the Millennium people would get resurrected in the twinkling of an eye at the age of a tree, but that age was different for different people, in the hundreds of years for some people; it was the time of your mortal work being accomplished. When one is resurrected, they aren’t translated anymore. A resurrected person has more capacities than a translated person, although a translated person can do many wonderful things. People would live longer in the Millennium, or at least they could, because of the fruit of the tree of life etc.


Note- this is even more reason to hurry up and get your work done so you can go on to resurrection.


-When a person was resurrected, their assignments would often go beyond this earth.

Note- Prophets have taught this, and it is likely because resurrection signifies your work on this earth basically being done.

-In the Millennium the desire to kill and eat meat went away. Farming in the Millennium didn’t require irrigation, pest control, or weeding. Fruit would grow larger and larger rather than getting over ripe. A person could instruct the trees as to what type of fruit to grow.



-During the Millennium bodies changed to look like Gods, the imperfect aspects of their bodies went away. Everyone became equal in beauty and all recognized each other as equal in worth.

Note- since the fall of Adam, our bodies have all become quite corrupted, and people have become divided by race. None of these divisions will continue in the celestial world.

-Nature changed so that the people had stewardship over it once again and could tell it what to look like. Dropping things would not break them. Buildings and structures would change into gems and gold. Upon request a mountain or boulder etc. would move.

-Physics no longer stopped people from doing things. Roads were few since people were transported by the power of the Holy Ghost.

-There was no pride, self-promotion, ambition, greed, or laziness, or mean words.

-Being part of the 144,000 involved portals and seer stones; it was go gather people; it was not a formal Church calling, but a result of long spiritual preparation. There were even more than 144,000 of these people. Enoch and his city contributed 12,000 gatherers. The completion of the gathering before the Second Coming was only possible because of the use of portals.

–Women were High Priestesses, men were High Priests; these were equal in power and went forth in the gathering with the seer stones and portals. It was as common for women to work miracles as men. The only differences between men and women when it came to Priesthood functions was that men could preside when needed and could perform ordinances.

-These advanced people could see very far and discern the disposition intent hearts and plans of all the people around them. They knew what people would say before they would say it, how their response would affect the person in the long run, etc. They knew by the power of God everything they needed to do. They could see the chain reaction of results before they happened like a chess master.

-All the miracles seen in the scriptures were duplicated in Zion to an even greater magnitude and frequency. This is one reason why it’s called the ‘fullness of times’.
Note- remember Jesus said those who follow after him would do even greater things than he did in his mortal ministry; people weren’t ready for Him to do greater things, but the people in the future will be ready for more.


-Time was fluid, there were no deadlines. Every day was a Sabbath.

Note- the millennium is the sabbath of earths temporal week (7000 years) of existence.

Shortly after Zion was built, some years afterward, the Second Coming occurred.

-Those sent to gather people to Zion got every person they were sent to, not missing one soul. The gatherers didn’t work among the evil and the warring people.

His Coming


-At the time of the Second Coming, clouds rolled forth looking like a scroll unrolling.



-Christ at the Second Coming spoke and everyone heard their own names. The evil people heard it as a mighty piercing roar. Then even a thousand miles away everyone could see there was a man standing in the clouds. He was in white with a red sash. Evil men fell to their knees and wept. Some committed suicide. Some shot at Christ and died.


-Christ communicated to the righteous to quickly return to the temple, they all ran into temples and dedicated buildings. The Saints’ clothing changed to glowing white as they did this and hence they didn’t have to change clothes; they all began to sing hymns they had never heard before with great zeal. The roof of the temple became transparent, angels blowing trumpets shook the earth, and Christ was seen coming from the east. Even far away one could clearly see his face. He wasn’t sad or happy. The Latter-day Saints were lifted into the sky.

-In the Millennium, Zion spread to cover the whole earth. There were small “nations” who didn’t embrace the gospel but who embraced the blessings of much of the Millennium. They had been taught to live in peace but wanted nothing to do with our religion. They did not believe in Jesus Christ, and thought it was someone else who had come.

-Most of the technology was spiritual and not technical.

Millennial Cosmology


-A large planet came close to the earth filling a third of the sky, it scared many people who didn’t live the gospel. Many of those people called out to Jesus for help and they were brought to learn of Zion so they could enter it. The moon was gone. The constellations were different. The sky could be seen deeply into because of the changes and the translation. The earth was moving.


-The earth moved far out of the Milky Way Galaxy. The earth arrived at a large sun which was where God dwelt. The earth shone like unto it. It had become Celestial. This was after the Millennium.


Note- scientists have found planets in the universe which are a trillion times brighter than our sun in this solar system; this could be like where God lives, seeing as the scriptures say he is the source of light.


-There were no more non-Zion non-Latter-day Saint people on earth anymore.  At the end of the Millennium, the earth and had died and been resurrected by God. The Judgement had occurred and all people, but the Celestial people were dwelling in some place not on earth.


– The earth was perfectly clear as a sea of glass and perfectly smooth, it was a Urim and Thummim.

-A great city the shape of a building shaped as a pyramid with many majestic spires, the design of God Himself, was brought to the new Celestial earth as a place for Christ to dwell forever.



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