Feast of Tabernacles – Joshua Erickson Lecture Highlights

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1 week long then a celebration on the 8th day

It began 15 days into the seventh month which in Hebrew calendar is September

This is the feast of the end gathering

The first and last day are Sabbath of this and another holiday

They were commanded to make temporary shelters to dwell in for the week

The law of Moses was not a curse the curse was not having the even higher additions to it

Rolling in the tents was to remember the Deliverance of Israel from Egypt we put ourselves in the shoes of the pilgrim The wanderer

God was with them they were not accursed people their shoes and clothes did not wear out for 40 years they had manna from heaven to feed them they had the presence of God to guide and protect him

Lehigh and his family were in the wilderness for 8 years before they got in the water to cross over this is symbolic of age 8 baptism etc

The Mormon pioneers had their Exodus and started the jaredites and the Mormon pioneers ended up by a salty body of water with a river that connects it to freshwater which we named The River Jordan

Abraham was a wanderer seeking the kingdom of God and our journey on this Earth is a wandering seeking our home of heaven

Our job is not to fix Babylon it’s to get out

There’s this time between when you leave the bad and you get to the good this is the difference between justification and sanctification justification is when you start when you repent when you are forgiven sanctification comes as you build that Holy life

Abraham represents God the father he’s the father of the faithful, he starts out in the promised land and he leaves there, (similar to Adam leaving Eden and similar to Christ condescending) then we have Abraham Isaac and Jacob the three patriarchs they are representative of the godhead then we have the 12 tribes who are enslaved and much corruption ensues
We start at the promised Land and we’re trying to get back there

Scripture says that rock which followed them in the wilderness was Christ

When we are baptized we are leaving Egypt and the cloud that followed them after Egypt and the fire that is symbolic of the spirit the Holy Ghost of course it was literal

Then Joshua leads them symbolic of Jesus and takes them through another water

Note perhaps God the Father is represented by Moses and God the son represented by Joshua

Also scripture speaks of making these shelters for the animals it reminds us that we are the flock of God when we go to these things to live

Jesus took a tabernacle with us God with Us and in the millennium God is with us

All of the biblical feast days had a penalty if you did not attend and the feast of Tabernacle is explicitly so that you would have no rain note this can also be a symbol of how if we do not honor God’s laws we will not receive the revelations from him

Three times a year all the males are supposed to come up to Jerusalem with their offerings. These are the pilgrimages. the first is the feast of unleavened bread (barley).
The feast of weeks (wheat), then feast of tabernacles (fruit, figs). All related to how you bring your harvest to the Lord.

These 3 are symbolic of the marriages.
Final judgement is Yom kippur, then the wedding feast for who remain, it is the tabernacle feast.

The booths are made of natural things. Leafy roofs. Fruits of harvest to decorate them.

Every man to dwell under his own vine and fig tree is several times in scripture. George Washington used this idea many times, and as a first he was very intentional of what he did. Related to freedom and feast of tabernacles.

Traditional to put pictures of your ancestors in your booth, the sukah it is called. It’s like being with ancestors in the millennium.

Leaves atop sukah is from Leviticus.
They also wave branches and wave them during prayers.
Waving palm branches symbols welcoming the savior. This tradition was used in the new testament.

This is about an end time pilgrimage.

Those already in Jerusalem basically build a tent in their backyard, staying there.

This is a good time to go camping.

One of the commandments connected to tabernacles is to be happy. “You shall rejoice before the Lord your God 7 days”. It was the most joyous time of the year.

At the climax end of the feast of Tabernacles is when Jesus announced I am the living water come to me and you’ll never thirst he was showing them that all of this stuff they were doing was about him

The menorah was a symbol of the tree of life being guarded by a flaming sword
There were ceremonies around lighting these things big ones during this feast it was around this time that Jesus says I am the light of the world

The pilgrims had a strong sense that they were here in the new land as Israelites and the very first Thanksgiving was it feast of Tabernacles

September 21st to November 11 it’s somewhere around here that the first Thanksgiving was had we are not sure

Winthrop spoke of how the god of Israel will dwell amongst us

The Constitution of the United States was at Rosh Hashanah it was the birth of a new nation

Late in their lives Adams writes to Jefferson and says we messed up we should have put more Deuteronomy in the Constitution then Jefferson replies don’t worry at some point they will see what we were trying to do and they will make it right

Jefferson had a dream vision that someone in America would come up and restore Christianity’s true principles this is recorded in a two-part book on Joseph Smith by Cleon skousen

America is a lot more like ancient Israel than like Greece or Rome those Hellenistic societies

There is tension between the Greek Hellenistic and the Hebrew note clearly the devil is stomping out our Israelite background in America you don’t hear anything about this in school

September 29th of 1621 is the most confident day scholars have for the first Thanksgiving and looking back on the calendar you’ll see this was the first day of the feast of Tabernacles that year.

The strangers who are among you you are supposed to invite them to this feast of Tabernacles as well and in the first Thanksgiving this is exactly what happened inviting the Indian tribe

Every time there’s a feast is really supposed to invite The strangers
God said you must remember to be kind to the strangers because you were want strangers in Egypt so don’t forget what it was like

There’s one law for this Israelites and the strangers among them

DC 136 verse 37 says all of the words spoken by God from the beginning are still valid and none of it is retracted

When the saints first came to the valley the first year was drought there was many difficulties The crickets etc but their first harvest was abundant and they built a booth over where would be the temple

Is traditional to read the book of Ecclesiastes during a feast of Tabernacles as a reminder of how fleeting life is and yet to find happiness therein

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