Joel Skousen 2023 Annual Overview Lecture Highlights

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My highlights on this lecture dramatically underrepresent the entire message he shared, & I can’t guarantee my understanding here reflects his message perfectly – I’m admittedly a novice on many of these topics. I’ve also rearranged the notes to fit into categories the best I can, as Joel’s genius often jumps from one topic to another, including weaving topics together in meaningful ways.



Israel-Hamas War

Russia-Ukraine War


Immigration Danger

Globalists & The New World Order

Historic Deceptions & US Intervention

Phony Fall of the Soviet Union






Israel-Hamas War:


Israel being restored to its own land, the prophecies, that’s been fulfilled. It was because of the promises to the fathers, even though the people aren’t good. Only a few will be saved after the 3-year destruction on Jerusalem of Armageddon.


In Gaza, the half who voted for Hamas, they aren’t innocent.

In Jerusalem the good religious Jews are a very small minority. It’s not a religious wonderland.

Netanyaho was a Kissenger protege.


It wasn’t Israel behind 9/11, it was our own deep state who hired the Arabs to play like they were the terrorists, they didn’t actually fly the planes, the planes were on uninterruptible autopilot. The Arabs couldn’t fly those planes, it was claimed they learned to fly on Cessnas.


The 2023 Israel attack was the Middle East’s 9/11. They didn’t hire the attack, but they let it happen. Documents were leaked showing Israel had the complete attack plan of Hamas a year before the attack. Israel pulled the troops from the area before the attack, it was a stand down.

The Israeli government is responsible for letting the attack happen.


Israel has a bad policy of giving up 100 terrorists for 1 soldier. They know they can use that leverage. They control the war with hostage negotiations.  The truce is off now, the Israel war missiles are back on. Jews don’t have a Christian perspective of the afterlife, they get very upset when people die. So they try to keep the death toll down, and this is why they’re weak on hostage trading.


Hamas has 400 km of tunnels. Israel can’t eliminate Hamas.


Qatar is where luxury leaders of Hamas live in 5 star hotels. We finance Hamas through Qatar. Israelis violate human rights too, there’s no good guys in this fight.


Netanyahu is a globalist. They have deep state surveillance of their people. They have super high vaccination rates.



Russia-Ukraine War:


Republicans and conservatives have been fooled into supporting Russia in the war.

Russia is weakened from this war but it’ll rebuild learning from its mistakes and become a real threat.


Putin was never pro western. Conservatives buy into the correct idea that the globalist wars against terror were unjustified; but they are mistaken that anyone against the deep state is good; Russia knows the war is coming, they have to try and cover for their past crimes, and they don’t want to be framed for future war.


The Russian orthodox church never criticized Stalin in all his killing; so Putin supporting that church doesn’t make him Christian. Christians don’t bomb civilians, steal kids and brainwash them, etc. Putin isn’t Christian.


Russia has the highest drinking, a corrupt place.





Election fraud hasn’t been “proven to be false”, they just fail to use the right resources.

Edison research hacked election data that showed that 100s of thousands of votes were flipped away from Trump to Biden, all kinds of irregularities. Trump didn’t pick up on this.

The major vote flips happen on the computer level. It wasn’t just Dominion (and they sue you for all you’ve got if you claim it was as it can’t be proven).



World War 3:


The world won’t recover from WW3, we are never going back to AI robotic society. The world will be totally disillusioned, they can’t run AI robotic society without electricity.

Russia and China want to strike before 2030 when a certain missile gets deployed.


China says it’ll be a world class military by 2027. They put out a number 2043, that was lying.


Russia can’t move without China. China has 10x the ship building capacity of the US. They have over 300 km of underground nuclear tunnels, we have no idea how many missiles they have. The Department of Defense says China has 500, they’re guessing.


When the war gets close, the US will warn you against Russia and China. They won’t prepare you by warning you to get bunkers though.


Globalists want Iran eliminated as it is the only Muslim country self-sufficient in their weaponry.


Globalists want WW3 so they are provoking Russia, they want Russia to use their nukes which would weaken Russia. There are 3 separate arms of the globalists, the Russians, Chinese, & the western globalists. The US wants WW3 to get us into world government. China and Russia don’t want to destroy our infrastructure, they can’t innovate, they want to milk what we have. They just want the US to be decapitated.


The US must be building space based weapons with all the billions being spent not on the budget.


Ward Carol, youtube, interviews very knowledgeable people; Justin Bronk is on Carol’s show, the brightest military analyst. See the brief for these names. See link to his interview.

We can’t make weapons quickly like in WWII, those were low tech, we need 3 years warning.


Russia and China have always been allies. We didn’t provoke their alliance. Russia helped China in the Vietnam war. Russia has always been aligned with China.


Wartime presidents get immunity from prosecution.



Immigration Danger


Gaza refugees into the US, and the dregs of the earth from Africa etc., they come to America and see they can’t start a business, they are stuck in a refugee camp, they don’t get the American dream, terrorism will come to our land from this. In August over 300k illegals were brought in. Every month another city worth of people is brought in. It’s not like the hard working Mexicans, these new illegals are prone to violence and disgruntled and hate this country, it’s a recipe for terror.



Globalists & The New World Order:


There will be an oath of citizenship to the New World Order, you won’t be allowed to be a teacher doctor lawyer etc. without the oath, that’s the mark of the beast.

When you wont take the NWO and mark they want to lock you up, so you leave. You get chased out to the New Jerusalem in Missouri, not called out by church leaders.

Won’t be able to get to New Jerusalem unless you’re pure in heart.


Be careful studying prophecy, they’re coded. The clear prophecies were hidden in the sealed portion of Book of Mormon. The Lord doesn’t intend you to have a roadmap where you don’t have to think. Watch things and know the time is nigh. It doesn’t matter what is represented by the Book of Revelation symbols, look and see the real threat now, the threats of radical Islam, globalism, etc. There are 20-30 Satanic globalist organizations. Forget about Illuminati bloodlines, watch people’s actions and where they are in positions of government. Satanic leaders are always creating more leaders to replace those who died. We can see the threats.


The shadows of power by Perloff lists many of the globalists organizations.


(Note- Ken Bowers’ “Hiding in Plain Sight: Unmasking the Secret Combinations of the Last Days” gives a good rundown of many of these groups, here are my notes on it:


Hiding In Plain Sight: Unmasking the Secret Combinations of the Last Days by Ken Bowers – Book Notes – (

PDF: )


Political machinations go beyond communism. When someone tries to fire someone in a communist government, someone higher up says “no you can’t do that.” Communism is a tool the globalists use. Globalists use communism to breakdown the world through wars so they can come in and control after with their milder versions.


There will be militarized global government after our military is decapitated. The EU army is aimed at this.


The dark side of intelligence organizations have special rings they wear when they’re in special meetings.


Globalists aren’t all on the same page. Higher ups are in direct communication with Satan. Many are just yes-men who don’t know much, or even that a war is about to happen.


All judges on the FISA court are deep state. (Don’t renew the FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance) court, it’s up for renewal.) About 60 percent of federal judges are deep state.

Only mainstream judges are approved on federal level, never constitutional conservatives. The deep state is the enforcement arm of the higher-up globalist satanic conspiracy. The yes men, the jailers, these are scum evil people; they just follow orders, they are enforcing the globalist conspiracy.


When soviets go on the rampage again eastern countries will be hell holes. Get out of them.


Turkey and Erdowan: he is part of NATO, allied with Russia, US doesn’t trust him; he plays both sides, sometimes with israel sometimes with muslims; Turkey is known for being ruthless.



Historic Deceptions & US Intervention:


Osama bin Laden was already dead when Seal team 6 was sent. He worked for the CIA, he didn’t do 9/11. Look-alikes admitted to doing 9/11 (propaganda). The guy they killed, they dumped his body in the ocean so there couldn’t be DNA forensics.

(Here’s an article with their propaganda reasons for this, super sketchy, photos weren’t even released:


Kissenger, who just died at age 100, was the worst statesman of our time.

At the Paris peace talks, the Vietnamese came ready to end things and be beaten, but Kissenger betrayed everyone, and made arrangements for its takeover again.


When the US intervenes abroad, they withdraw, and within 6 months the communists take over again. We cut off aid to Batista, Samosa, (and he lists others,) it’s a pattern. Shang hai shek lost not because his troops deserted him. America cut off aid to him, they had no munitions, that’s why they deserted.


The US has troops in northern Syria, no reason for that, no provocation, no permission.

US rescued Isis leaders in the battle of Mozil. Many other details on similar events.

US intel lied to Trump saying Soleimoni was a terrorist to kill him, so he did. But Soleimoni was fighting US backed Isis.


The US told Isis people to flee before we bombed an area with their trucks.


Rudy Juliani helped with the 9/11 coverup.


The Clinton attourney Vince Foster, they faked his suicide so he wouldn’t spill the beans about the bank accounts of the Clintons. His car wasn’t at the location of the suicide, they moved the body there.


The cold war was never a victory. We used containment which Kissenger and other globalists preached.


By disarmament agreements for supposed peace they get us repeatedly.


Obama was a puppet, there were lots of expert handlers. He was watching TV in the white house most of the time. Same with Biden.


Nixon was forced to have GH Bush as his VP. Bush brought lots of homosexuals into the whitehouse. Nixon fought back until the assassination attempt on him, then he complied.



Phony Fall of the Soviet Union:


After the phony fall of the Soviet Union, they still had missiles in the caves of eastern europe.

They control both sides; leader of solidarity a soviet agent.

Leipzig Germany protests show the fall wasn’t spontaneous; yes there was hunger for freedom, but they were led on to think they were free to rebel, the students said “where is the Stasi?” The police didn’t show up to the protests. It was a repressive state, so it had to have been a stand down. Capturing Gorbachov in an unprotected villa isn’t believable.

Boris Neilsen, an alcoholic giving a speech from a tank, the TVs were controlled, why didn’t they pull the plug on him?

The KGB followed them everywhere, but they were to stand down just like the Stasi.

Historically there are no tyrannical governments who stepped down voluntarily. So the USSR going down isn’t real.

After the phony fall they never removed the government bureaucrats.

After the Nazis fell they removed Nazis from the government but not so with the USSR.


Putin met with Berezovski 5 times the year he ascended to the presidency. Berezovski was the real leader. Putin had Berezovski murdered and took out other oligarchs and became the richest man in the world.


Pine was educated at a globalist school where he learned bad history.

He gives mainstream globalist history, that Russia wanted to join NATO after the USSR fell and they were rejected, but the communist president ordered the Bercut to let them win, a stand down order from the communist president, letting them think they had won.

Even the wikipedia mentioned the stand down, then it disappeared.

He said he was fleeing for his life as the communist president, but from who? The protestors weren’t armed, and he controlled all the police and intelligence agencies.


Note- Joel has compiled an essay on the phony fall of the Soviet Union giving much clearer and through evidences which he shares at his website




All vaccines are going to be RNA vaccines, they only put a small percent of it into the shot or more would die and people would know.


Stay out of the medical establishment in your career, there’s plenty of room in the natural health world.




From bad education at public schools and universities we don’t have the moral backbone as a country anymore. You must shield the children from today’s social influences.


It doesn’t do any good to elect people to school boards, those aren’t worth saving, you don’t want them to look better, leave them alone. And there’s hardly any university worth sending your child to, especially if they have to go through woke general education. War is too close, send your kids to school to learn a skill not university. If you do study useless stuff like political science as he did, also learn practical skills, wood welding etc.


Even if you don’t make much money, repair skills will be useful, there won’t be new things to buy, it’ll be about repair etc.


Never go to social work or psychology. Those are worthless things.


Epoch Times is good for what’s going on but they wont touch conspiracy.

Mike Adams is a hype-ster; when he is wrong he doesn’t apologize.

There’s some protection in being a smaller voice, they go after the bigger ones.


Make money now, particularly by being careful about spending money etc. so you can afford preparations.




There’s always a remnant that’ll be saved, but being prepared will help a lot. The Lord always puts his people through hard times, we have gone soft. Don’t expect an easy way out of the forthcoming hard times.


EMP strike before nuclear war, no electric cars will work. The Internet will be down for at least a year, we don’t have the big transformers stockpiled.


Life without electricity means no water, sewer, groceries, and chaos from pillagers.

The book “1 second after” is good but it takes more than 1 EMP, it takes several, so only Russia or China can do this. An EMP strike is a preliminary to nuclear war. About 10-20 minutes after the lights go out, the nukes will start falling, hitting military targets and effecting 10 miles around them, depending on which way the wind is blowing.


You’ll have to leave the big cities. Prepare for fallout. Most importantly you need a safe place to hide people from the government who come to lock you up like Jan. 6 without habeas corpus. And they’ll never let Assange free. Remember Corrie Ten Boom who had to hide Jews, get ready to hide people.


The secret combinations have overtaken us, it’s too late. They control all the investigative powers and judges. They won’t get the data, and judges won’t convict even with the data.


Conceal portion of your basement as a place to hide. Those without food pillage those that do. You must be able to hide your food. Share some but not all. Get some rice, you can give a handful of rice they can boil and not need a wheat grinder.


You can’t grow a garden in a suburban area in hard times, they’ll get picked by pillagers.


When the strike comes and electricity goes out, you won’t have a job in the city. Make preparations to get rural.


A master bedroom closet can have rock put into the walls and it becomes a secure shelter.


You can’t even get cops to work with their families threatened by mobs roaming streets.

Get into rural areas where there will be some sanity without huge mobs of people.


Don’t buy blast valves to protect against a bomb, spend that money to move to an area unlikely to be bombed.


Hill AFB is a target as it stores guidance systems for MX missiles, they’ll hit it so they can’t take the west desert missiles and reassemble them.


If you don’t have a basement you may want to move as it’s expensive to build a shelter.


Don’t build a shelter underground without something overtop to cover the pipes, the electric, the radio tower.


Under a garage is a good way to conceal an underground shelter, no one expects that.


You need to be able to hide out, so you can’t bring in on a trailer a major underground bunker, all the neighbors will see and want in, and possibly sabotage it.


You need a shelter meter, not just a geiger counter to know when you can go in and must go back out.


Use materials with full concrete walls to stop the radiation.


We aren’t preparing for alternative society like Jordan Peterson is advocating, all is going down. Chaos of war and EMP is what is ahead. THe Lord won’t allow all the AI to take over.


He wouldn’t invest in anything over 5 years.





Satan tempts you not with the dark brooding feeling, but with believable excuses to comfort you to tell you what you want to hear. He is forever on your shoulder. He says sleep in. He tells kids to play with friends before doing homework. That’s Satan, he is always there tempting you to be less than your best.


Weaknesses aren’t gifts from God, we developed them in premortality. This is why some kids are very oriented toward worldly things. Put some pressure on them to overcome these things. Some physical discipline can help.


90% of conscience promptings are temporal about TV, lack of fitness, disciplining children, etc.


He talks about conscience as it is about temporal things. The Lord is testing you about the temporal, then you get the spiritual. You don’t know what you’ve missed before that.


He works to distinguish truth from error all week long and uses conscience to do it.


Conscience can warn you so you aren’t surprised when this war comes.


Mainstream never touches the topic of pedophilia, its protected.

The witnesses against Ballard aren’t lying, Tim Ballard appears to have taken women with him posing as his wife so when going into meetings if told to do pedophilic acts he would be able to say “no I have my wife here”, but he took advantage of that in the hotel rooms, even if he didn’t take full advantage of them. He needs to repent. The operation does good things, unfortunately his actions are detracting from the movement.


Note- I’m not savvy on the details of the Ballard story, I’m sure more information will come out in time. I give Ballard some grace for the difficult nature of his undercover work, but of course that has its limits too. I don’t know much about this but I do support the Sound of Freedom movie about his work liberating child sex slaves. OUR (Operation Underground Railroad) has done great work, but it might not be perfect. Hopefully these issues are resolved, repented of, and we can all move on doing good, with Ballard as an ally.






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