Rosh Hashanah – Joshua Erickson Lecture Highlights

See the full lecture at the Mormon Renegade Podcast on YouTube or Spotify Calendar months used to be more Hebrew, the names match the numbers like Nov 9 dec 10. March was new year. April fool’s was a way to get people to swap to the new way by mocking who didn’t. God still usesRead more

Recreating the Holidays: Culture Shift: HOLINESS TO THE LORD: Why Christ & Santa aren’t Compatible – And an Analogy of the Plan of Salvation as told by Holidays

Christmas is a holy week like Hanukkah. No man can serve 2 masters: help the children understand it is Christ, not Santa, that is to be thanked for their gifts.   “Jesus Christ is the source of every blessing we receive” said President Henry B. Eyring. Teach the children that gifts are from people whoRead more