Duolingo: Morally Corrupt Pro-Homosexual Language Program

Duolingo has prided itself in promoting homosexuality in their program, and it is outright blatant about that in its press and its programs.

Here are some other subliminal messages from the program which I’ve seen from some students who use the program:

The female characters have extreme hair dues and sassy attitudes.

The male characters have gay outfits.

An eastern man is portrayed, and an eastern woman, which is fine, but no western man or woman.

Rather than featuring a typical western man, a large grumpy bear is featured for the men’s voice.

Sentences used for learning involve non-traditional gender roles, and anti-male roes. Like “the woman is in the city but the man is in the home” or “the woman is in the city but the boy is asleep” or sentences which could be, in light of the other strange things, scandalous, like “where does Marcos sleep?”

Are these the characters and messages we want our kids seeing for hours and hours, the long hard haul to learn a language saturated with corrupt social messages?

Here is from one of their pages boasting about their homosexual agendas:


LGBTQIA+ representation in Duolingo Stories and characters

Boycott this company, do not use this program! We do not wish to normalize this corruption! Love the sinner, but hate the sin! All of humanity are tempted to sin, and we all sin. But the homosexual community is trying to make their sin into not-sin, and this is the worst evil: to deny evil itself. To take pride in a sinful lifestyle! To demand that others join in their praise of evil!

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