“Disconformities” in the Geologic Record: Coverup for Diverse Fossils Close Together


Evolution’s Fight Against Reason Continues. When there’s something that doesn’t fit their blessed geologic column (which is all the time), the claim it is a “disconformity”, aka, it doesn’t conform to their theory.

They say a disconformity can only be recognized by the fossils. The soil all looks like the same time, but they “know” it isn’t because fossils there indicate several “periods” of time. What they don’t want to admit is the simple truth, that these fossils were created at the same time, just as the soil suggests.

They also have a “paraconformity”, similar to the disconformity, with even less indication of any layering whatsoever, yet again, the fossils are together in these areas, and the evolutional philosophers insist that this means that some layers are missing, hiding millions of years of deposits.

The truth is that the supposed geologic column is only found in part and in a few places around the world – it’s not what they’ve lead you to believe about worldwide fossil deposits.

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