Debunking the Evolution Hybrid Old Earth Repeated Creations on This Earth Theory

Debunking the theory of old Earth repeated creations


These theories were advocated by Ken Peterson on the Mormon renegade podcast promoted these ideas (episode 98: ), and drew upon teaching the book “Earth in the beginning ” by Eric Skousen. That book has a few good points but lots of falsehoods.


Ken Peterson is a really nice guy, the kind of guy you want to go to lunch with and philosophize with. But I must point out some clearly erroneous doctrinal points that he suggests in this lecture.


Peterson claims that because Joseph Smith said the words world and Earth are not the same that because of this distinction there could have been many worlds which came into being and passed away on this same Earth.


With this view he believes in neanderthal humans who are part human and part ape. He has failed to learn that neanderthal finds and other hominoids are frauds, monkeys, and common pigmies.


He assumes that science has basically correct ages for the earth and the geological time scale and the various extinctions. They assume that God created and destroyed various quote unquote worlds here as shown by the extinctions.


Because he trusts the geologic time scale numbers they do not attribute a mass extinction to the flood of Noah which took place about 4500 years ago. In reality the supposed Cambrian Extinction millions of years ago was the flood of Noah.


He is unaware apparently that science keeps changing their dates for how old the Earth is. Whenever we demonstrate the evolution doesn’t work they make it older.


He is also apparently unaware that the geologic time scale is a mythical creation found only in textbooks and museums. Science does not afford any location which demonstrates the column or even the order the column calls for. The column was invented as a way to try and explain an old Earth and the old Earth was invented as a way to try and explain evolutionary creation without a need for God, that’s the whole point, that’s what evolution and old Earth are all about.


He doesn’t understand that dinosaurs (dragons) lived with humans, and became extinct at the flood of Noah. He doesn’t understand that the flood of Noah is what created all fossils, including dinosaur fossils.


He is correct that we cannot explain life on Earth by natural selection macroevolution, that clearly God had to place life on Earth. But they are incorrect and assuming that God placed this life on Earth millions and billions of years ago after the various Extinction events.


He makes a claim that because William Phelps said that Joseph Smith taught that this system has been going on for about 2.55 billion years that such as the age of the Earth approximately. In reality this number could apply to an entire galaxy system etc., we don’t know what system he was referring to.


Yes the 2.55 billion years when translated into God years of the 1000 to 1 ratio does become 7,000 years which is a nice round number which pops up in the scriptures. But the scriptures referring to the 7000 year temporal life of this Earth are clearly referring to our time. A more plausible theory is that these 7,000 God years or 2.55 billion years are how long this galaxy system has been in operation under the control of Jehovah.


Evidence is mounting that this Earth was created over 7,000 years and is now being inhabited for 7,000 years. The temporal lifespan of the Earth has always been understood to mean from the fall of Adam to the end of the millennium, and the millennium has always taught to be approximately between 2,000 and 3,000 AD.


Peterson rightly points out that microbiology disproves the phylum tree of Life.


Peterson joins with Hugh nibley in the incorrect belief that pre-atomite civilizations existed long before Adam.


He also promotes ideas from the co-op theorem that God’s dwelling is the center of the Galaxy and this idea is also promoted by many saints and is a fascinating possibility.


He promotes unproven mainstream scientific philosophies like wormholes folding of space dark matter and dark energy.


He makes a good point that the James Webb telescope showed deep into space for scientists thought the universe began where they would be different types incomplete galaxies but what they saw is more complete galaxies which demonstrated the scriptural teaching that there is no beginning.


Other concerns with Peterson’s teachings:

Peterson also promotes elsewhere the undoctrinal idea that the early church polygamy being an error (or at least those sealings are not valid in heaven, and the whole program not existing in heaven for anyone).

Peterson also promotes elsewhere the undoctrinal idea that the Holy Ghost is a female.


A great contribution from Peterson: Peterson has compiled a book on latter-day saint teachings found in the Apocrypha, which is a terrific resource.


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