Yom Kippur – Joshua Erickson Lecture Highlights

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Yom Kippur is when we align ourselves back with God it means the day of atonement or covering

When the scriptures talk about Israel they are also talking about America because Washington put America under covenant

The 7th Hebrew month September is the holiest month and Yom Kippur is the holiest day

Leviticus 16 talks about what to do

The priest goes into the holiest place on the holiest day at the holiest time and says the holiest words

Leviticus 23:26
It is the Sabbath of Sabbath for great rest

The high priest goes in alone no one says this and he is wearing a forehead piece that says Holiness to the Lord and the robes have purple gold etc

The high priest dress is like any priest on this day of atonement this is a symbol of Christ being like any man
This is one of the reasons the Jews rejected Jesus they said we know this guy we know his family he’s just a normal guy like us

Apocrypha book the Ascension of Isaiah
The higher glories of heaven are so amazing that it makes the lower wonderful ones seem dark
Jesus disguises himself as any one of the Angels and Jesus brings Isaiah back down and the people in the lower levels don’t recognize Jesus

In Israel Yom Kippur is an extremely sacred day no TV no radio it’s very very quiet even the kids can ride their bikes on the freeway because there’s nothing going on this is the final day and everyone awaits in great anticipation

Yom Kippur is about forgiveness but it’s also about the final judgment the last day

The fastest pointed by God is to make yourself uncomfortable but also to serve the poor during that time
It is to pour your life out for others like God did for you

Mercy doesn’t necessarily mean you skip all the consequences it means you’re forgiven

Romans 6 we are baptized into death we see the Old Testament talks about death for sin and it’s not extremely different in the New Testament and so forth the old person must die if the new person is to live we set aside our old lives that person dies

There were executions but those were very rare anciently in Israel

The assumption of Innocence meaning innocent until proven guilty this is embedded in the Torah the Sanhedrin could not like putting people to death the fact that you could be put to death for something that was the maximum penalty the judge they took into account whether you are repentant whether you knew better etc

People were given every opportunity to make amends and the benefit of a doubt

The eye for an eye you didn’t have to necessarily lose your eye but they could make a monetary payment for how much that I was worth and the debtor has to then be on a payment system for that or else he would lose his eye because we’re not just trying to get rid of everyone’s eyes that makes the community worse

The Hebrew penal system was meant to be restorative to restore what was lost to the person

It’s silly to make someone be locked up and have other people pay for that person’s housing and food just as a way to punish the guy instead have him required to pay back the losses he made have them out in the workplace

Barabbas son of the father translates to. Like the old sacrifice, one is released, another give. Note We are all Barabbas in a way.

The blue sapphire stone was to remind people of the Stones The commandments were on is like they were on large blue sapphire stones.

Jews don’t have milk and meat at the same meal because they don’t mix life and death.

Moses fasted three consecutive sets of 40 days (did I hear this right?)

The Israelites had a metal chest with the stone tablets in it and Joseph found in a stone chest the metal record
note perhaps this is symbolic of the first last and the last first

Joseph is the high priest he has the breastplate, the urim & thumim. No one sees the translation work happen just like how the high priest went into the holy of holies alone on the day of atonement and how Christ in the garden was alone even the witnesses fell asleep.

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