What the Health – Documentary Highlights 

What the Health – Documentary Highlights

by Nate Richardson


This was a great program, my notes here only highlight a few basic ideas, be sure to go for the whole program after this introduction.


A little meat daily & you’ll be 18 percent more likely to get colon cancer.


Processed meats are a class 1 carcinogen like tobacco and asbestos.


Health experts refuse to talk about the connection of diet and disease.


Most kids age 10 already have fatty arteries.


Diet is more dangerous than smoking.


2/3 of Americans are overweight. 1/3 have diabetes.


Government and media say diabetes is just from lack of exercise and too much sugar. But it’s not from high carbs, it’s from a diet that builds fat into the blood which causes insulin resistance in the blood.


Note- once insulin resistant, carbs indeed can shoot up the blood sugar. The key is to transition back to health with slowly processing carbs, and to get the fats out of the way so you can return to normal.


In a major study the more carbs eaten the less likely to get diabetes, and the more meat, the more likely to get diabetes.


The body can’t turn carbs into fat unless we really overdo the carbs.


The movement to be ok with how you look has lead us to being ok with being sick.

Note- people haveoet sight of truth in the name of tolerance. Yes we are kind, but we can’t lose sight of truth. We have a destination, we aren’t aimlessly wandering about.


Cookies make you fat not due to the sugar, but all the fat in the cookie.


If a kid gets diabetes, that’s 19 years off his lifespan.


You have 51 percent more chance of getting diabetes if you have 1 serving of processed meat a day.


The diabetes government website has a recipe for bacon wrapped shrimp.


4 jumbo jets crashing every hour every day is how many people die from heart disease.


Note- as the scripture says, the hearts are failing. It’s from not heeding God’s councils on health, and a permissive “anything goes” society.


Inflammation from eating meats occurs immediately in blood cells.


Dementia is from small brain blood vessels getting clogged by fat.


White meat isn’t better than red meat.


Chicken is the most common sodium source. They inject it.


Those selling meats and fried foods should be required to tell their customers that they are consuming carcinogens.


Chicken and eggs have similar amounts of cholesterol as beef.


The egg white is pure fat and cholesterol.


Dairy businesses sell the idea that saturated fat is ok based on their specially funded studies that compare bad to bad, not bad to good.


Heart disease is less genetic and more lifestyle. Lifestyle often gets passed on.


The American heart health government website has an entire page on using beef products and egg products.


Kim Williams of the AAC says the more animal products we eat the more heart disease we get.


Fish are mercury sponges. Fish are loaded with pesticides, herbicides, fungal and bacterial infections, etc.


93 percent of our exposure to toxic Dioxin is from eating meats and dairy.

Women pass on dioxin via the placenta and via breast milk.

Animal products give us steroids, antibiotics, GMO corn and & soy which are heavy in pesticides & dioxins.


Most GMOs are consumed by livestock, especially cows.


Dairy increases mucus excessively.


The normal status is to be lactose intolerant.


Dairy causes acid reflux , anemia, & exema.


Organic cow milk still has saturated fat, cholesterol, and hormones. That’s the nature of cow milk.


There’s a legal limit on how much puss can be sold in milk. So you know it’s in there. We don’t want any!


Milk doesn’t build strong bones. Milk gives 0 protection from fractures. Milk drinkers actually have more bone problems like osteoporosis joint grinding.


Only 5-10 percent of cancer is genetic.

IGF1 growth factor is in all animal products. These make cancers grow.


Men who drink milk are 35 percent more likely to get prostate cancer.

Women who consume dairy are 49 percent more likely to die from breast cancer.


See Susan Levin MD


Casin protein in dairy makes casomorphines. They attach to where heroine attaches. People come back for more cheese even when it is making them fat. It’s also linked to autism development.


450+ drugs are given to animals.


80 percent of antibiotics sold in the US are for livestock.


3000+ people die from salmonella and related animal consumption diseases each year. This is more than the 9/11 terrorist attack each year.


If you live near pig waste you’re much more likely to get MRSA.


Pigs produce 10x more waste than humans. The waste leaks into water, which is pumped into agriculture.


Meat is a luxury item, it’s not how we feed the world.


The chief officer of the American diabetes association refused to talk about diet, and merely claimed any diet works so long as it’s followed.


The American diabetes association takes money from danon and other dairy vendors. The American cancer association takes money from Tyson and other meat producers. The American heart organization has sponsors from meat companies. This is like lung cancer agencies taking money from tobacco companies. You won’t hear the truth from these organizations, they aren’t willing to lose their funding.


Hospitals make more money from sick patients, so they aren’t about to heal patients long term via nutrition.


Dietary recommendations are funded heavily by unhealthy organizations.


The USDA promotes eggs but at the same time says it’s illegal to market eggs as healthy and safe.


The government gave millions to Dominos Pizza to get them to market heavy cheese items.


Fast food items are from federally funded programs.


School meals are often the worst of the worst. They include many processed meats, etc.


The Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act says you can’t advocate against unhealthy food products.


The Common Sense Consumption Act says you can’t sue junk food places since it should be obvious that their food is unhealthy.


Chronic disease is the cash source of the pharmacutical industry. They don’t want us to be healthy.


See Dr Alan Goldhamer.


You’re guaranteed to never get well if you follow doctors advice of taking pills the rest of your life.


Taking statins etc. you’ll still get the diseases, these pills aren’t cures.


The pharmacy industry spends more on lobbying than any other industry. They criminalize people who expose them.


80-95 percent of pork beef and chicken are contaminated with fecal material.


Cows are slaughtered 4x/minute, this is hardly enough time to inspect for safety.


All protein is initially made by plants. Only plants can use nitrogen to make protein.


From 2000 calories of brown rice and broccoli, you’ll get 30g protein from the broccoli, & 50g protein from the brown rice. And you’ll have all essiamino acids.


Most Americans get 100g protein a day rather than the 50g recommendation. They get 15g fiber rather than the recommended 30g. So we eat double protein, and half fiber. Both of these errors bring disease.


Human breast milk has lower protein than any animal.


The largest strongest animals are herbivores.


Overall nutrition goes way up when you go plant based. You don’t get needed nutrition on the standard American diet.


Excess protein makes TMAO which makes plague build on artery walls. Excess protein makes guys who look fit but who die at a young age in the gym.


Meat putrefies in the gut if not moved quickly. Meat eating animals have short intestinal tracts. Humans have long tracts, which are not good for meat.


See Dr. Joel Khan


On a fully plant based diet, within just a few days cholesterol levels to drop significantly.


A study showed 99.4 at risk patients could avoid major cardiac events by going plant based.


After a few weeks plant based inflammation and joint pain go away.


Dr. Michael Gregor calls plant based eating “one diet to rule them all.”


The best results treating Multiple Sclerosis were from a planet based diet.


Dr. Walter Kempner in the 1940s used white rice, fruit, and table sugar to reverse diabetes, heart disease, diabetic blindness, etc.

See https://www.drmcdougall.com/education/information-all/walter-kempner-md-founder-of-the-rice-diet/


Medical school doesn’t teach nutrition. A recent bill requiring 7 hours of nutrition study over 4 years was heavily resisted.


Note- I know nursing school has a small very basic nutrition class required, med school probably has something similar, and it’s a crying shame that they don’t attribute healing power to nutrition beyond extremely basic ideas. Doctors usually don’t bother asking what you eat.


Meat industries are the ones putting out the health info sheets on meat, etc.


Dr. Neal Barnard says eating meat is like smoking. It’s a Russian roulette, gambling your odds against chronic disease.


Severe asthma can be dramatically reduced by a planet based diet even in a matter of weeks.


Everything isn’t ok in moderation. Studies don’t show moderation reversing disease.


Some doctors claim not eating meat makes you hypothyroid, but plenty of meat eaters are hypothyroid.


See plantbasedonabudget.com for ways to eat plant based for cheap.


Vegan athletes heal faster and build more mus

cle than animal eaters.

50 year old athletes feel like they are in their 20s when they eat plant based.


Don’t support animal product industries that cause so much harm.

















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