The Plan of Salvation Told in Holidays 

The Plan of Salvation Told in Holidays
by Nate Richardson,
Note: this is just a fun study of comparing and contrasting holidays in the order they occur, and relating that to the plan of salvation in the order of eternal events, or the choosing of a higher or lower kingdom.
In reality, anytime people come together with friends and family is a great time. I love all holidays (but especially Christmas!)
The Creation Holiday: New Years Day
-we remember beginnings, especially the creation of earth & being raised as “young” spirits in pre-mortality
The Holiday of Promise: Easter
-we learn in premortality of Jesus Christ and Gods plan for us to have immortal bodies like himself
The Holiday of War: Memorial Day
-we fought in pre-mortality between Jehovah (Christ) and Lucifer
The Pre-Mortal Holiday: Independence Day
-becoming free, as in the election of Christ instead of Lucifer, and thus coming to earth to work out our salvation
The Mortal Holiday: Labor Day
-this life is the day for men to perform their labors, to prepare to meet God
***Now moving on to the 3 core holidays, typical of the 3 kingdoms of glory assigned after this life:
The Telestial Holiday, Halloween:
-FOOD: empty calories which give only immediate pleasure
-goofing around
-acting like kids
-HEROISM: pretending like you’re a hero, usually a pretend one
-getting people to look at you
The Terrestrial Holiday, Thanksgiving:
-FOOD: wholesome foods
-appreciating family / those who appreciate us
-HEROISM: giving reverence to / remembering heros who have gone before (to make America, etc.)
-honoring America for its freedom
The Celestial Holiday, Christmas:
-FOOD: giving food to the poor
-HEROISM: worshiping Jesus Christ, the prototypical hero who can help you become a hero, and doing heroic acts
-pure joy

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