17min. Intro to some favorite Hebrew apps Nate Richardson with Jonathan Felt

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Interlinear Doctrinal Mastery & PMG Scriptures (Spanish) (Italian) (French) (German) (Russian) (Greek) (Latin) (Hebrew) (Arabic) (Hindi)

Hebrew Language Tools – Grammar Charts, Top 1000 Vocab, Suggested Texts, etc.

Spanish Language Tools – Grammar Charts, Introductory Aids

Latin Language Tools – Grammar Charts, Introductory Aids

Greek Language Tools – Grammar Charts, Introductory Aids

Egyptian Language Tools – Grammar & Alphabet, Introductory Aids

General Language Learning Tips

Also check out the new church app “Embark”, free to church members (I don’t think it’s available without a church account). This is a brilliant tool with pronunciation audio, key missionary phrases, many different languages, etc. There are also MTC booklets for sale in the Deseret Book store (https://deseretbook.com/t/author/missionary-training-center?nav_source=producer_list) with these materials in a printed version, a very useful tool in combination with the app which has audio features and memorization games.

The church “Gospel Library” app also is very helpful, any language can be selected, and many of these have scripture audio reading features. One could use an English text to compare with the foreign text when a paper copy of the foreign text isn’t available. The media version of the foreign text can be particularly useful as an audio reading of it in good accent is available.