Rosh Hashanah – Joshua Erickson Lecture Highlights

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Calendar months used to be more Hebrew, the names match the numbers like Nov 9 dec 10. March was new year. April fool’s was a way to get people to swap to the new way by mocking who didn’t.

God still uses his calendar and has appointments

They aren’t Jewish holidays they are Israel holidays, biblical, and are gods holy days

Scales Libra 7th month judgements

The 2 new years

We have diff years too school year fiscal year calendar year etc.

Get or make a shofar, see Joshua’s on the website. Jews avoid bull horn due to embarrassing past with bull/cow but Ephraim symbol is bull so go ahead.

An old parable: 6thmonth is the 30 days before the kings return to his throne room. In the throne room there are gaurds, specific dress, very formal, must be by invitation, very few can enter. Before that when he is going about in the kingdom, he visits his subjects and promises them their wishes. This is the time to get right with God before his coming in month 7, the feast of trumpets.

Hebrew for trumpet also means shouting. The angels come with trumpets and shouting to the people to prepare and so on.

Yom kippur day of atonement, the judgement is final at that point

Moses wasn’t just a stern lawgiver, he was meek above all, he begged God to be merciful time and again.

A tradition says God told Moses, speak to the rock and water will come out. Moses disobeys and strikes it instead. Moses looked into the future and saw how that the people would be held to a higher standard if even the rock obeyed and they would not, so he hit the rock instead.

Twice God blows the shofar. First at my Sinai. Second will be at his return.

Jewish tradition says the ram was prepared from the foundation of the world, like how Christ was.

Scripture on the last days a battle between Greek way of thinking and Israelite way of thinking. In this battle Ephraim and Judah will work together for the Israelite team

Most Israelite holidays follow around the middle of the month but Rosh Hashanah there’s a small degree of uncertainty of when that new moon will be (some clouds dust etc) and this is symbolic of not knowing the exact day of the Lord’s return

There’s not only a book of life there’s a book of death that your name could be written in

Book The Lord’s holy days by Lenet Hadley Read
An LDS perspective

Book feasts of the Lord, Rosenthal

Website “Hebrew for Christians”

Zerahemla foundation celebrations in Utah with Joshua Erickson

All the feasts are for reorienting you, getting your focus back where it should be. The feasts are scheduled steady reminders to keep your priorities straight.

The feasts take up much preparation time and thought. It’s a significant part of life.

See Joshua’s YouTube play lists on each holiday

Aaronic priesthood stuff the temporal stuff it’s to make the space we live in holy space where God can come be among us, we make the earth holy so God can be with us. whereas Melchizedek priesthood stuff is more spiritual, God makes us holy. We need both for heaven and earth to come together.

Joseph Smith says we can be holy. This is opposite the view that we are always worthless filthy.

Initially it’s uncomfortable and new celebrating these holy days.
But if you’re an Israelite, do Israelite things.
Feasts are to remember past, and anticipate future.

You’re supposed to tell your children to ALL generations what God did for YOU while you were enslaved in Egypt. This is hearts of children turned to their fathers, experience what they did. It’s like the temple ceremony, putting ourselves in the shoes of Adam and Eve. Then your children tell their children about how God delivered them from Egypt.

More notes on Rosh Hashanah:
Joseph Smith got book of Mormon on Rosh Hashanah.
1886 priesthood revelation on Rosh Hashanah too.

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