Arbitrary Epochs And Other Fallacies Seen In An Earth Science Praxis Teacher Licensing Study Guide

May 2023


Here are some scarry things from the an Earth/Space science study guide I had to devour recently for a test.


In a Mometrix Study Guide for the Earth and Space Science Praxis test for teachers, it admits, speaking of the Cenozoic era,

“Though this naming process occurred in a single area, it has been correlated worldwide. Therefore, unlike the relatively arbitrary subdivisions of other eras, the subdivisions of this era are based on practical experience.”


Wow! When are they going to stop pedaling unscientific ideas in science!


Then they go on to claim that there were all these different extinctions and so on, but it’s more of the same as they themselves admit, it’s all “arbitrary subdivisions”


It also makes other funny admissions.


“there is little evidence that nucleotides could have been formed in the primordial soup”


and about the Miller-Urey experiment, that they had “partial success” (aka failure) in making amino acids, which were “thought to have been present in the atmosphere of early Earth”, and that “these molecules are theorized to have accumulated…” Then it admits, “Some doubt is applied to the success of these experiments as repeated experiments have largely been unsuccessful.”


About the theory that life evolved from non-living materials, they admit in their explanation, “The modern definition of the term (abiogenesis) is generally applied to the evolution of modern life from simple organisms created by the interactions of nonliving chemicals in the early atmosphere and hydrosphere, although the processes by which this occurred are largely unknown.”


Comically, they point out that spontaneous generation (life from nonliving things) cannot happen in present conditions, but that it must have somehow in the past.


Sorry fellas, it can’t happen now, and it couldn’t have happened then! People like to point out possible ways it “could” have happened, but can never get one of these to hold up in real experiments.


To their credit, the author does mention the existence of “creation biology”, and point out that in this theory, “since life must be created from life, a god figure must have created the earliest life forms on Earth.”


This is halfway there! God created humans in his image, and created animals complete, they didn’t evolve from lower organisms. But at least they MENTION a possibility that there is a God.


In short, the general theme of the entire science when it approaches subjects of how things began is one fairy tale after another, ramblings on about how things began, basing one theory off of another, and a whole circle of confounded nonsense.

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