Cyrus Khambatta PhD – Diabetes Lecture Notes


Intro to Cyrus: He is one of the few who truly understands how to treat diabetes, with carbs! That fat causes diabetes, and decreasing fat gets rid of it (long story short).

Here are notes on a few of his lectures and links to the full lectures:

He has diabetes type 1 he was told to eat low carb when he did that his glucose was random unpredictable as soon as he started eating lots of fruits and vegetables he could control it and needed less insulin

Most doctors only received 20 to 25 hours of nutritional training in their whole years of training

Studies show that you induce diabetes on a lab test animal by giving them high fat diet not high sugar!

The disconnect between the research and what the public believes is mind-boggling

Eating plant-based restores insulin function gets rid of acne gets rid of skin problems

Doctors just look at your numbers they don’t even ask you what you’re eating

Research all the way back to 1920 has repeatedly shown that a high fat diet leads to insulin resistance

There is fat in lettuce apples bananas when you’re eating whole foods you will be getting fat

Fat into the muscle and liver trigger diabetes much of the fat doesn’t go into the correct area of adipose tissue when you have the high fat diet

The low fat diet does not cure insulin resistance it masks the problem and whenever you have a carbohydrate the problem is revealed this is not mean the carbohydrate is the problem and it does not mean the low carb is the solution

The only improvement from the low carb diet is the weight loss which does help the insulin resistance but the weight loss does not need to come about by ketosis as ketosis inherently prolongs the problem

Ketosis leads to other problems such as hypertension your body is not working optimally when in ketosis even though some people use this as a short-term weight loss to bring their insulin etc into control by losing the weight
Other chronic conditions resulting from ketosis include brain fog, digestive issues, inability to regularlt exercise

Ketosis diet results in a glucose intolerance and the only way to reverse that is high carb low fat

Here are notes on another of his lectures:


It’s only refined sugar that increases your risk for diabetes etc

Fruits are whole sugars whole carbohydrates

It’s not that fats bad it’s that excess fat is bad

Just because coconut is medium chain length saturated fat instead of long chain saturated fat doesn’t mean you can use much of it as you want

Ketchup mustard and relish are all processed foods with no nutritional value

When it comes to plant-based burgers ones made out of beans are more healthy than the impossible Burger or beyond Burger those are very processed

There are many types of sugar when something says sugar free is a good chance it’s not sugar-free and it has some artificial sugar sweetener

Whole foods are three-dimensional packages of nine classes of nutrients water carb protein fat phytochemical vitamin mineral fiber

Whether it’s a bean or a fruit or a vegetable etc all whole foods have all nine of these nutrients

So there’s a slow rise in various levels you want things to take time to digest this is why it’s best to consume them in their whole form.
Glucose amino acids and fatty acids enter the blood faster if you blended your food.
When you have a smoothie draw it out to over a half hour to consume & eat some whole foods with it to help digestion.

Your brain and your digestive system are constantly communicating

Your brain will help you know which foods are not good for you it learns which foods disturb your digestion etc and brain function and subconsciously you’ll be more selective after you’ve been exposed multiple times

For prediabetes and gestational diabetes and type 2 diabetes there is a very tiny genetic component but it’s so small it doesn’t even matter

saturated fat cholesterol and refined carbohydrates fuel insulin resistance

Intermittent fasting helps

It’s not the one fruit which rockets the blood sugar of a diabetic person which is the problem it’s the metabolic traffic jam which took place before you ate that fruit

For most people with type 2 diabetes diet is sufficient to reverse it. About 20% will need to also include insulin.

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