Hiding In Plain Sight: Unmasking the Secret Combinations of the Last Days by Ken Bowers – Book Notes

 I share these notes with permission of the author.

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*Throughout the book, there are citations and quotes from renown and original sources, this document however is a summary of the message of the text. My hope is that you’ll get a taste here and then go read the whole book. This document doesn’t have near the persuasive power of the text itself.

Chapter List:


Ch1 There is no conspiracy so there!

Ch2 the Golden Rule (who has the gold makes the rules)

Ch3 How Firm a Foundation

Ch4 Education

Ch5 Welfare

Ch6 All the News That’s Fit to Print

Ch7 American Foreign Policy

Ch8 The Buck Stops Here

Ch9 The Round Table, the TLC, and the Bilderbergers

Ch10 Terrorism and 9/11

Ch11 The Enlightened Ones (The Illuminati)

Ch12 The Committee of 300

Ch13 The New World Order Religion

Ch14 Maitreya (The Anti-Christ)

Ch15 The Priesthood and the Constitution

Ch16 What can I do?

Ch17 Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is Liberty




Heber Grant: Satan working “under such perfect disguise that many do not recognize either him or his methods” to destroy economic political and religious freedom. “Without knowing it, the people are being urged down paths that lead only to destruction”
D&C 10:36-37: “You cannot always tell the wicked from the righteous”
Ezra Benson: those who are complacent in the fight for liberty going with popularity will lament it
Punch and Judy puppet show: no matter what the script is, eventually they end up punching each other.
J Edgar Hoover: conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists
German professor explains Gradual habituation tactics used in Germany by Hitler to get. Such a slow process that people don’t notice it until it seems to come down all at once suddenly.
Ezra Benson in Ensign: “A secret combination seeks to overthrow the freedom of all lands nations and countries increasing its evil influence and control over America and entire world.”
Bruce McConkie: “Gadianton robbers fill the judgement seats in many nations. An evil power seeks to overthrow all nations and countries. Satan reigns in the hearts of men; it is the day of his power.”
George Bush: “New world order…the winds of change are with us now”
Former Soviet Pres. Gorbachev: get rid of old thinking and put in a new world order

Ch 1:


2 Ne. 28:22 the devil tells people lies by whispers until they are chained in hell
Ether 5:1 “it is wisdom in God that these things should be shown unto you”. This refers to secret combinations, the theme of this part of the text.
Ether 8:24 “awake to a sense of your awful situation, because of this secret combination which shall be among you”
J Edgar Hoover: essential to know what you are fighting for and what you are fighting against or you’ll be unmotivated and confused
David O McKay: we endorse educational means to awaken people to investigate communism
Alma 37:25 “I will bring to light all their secrets and abominations, unto every nation that shall hereafter possess the land.”
Joseph Smith JSH 1:22 the preachers “all united to persecute me”
Ezra Benson: “we cannot fully live the gospel and not be involved in the fight for freedom”
Accounts of several who have left the conspiring groups report and write of it

Ch 2: The Golden Rule (Who has the gold makes the rules)


James A Madison: Money changers use every form of abuse to get power. They maintain control over governments by controlling the money and the issuance of it
Founding Fathers of US wanted free enterprise capitalism
Historical example of socialism causing less goods produced by more workers compared to capitalism where less people make more goods than many socialist workers, the capitalists being motivated
Socialism doesn’t consider human nature
Ezra Benson: free-enterprise system is built on eternal principal of freedom of choice
Mark E Peterson, Church News: the US Constitution stands for free-initiative.
West Germany, once it eliminated almost all controls on wages and prices, came back from poverty to one of strongest economies
Communist countries all experience shortage of goods because of wage and price controls
Freedom is wired into people, most are willing to die for it (*interesting, the last days has the best and worst of people, the worst I see is manifest by people not willing to stand up for agency aka liberty)
The super-rich ever think they are above others
Origin of Rothschilds and their international banking
Hugh Nibley: Satan will buy everything on earth and claim it all, putting a price tag on it, and offering it to everyone
Info on how top bankers control governments, for example by refraining from renewing Treasury Bills. They choose who can obtain borrowed money. They advise government people on what’s good for them despite it being bad for government.
Rothschilds engineered French Revolution by manipulation then got control over France
International bankers hold secret meetings
Thomas Jefferson: private banks can control inflation and then deflation, which will cause people to lose their property
Interest represents a gradual transfer of wealth from society to banks.
Fractional Reserve Banking system allows this. People have become less rich overall.
Often it takes 2 incomes to provide now.
1920’s-40’s, 90% of Americans owned their homes. But today 30-year loans are common.
Nations usually collapse when a small % of the population own all the wealth.
Babylon fell when 3% had all the wealth
Persia fell when 2% had all the wealth
Greece fell with .5% had all the wealth
Rome fell when 2k people had all the wealth
America today, >2% own 90% of all the wealth
NYT: One World Order can only come by a small % of the population absorbing all the wealth
The Fed never allows itself to be audited
They killed Rep. Louis McFadden when he tried to get the Fed audited.
Details on creation of the fed, who was involved, what their original intent was.
They now control all financial transactions in the US
Woodrow Wilson: after he passed the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 he said, “I have unwittingly ruined by country”
Info on the BIS, IMF, and the World Bank
BIS secret meetings in Switzerland where 13 people shape the world’s economy; financial barons who control the world’s supply of money
These organizations give loans to places they know will not ever be able to pay, then they destroy their economies. AKA massive debt leads nations into the NWO. Socialism is forced upon indebted countries to wreck their economies.
Joseph Stiglitz proposed a helpful economic move to help 3rd world countries rather than the status quo of getting them in debt then crushing them, and was fired by Clinton p35
It is shown how the IRS and income tax money goes to the pockets of the bankers, not into taking care of loads, schools, public things.
Kimball on LDS people paying their taxes, and if they don’t like the taxes, go against it in the politically correct way of due process of law
Ezra Benson: the beginning of our troubles can be traced to the Federal Reserve manipulating money allowing arbitrary exchange of the value of our money; manipulating the money for political purposes.
Ezra Benson: it’s possible that the government manipulators who brought economic crisis are hoping that we will come to them begging for help offering our civil rights in exchange
Alexander Hamilton: “Nothing is more common than for a free people, in times of heat and violence, to gratify momentary passions by letting into the government principles and precedents which afterward prove fatal to themselves” (Quoted in Ezra Benson “An Enemy Hath Done This”)

Ch3 How Firm a Foundation


History of Rockefeller, JP Morgan, and Carnegie, their ties to the Fed and IRS and income tax amendment. These people get us to pay more taxes but are themselves exempt.
When you tax businesses, they never pay it, they merely all increase their prices, so it’s basically just taxing the citizens more.
Prosperity doesn’t come from government, it comes from industry and hard work.
When China was communist people got angry and Tiananmen Square massacre killing thousands of Chinese happened. Now that they are free enterprise capitalism, their economy is booming.
Once a country becomes economically free, allowing free market exchange capitalism, religious freedom soon follows! And loss of economic liberty brings loss of religious liberty.
China, then, should soon have religious freedom!
Explanation of interlocking tax-exempt foundations controlling US
The founding fathers practiced non-interventionism
Large colleges today don’t have free market economists on the staff teaching. This is part of how traditional American values are being replaced.
The FORD foundation pays colleges so long as they can pick who the teachers are, and those teachers get unconcealable contract so they can teach whatever they want. P46
FORD foundation merging US with the Soviet Union, but won’t tell about it p47-8.
Rockefellers finance historians who rewrite the past in our books p49
Roosevelt and Wilson doing large crimes to get the US into WW1 and WW2.
W Cleon Skousen referring to what J Reuben Clark said: they’re preparing another war for you which will be just as big a mistake as WW1 was. They made this (the Great Depression) last many more years than it needed to. They buy up all the stock cheap then make billions by putting you through war.
The scam story of a Thomas Jefferson sexual affair.
Those who speak against the personal life of Jefferson just happen to be the people who are against the ideals which he taught; it’s agenda to change history for political gain.
A list of the programs, very communist, funded by the FORD foundation.
When a school book which teaches true history and morals, they reject it, not funding it for publication.
Psychology field gets money from these foundations to promote situational ethics, atheism, and collectivism (the idea that we are not accountable for our actions because of overwhelming outside forces)
Soviet spy named Dodd who worked for Alger Hiss spoke of controlling the State Department and getting US into war to alter the life of the entire people, that being the most effective way for such
Speaks of a letter in which they give directives telling US Pres. Wilson to not let the WW1 end too quickly
Speaks of need to control US education
J Edgar Hoover: “the individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.”
Reece Committee info

Ch4 Education


Ben Franklin: people who know the rights God gave them are hard to enslave and vice versa
In 1940 the #1 problem in schools was talking back to teachers, now it’s murder assault teen pregnancy, teachers having sex with students, etc.
US was #1 in education. Achievement for years now it’s the 35th
Founding Fathers wanted localized control over education, not in the hands of federal government!
Thomas Jefferson: place each school under the care of those most interested in its conduct
Far away bureaucracy of a few thousand people can’t make the billions of needed decisions for local schools.
James Madison: when the government takes over education of children and welfare for poor, it subverts the very foundation of this nation, throwing away the nature of the limited government it was set up for by the people of America.
Thomas Jefferson, the man who said let’s have separation of church and state, is the man who saw to it that there were Christian hymnals in all the schools, and bibles in the schools. He wanted children to have a religious education.
In the early days of the US, people preferred private education, and those students always did better
What of who could not afford it? There was enough people who would volunteer to take care of all those. Charity schools would care who could not afford private school.
Alex de Tocqueville: it’s very rare to find one in America not trained in the history of his country and the leading features of the Constitution and of the doctrines and evidences of his religion.
Boston had more private schools than public ones, and by the end of the American Revolution, many towns had no common schools at all.
Private schools were eligible for subsidies
There were no compulsory attendance laws
91.8% attended school, despite communists saying, “oh there are so many children running around in the streets!”
private schools save public from taxes of public school
Unitarians took over Harvard in 1805 and kicked out the Calvinists. Socialists want socialism for others but not for themselves because they are egocentric like the rest of us. Humans are egocentric, the bible teaches that, that men are wicked, and need be disciplined, this is what Calvinists did but were kicked out.
Unitarians thought that if everyone is rich there would be no issues in society, so they geared education systems toward merely earning money.
Robert Owen, father of socialism, considered children a blob of plastic which the society can shape any way it wants it to be. Wanted the “Future man” now known as the “Soviet man”.
They want communism, but we won’t have it, so they are slowly bringing it to us via the mandatory public schools
Communism is a way to get compulsion to get people to be perfect (Satan’s plan)
Rockefeller: “I want to own nothing, and control everything”
Samuel L Blumenfeld in Why the Schools Went Public: “Educational stateism is anti-republican in all its bearings, and is well adapted to Prussia and other European despotisms, but not wanted here” …the control over education then goes into all other aspects of society by the government.
Public schools replace the concept of God with the concept of the public good
John Dewey humanist along with others of the Skull and Cross bones promote that humans are social animals not tied to morals or religion. Dewey wants rid of profits, capitalism, competition, property, religion. He says there is no god and no room for fixed moral absolutes.
Stalin invited Dewey to teach in the Soviet Union and it was so ridiculous that he was fired, and returned to America.
Dewey taught chemistry without mention of protons neutrons atoms etc., but merely had students bake cakes to experience chemical reactions. This is similar trend of our current education.
The reason government finances school is to move it from to political control; anything to get it away from local citizen control.
they be-cry school major problems without saying what those are and start seeking funding and followers.
The PEA and the NEA keep saying that the more federal control there is over schools, the better they’ll be- (a one size fits all!).
The government believes people can’t handle their own affairs.
Sources which say they want to have the children be owned by the public not the parents
government becomes its own publicity for its ideas
the Clinton proposed schools would have no review of the curriculum by the civilians.
No Child Left Behind program has “Open Court” which means the teachers must follow a certain script and even ignore the questions of the students for that, and federal police to enforce that in the classrooms.
See book “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America” by Iserbyt.

Ch5 Welfare


The government people will say they want to spend government money to help the poor, but they won’t give any of their personal funds to help. Examples are shown.
The caring of the poor is not the duty of the government, but of the charity of the citizens.
Grover Cleveland: people give to the government but not vice versa; it makes the populace become meaner when government is who is in charge of giving to the poor. It weakens the kindness, character, and brother hood of the people.
Government not supposed to cut checks to farmers who have a bad crop, etc. Cleveland turned down such requests since the Constitution doesn’t say anything about that.
Government charity breeds selfishness, and resentment of the tax payer.
The recipient of government funds learns to expect that weather he earned it or not.
It’s like the man who refuses to move out of his parents’ house thinking they own him a living.
Ezra Benson: compulsory charity is not good; too many people think the government owes them something; they see welfare as a right and not a charity.
Government redistribution of wealth is robbery, not charity
Shakespeare: charity is twice blessed: it blesses him that receives, and him that gives.
Alexander Tyler in “Circle of Democracy”, 1770: “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent for of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves money from the public treasury. From that moment on the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most money from the public treasury, with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy followed by a dictatorship.”
This is what the NWO people are setting up for us.
Economics is defined as humans trying to satisfy unlimited wants through limited resources
Capitalism is self-restraint to ultimately get our wants, socialism is getting some things now, and prison later; living in denial.
When we want free things, it hurts our children’s’ future; there is no free lunch!
Jefferson: “If we can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of caring for them, they will be happy.”
James Madison: if Congress can employ money indefinitely for the general welfare, and are the sole and supreme judges of the general welfare, they may take the care or religion into their own hands; they appoint teachers everywhere, educate the children, assume provision of the poor, this subverts the very nature of the limited government established by the people of America.
Samuel Adams: “the utopian schemes of leveling and a community of goods are as visionary and impracticable as those which vest all property in the Crown. [They] are arbitrary, despotic, and, in our government, unconstitutional.
Ezra Benson Conf. Report Nov. 1968, 19: “No one has the authority to grant such powers as welfare programs, schemes for redistributing the wealth, and activities that coerce people into acting in accordance with a prescribed code of social planning….Once government steps over this clear line…into the aggressive role of redistributing the wealth through taxation and providing so-called “benefits” of some of its citizens, it becomes a means for legalized plunder.”
Joseph F. Merrill, Church News, Dec. 26, 1936: “Ready-tongued and witty-minded ambitious politicians get nominated for office by stirring up the people with glowing promises of unearned favors and benefits to be secured at the expense of others than themselves.”
David O. McKay, Church News, March 14, 1953: “We are placed on this earth to work and the earth will give us a living…. It is our duty to strive to till the earth, subdue matter, conquer the globe, take care to the flocks and herds. It is the government’s duty to see that you are protected in it, and no other man has the right to deprive you of any of your privileges. But it is not the government’s duty to support you. I shall raise my voice as long as God gives me sound or ability, against the communistic idea that the government will take care of us all, and that everything belongs to the government…. It is wrong! No wonder, in trying to perpetuate that idea, that men become anti-Christ, because those teachings strike directly at the doctrines of the Savior. No government owes you a living. You get it yourself by your own acts-never by trespassing upon the rights of your neighbor, never by cheating him. You put a blemish upon your character the moment you do. “
Robert J. Ringer, “Restoring the American Dream”: when politicians give out more for less, that is exactly what the people will do- less. The more money people receive for not working, the less they will work. Congress spent $112 million of taxpayers’ money testing 8,500 low income families, and they were given direct payments for 10 years, and the more these families received, the less they worked.
FDR in his campaigning, said government welfare programs were unconstitutional, and when he got in, he ignored that and took the nation toward government welfare, which is socialism.
“The New Deal” welfare programs are opposite of the Founding Fathers’ teachings. It speaks of power to tax so long as you have general welfare of the US.
Founding Fathers said that the government was not to feed cloth or house people.
It is shown how the government welfare destroys the poor it was supposedly designed to help.

Ch6 All the News That’s Fit to Print (Media hiding truth)


Upton Sinclair: “It is difficult for them to see whose paycheck depends on them not seeing.”
The major news groups are also controlled by the same international bankers.
David Rockefeller speaks of major media groups’ promises of discretion, and how he would not have been able to accomplish what he has in the light of publicity. He also says, “The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto determination practiced in past centuries.”
The super-rich pay companies to not cover them in media
George Washington on foreign politics: be neutral and help both sides to have peace.
WW1, we were not doing this.
Bernays persuaded the US to enter WW1, from him telling us that the Huns had no morals and had to be destroyed. We fell for it.
The NYT called this guy the “Father of Public Relations”
In his book “Propaganda” from 1928, he said there is an inner cabinet of government we know not of which rules us in politics and business and social conduct and ethical thinking dominated by only a few persons. He further spoke of persuading the public to do anything via media, famous actors and sports personalities, sympathy for causes, and even the President.
His book shows that over the past 80 years, US Presidents came in by conspiracy.
Hitler had a technique that if you tell a big lie long and loud enough, it will convince most people to believe it.
Like global warming, homosexuality, gun control, universal health care, the Cap and Trade bill, etc.
Stock %’s of major media owned by Rockefeller shown
US Congressman shows that media controlled by a few rich
Rhodes Scholarships to introduce people to the conspiracy, B Clinton was one who took to it well; tis the idea of rule by the few
Trilateral commission and Bilderberg group
CFR member speaks of getting a one world government either by consent or conquest
Aldus Huxley speaks of the tactic of being silent about the truth
Aquarian Conspiracy: how the media is designed to promote drugs, free love, promiscuity, homosexuality, Satanism, witchcraft, divorce, violence, all that will destroy society.
Orwellian prediction: use media to enslave people and create their values, tastes, desires.
Tricking Saddam Hussein into thinking the US would not attack if he did certain attacks, when we would. Ms. Glaspie did this. P114
US send troops to settle disputes of UN an important step toward One World Government.
Polling as a tool to change public opinion p117
Survey of 33 calls about gun policy, 3 of them wanted less guns as a solution to violence, the reporter played those 3 and ignored the other 30. P117
NYT on the side of the communists since WW2
Pope Paul VI speaks of thanking media for helping bring in the NWO
100 million TV’s portray candidates in a certain way to brainwash.

Ch 7 American Foreign Policy:


-they discard food so they can keep ag and market prices high. One man fined for giving his excess to the poor rather than discarding of it. p125.

-They call for famine helps but they created the famine. They ban trade while giving aid which is inconsistent. Food is for these reasons 7x more expensive than need be. 3rd world countries are not allowed to see to the first world countries and hence need to continue to depend on the benefactors who ship them supplies. p126.

-3rd world farmers cannot sell their food at good price because of foreign aid being dumped on them p127.

-best way to promote peace is to invite other nations to join with us and live under our Constitution. Stay out of foreign entanglements but do aid victims of international wars. p127

-don’t enforce democracy on others by the gun. Satan’s way is force. Founders endorsed commerce and social relations with other nations but not alliances with them. Foreign defense policies (like NATO and SEATO) are bad for America as they can easily get us fighting inappropriate battles as it is a requirement that when one member of the treaty is attacked all others must help it, we become military slaves to them. In pre-mortality everyone who is on this earth chose agency, so our current foreign policies are making people hate us. p128

-Ron Paul speaks against foreign aid, how it makes nations entitled and is unconstitutional spending of tax dollars p129


Ch 8 The Buck Stops Here:


-Roosevelt says all political things are by design not chance. Crassus Pompeii and Julius Caesar sought to turn the republic into an empire. p130

-Hel. 7:4-5 gives example of nations controlled from behind the scenes. Wall Street Journal on David Rockefeller, head of council on Foreign Relations, being as powerful as the head of state. David Rockefeller told head of state of Russia named Khrushchev to resign, and he did within 24 hours. The CFR (Council on Foreign Relations, oft called the Establishment) is controlled by The Round Table. p132

-The presidency is run by CFR. FDRs son in law reports FDRs ideas were not his own but given him by CFR One World Money group. This was to get political power. FDR, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, and others gave into this power behind the scenes to get personal power. The 1932 FDR democratic political platform was made to get him in then was discarded once he was in says his son in law. p132

-FDRs son in law goes on to say that 90% of people in the CFR don’t know who runs it and its plans but are merely there for status. FDR says Joseph Stalin trimmed him. Near his death, Woodrow Wilson also said he Woodrow ruined his county (from working with the money barons). p133

-12/14 of Pres. Johnsons group he went to for council were CFR members. Johnson didn’t want to escalate the Vietnam war but they urged him to. Some of these advisors were personally against this war but advised it anyway for the CFR sake. Top military officers say Vietnam could have lasted only a few months. p134

-CFR leaders chose to end Vietnam after over a half a million troops were deployed there and blamed it all on Johnson. The CFR are the puppet masters of the presidents. p135

-This is like Korihor being used by Satan until Satan did not need him anymore. Woodrow Wilson speaks of the fear major manufacturers have of the unseen organization which attacks those who speaks against it. In Wilsons book which is of his speeches he admits America is controlled behind the scenes. The behind the scenes corporations used Wilsons desire for more government power to help the people to secure more power for themselves. Any increase in government power is increase in power of the CFR and the bankers. The solution is take the power from the federal government and return it to the states like the Constitution says p136

-Baron Edmond de Rothschild of France oversaw the creation of the CFR. Lists people involved in the funding of the formation of the Fed and CFR major names in these and major groups involved internationally in their creation and how they interrelate. House Brain Trust and Wise Men groups roles. House partner of Wilson. p138

-Wilson and House same opinions. House wanted one world gov. House wanted Constitution scrapped saying it outdated. House wanted Marxism and spirituality mixed. House was beside FDR as well. House helped make income tax amendment too. Group called The Inquiry of 100 social engineers and what they did including creation of the CFR. J Reuben Clark an LDS General Authority was part of the J.P. Morgan company and when he heard them speaking of making another world war to get a new world government, since the WW1 failed to get them such, he reported this to church president Heber J Grant and he told him to get out of that company immediately which he did. Indeed, The United Nations was born via WW2. p138

-Thus, we see WW1 and WW2 were attempts to get a new world government behind the scenes. J Reuben Clark saying WW1 and WW2 were mistakes we were tricked into by appealing to our hearts. The fed artificially pumping up the money supply in the 20s caused the great depression and they used that to give themselves money. The Fed knew the market would crash and told certain people and planned to benefit therefrom accordingly. Details of how they created the Great Depression via stocks. Overall it was taking money from the middle class and giving it to the rich. p139

-WWs were for the Fed to make money, and to alter public opinion about foreign involvement causing us to become world policemen, and to get a world government. No more world wars came after the United Nations came into being, and WW3 will be to destroy America and Israel nations and get a world government. Joseph Smith and Joseph Fielding Smith on nations uniting as a negative thing. p140

-FDR put embargos on Japan to maneuver them to attack us (at Pearl Harbor). Generals left without info on Pearl Harbor attack from their higher ups left them defenseless. p141

-WW2 brought the CFR power. p142

-the CFR gained power over the state department, then cabinet, then the very Presidential office. CFR has private meetings which are forbidden from dispersing or to the open public. Lists the many agencies like head of the CIA, head of the NSA, Secretary of Interior, Secretary of Education, which are all members of the CFR. p143

-some prominent individuals of the CFR listed p144

-regardless of whether a Republican or Democrat is the President, leading experts and advisors come from this circle afore mentioned. CFR is mainly composed of billionaires, CEOs of multinational corporations, international bankers, media leaders, University Presidents and other popular figures. Basically, all the popular figures including senators and congressmen and Supreme Court Judges, but NO representation from the middle class, which is the majority of Americans. So, it is rule by the rich and powerful. The CFR has all types of people in it of race and political views, and they encourage radical extreme ideas. Then they say they are open to all ideas by having these people therein, and thus say what they produce is fair. The CFR is how the President sidesteps the Constitution, using the President behind the scenes for their private agenda. p145

-Regan was not a member of the CFR but Rockefeller supported his candidacy on the agreement that he would have George Bush, a conspirator, as his VP, and use CFR members in his cabinet. This is what Regan did. See Garry Allen (who wrote None Dare Call it Conspiracy, which is a book President Ezra Taft Benson suggested we read in a Conference Report, see the film of said address.). The country is run in large part not just by the President, but his cabinet. p146

-all options, based on their alleged reports, the cabinet gives to Regan etc. are beneficial to the conspiracy. The secrecy of the CFR meetings allows them to plot. p147

-Rockefeller saying news has stayed out of their business 40 years and that they could not have done what they did in the light of publicity, and that such has enabled his plans for a one world government ruled by the elite international bankers, claiming such to be better than the traditional way of the USA.

-Bilderberg group says put UN troops on USA soil to restore order, and claim there are threats, weather real or false, to get the Americans to go along with it. Then take the individual rights and put in a world government. p148

-largely from the internet, info of these secret meetings is beginning to come out despite the newspaper people’s agreements to shut down any news about this that gets out. People are seeing the difference between promises of presidential candidates vs. what they do. For example, Obama rebuked the Iraqi and Afghanistan wars, and said he would pull out troops, but rather he put more troops there. Also he rebuked the $750 billion bailout which George W. Bush engineered through congress, but then Obama did the same but for trillions of dollars of bailouts. Obama also said he would make government more transparent but instead made his meetings and that of the Democratic leadership in congress to be closed. Bush Obama and all Presidents before them filled their cabinet with CFR members. p149

-CFR message leaked out that they are purposefully denying Africans AIDS treatment. They call it Natural Selection, and claim it is to stop the spread of the disease. They called for a bacteriological warfare to get rid of non-white people once each generation. Lists books wherein you can read more about the CFR and what they do in their secret meetings. Some of the books listed are The Shadows of Power about the CFR and American decline by James Perloff; another is a discourse called the CFR: Conspiracy to Rule the World by Garry Allen see American Opinion, 1969. Also suggests a Secretary of State to Harry Truman. (many other books throughout the text are referenced for good additional reading). p150

-Clinton since a youth wanted by in the small circle of elites controlling the world, the ones who control behind the scenes. Another professor acknowledging the rule of the elite in secret hiding. p151


Ch 9 The Round Table, The TLC, and the Bilderbergers:


-Round Table groups are communist and want to be secretive. p152

-Rothschild funding groups to become monopolies and control all heritable land. p153

-founders of Round Table and their roots and ideologies listed. The Times newspaper has been totally controlled by this group since 1912. It also dominated such from 1890-1912. p154

-New York Times article stating the plan of Rhodes, RT founder, to have a secret society which will collect the world wealth for its supposedly good purposes. RT is above the CFR. RT also controls the RIIA. The CFR takes orders from the RIIA, and the RIIA takes its orders from the RT. The RIIA controls USA and British government. RT vowed to get American back under British control after the Americans defeated the British in the Revolutionary war, and now they have succeeded. More on RT, read The Anglo-American Establishment by Carroll Quigley. TLC founded by David Rockefeller. p155

-TLC is to bring all economies into one world economy or possibly 3. They made or control the NAFTA and GATT. TLC forced the Maastricht treaty which brought the European Union into being. TLC is even more exclusive than the CFR. How Jimmy Carter became president by the TLC. Bush Clinton and others are TLC members. p156

-TLC would have no borders to nations to help business flow, but this would insist on a one world government with a supreme dictator ruling over such. Grand book on TLC is this 3-volume book Trilaterals over Washington by Antony C. Sutton and Patrick M. Wood.

-Bilderbergers are another conspiracy group who meet in hotels for 3-4-day conferences and send all hotel employees home for such and staff it with their own people and check everything for bugs there and set up a security checkpoint guardhouse to only let those with pre-issued ID cards inside. They meet annually. They control EU politics including the gov. of Russia and have some control over the USA. Some of their members also belong to CFR and TLC etc. These organizations reinforce each other. First meeting in 1954. They kill who they want. p157

-see book The Committee of 300 by Dr. Coleman. B group also said USA settling UN (United Nations) disputes is an important step in going toward a one world government, and is almost accomplished. This was said when Bush was about to enter Gulf war with Sudan Hussein. Bush had General Schwarzkopf lead an international army, the majority of which were Americans, against Iraq. Bush said that such was for getting a new world order. Elitists always try to get us to be more and more the policemen of the world. Conflicts are usually nurtured by conspiracy people who then get the USA to go in there and bring peace. Despite Republican and Democratic parties saying they don’t like the idea of America being the world policemen, they have us go into conflicts to bring peace anyway. -p158

-our Presidents should look out for our welfare, and not go around making other countries mad at us for our intervening. NATO says we can only issue forces to foreign states for defense, but in Kosovo war we did the opposite. It was an internal Yugoslavian affair that did not threaten other nations at all. The UN is hence the world army via the NATO, of which the USA is now a part. Now NATO can attack any time anywhere not just defensively. The global role of NATO, it not being only for defending West Europe, is a big step to surrendering national sovereignty. p159.

-US President can commit troops for 60 days without the consent of Congress, Clinton ignored this and continued bombing 78 days without Congress approval. What is next? Constitution says it is Congress who has power to declare war, but now we have an imperial presidency who does it. Founders of the US made this rule, which we no longer follow, to avoid becoming like the Roman empire again. Usually republics die with they get into letting one man declare wars. Kosovo conflict was naked aggression by NATO under direction of Bilderbergers to acquire some land. Kosovo has the riches mines in Europe. The true story of the Kosovo conflict presented. p160

-the supposed negotiation with Kosovo was agree or get bombed. Details of the original agreements were not released until after the bombing began. The official document which is on the internet now reveals that NATO could go anywhere in Yugoslavia and not be punished for anything they do there. The twisted gov. foisted on Kosovo enumerated. p161

-NATO set up as the sovereign controller of Kosovo, replacing their police disarming the local police, and other ways to overpower laws the Kosovo people decide on. They had power to censor their media also. They imposed an economy which required them to put things up for sale and hence Bilderbergers bought the mines in the name of humanitarianism, and now control that region. Bilderberg group is SUPERIOR TO the CFR and TLC and RIIR (Britain’s CFR) and RT. They are like an apex of pyramidal power of secret combinations. p162

– conspiratorial groups that work together are many, some of the most prominent are think tanks like the Heritage Foundation, professional associations like the Institute for Pacific Relations, fraternal organizations like the Free Masons, Universities with conspirators on their Board of Regents like Harvard and Yale, tax exempt foundations like the Ford Foundation, religious organizations like the World Council of Churches, political organizations like the United Nations, military organizations like NATO, aristocratic associations like the Black Nobility of Europe. Another quote on TLC attempt truly is to become a government higher than the rest. p163


Ch 10 Terrorism and 9/11:


-“day of the great slaughter with the towers fall” Isaiah 30:25

-the history of people taken over ancient Rome by false terrorism is told. It is the road to dictatorship. (The Book of Mormon shows this also!) p164-5

-Jeb Bush, Dick Chaney, and other prominent people had a plan for an American World Empire. The document Rebuilding Americas Defenses written in Sept. 2000 by PNAC showed that they wanted to control the Gulf region weather or not Saddam Hussein was in power. Speaks of US desire to control parts of the world for its worldwide control system, a blueprint for world domination. At least 11 countries warned the US of 9/11 before it happened. Names of 4 of the 9/11 hijackers were provided to the US but none of them were arrested. 9/11 leads were not followed up on. One hijacker we consider the 20th was seeking to learn to steer large air liners and had radical Islam ties but the FBI would not allow his computer with plans of a 9/11 mission to be searched. p167

-Between Sept. 2000 and June 2001 there were 67 occasions where our jets went up to examine off coarse planes, but nothing happened with the 9/11 off coarse planes. Former US federal crimes prosecutor said there was such substantial evidence given before 9/11 attack to the CIA and the FBI that they cannot claim to assert a defense of incompetence. Why would the US attack itself thus? To maintain its hegemony by forcing its way into a situation where they could excuse getting into the oil supplies. US was informed immediately of the hijackings and could have shot down all the hijacked planes which crashed into the towers and the Pentagon but they did not act. p168

-VP Cheney, despite having info about the hijacking beforehand, did not order them be shot down until after they had crashed, and even that order was not passed on. Experts show that if was not just planes and fires that caused the buildings to explode, but was demolition, and tower7 was not even hit by a plane but still fell. p168

-buildings closer than tower 7 did not fall so we cannot say it was from proximity. Jet fuel won’t get hot enough to melt stele and cause a building to fall. p170

-sulfur from thermite a demolition product was in the remains. see journalof911studies.com p171

-more evidence from report of a long-standing engineer professor of BYU that it was demolition, and perhaps to get the US in a war via international bankers etc. p172

-evil tactics for attacking people rather than their arguments shown p173

-Rudy Giuliani had an office in building 7 and was told to leave it before it collapsed but will not tell us who told him or why. Pancake collapse as the why for building 7 will not hold up with engineers. The official report of 9/11 did not even mention building 7, a 47-story building. The near free fall speed of the buildings had to be from demolition. p174

-WTC janitor heard 2 bombs go off beneath him in the basement of the WTC before the plane hit it and was rescuing people from that all before the planes hit, and he witnesses that the government denying that is a lie and a cover up. He had been working there 20 years. He tells his story in Latin countries, but they won’t let him tell it here in the USA. p175

-this janitor heard other explosions as well. 14 others agree and likewise testify with him who were there. A reported the collapse of building 7 but did so 20 minutes before it collapsed, somehow accidently getting this news from one who knew it would fall and reading it too early on accident. p176

-see also 9/11truth.org, 911truthseekers.org, loosechange911.com, newamericancentury.org p177


Ch 11 The Enlightened Ones: (Illuminati)


-founder of Illuminati Adam Weishaupt says the end justifies the means; that sin is not sin if it is done with the intent of some supposed good or helpful idea. This Adam W. was deep into the occult. Illuminati means the Enlightened Ones. Adam W considered by many to be the most profound conspirator. Rothschilds controlled the Illuminati by financing Adam W. Masonic lodges are a headquarters for Illuminati. Rothschilds have instigated all wars. David Rockefeller is a partner with the Rothschilds. They have pharmaceutical companies and a lawsuit was filed against them for creating swine flu then promoting the vaccine to such, thus making billions. This is repeated with other diseases. They could be who cause the destructions before the second coming of Christ. Documents of NYC drug ring creating and sending out swine flu. The drug ring controlled by Rockefeller. These documents were sent to the FBI but because of Rockefellers hand in government they probably will not do anything with these documents. History of Adam W. given. p179

-Weishaupt knew many ancient languages and read texts and was convinced the Great Giza Pyramid was of initiation ceremonies. In 1771 he made his organization then in 1776 changed its name to Illuminati. It copied rites of the Masons. It was funded by Rothschild to be able to put people into positions in which they could cause wars. The illuminati were based on philosophies of Roseau, Voltaire, Diderot, and others of the Paris academy in 18th century, the age of reason by these philosophers is actually a hatred of how Christianity had power over monarchies of Europe and was to destroy Christianity. They made a fraternity to destroy the Church called the Philosophes. Voltaire said that Christianity is the devil and said to lie boldly always to promote the cause against these things; he wanted all morals from religions and monarchs to be destroyed. p180

-Illuminati founder Adam W. had an order established to convince people that it was a charitable organization and when the people were going to move up higher in the organization he told them that to do so they would have to denounce all religion and monarchy it being in the way of the happiness of humans. If they would not, they would not advance in the order. Once in the high order, not the Illuminatis Minor, but the Illuminatis Major, the real purpose of the organization, to rule the world, was revealed to that person attaining the status. They were to do that by destroying all existing governments and religions. They then would take an oath promising their every effort would be to that order, and to their superiors in the order. They had a group of police called the Insinuating Brethren which was the members looking at each other and if they caught one another trying to tell people of the order they were to be killed. Its insignia was the all-seeing eye. Weishaupt was a Jesuit so he brought much of that order thereto. He deemed himself Rex (king) in the secret order. The texts of the order spoke of engendering hate towards races and sexes and religions. He wrote of what type buildings they were to burn. He planned the attacks, the 20th century violence seems to follow the instructions he wrote. p181

-in 1782 the Illuminati infiltrated the German Free Masons which soon became all European Free Masons, by their alluring promises of sharing the secrets the Illuminati had to offer. (Recall American free masons are a separate group and were not taken over by Illuminati until late 19th century). French Revolution of the 1700s started by the Illuminati. (Here as in elsewhere, much more explanation of how these things happened is given in the full text.) This was by their men causing the Jacobian club houses which had radical ideas. A mail man carrying Illuminati papers from Weishaupt was struck by lightning and his papers discovered, so the police shut down many Masonic Lodges known to be in the control of the Illuminati at that time of 1785. The Illuminati never ended, it just went underground with different names, same agendas. These subgroups have the same hand signs etc., and refer to themselves as Illuminati despite their different names. p182

-The unfinished pyramid with the all-seeing eye as the top stone was the seal, and it had the words Annuit Coeptis Vovus Ordo Seclorum meaning announcing the conception of the new order of the ages. Then roman numerals for 1776 at the bottom. This is what is on the back of our US 1$ bill. We see the order is still alive and in control. The French Revolution came in the pretense of the aristocrats starving the others out. So rebels beheaded all the aristocrats they could, these rebels were Illuminati. Illuminati member Robespierre who leaded the revolt was killed, but had plans to kill 15 million Frenchmen, though only 300,000 were killed. After the failure of the French Revolution they went into hiding but did not die out. A partial LIST of the groups in which the Illuminati exists today are The German Union, The Tungenbund, Jacobian Culubs whom executed the French Revolution, Sublimes Maitres Parfaits (Sublime Perfect Masters), Societe des Saisons (Society of Seasons), Leagues of the Just whom commissioned Karl Marx and Frederick Engels to write the Communist Manifesto then changed the name of the group to the Communist League (thus the communist movement of the 20th century was from the Illuminati; also the Politburo of Russia still get together and have their handshakes and punishments etc. of old like the Illuminati they replaced they still want destroy all religion and government hence they celebrate May Day which is May 1 of 1776 when the Illuminati was formed; the communists still think they will be able to rule the world with the new world order despite glasnost and perestroika.), The Thule Society, and the Thule Society made The Skull and Crossbones group (originally a fraternity of Yale University, taken over by Thule society, and those who believed easily their philosophies were given rank and the Rhodes Scholarships. President Bush was a member of Skull and Crossbones, and President Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar), The Club of Rome (who push for more governmental controls over the environment and thus over people), Fabian Socialism, and Anarchism. p183-184

-Also the Executive Committee of the Council on Foreign Relations is made up of Illuminati’s, in that when joining the committee they go to a small room in the UN building and at an alter with the all seeing eye they are given the handshakes oaths and rituals of the highest, Rex, Illuminati Order. p184

-Hegelian Dialect is about mixing thesis with antithesis to create synthesis. (Put out crazy ideas and they get more and more accepted.). 1992 Gorbachev still will not admit that socialist theory failed or that Communism is dead. He said, “An alternative between capitalism and communism is in the offing” (immediate future). This is directly lining up with Illuminati methods. Nesta Webster wrote a book based on what Weishaupt called The New World Order, in a book by Nesta called World Revolution, it lists the 6 goals of the New World Order: 1. abolition of monarchy and all ordered government 2. abolition of private property 3. abolition of inheritance 4. abolition of patriotism 5. abolition of the family (i.e. of marriage and all morality, and the institution of the communal education system of children) 6. abolition of religion. Hegel a social philosopher said that war is what is needed to mix views of people, and thus planned wars could mix views of people in a planned way. p186

-Capitalism was the thesis, the current, so they posed an antithesis, being the opposite, which was communism (state owned, state planned, dictatorially run atheist society), opposite of capitalism (which was from Judeo-Christian values and a free market economy.) Now soon is coming in the “offing” (immediate future) according the Gorbachev, the antithesis of these ideas, which is the socially engineered synthesis of the thesis and the antithesis, the 2 being opposite and meshing together, to create a system called the New World Order, where in the means of production and distribution are privately owned, but the government dictates how much is produced and how many companies can produce the same product, and as for religion, it is not Judeo-Christian or Atheist, it is Satanic, the nice in the middle ground. We see this is what they wanted all along, and is why they went with communism for a time to get here to where the really wanted to be all along. To understand the contrast between capitalists and communists, read Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution by Anthony Sutton, and Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler by Anthony Sutton. These books also show that the American and European international bankers financed both the Bolshevik Revolution and the Nazi Movement. p187

-so, we see that the thesis, aka the status quo of capitalism, and the antithesis, aka the opposite of the status quo namely communism, were influenced by the Bolshevik Revolution and the Nazi movement by the same puppeteer to get their desired outcome, the synthesis of a New World Government. The NWO people in the Nazi party financed Hitler to see if Fascism was a feasible economic theory to use in their NWO. This caused it to go from desolation from WW1 into a super-power strong enough almost to take over the world against the might of the USA. The USA is who lead the world, and they had capitalism, hence the antithesis had to be opposite of the then most powerful nation, the USA. So, they chose the antithesis of communism. For the creation of the synthesis, they needed a government to become the antithesis, they chose a place with similar land resources, size, and population as the USA, being Russia. The Illuminati funded Lenin in his revolt against the Czars of Russia. The western money and political power which the Illuminati pumped in to Russia kept it from collapsing in communism for a while (communism is weak as a system and would have otherwise collapsed more quickly). So, after WW2, the Russians have had planned conflict with the US. Hence the antithesis and the thesis conflict, and the breeding of the synthesis NWO. There are leaders of the Western Capitalists that are just as involved in this as the leaders of Communism, all working together to mix the thesis with antithesis and thus create the synthesis NWO. Recall the quotation from Gorbachav clearly aforementioned which clearly reveals this. (I say this evil plot is so effective and complex that none other than the devil himself must have created and divulged it to his minions). p188

-detail of a Rothschild agent using $20 billion for the triumph of Bolshevism in Russia. This shows us that internationalists control communism. Shown how communism was financed by capitalists for this agenda. This creating your own enemies was used in ancient Rome by persons to gain power as mentioned earlier. 9/11 a fake terrorist attack was to have excuse for the Patriot Act which destroys the 4th Amendment to the Bill of Rights among other freedoms. p189


Ch 12 The Committee of 300:


-financial advisor to the Rothschilds speaks of this group of 300 who choses who will lead Europe and has all power over it. 6 months later he was assassinated. This Committee of 300 coordinates the efforts of the other conspiracies and is a clearing house for them. Some government heads call these people the Magicians. Stalin called them the Dark Forces. Pres. Eisenhower called them the Military-Industrial Complex. They call themselves the Olympians (they consider themselves gods). In the group there are the directors and members of the CFR, TLC, RT, Illuminati, and more conspiracy groups. Also on it are the aristocracy of Europe, the Royal Family of England (we see Queen of England is not so powerless after all). These people once knew power then seemed to give it up 150 years ago but people who experience power do not like to give it up, and now acting behind the scenes they are more powerful than ever. p190

-The same time the European and English aristocracies were being phased out of power is the time that the Committee of 300 came into power around the 1840s, no coincidence. LIST of other conspiracy groups presented, all intending to rule the world. These people fight each other and join multiple groups at times to try and climb the ladder, etc., but they will eventually kill each other and make the earth desolate in their attempts to beat each other to ultimate power. p191

-Some secret societies start out with good intentions, but Satan takes them over. Satan works in the dark and secret, and when you play in his backyard, he takes you over. LIST given of background of the other conspiracy groups aforementioned. Here is the list: The Council of 3 (not mortals, (like a Satanic trinity like the book of Rev. speaks of)), The Counsel of 9 (perhaps same as The Nine Unknown me group), The Council of 13 (Grand Druid Council of 13 highest ranking witches in the world, whom take orders directly from the Rothschilds, no one else), The Council of 33 (the top 33 Free Masons in the world), The Council of 300 (see this chapter), The Council of 500 (with the 500 richest men in the world), The Black Nobility of Europe (the crown heads of Europe), The Theosophical Society (founder under direction of Freemasonry founded the New Age Movement), The Golden Dawn (witchcraft of the Rothschilds, they do human sacrifice), The Priory of Sion (said to have the Holy Grail, head of organization of the Templars), P2 Masonry (Italian Freemasonry group, taken over by Illuminati and specializes in political assassinations), Ordo Templis Orientali (OTO, higher than Freemasons, specialize in every known sexual perversion), The Club of Rome (elites using scare tactics of environmental concerns and global warming as scare tactics to bring NWO, see Al Gore promoting this in his film An Inconvenient Truth, they are behind that saying falsely that global warming is manmade), The Jesuits (began in 1540, responsible for The Inquisition. Grew into a society that took over the Catholic Church and runs it through the Black General which is the label given to the head of the order. They have their own agenda for NWO. According to Jesuit documents, the Catholic Church will head the NWO (and the Jesuits run the Catholic Church and hence the NWO)), The Kabbala (Jewish organization, oldest group, perhaps responsible for Crucifixion of Jesus, the top members of the Sanhedrin were members.). The Committee of 300 believe they are absolutely charged by divine right to implement 10 things. The ten listed and described. p192-193 and 194 for the list.

-The 20 goals of the Committee of 300: 1. one world government, the NWO with unified church and monetary sys they direct. 2.destroy national identity and pride including the Constitution 3. destroy religion esp. Christian, except what they create 4. mind control each human with technotronics 5. stop industry except computers; workers go to Mexico for slave labor; unemployable people get on drugs or executed 6. legalize drugs and pornography 7. depopulate large cities (a trial run was done in Cambodia “the Pol Pot regime”) 8. suppress scientific development except what benefits their agenda 9. use war and starvation and disease to kill 3 billion people; “Global 2000 Report” accepted by President Carter calls for this, calls for USA population to be 100 million by year 2050. 10. weaken moral fiber; demoralize working class by creating massive unemployment; they turn to drugs and alcohol and rock music to rebel against status quo and thus destroy the family unit. This plan by its authors find in “The Aquarian Conspiracy”; Stanford Professor Willis Harmon wrote it, others involved etc. are listed. Specific title given to look up the very report. p193-194

-report “Changing the Images of Man” by the Committee of 300 is what contains this conspiracy aka the Aquarian Conspiracy. They wanted demoralize America with accepting drugs, free sex, violence, murder, homosexuality, pornography, abortion on demand, etc. Goal of destroying the family. Single parent families are now more common than 2 parent families. The conspirators promoted The Beetles music group and other rock and roll drugs and free sex bands, a main theme or rock and roll bands. (*Hence one of the Brethren leading the church declared “rock music is of the devil”); They also encourage criminal and misdemeanor activity. 15 million babies murdered (at the time of this publishing, much more now). p195-196

-Goal 11. create crisis and then solve them for people, thus quitting their ability to make deceptions. Goal 12. to create new colts and boost those already functioning such as the filthy Mick Jagger’s “Rolling Stones” (he is the lead singer of it) and all the rock groups of the Beetles and those who followed them. p197

-Elder Gene R Cook of the Seventy talk in 1989 “The Eternal Nature of the Law of Chastity” says the Lord has music, and so does the Devil, what you listen to effects your chastity, Mick Jagger said to him on a plane “Our music is calculated to drive kids to sex…Well it’s not my fault what they do. That’s up to them. I’m just making a lot of money.”, Jagger went on to say he was excited of the advent of music videos as they could show the sex not just talk about it, Jagger said he has children out of wedlock and is proud of it, and Jagger said that people can do whatever they want and take whatever they want and there are no commandments and no God, and that nothing really mattered (cf. Alma 30:13-18), Jagger said he believed in evolution and that he descended from a monkey and that children should do what they want despite their parents and that parents limit them and that he was glad that the family was being destroyed as an entity, then Jagger said disparaging things about The Book of Mormon and the Mormons, then Elder Cook told him that the Book of Mormon is not the lie, but rather he Jagger is the lie, and that if he does not turn his life around he is going to hell, and that he would be a witness that he gave him this message at the judgement bar of God that he had at least given him “the word”. SO WE SEE that the current music industry is not by chance but is designed by the Committee of 300 (they are like the General Authorities of the Church of the Devil). Goal 13 of the Committee of 300 is to spread religious cults like Moslem Brotherhood, Sikhs, Moslem Foundation, etc. Also know that Ayatollah Khomeini was created by British Intelligence “Military Intelligence 6 (MI6)” The values of Muslims are being preached by US and British government, they are encouraged to migrate to the west and their values are contrary to the US Constitution and their ideas are promoted in our schools. Goal 14. export “religious liberation” ideas to undermine all religion esp. Christianity. Goal 15. cause total economic collapse on earth and cause total political chaos. Goal 16. control Foreign and Domestic US policies. p198

-Goal 17. give full support to international things like UN, IMF, BIS, World Court, and phase out local institutions/bring them under UN. Goal 18 penetrate all governments work within them to destroy their sovereignty. Goal 19 make worldwide terrorist apparatus to negotiate with terrorist agencies whenever such arise. Goal 20. control US education to destroy it totally. See book “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America” by Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt. Social education. in US is geared toward leading Americans to world government by socialists controlled by behavioral and social scientists. This is a massive text and puts it all in order. The book shows how the social engineers say there are certain crisis and use radial methods because of such, but never really fix anything and make things up to get their agenda through. Speaks of how US education is now used to promote humanism, atheism, and stupidity. p199-200

-Description of what would happen if the Committee of 300 is successful is given, it is a description of the NWO. It will have non-elected hereditary oligarchy like the Middle Ages, and will limit the human population by limit family size, disease, war, famine, until only 1 billion remain of people useful to the ruling class. p200

-they further show that the NWO they want will have no middle class, only rulers and slaves, world courts with unified laws, one world police and military, no national boundaries, no private firearms, the rebels to the NWO will be called outlaws and anyone can kill them on sight, only religion will by Luciferianism with Witchcraft taught in public school, no private schools, no Christianity, no republicanism, no sovereignty with the people, severe penalty to mention racial or national identity, a number printed on each person which brings up their files of all gov. agencies CIA FBI SSI IRS FEMA all vastly expanded and easily accessed, marriage outlawed, children raised by state wards as state property, women will continue to be degraded by the “women’s liberation” movement, free sex will be mandatory, self-abortion for after 2 children born to a woman or clinically forced abortion if refuse such, p201

-more of what the one world order will look like if they have their way: compulsory showing of pornography heterosexual and homosexual in all theaters etc., recreational drug use compulsory with all having a drug quota and drugs bought at one world government stores all over the world, mind control drugs expanded and compulsory via the food and water without knowledge of the people, drug bars set up where the slave-class must spend all its time, people thus become controlled animals with no mind of their own. Economic system makes just enough food to keep the slaves going in their mass labor camps, all taught they are totally dependent on the state for survival, world ruled by the Committee of 300 whose decrees are all binding instant law. Boris Yeltsin of the Committee says they’ll try the system on Russia as a trial run. There will be courts of punishment, no courts of justice. Industry and Ag. only in control of the Committee of 300. Compulsory euthanasia for the old and terminally ill, city size controlled, 4 billion “useless eaters” to be eliminated by 2050 by war, organized epidemics including rapid-acting diseases and starvation. Energy and food for the non-elite kept at bare need level. World population will become 1 billion, and half of that will be the Chinese and Japanese races as they have been regimented for centuries to obey authority without question. Artificial food storage by the gov to show the people they rely on the state to survive. Private banks outlawed, only the Bank of international settlements and the World Bank in operation. p202

-more of what it would look like if they have their way: no wage disputes allowed; immediate execution to those who break the law; uniform pay scales chosen by the government;

-HG Wells speaks of how many will give their lives fight against the establishment of the NWO but he merely says that is all part of it.

Arthur Schlesinger Jr. speaks of it only coming by blood.

-They use a new term for “New World Order” that is less frightening to people, “Globalization”. They still use the term NWO in their private meetings.

-The Founding Fathers knew that a society has a collective conscience; 50 years ago we had one, now we have lost that innocence; we lost our national identity and conscience. They further said that God can’t punish a nation in the next life as it has no soul, so He must punish them in this world, and He does so by destroying them.

-Tavistock Institute is one agency used by the Committee of 300, its founder was from the 300, they create brainwashing programs, like The Aquarian Conspiracy before mentioned.


-Economic Committee of the North Atlantic Institute is another group by the 300. They are doing social reforms, and want to rewrite the US Constitution socialistic and monarchical like that of Denmark. The members of this institute are Communists. One policy they seek to promote is zero-growth post-industrial policy to cut down industry in the US by vast amounts to not near what it was in 1969.

-Other groups run by the 300 are the Systems Development Corporation (who seeks vast database of every US citizen’s medical financial criminal and personal information). The Mount Pelerin Society, The Hoover Institution (originally anti-communist think tank taken over), and the Heritage Foundation (a conservative think tank also in their dominion).

The Beetles song “I get by with a little help from my friends” was referring to drugs. Drugs are controlled by the 300. Its front organizations are for instance, the Columbian family cartels and the American and Italian Mafia, also the Royal Family of England via the Committee of 300 are who have done most moving of drugs in the past 300 years. the Committee of 300 in drug trade began with the British East India Company (BEIC). The British Aristocracy had majority of members in this committee, and they learned selling Opium would get people addicted to their product and capitalized on that. See book “Conspirators Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300”. The British would not take the Opium, but the Chinese under such oppression from their leaders, did. They called this the China Inland Mission. It passed itself off as a Christian mission. The first samples were always free to hook people.


The British Royal Family sanctioned this giving selling and teaching how to smoke opium to Chinese. The opium was brought to America and a RNR built to carry it. The workers to build the RNR were the Chinese strung out on opium; many Negros in America were stronger and needed work, but the Chinese were imported to work on it so they could pass on the opium and get more people addicted. At that point, the Negros were not using opium.

The Boxer Rebellion we are told was the west defending legitimate ideals in the east, but such is a lie, it was China trying to get rid of the opium trade which the committee, via British parliament, was forcing on them. The Chinese had outlawed opium from this big issue when they found what was going on. The Chinese started their attack by destroying large storages of opium, and sank ships which were trading such. British used this as excuse to start a way, and had people push opium even in the fighting. The Chinese lost the war and were forced to sign the Tientsin Treaty which allowed full British access without taxation regulation or prohibition. Then when communists took over China in 1949 with Mao Tse-Tung and they became partners with the drug dealers. This is how it is today. When the Committee hears of others pushing dope, they tell the Drug Enforcement Administration about it so they can get rid of the competition. They have spies everywhere. Read more about the British Royal Family and drugs in “The Imperial Drug Trade” book.


Ch. 13 The New World Order Religion


Quote of people admire liars, and hate who try to tell them the truth.
The spirit gives light to all people, and that light is the spirit of Jesus Christ, and whoever hearken to it come to God the Father. (D&C 84:45-47; Moroni 7:16-17). So do your best with what you know, and you’ll be saved.
After the Amalekites and Amulonites rejected the true gospel they still built synagogues and attempted to worship God. So we see the desire for religion is universal.
Satan tries to get people to worship in any way except the true way. He fills the vacuum of the desire to worship when people reject the true God.
Satan tries to sell many doctrines, hence there are so many churches.
Ultimately Satan wants people to worship him (Moses 1:12, 18-22; Matt. 4:8-10) p210
Satan does not enter the Eden scene until God had given Adam commandments, to which Satan could fight against.
Therefore we call him the adversary, he always fights against God and Christ. It’s almost like the law of physics, for every action an equal but opposite reaction.
things to act, and things to be acted upon (2 Ne. 2:14)
Intelligence is what acts, matter is what is acted upon. These are the only two things that have always existed. (D&C 93:29, 33).
Satan has no intelligence because he has no light and truth, which is the definition of intelligence, which means he has become a thing to be acted upon, not a thing to act. He cannot act to his own accord.
He simply reacts in an opposite direction to what God desires. Hence, he wants people to worship him.
Church of the Devil dominion (control) over all earth (1 Ne. 14:10-11)
Benson, Ensign Nov. 1988, 86 says secret combinations seeking to overthrow the freedom of all lands are increasing their evil influence in American and the entire world.
A church may be defined as an organization which adores a supreme being, has defined tenants and beliefs, and practices prescribed rites or ordinances.
Non-religious organizations, i.e. financial and political, may still count as a church under this definition.
They use forms of atheism which weaken religions.
Humanism, existentialism, relativism, theory of evolution, materialism, etc.
They particularly hate Christianity, it standing against all they stand for.
They have their own form of religion with ritual etc.
If the world were only good, no worship of Lucifer would exist.
Truth is knowledge of things how they really are (D&C 93:24), and such is not always pleasant.
knowing truth is not always pretty, but always empowers us to make good choices.
The NWO religion is Luciferianism
attested by David Spangler (director of the Planetary Initiative for the United Nations),as it being an initiation into the NWO, and the way to wholeness, and liberation to both Lucifer and mankind. Spangler is in the New Age Movement. P213
The founder of the New Age Movement (the NWO) says Lucifer is the Savior and the logos and civilization all everything good (see Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, “The Secret Doctrine, vol. 2, 171, 225, 255)
They say Adonai is the bad God, and Lucifer the good one.
Not all the members of these organizations worship Lucifer, many are deceived. It is the leaders of the organization who worship Lucifer.
The CFR has its high level people (only the Executive Committee) take rites of initiation promising to serve Lucifer (see book “Secret Societies/New World Order” by Milton William Cooper, and afore mentioned reference of this text of this text about the CFR).
Lucifer keeps his dominion of various organizations in secret.
He knows that mankind is against him overall.
We all rejected Lucifer in pre-mortality (Moses 4:1-4; Rev. 12:3, 4; 7-9)
Lucifer hates all mortals, for they are who rejected him in pre-mortality. He especially hates those who promoted the plan of God.
Other organizations which worship Lucifer in the top levels of their organization are the Tri-Lateral Commission, the Bilderbergers, the Royal Institute for International Affairs, the Round Table Group, the Club of Rome, the Skull and Bones, the Thule Society, the World Council of Churches, the Illuminati, and others.
Other groups which lead to Luciferianism are witchcraft and Satanism.
masses initiated into Lucierianism by this by telling them it’s an old polysynthetic religion that worships the ‘gods’ of nature. They are told that they can get in touch with ‘spirit guides’ (evil spirits) that will speak to their minds and guide them to “higher levels of consciousness”.
These evil spirits help fulfill spells that are cast. So yes, they can really cast spells which really work. They deceptively say it is like Christian prayer.
these spells are no match for God’s power, whom oversees all. Who keep covenants in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are promised protection from Satan’s power, no matter in what form.
Witchcraft is the religion of the Illuminati.
The Golden Dawn coven is the personal coven of the Rothschilds.
Freemasonry –p217
they get their signs tokens etc. from the Knights Templar of the middle ages, whom received them from the Gnostic Christians, whom claim to have preserved the secret teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ after his resurrection, of which most Christians have no record (*this could be why people think LDS got some of their temple rites stolen from the Masons, for the LDS is the restored teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ).
they were infiltrated by the Illuminati
the high leaders of this hide with the cloak of good works by the lower people who do not know what is going on high in the program. They worship Lucifer and plan evil NWO things for the government in the high levels.
Book “Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry” by Albert Pike is given to those who get to the 32nd degree of the program.
it’s pg. 321 praises Lucifer. In pg. 566-7 it says that the Prince of Darkness made Adam, and that Demons forbade Adam to eat the forbidden fruit, and that Demons made Eve. Pg. 567 of it says that Satan created and controls this world.
Albert Pike 33rd degree member letter speaking of using Atheism to break down Christianity with violence them replace them both with Luciferianism. (see text for ref)
another Masonic quotation praising the power of Lucifer and his coming rule also in “The Lost Keys of Freemasonry” p48, Illustrious Manley Palmer Hall 33rd degree.
another Masonic quotation praising of Lucifer from “Brother Eliphas Levi, The Mysteries of Magic” p. 428 speaks of intellectual Lucifer being the Holy Spirit and controlling magnetism and being love and intelligent.
why were George Washington, Joseph Smith, etc. Freemasons? It was not infiltrated by the Illuminati at that time. George Washington himself warned his friends against the Illuminati in several of his letters. Explanation given in the text more fully, but note that Albert Pike was elected to the position of the Sovereign Grand Commander of the Southern Supreme Council of Freemasonry (see Mackey’s Encyclopedia of Freemasonry p564). Pike was then contacted by the European Illuminati head Giuseppe Mazzini whom made him overseer of the illuminati activities in the US (see Kirban, “Satna’s Angels Exposed, 157-8; and Ralph Epperson, “The Unseen Hand” [Tucson, Publius Press, 1985], 223.). In Sept. 20, 1870, Pike and Mazzini drafted a constitution that established an ultra-secret governing body of worldwide Freemasonry (joining European and American Freemasonry etc.), with main centers at Rome, Charleston, and Berlin. They put in that constitution a new super-rite for American Freemasonry (see Edith Starr Miller, “Occult Theocracy”, 207-8, 215). The headquarters for American Freemasonry is at D.C. As we see from this text, the name of the super-rite Order was the New and Reformed Palladian Rite, or New-Gnosticism. They taught that Lucifer is as powerful as Adonai. “It is Lucifer who is worshiped within this Rite of Freemasonry” (ibid). This the “Palladian Rite” is practiced at the centers afore mentioned of Charleston, Berlin, Rome, and Washington D.C. (see Kirban, 159). Mazzini in a letter to Pike spoke of this highest rite to unite Freemasonry and maintain the people in unknown direction of their group and to keep it in strictest secrecy (Occult Theocracy, 208-9).
The Middle East has it’s form of Freemasonry called the Ancient Arabic Order Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, the author believes they worship Lucifer at the top also. It was adopted in America and is known as the Shriners. Similar oaths punishments tokens etc. are taken. William J. Florence brought it to America, and he was initiated by an Arabian diplomat (Ancient Arabic Order Nobles of the Mystic Shrine: A Short History [Tampa, FL: Shrine General Offices, Apr. 1985], 3)
Rosicrucian’s aka the Society of the Red Cross are a secret society like the Masons, and they say their rites began with the Egyptians. They have similar signs tokens etc. as the Masons. They worship Ra the Egyptian sun god, which is also the Egyptian name of Lucifer.
Mackey in “Encyclopedia of Freemasonry” says the Templars many of whom were destroyed in the 1200’s, joined with the Rose Croix (cross) and laid low for over 300 years. Then the two later merged with Freemasonry. Hence Masonry has orders (or levels) of the Rose Croix and the Templars.
Other organizations with similar handshakes signs tokens etc. as the Masons are the Thule Society, the Skull and Bones, the Nine Unknown Men, the Club of Rome, DeMolay, and the Eastern Star.


Ch14 Maitreya (The Anti-Christ)


He will act like God (2 Thes. 2:3-4)
All religions have a savior figure
Christians = Jesus Christ (to come in the sky)
Jews = Messiah (to be born at Bethlehem)
Muslims = Imam Mahdi
Hindus = Krishna (to come as reincarnated being)
Buddhists = Maitreya (to come as reincarnated being)
1962 child born in Middle East some sources say his real name is Rahmat Ahmad;
direct descendant of prophet Muhammed;
Rothschilds bankrolled him;
He is called “Lord Maitreya”
He is called the savior figure all rolled into one for many of these religions
Born Muslim yet bears Buddhist savior title
Travels the world performing miracles in India and London
Says the new age will be a one world government
Oath with Lord of the New Age, Lucifer.
Deep meditation to connect with deeper self, deeper consciousness
Allows evil spirits to enter you
Maitreya appears and vanishes like magic, and does healings between such.
It’s said he can speak all languages (like Satan)
Forerunner for Maitreya is Benjamin Crème, who testifies of Maitreya, and says this is the man.
Maitreya met with George Bush Sr. and Borbachev in 1989
He has been to Bilderbergers meetings and other NWO meetings.
He is deliberately kept out of the press for now.
Upon his word, they’ll have much press about him, like coming out all at once.
Like major coverage Barack Obama got all of a sudden.
Obama was on Time Magazine cover 17 times, McCain who ran against him was only 5, and one of those with Obama.
On the “Day of Declaration”
stage in the air
powers of the devil helping him seem like he is coming from the sky
NASA secret project “Bluebeam” to help this spectacular cosmic display
Induce earthquakes in precise locations, bringing up buried artifacts suggesting validity of Maitreya
He will appear on the Mt of Olives at the time of an earthquake to look like Jesus Christ.
Microwaves simulating hearing in mammals, transforming sound signal into electrical signals which are processed for microwave signals at different frequencies applied to auditory complex of the brain, causing sounds in your head which you think are from outside, thus people think Maitreya is speaking to them in their heads.
Thoughts implanted to people’s heads making them think they love Maitreya
Major appliances giving audio cause people everywhere to hear of this; embedded chips also for it; a wave of suicide and psychological disorders resulting
On this day the Maitreya will be known by a new, unknown name.
The Pope tell his people to follow the Maitreya as the Christ. Buddhists and Hindus also will.
Helena Petrovna Blavatsky occultist praises Satan and Maitreya his right-hand man.
First woman to become 32-degree Mason.
Beware witchcraft which
has Lucifer as it’s god
healing via crystal balls
applies unto the 12 chakras in the body and the third “eye” each person has,
meditation to get spirit guides
evil spirits
Rothschilds want build in Bodhgaya India, a holy city to them, a statue of Buddha there called the Maitreya Buddha, dedicated to the anti-Christ Maitreya.
500 ft. tall (3x size of statue of liberty)
built to stand 1000 years
pneumatic systems (for movement) in it
auditory systems in it
may fulfil Rev. 13:14-15
“14 And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast; saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast, which had the wound by a sword, and did live.
15 And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.”
Mark of beast 666, read in what the Pope wore on cap, “Vicarius Filii Dei” meaning the Vicar (representative) of God. The # values of this title come to 666. They don’t use this title on the cap anymore as it’s been shown to be this number.
This to return, being worn on the cap of the anti-Christ when he comes out.
Bar code also has 666 in it from the separator lines in a different code. See book for explanation.
Chips to be put in us instead of use of credit cards, which have this UPC bar code which has that # ubiquitously.
Also used to store much data on us and our buying habits.
Book 1984 by George Orwell
Benjamine A. Rooge: with power over economy of people, you can get most of them to think write and behave as you want them to. P237


Ch15 The Priesthood and the Constitution


John Taylor: besides preaching of the gospel we have another mission to perpetuation the free agency of man and maintenance of liberty freedom and the rights of man
D&C 58:5-7 more or less than the US constitution cometh of evil
Ezra Benson: use our influence to get honest wise men into public office; this is just as binding as other laws of God; we must take active interest in these matters; all members responsibility to have liberty upheld so the Church can flourish in the future
Harold B Lee: all members be actively involved in the political process
Gordon B Hinckley: we desperately need moral men and women who stand on principle, to be involved in the political process
D&C 58:26-28 do much good without being told to
Ezra Benson: people of the Church think to wait for a church program for the Constitution fight but perhaps the Lord won’t set such a program up because it would cause division in the church and God doesn’t want that to happen yet as the wheat and the tares are not fully ripe.
Joseph Smith: US Constitution is a heavenly banner founded in the wisdom of God, it is true
Ezra Benson: Constitution sacred akin to scripture; some choicest spirits sent by God to defend it, and now more choice spirits, “even you who read my words”, to preserve it.
George Albert Smith: Constitution of US just like the 10 commandments, “keep it where the Lord started it”
J Reuben Clark: US Constitution could be in the D&C
D&C 101:80 US Constitution is established by God
Brigham Young: US Constitution is not perfect but “the Almighty has never found a man in mortality that was capable, at the first intimation, at the first impulse, to receive anything in a state of entire perfection. They (The Founding Fathers) laid the foundation, and it was for after generations to rear the superstructure upon it.”
Mormon 8:17, 19: Don’t condemn the things of God, if there are imperfections in them it’s because of man, beware this to avoid hell fire.
John Taylor: Joseph Smith told us that the last people to rally around the Constitution and save it from the grasp of unrighteous men would be the Elders of Israel (we see it is sad that we take a long time to get involved) p247
Ezra Benson: “The devil has concentrated, and to a large extent successfully, in neutralizing much of the priesthood. He has reduced them to sleeping giants.”
Ezra Benson: forsake our political and other sins and return to fundamental Christianity and of constitutional government or we will lose our liberties, free institutions, and perhaps our exaltation.
David O. McKay: “If members of the Melchizedek Priesthood allow the US Constitution to be destroyed they not only forfeit their rights to the priesthood, but to a place in the highest degree of glory as well” (The Instructor, Feb. 1956, 34)
Ezra Benson: the complacent in the stand for freedom will regret that. So stand up and be counted for liberty it may help save your nation. “It can help to save your soul”
The devil tells us to
Wait until we know more
You’re busier with important things more so than the gentiles, let them take care of this
You want to be loved by everyone
This freedom battle is controversial, you might be accused of engaging in politics
Wait until everyone in the church agrees on what is to be done
It might hurt your business or your family
The world is corrupt and heading toward destruction so why try
The war in heaven was controversial, and we were to be involved there! So, do so here!
Ezra Benson: Even if it’s too late to save the country, the fight for liberty will still be counted unto us for righteousness like prophets who taught nations that were to be destroyed, (like the Book of Mormon which says we must, as Priesthood holders, warn people, or their sins are on our heads). Life is to prove ourselves, and the final victory will be for freedom (Abe. 3:24-25)
Ezra Benson: “There is no conspiracy theory in the Book of Mormon, it is a conspiracy fact. Along this line I would highly recommend to you a new book, entitled “None Dare Call it Conspiracy” by Garry Allen.” (Gen. Conf. Apr. 6, 1972, “Civic Standards for the Faithful Saints”).
Him telling us to read this was not in the paper of his talk, it is something he chose to say while standing, so you won’t see that line in the transcript of the talk, but look up a video of it, easy to find on YouTube etc., and you’ll see and hear him say it.
The groups SDS, NEA, NOW, Greenpeace, the Wilderness Society, the Black Panthers, were all created to agitate us toward greater government control over education, race relations, the environment, etc.
Other helpful books
The Politician by Robert Welch
Beneath the Tide by this author Ken Bowers
The Creature from Jekyll Island, by G Edward Griffin
Naked Capitalist by W Cleon Skousen
FDR, My Exploited Father in Law by Curtis Dall
Propaganda by Edward Bernays
Some liberty books:
The Making of America by W Cleon Skousen
The Majesty of God’s Law by W Cleon Skousen
America’s Christian History by Gary DeMar
Quotations on Liberty by this author Ken Bowers
Restoring America’s Dream by Robert Ringer
The Federalist Papers by James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and John Jay
The 5000-year leap by W Cleon Skousen
Ezra Benson: We honor our founding fathers, The First Presidency acknowledged that wisdom when they gave us the guideline a few years ago of supporting political candidates “who are truly dedicated to the Constitution in the tradition of our founding fathers (Deseret News, 11/2/64 for this First Presidency Quote)
David O. McKay (“Vote Your Convictions” Deseret News, Nov. 12, 1964): support candidates who are aware of dangers inherent in communism and who are truly dedicated to the constitution in the tradition of our fathers, and candidates who support preservation of both personal and property rights.

Ch16 What Can I Do?


D&C 38:30 prepared shall not fear
Howard W. Hunter: “The Lord has power over his Saints and will always prepare places of peace, defense, and safety for his people”
Family Proclamation: who tear down family will have judgements of God on them
Vaughn J. Featherstone:
this is the dispensation also of the fullness of evil
membership in the church alone won’t bring safety
insurance companies can’t promise you safety
hosts of angels guard all our temples
“There will come a period of time where even the elect will lose hope if they do not come to the temples. The world will be so filled with evil that the righteous will only feel secure within these walls. They will long to bring their children here for safety sake”
“Our garments worn as instructed will clothe us in a manner as protective as temple walls” (That hints that angels will surround us protecting us as we wear our temple garments! See these his words: hosts of angels guard all our temples)
“In a day of desolating sickness, scorched earth, barren wastes, sickening plagues, disease, destruction, and death, we as a people will rest in the shade of trees, we will drink from the cooling fountains. We will be as fair as the sun and clear as the moon.”
“Our children will bow down at his (Jesus Christ) feet and worship him as the Lord of Lords, the King of Kings. They will bathe his feet with their tears and he will weep and bless them for having suffered through the greatest trials ever known to man.”
Ezra Benson: we are approaching the moment prophesied by Joseph Smith that this nation will be on the verge of crumbling this people will be the staff upon which the nation shall lean, and they shall bear the Constitution away from the very verge of destruction. P262
Ezra Benson:
the government owes you nothing
the Church won’t tell you how to defend the Constitution but admonishes us to do it.
Abe Lincoln: teach the Constitution in schools and seminaries
God sent choice spirits to make the Constitution, now other choice spirits, you, to preserve it.
“Yes, we will see that He sent special spirits willing to give their blood do defend our freedoms.”
Joseph Smith: God calls us to give our all, and be willing to lay down our lives; “the faith necessary unto the enjoyment of life and salvation never could be obtained without the sacrifice of all earthly things. It was through this sacrifice, and this only that God has ordained that men should enjoy eternal life.” (Joseph Smith: Lectures on Faith, 58-60)
Beware the government saying they’ll save us from a crisis but needing to go against the Constitution to do so.
Kennesaw Georgia had a law requiring households to have at least one gun.
Crime went down vastly. P265
Thomas Jefferson: “The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in their government”
Senator Hubert J. Humphrey: having arms is how to prevent tyranny, and history shows tyranny is possible in any nation.
The Original American Common Law Jury System p266-7
The Second Coming of Christ is to be shortly after year 2000.
5-10: earth’s history of 7k years
Adam to the birth of Christ, 4000 years passed (see Chronology chart in the LDS Bible Dictionary, p635)
D&C 77:12: the beginning of the 7th thousand years is the time for “the preparing of the way before the time of his coming”
D&C 77:13: The events of Rev. 9 (destructions just before the Second Coming) “They are to be accomplished after the opening of the seventh seal, before the coming of Christ”
Before the Second Coming of Christ, the gospel must be declared everywhere (JSM 1:31; Moses 7:62; Rev. 14:6; D&C 133:37; D&C 90:11; Alma 29:8; 1 Ne. 14:12 (congregations of Saints all over earth before Second Coming); Rev. 5:9-10 (people will become kings and priests, which means they’ll get temple ordinances);
Orson Hyde (in JD): vision about ½ of the people in the Church who left instruction from it’s leaders for protection from the enemy whom later were killed in storm. They felt the Church leaders put too much strain on them that’s why thy left.
Bruce R. McConkie in “The Coming Tests and Trials and Glory” Ensign, May 1980, 71:
“Gandianton robbers fill the judgement seats in many nations. An evil power seeks to overthrow the freedom of all nations and countries. Satan reigns in the hears of men; it is the great day of his power”
amid this there are revelations and glory to the faithful
“The way ahead is dark and dreary and dreadful. There will yet be martyrs; the doors in Carthage shall again enclose the innocent. We have not been promised that the trials and evils of the world will entirely pass us by.”
“take the side of the Church on all issues, both religious and political”
Best way to star acquisition of precious metals is to buy junk silver coins minted prior to 1965 (after that date the silver content was gradually reduced and now there is zero)
W Cleon Skousen had many people report to him visions of the future they had in the Church, he compiled them and found these motifs running through most of them:
Regular Priesthood channels have members and their food storage taken to tent cities to live out the time of the major destructions upon the earth; they had to leave everything for this and some stayed behind and mocked.

Ch17 Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is Liberty


Ben Franklin: “Whoever will introduce into public affairs the principles of Christianity will change the face of the world”
George Washington seemingly invincible
4 Bullet holes in coat
Indian chief with immense skill shot at him 17 times and missed
Persons with orders to burn all American ports in 1746 were stopped on their way by a vast storm in the middle of a sunny day and a plague which killed 2k and marked 4k deathly ill.
41 years before the restoration of the Church, the Constitution came into being.
Patrick Henry: US not founded by mere religion, but Christianity.
John Quincy Adams: US connected with indissoluble bond of the principles of civil government with the principles of Christianity.
John Jay: in the US we prefer Christians for our rulers
James Madison: in the US we govern ourselves by the 10 Commandments of God.
George Washington, farewell address: national morality can’t prevail in exclusion of religious principle
Thomas Jefferson: Christianity is friend of government as it’s the only that deals with the heart.
Several Supreme Court rulings in favor of Christianity as ruling principals shown in the text. P284-5
William McGuffey from the preface to McGuffey’s reader: Christian religion is the religion of the US; on its doctrines are founded the peculiarities of our free institutions
His readers, teaching children to read, spoke of God and angels helping mankind, and of keeping Gods Sabbath, and how God sees children in school, and how humans are on earth to improve themselves lest they sin against their Maker.
1980 display of the 10 Commandments was outlawed in school. P288
see America’s Godly Heritage by David Barton
liberty is an inalienable right which comes from God
Ezra Benson:
“There is one simple test for the constitutionality of a principle: Do I as an individual have the right to use force on my neighbor to accomplish this purpose? If I do, then I may delegate that power to my government to exercise it in my behalf. If I do not have that right, I may not delegate it.”
“Compulsive benevolence (the government; i.e. forced taxes to redistribute the wealth) is not charity”
Daniel Webster: “There is nothing so powerful as truth- and often nothing so strange.”


Teahouse of the August Moon: Pain makes man think, thinking makes man wise, and wisdom makes life endurable.
Grant called J Reuben Clark, a Constitution scholar, to be an Apostle so he could warn the saints of political dangers coming.
McKay had Elder Benson give liberty talks
See appendixes for more messages




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