The Bar Mitzvah: Celebrating Entrance to Adulthood


This is a great tradition. Here are a few things common to do for such a celebration:

-Around 12-15 years of age.

-Recount the youth’s life, family pictures, interests, talents, spiritual intellectual and social progress, etc.

-Presenting gifts to the youth, particularly with a symbolic significance attached.

-The youth reciting scripture, such as the ten commandments, the beatitudes, the articles of faith, or something central like this.

-Toasts to the youth.

-Present a booklet of collected advice for adulthood from loved ones.

-The youth could present some of their art, writing, or other creative work of interest.

-The family could sing together.

-Teen ager is a mean bad word. He is a bar mitzvah, a son of the commandments! For daughters, it is “bat” mitzvah.

-I went to a bar mitzvah of Joshua Erickson, he had some fun things he did. He gave his son tassels, the “original CTR ring”. He gave his son a sharp sword, and knighted his son, the father and mother as king and queen, knighting the son. These and other fun things, some of which I’ve listed above, they did. Joshua made a fun comment about the sword he presented his son: that it was sharp, and that “ that’s what’s wrong with the world today, they give only weak things to these men.”

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