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Entertainment Should Edify (PDF)
Magic Concerns (PDF)
Music Standards (PDF)
Video Game Concerns (PDF)
Edifying Music Playlists (PDF)
Movie Suggestions (PDF)

Holidays into Holy Days 100p 3.17.24 6×9 (PDF)

Recreation Videos

11min My Philosophy on Music part 1 (Video)

25min My philosophy on music part 2 (Video)

16min – Music Standards – Latter-day Saint Quotes (Video)

Recreation Posts

2023 Recreation Posts

The Bar Mitzvah: Celebrating Entrance to Adulthood 05/23/2023

Yom Kippur – Joshua Erickson Lecture Highlights 05/23/2023

Rosh Hashanah – Joshua Erickson Lecture Highlights 05/23/2023

Feast of Tabernacles – Joshua Erickson Lecture Highlights 05/23/2023

2022 Recreation Posts

A Christ Centered Home – Life Teachings & Example of James Stoddard etc. – Book Notes 06/16/2022

Star Wars Concerns 01/06/2022

2021 Recreation Posts

The Lord of the Rings: A Noble Story of Good VS Evil 01/20/2021

Fantasy: Wonderful Creativity or Desensitizing Waste? Listing The Pros & Cons 01/20/2021

The Matrix: An Antichrist Deception 01/20/2021

The Beatles: a Fulfillment of the Anti-Christ 01/12/2021

Topical List of Best Books to Re-Read Through Life 01/03/2021


2020 Recreation Posts

Zion is Joyous: Good Times After Leaving Babylon 11/09/2020

Sport Philosophy 02/18/2020

Musical Instruments: Theory, Composition, Resources, Tips, Videos 02/18/2020

Movie Suggestions by Genre 02/18/2020

Competition & Violence: Media Guidelines 02/18/2020

Board & Video Games: Suggestions & Info 02/18/2020

Outdoor & Indoor Activities for Child Play 02/18/2020

Joseph Smith & other Prophets on Recreation 02/18/2020

5 Prophetic Warnings about Music, & Other Media Guidelines 02/18/2020

Raising Concerns About Yoga 02/17/2020

Slogans & Quotes to Create Magnets, Shirts, Hats, Stickers: Spiritual, Political, Family, Entertainment, Beauty 02/17/2020

Give an Answer to EVERY Man 02/17/2020

Dismissing Disney & Other Hollywood Idols 02/01/2020

Dance Philosophy & Prophetic Standards  01/20/2020


2019 Recreation Posts

Video Game Philosophy: Disadvantages & Advantages 01/17/2019

2018 Recreation Posts

They Sold Their Soul for Rock & Roll & Hollywood’s War Against God: Documentaries by Good Fight Ministries 12/16/2018

Recreating the Holidays: Culture Shift: HOLINESS TO THE LORD: Why Christ & Santa aren’t Compatible – And an Analogy of the Plan of Salvation as told by Holidays 11/10/2018

Candide (Optimism) by Voltaire – Quotes 05/12/2018

JRR Tolkien Literature: The Hobbit, The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, The Return of the King – Quotes 05/12/2018

7 Ways Hollywood is Painfully out of Touch by Blimey Cow, video 05/12/2018

Orson Scott Card Literature: Enders Game, Speaker for the Dead, Xenocide, Children of the Mind – Quotes & Take-Home Messages 05/11/2018

Entertained Goons in Babylon: The Gospel of Consumerism & Its Absurd Advertising 05/11/2018

You can find me in the garden: Analysis of Voltaire’s Candide 02/05/2018

Studio C Comedy Sketch Favorites 02/01/2018

Soprano Jane Zhang sings “Diva Dance” from “5th Element”, video 01/27/2018

Homer’s Odyssey and Virgil’s Aeneid, Comparative essay 01/22/2018

We are Living in The Great and Spacious Building, A Post-Christian World – Quotes 01/22/2018

Media Standards 01/17/2018

The Cave of Montesinos from Cervantes’ Don Quijote, Analysis 01/17/2018

The Gospel of Consumerism: Babylon’s Replacement for Christ 01/15/2018