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Carrying the Gospel to the “Heathen” Nations. 4

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Modern Prophets Teach That Full-Time Missionary Service is a Commandment. 8

Angels to Buoy up the Servants of the Lord. 11

The Far-Reaching Astronaut as a Type of the Friendly Man. 12

Time Travel: The Privilege and Cross of the Saviors. 12

To minister: Not Just a Servant, But a Friend. 13

Handsome Presentation: A Necessary Evil for the Sake of The Student. 14

Notes on The Need to Defend Truth, Lecture by Elder Christofferson. 15

Notes on Technology to Tell the World of A Savior, Lecture by Elder Stevenson – pending. 16

Samples of Magnets, Shirts, Hats, Stickers. 16

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Missionary Appendix A: Scriptures on Restoration of the Gospel compiled by Donald Parry. 33

Missionary Appendix B: Scriptures on Gathering of Israel compiled by Donald Parry. 34

Missionary Appendix C: Scriptures on The Coming forth of the Book of Mormon compiled by Donald Parry  36

Missionary Appendix D: Teach as The Angels with Holy Fire by Elder Kim B Clark. 36

Missionary Appendix E: Video Link to Angels Devotional by Dr. Donald Parry. 37



Appreciating Other Faiths





principally excerpts/highlights from http://www.mormonnewsroom.org/article/respect-for-diversity-of-faiths

-for official church doctrine see lds.org or ldsnewsroom.org or mormon.org

–Current church leaders words trump former church leaders’ words

-When we come across something potentially offensive from what an LDS church leader has said, it’s helpful to get a background knowledge about why they are saying what they are, and to get a general understanding of LDS doctrine and beliefs.

–“We claim the privilege of worshiping Almighty God according to the dictates of our own conscience, and allow all men the same privilege, let them worship how, where, or what they may” (Articles of Faith 1:11).

-“We can and should demonstrate respect toward those whose beliefs differ from ours.” Latter-day Saints accept all sincere believers as equals in the pursuit of faith and in the great work of serving humanity.” TSM current LDS church president see http://www.mormonnewsroom.org/article/respect-for-diversity-of-faiths

– President Dieter F. Uchtdorf of the First Presidency, the highest governing body of the Church, declared: “We honor and respect sincere souls from all religions, no matter where or when they lived, who have loved God, even without having the fullness of the gospel. We lift our voices in gratitude for their selflessness and courage. We embrace them as brothers and sisters, children of our Heavenly Father. … He hears the prayers of the humble and sincere of every nation, tongue, and people. He grants light to those who seek and honor Him and are willing to obey His commandments.” see http://www.mormonnewsroom.org/article/respect-for-diversity-of-faiths

-Krister Stendahl, emeritus Lutheran Bishop of Stockholm and professor emeritus of Harvard Divinity School, established three rules for religious understanding: (1) When you are trying to understand another religion, you should ask the adherents of that religion and not its enemies; (2) don’t compare your best to their worst; and (3) leave room for “holy envy” by finding elements in other faiths to emulate. see http://www.mormonnewsroom.org/article/respect-for-diversity-of-faiths

-early Church apostle Orson F. Whitney, “God is using more than one people for the accomplishment of his great and marvelous work. The Latter-day Saints cannot do it all. It is too vast, too arduous, for any one people.” see http://www.mormonnewsroom.org/article/respect-for-diversity-of-faiths

-“[we] need not diminish the mandate of Christ to “love thy neighbor as thyself.” Therefore, it is necessary to maintain a separation between charitable efforts and doctrinal tenets, while at the same time-sharing mutual concern for those in need. People of good faith do not need to have the exact same beliefs in order to accomplish great things in the service of their fellow human beings.” see http://www.mormonnewsroom.org/article/respect-for-diversity-of-faiths

-befriend those different than you. Jesus spent time with people who had different values than himself. He knew that was part of being one of God’s people, that you live “in but not of the world”. Among all types of people, but not breaking our agreements with the Lord on how we will eat, sleep, etc. Jesus spoke of a man who helped another wounded on a roadside, the good Samaritan, who helped the man on the dangerous road despite the possibility of getting shanked.

-we’re counseled to choose positive influences for who we will have as our closest friends. People who will help us live our standards, not mock us or try to persuade us to do things we do not believe in doing.

-The Holy Ghost has a distinct role of warning us of danger when such is present, rely on that guidance (President Packer recent General Conference Address 2013?)

– Joseph Smith taught that only those who persist in rejecting truth will remain in hell. All the rest will be lifted out of hell. This is one of the most liberal views on salvation ever taught.

-The following is a set of ideas presented in “The Crucible of Doubt” by Teryl Givens about people not in the church who do great work for God, that even during the great apostacy, though priesthood was lost, the church sort of hid in the wilderness, believers existed and tried to worship God and find truth even though they didn’t have the priesthood: Joseph Smith said that the restoration of the church was that it was coming forth “out of the wilderness”. In the book of revelation, it says the dragon chased the woman into the wilderness where it hid for a time. This was like the apostasy. The Catholic church held onto the doctrine that the living and the dead have lots to do with each other. The doctrine of purgatory is like our doctrine of the spirit world. The church came out of the wilderness. It didn’t disappear entirely, God still blessed people and revealed things to people, just the ordinances and priesthood authority were gone. Yes, we have more than them, and what we have is essential, and all will eventually hear it. But what they have is still important. God didn’t take a nap for 1600 years, he was always reaching out to those who would listen. Like Elijah hiding in the cave. Like wandering Mormon. D&C  49:8 8 “Wherefore, I will that all men shall repent, for all are under sin, except those which I have reserved unto myself, holy men that ye know not of.” These holy men may well have been the reformers and good people of the dark ages, who didn’t enjoy formal church organization authority and doctrine, but who tried to uphold the teachings of the scriptures in public and in private. JST Rev. 12:4-5, 7: “4 And there appeared another sign in heaven; and behold, a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads. And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth. And the dragon stood before the woman which was delivered, ready to devour her child after it was born. 5 And the woman fled into the wilderness, where she had a place prepared of God, that they should feed her there a thousand two hundred and threescore years. 7 And the dragon prevailed not against Michael, neither the child, nor the woman which was the church of God, who had been delivered of her pains, and brought forth the kingdom of our God and his Christ.” This suggests that the church wasn’t entirely extinguished, that though the authority and ordinances needed for salvation were gone, good people who loved the scriptures were still blessed. Consider the inspiring poetry, art, and music God spoke to them through, which still speaks to us. Its unwise to tell others that the restored church has a monopoly on truth.


Carrying the Gospel to the “Heathen” Nations


The scriptures speak of heathen nations. Elder Orson Pratt defined the Gentile nations as those who embrace Christendom, and heathen nations as those which have not accepted Christianity (see pg. 18-19 of Prophecy Key to The Future by Duane S Crowther). The D&C 90: 9-12 says that the gospel will go to the Gentiles then Israel then the heathen nations, “That through your administration they may receive the word, and through their administration the word may go forth unto the ends of the earth, unto the Gentiles first, and then, behold, and lo, they shall turn unto the Jews. 10 And then cometh the day when the arm of the Lord shall be revealed in power in convincing the nations, the heathen nations, the house of Joseph, of the gospel of their salvation. 11 For it shall come to pass in that day, that every man shall hear the fulness of the gospel in his own tongue, and in his own language, through those who are ordained unto this power, by the administration of the Comforter, shed forth upon them for the revelation of Jesus Christ. 12 And now, verily I say unto you, I give unto you a commandment that you continue in the ministry and presidency.”

The gentile gathering is almost complete, the Jewish gathering is in preparatory stages as the Jews gather to Jerusalem to later hear the fullness of the gospel. Nations which currently we have but little influence in are yet to come. The Arabs, the Chinese, the Indian, these are a few examples of nations which we have yet to reach by and large. See Crowther’s book ‘Prophecy Key to the Future’ or my notes on such for words of the prophets indicating that we will indeed preach to these nations and find great spiritual harvest there.

Perhaps you could say some of these nations aren’t the blood of Israel, but rather that of Ishmael or some other unrelated group. Yet the truth stands that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the WORLD, and that ALL people are beloved to God. Further, we don’t know where the blood of Israel has scattered.

There was a great scattering, and we’re seeing much of it being found in places before thought unlikely. It is the work of the saints to redeem the human race by proxy temple work, all the way back to Adam. This certainly includes those living afar off, and wherever temple work is, living work of preaching the gospel is soon to follow. Remember the prophecies of temples to dot the earth. We are already building a respectful reputation among Indian scholars, many of whom admire the contribution Joseph Smith has brought to the religious community, as reported by Teryl Givens in a lecture. Africa is currently fertile grounds for the growth of the gospel, and surely that will spread to the regions of Egypt and other eastern countries. How is and isn’t the blood of Israel we know not.

Elder McConkie once said those who join the church are almost without exception the literal blood of Israel. There is also the doctrine of adoption, wherein when someone joins the church, their blood changes to include that of the blood of Israel, and they become inheritors of all promised to that household of faith. They come to know the true God, and worship him, and receive his true blessings. President Kimball suggested learning Chinese, and we might well learn Arabic, Hindi, and other languages of not only the European and American worlds, but of the eastern worlds as well, as the work of God, according to prophecy, grows to cover the earth.

Give an Answer to EVERY Man


“But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear:” (1 Peter 3:15)

Give an answer about your hope to EVERY man? Let’s make a short list of who that could imply.


The first person to teach is yourself. The first questions to answer are those of your own. Catalog your findings in some way which you’ll be able to review them as time goes by, and use them as a resource in teaching others.

-your spouse (find nice ways to explain your religious views)


Find ways they can understand. I cringe to see families who quickly read a few verses of scripture at the end of the day to their children without offering any explanations, they consider that their duty regarding the teaching of their children has been complete. Children aren’t designed to be independent learners.


In America many from around the world are flocking, so our neighbor has expanded not only in number, but in type. The scripture says “give every man that asketh…” The “that asketh” portion is enlarged as our neighbors grow in number and type. Living in closer association with them means they are more likely to ask, and we are obligated by the Lord to answer. In this day of social media, ‘who is our neighbor’ becomes perfectly limitless.


Another passage says that the gospel will be preached to everyone in their own tongue.

With global instant communication, we don’t even have to wait for people to move in next door to begin befriending them, which will lead to joy and opportunities to share our beliefs.

I hear some people complain that not all in the US are perfect at English. Who are we, as ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ, to turn our backs on the increasingly large communities amongst us who are from a different land, and speak a native tongue which is not our own? It is our duty to carry the gospel to these persons as quickly as possible, and learning their languages will not only carry the gospel further to their hearts, but it will give them increased opportunities to embrace the gospel without having to wait for someone native to their own country who happens to have learned the gospel. When Christ asks “which of these was neighbor to him”, will it be the person who isolated them because of their language, or the person who learned their language, and embraced them where they were instead of leaving them in isolation for 5 years waiting for them to learn the local language?

Learning a second or 3rd etc. language may be out of reach for some, but for many, especially given the advancements in educational technology and increased availability of literature, it isn’t. Language learning can be scary, but the path of discipleship often is, especially when we aren’t considering that God will help us immensely. Looking back, you may find it wasn’t so hard as it appeared. Is it God or the Devil who wants you to be afraid? Give learning a try, and line upon line, precept upon precept, prayer after prayer, you can find success.


People of Other Faiths & Walks of Life

Do we understand the doctrines of the faiths of our neighbors so we can give them a holistic view of our faith in light of their faith? Joseph Smith told people not to leave behind what they have, but to come and see if we can add to what they have. We don’t tear down their religion, but build on common ground. As you now see, you must learn not only your religion, but theirs.

The protestant, the Catholic, the Muslim, the atheist, the Buddhist, the capitalist, the communist, the working man, the business man, the political man, the list could go on and on. Suffice it to say that any of these could ask us a reason for our hope, and may God help us to prepare to answer each of them in a way they can understand. The restored gospel will appeal to any one of these people, as it is calculated to satisfy the human soul in all it’s varieties.

May we understand what is important to each type of people, and to each individual person we meet, be it in person or through social media. Perhaps only when we have begun to ask them questions about who they are will they ask us questions of who we are. Remember the scripture which says speaking of the disciples’ feelings about Christ, “we love him because he first loved us”. The duty of a Christian is to ‘first love them’. This just so happens to be a very delightful duty, and gives us permission to use much of our time to enjoy life with our neighbors. In the Book of Mormon, captain Moroni always speaks of the opposing team as “our brethren”, never as “the enemy”. He wipes out all of the “us and them” mentality by reminding us that we are all one big family. Most people who are willing to befriend others who are different than themselves at face value end up being shocked at just how similar they have been all along. Cultures vary, but core human traits feelings longings pains and all the other important things, are the same for all.



Family Mission Plan





  1. The 10 commandments
  2. The Beatitudes (9)
  3. The Articles of Faith (13)
  4. The “Doctrinal Mastery” Passages (100)
  5. Learn these in another language also.



  1. Jesus Stories
  2. Other Scripture Stories
  3. The Commandments
  4. Preach My Gospel: Passages & Scriptures
  5. Find favorite scriptures


Be Friendly

  1. Say hello to neighbors
  2. Invite Neighbors to Play
  3. Make time to be social



  1. To be an example of a follower of Christ
  2. To help people find the gospel
  3. For love
  4. For faith
  5. For your friends




How To Make a Website To Share Your Views




  1. buy a domain name (we use namecheap.com, cheapest we’ve found) (costs like $10 the first year if you use namecheap, then $20/ year after that)
  2. next buy a host (we use namecheap.com). There should be a link to do it on namecheap.com. (costs $25 first year, and like $6/mo. after that)

(*and if you don’t care about your site having something else in the name like spencer.wordpress.com or spencer.blogspace.com instead of just spencer.com, then you don’t need to buy a domain name or a host.)

(*if you buy from namecheap to be your host, then namecheap enables you to access your cpanel facilitator. (Some hosts don’t let you control your cpanel, namecheap does)

  1. when the host sends you the welcome email, follow the link to cpanel, and from there use softaculous (which is an ap installer)

to install wordpress (wordpress is included as part of the package when you chose namecheap for your host)

  1. you can use this to chat with someone from namecheap https://www.namecheap.com/support/live-chat/general.aspx
  2. once you’re in wordpress you have to install a theme. If you want a menu at top of your site, you’ll need to pay for one that has that feature.
  3. to connect social media to your website, you use a plugin, or, if your theme has that built in, you can, once you’ve created those social media places i.e.. spencer.comFacebook page and twitter page, you will be able to attach those to your website.
  4. to make an email associated with your site, create an email in your cpanel, ie editor@spencer.com (mine is editor@richardsonstudies.com). From cpanel, click email, create an email. You can make those emails show up in your gmail etc. account by creating a forwarder. Setup the email first, them create the forwarder. Make the forwarder via namecheap too. 
  5. one fun thing to do is on the settings of your email, put a link to your website to your website, as you see below.
  6. One place we like to use for legal pictures to use canva.com. It’s also a good place to create a logo, or merge pictures together, as you’ve seen I’ve done below.
  7. with wordpress, to make menu’s, you’ll need to use “pages” not “posts”. A post is a standard article you write. A page is a bit more for permanent things. For example, your menu could lead readers to a page called “about” which tells about your website. Menus can also be pages with links in them to guide people to certain posts by topic.



Modern Prophets Teach That Full-Time Missionary Service is a Commandment




For a video audio version of this document: https://youtu.be/Wa9WsNh_0zY



-“the First Presidency and the Council of the Twelve are united in saying to our young sisters that they are not under obligation to go on missions. I hope I can say what I have to say in a way that will not be offensive to anyone. Young women should not feel that they have a duty comparable to that of young men. Some of them will very much wish to go. If so, they should counsel with their bishop as well as their parents. If the idea persists, the bishop will know what to do. I say what has been said before, that missionary work is essentially a priesthood responsibility. As such, our young men must carry the major burden. This is their responsibility and their obligation. We do not ask the young women to consider a mission as an essential part of their life’s program. Over a period of many years, we have held the age level higher for them in an effort to keep the number going relatively small. Again to the sisters I say that you will be as highly respected, you will be considered as being as much in the line of duty, your efforts will be as acceptable to the Lord and to the Church whether you go on a mission or do not go on a mission.” (https://www.lds.org/manual/eternal-marriage-student-manual/mate-selection?lang=eng)

-“It does not matter if it interrupts your schooling or delays your career or your marriage—or basketball. Unless you have a serious health problem, every Latter-day Saint young man should answer the call to serve a mission” (Elder Boyd K. Packer in Conference Report, Apr. 1984, 61; or Ensign, May 1984, 42). (https://www.lds.org/manual/eternal-marriage-student-manual/mate-selection?lang=eng)

-“There is increasing evidence that some young women are being strongly encouraged to serve full-time missions. Though capable and effective, young women do not have the same responsibility to serve full-time missions as do young men who hold the priesthood. We are grateful that some desire to serve as full-time missionaries, but they should not be made to feel obligated to do so. A young woman should not be recommended for a mission if it would interfere with a specific marriage proposal” (Church Bulletin, 1993, no. 2, p. 2). (https://www.lds.org/manual/eternal-marriage-student-manual/mate-selection?lang=eng)

-“To young men of the Aaronic Priesthood and to you young men who are becoming elders: I repeat what prophets have long taught—that every worthy, able young man should prepare to serve a mission. Missionary service is a priesthood duty—an obligation the Lord expects of us who have been given so very much. Young men, I admonish you to prepare for service as a missionary.” (President Monson’s challenge during the October 2010 general conference)

-“Missionaries are marvelous. They’re called of God by prophecy. . . . They represent the fruits of all that is good within the Latter-day Saint family.” (President Monson)

–“Your mission will be a sacred opportunity to bring others to Christ and help prepare for the Second Coming of the Savior” (Elder Neil L. Andersen of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles “Preparing the World for the Second Coming,” Ensign or Liahona, May 2011, 50)

-“We do not preach and teach in order to ‘bring people into the Church’ or to increase the membership of the Church. We do not preach and teach just to persuade people to live better lives . … We invite all to come unto Christ by repentance and baptism and confirmation in order to open the doors of the celestial kingdom to the sons and daughters of God [see D&C 76: 51–52]. No one else can do this” (Elder Oaks, “The Purpose of Missionary Work,” missionary satellite broadcast, Apr. 1995).

-“After all that has been said, the greatest and most important duty is to preach the Gospel” (Joseph Smith, quoted in Preach My Gospel, 12).

-“Teaching the gospel is more important than other good deeds. You are in the greatest work in the world, and nothing in this world can compare to it. Building homes and bridges is nothing. Building worlds is nothing compared to the lives you are building. The saving of mortal lives isn’t any important accomplishment as compared to what you are doing. You might go out here to one of these cemeteries and raise the dead, even a thousand or ten thousand of them, and you haven’t done anything compared to what you are doing when you are saving people” (The Teachings of Spencer W. Kimball[1982], 547).

-“I am convinced that missionary work is not easy because salvation is not a cheap experience. Salvation never was easy. We are the Church of Jesus Christ, this is the truth, and He is our Great Eternal Head. How could we believe it would be easy for us when it was never, ever easy for Him? It seems to me that missionaries and mission leaders have to spend at least a few moments in Gethsemane. Missionaries and mission leaders have to take at least a step or two toward the summit of Calvary.… I believe that missionaries and investigators, to come to the truth, to come to salvation, to know something of this price that has been paid, will have to pay a token of that same price” (Elder Holland, “Missionary Work and the Atonement,” Ensign, Mar. 2001, 15).

-see also https://www.lds.org/manual/missionary-preparation-teacher-manual?lang=eng
-Reasons to serve a mission from Church Aaronic Priesthood Manual:
1. Because Heavenly Father has commanded us to do so
2. To help people come unto Christ and his church
3. To help people receive the saving ordinances, such as baptism
4. So people can repent of their sins and be forgiven
5. To warn people of the consequences of sin
6. To gather the faithful out of the world
7. To give us a chance to serve and grow
8. To set up the kingdom of God and prepare for the Second Coming
(See https://www.lds.org/manual/aaronic-priesthood-manual-3/lesson-25-every-young-man-should-serve-a-mission?lang=eng)
–“The question is frequently asked: Should every young man fill a mission? And the answer has been given by the Lord. It is ‘Yes.’ Every young man should fill a mission. …
“… Every man should also pay his tithing. Every man should observe the Sabbath. Every man should attend his meetings. Every man should marry in the temple” (President Spencer W. Kimball, “When the World Will Be Converted,” Ensign, Oct. 1974, p. 8).

–“Some of you say in your minds, ‘Oh well, you just don’t understand my case. My situation is different. I plan to be a great lawyer, or doctor, or athlete, or some other great person. Surely neither you nor the Lord would expect me to leave my studies at such an important time. A mission would interfere with my future plans.’ Others are thinking, ‘Yes, I know about missions, but if you had a girlfriend like mine, you’d never leave her. What will happen to her while I’m gone?’ Yet others of you are thinking, ‘Missions cost so much. I just got this job. I just purchased a car and a stereo. It’s just the time of life when I’m starting to get things together for myself. I can’t drop all that now. I just can’t afford it.’ Then there are also those who are thinking, ‘My situation disqualifies me. I have fallen into transgression and am not participating in the Church. I had always planned on being a missionary, but I slipped and now I don’t live the standards required of a missionary…“If I could speak separately to each of you young men, … I would say with all the power of speech I could generate, ‘Just who do you think you are? What right do you have to match your wisdom with that of God, who through His prophets has issued a firm decree, a solemn mandate, that the restored gospel must be declared to all the world by the voice of His disciples? This means you!… [missionary service] is a marvelous gift of time, a time given when you can experience glimpses of heavenly life here on earth. It is a time of cleansing and refreshing. It is a special time when theHoly Ghost can seal upon you the knowledge of the great plan for your exaltation. It is one of your best opportunities to become a celestial candidate. The highest of all service to others is to teach them truth and bring them into the kingdom of God” (in Conference Report, Oct. 1981, p. 72; or Ensign, Nov. 1981, p. 50).’” (Elder William R. Bradford of the Seventy in Conference Report, Oct. 1981, p. 71; or Ensign, Nov. 1981, p. 50).

–“Men and women who turn their lives over to God will find out that he can make a lot more out of their lives than they can. He will deepen their joys, expand their vision, quicken their minds, strengthen their muscles, lift their spirits, multiply their blessings, increase their opportunities, comfort their souls, raise up friends, and pour out peace. Whoever will lose his life to God will find he has eternal life” (President Ezra Taft Benson, “Jesus Christ—Gifts and Expectations,” New Era, May 1975, p. 20).

-“The Lord wants every young man to serve a full-time mission. … Not only should a mission be regarded as a priesthood duty, but every young man should look forward to this experience with great joy and anticipation. What a privilege—what a sacred privilege—to serve the Lord full time for two years with all your heart, might, mind, and strength. You can do nothing more important. …Prepare well for a mission all your life, not just six months or a year before you go. We love all of our missionaries who are serving the Lord full time in the mission field. But there is a difference in missionaries. Some are better prepared to serve the Lord the first month in the mission field than some who are returning home after twenty-four months. We want young men entering the mission field who can enter the mission field ‘on the run,’ who have the faith born of personal righteousness and clean living that they can have a great and productive mission. …Give me a young man who has kept himself morally clean and has faithfully attended his Church meetings. Give me a young man who has magnified his priesthood and has earned the Duty to God Award and is an Eagle Scout. Give me a young man who is a seminary graduate and has a burning testimony of the Book of Mormon. Give me such a young man, and I will give you a young man who can perform miracles for the Lord in the mission field and throughout his life” (President Ezra Taft Benson Ensign,May 1986, pp. 44–45).

-see also https://www.lds.org/manual/aaronic-priesthood-manual-3/lesson-25-every-young-man-should-serve-a-mission?lang=eng

Angels to Buoy up the Servants of the Lord




(this message is not to boast, but to marvel at what God is doing, and how he uses weak things like me to help in his work)

In Holy Faith I do things which would be an impossible to accomplish alone; I do things knowing that if I am left to myself I will fail, yet I do the things not thinking that I waste my time and failing but thinking that I succeed counting on relying on expecting waiting for the help of God and His Holy Angels and they do help me; they help me do the strange work of God, that work which so often defies logic and confounds the wise; his angels help me get places quickly when I’ve been engaged in doing the work of the Lord and needed to take flight in safety and the angels have helped me to complete assignments and shorter amount of time as I’ve been engaged in the Lord’s work which takes up other parts of my time; I have many duties and God helps me get them all taken care of and do his work, a thing which could not be done by mere power of a mortal; I’m even going for a strange career which is not very money oriented (nothing against the money oriented careers), yet the angels are helping me do it and the angels are helping me to have my needs to be met so that I can do this work; l one of the things I worked on today was my newspaper, the sharing of news articles to tell of the events of the latter days in an effort to awaken the people from their deep sleep and have them a rise in their priesthood power and solve the problems of the world and realize where the problems are et-cetera. The work of the Lord takes many forms, and those feeling called to one should go there, and those feeling called to another department should go there. My witness of miracles in the path of duty for Christ are so many that I can’t begin to count them. Well did the Prophet Spencer W Kimball love the hymn, “I Need Thee Every Hour”



The Far-Reaching Astronaut as a Type of the Friendly Man




-befriend those different than you. Travel from your planet to another’ to investigate the alien species, to learn to love it and help it rise with you. Each person is like a different star in the cosmos, and yes! We can travel to them!
-Jesus spent time with people who had different values than himself. He knew that was part of being one of God’s people, that you live “in but not of the world”. Among all types of people, but not breaking our agreements with the Lord on how we will eat, sleep, etc. Jesus spoke of a man who helped another wounded on a roadside, the good Samaritan, who helped the man on the dangerous road despite the possibility of getting shanked.
-we’re counseled to choose positive influences for who we will have as our closest friends. People who will help us live our standards, not mock us or try to persuade us to do things we do not believe in doing.
-The Holy Ghost has a distinct role of warning us of danger when such is present, rely on that guidance (President Packer recent General Conference Address 2013)



Time Travel: The Privilege and Cross of the Saviors 



Note: Literal Time Travel is impossible, I think even for God. It would alter the agency of man. Of course visions of past and future are possible. This essay is about helping others and putting yourself in their shoes, and the joy and sorrow that can entail.

Topics: missionary, friend, sing, salvation, sorrow, darkness, confusion, consecration, leader, stranger

There comes a point in the path of duty according to the holy law of consecration wherein you will be willing to relive the past of yourself or others, it being the present of others
-You will keep specific elements vague in most cases, but for the sake of those walking where you once walked, you will remember the sorrow, the joy, the discovery, confusion, every element, and you will celebrate their lives, celebrate where they are in the path of life, celebrate what they are feeling, embrace their struggle, and sing with them.
-You will disassociate these feelings with your personal life, but you will nonetheless travel into the place of the initiate once more to go this time as an assistant, but with them there you are none the less.
-You feel what they feel, you put aside the answers and allow yourself to embrace the struggle, for their sake. And with you, they will climb to salvation, though perhaps not without you.
-My name is Stranger. You used to be me. “Once I was a stranger.” They took me in. Now I take you in.
-Don’t question my faith because I’m willing to spend an hour as an angel with the lords who now suffer. What I do may seem strange to an outsider, but it may be the only means possible to reach a select few I’ve been called to find. Friendship is always the first step to brotherhood. Brotherhood is always the first step to Godhood. All this being said, let it be understood that we never no never break the laws of God. Though what we do in the rescue may break some stipulations and assumptions, it will never break the laws of God.

-When traveling time as described above, we do not need to excuse ourselves in bad behavior; we can travel cultures to reach those living therein, but we cannot partake of the sins thereof.




To minister: Not Just a Servant, But a Friend




We are learning in the church that ministering to others more often means being their friend than preaching to them. We show them how we are happy and satisfied human beings, and often leave it up to them to put 2 and 2 together and realize that we are Latter-day Saints (“hm that castle-like picture on their wall with the golden trumpeting angel on top, where have I seen that before?”). We show them that “this is me” and that “I am glad” and that “I love YOU” (you may be one of the few or only person in this world who does).

Living our religion at its core only entails 2 things: keeping the commandments of God, and cultivating a genuine love for fellow human beings. Do we really love people? Better yet, do we “like” people? In other words, do we just serve them because we should, or is it from a well of genuine concern for their happiness?

Do we share not only their burdens but their joys? We used to say as we home-taught, “if you need anything let me know, I’m here for you.” But what we now say as we become more truly ministers is, “lets hang out just because I think you’re neat!” In today’s world I think the need is more often for a friend than for a slave. For example, instead of “let me know if I can do anything to help!” (Master says I must serve you. Tell me quickly so I can do it and be on my way. This isn’t my ideal idea of an evening so keep it short.) go for “Will you play with me?” (I want you to be a part of my life. I understand the doctrine of Christ which says we are all brothers and sisters, and I find joy in finding common ground with you).

Further, my experience is that we must offer things rather than waiting for people to ask for things. In today’s culture, we are very independent, and the concept of getting help from “an outsider” is very foreign to us. First of all, we’re trying to not be outsiders. The word fellowship is interesting. At a university, the title fellow often connotates that you have significantly contributed to the organization of the field of your expertise. Perhaps when we become a fellow to our neighbors etc., we are contributing in a most significant way to their wellbeing. And the happy result is always that it brightens our own souls when we do this.

I also think we should ask others for help, even those we minister to. Allowing someone to serve you, even asking them to serve you, is a way of showing trust and love. People need to feel like they are useful in this world. They can be if you ask them to be. Many are laborers willing to help, wanting to help, waiting to help (Haha! a reference to “My Fair Lady” with Rex Harrison and Audrey Hepburn), but they need help finding how to do that. Friends help each other.




Handsome Presentation: A Necessary Evil for the Sake of The Student




How and Why to Sell your Message
Tools discussed: fitness, video, brevity, & lists.


-WHY BOTHER WITH PRESENTATION: Though I hate the idea ‘dressing for success’ and all the dogmas so closely following it, including the flowery bubbly presentation which delivers minimal information, presentation is nevertheless important. Why? Because our message is so important, that we want everyone to hear it. Some need a little extra push out the door so they don’t miss out on the grand adventure, which they would have missed if you didn’t assist them in getting on their way. The adventure (your message) will be appreciated by many who hear it, but getting them to hear it in the first place is the challenge. “The worth of a soul is great in the eyes of God.” Even apathetic souls have great worth, so let’s step out of our comfort zone to wake them up to what they realistically could have.

-FITNESS: Most people are capable of not being obese. So, for the sake of your message, don’t be. Studies have shown that even babies know the difference between attractive and repulsive, and prefer to look at the attractive. It’s not all subjective, its mostly objective. There are a standard array of what it means to be beautiful. Love your student more than sleeping in and eating junk food (that’s why most of us are unhealthy: avoidable obesity from not exercising and eating junk food. Some have a medical problem they can’t change, but most don’t.) There’s something called the BMI (Body Mass Index), a widely used measurement for weight to height ratio. A healthy range is 18.5-24.9. The formula for calculating BMI is lbsx703 / in^2. If you’re not in that range, chances are you’re fooling yourself about your health status, and you need to partake in the necessary evil called exercise. WHY BOTHER WITH FITNESS FOR PRESENTATION? You may be able to get more studies in by skipping exercise time, but being in control of your health will, even if you don’t believe it will sharpen your thinking powers, increase the odds of your audience giving you the time of day. However shallow this may seem, they don’t want someone who looks bad to tell them what to do; they want to learn from someone whom they aspire to be like. Everyone can be handsome if they take care of themselves.

-VIDEOS: Short & lively videos are a great way to communicate a message. People are interested in faces more than in words. Hand flailing and other body language is very stimulating, and keeps the wandering student long enough for you to wake him up and get him interested. I think in this age of instant global communication; the Lord would be pleased if we used those tools to their fullest (although cat videos do play a part in human fulfillment).

-BREVITY & LISTS: “Top 10 Reasons”… etc.: using some sort of a limited number at the title fascinates the mind, and makes expectation of “I wonder what the climactic number 1 item will be at the end!” Also people like things in small sizes. I’ve not optimized this tool but have plans to. Brevity expresses hope, hope that the reader can finish something, and feel accomplished. We all want to pay minimal price for max reward, hence many are attracted to things like “Ted Talks” where the wisdom of the universe is supposedly all boiled into 5 minutes. We simply can’t deliver what’s being asked for, but we can try.




Notes on The Need to Defend Truth, Lecture by Elder Christofferson



Full text at: https://www.mormonnewsroom.org/article/elder-christofferson-addresses-growing-need-defend-truth?cid=HP_TH-1-2-2018_dPFD_fMNWS_xLIDyM_


– “It has always been important not only to teach but to defend truth, and in our time that need seems to be growing,”
-truth is unaffected by our preference or opinions or lobbying, it is a fixed reality
-moral relativism doesn’t work if we are to have a just society; robbing isn’t ok just because you believe it is or because you grew up in a group who thought it ok. Another example, is it right for a man to sexually harass a woman because he finds it in accordance with his personal standard of right and wrong?
-not judging has become an almost unchallengeable standard for our behavior, but we all make -judgements for ourselves and those around us
-teach the truth of moral concepts; what they are, how far they extend
-we prize truth on any subject from any source, but eternal truth we must obtain from God
-56% of Americans say it is not needed to have religious belief to be a good person; God not a prerequisite for morality and being a good person; while it’s true that atheists or non-religious persons are most often good people, we know good people aren’t good without God; even if unaware, people have the light of Christ, and thus has a sense of right and wrong which we call conscience.




Notes on Technology to Tell the World of A Savior, Lecture by Elder Stevenson – pending



Samples of Magnets, Shirts, Hats, Stickers








Create Magnets, Shirts, Hats, Stickers: Spiritual





– “There is a grand distinction between the actual meaning of the prophets and the present translation…My soul delighteth in reading the word of the Lord in the original” -Joseph Smith

-Prayer Changes Things

-“Jesus Christ is The Source of Every Blessing We Receive.” -Henry B. Eyring

-“No amount of time in front of the mirror will make you as attractive as having the Holy Ghost with you.” -Sheri Dew

-“Noah Came Before The Flood. I Have Come Before The Fire.” –Joseph Smith

-“But as oft as they repented and sought forgiveness, with real intent, they were forgiven.” –Moroni 6:8

– Jesus Christ Created The Earth (Heb. 1:2; Col. 1:16; John 1:3, 10; 1 Cor. 8:6)

-“The solutions to life’s problems are always gospel solutions.” –Jeffrey R. Holland

-True Evolution: We Are The Children Of God. Children Can Become Like Their Parents.

–“Marriage between a man and a woman is ordained of God” The Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints
-“Spiritual impressions I’ve received about you lead me to believe that the term Millennial may actually be perfect for you.” Russell M. Nelson, 2016
-The blessings obtained by sacrifice are greater than anything that is given up. (LDS.org)
-I’m counting on “The Big Bang Theory” for my next math test.

-“[Motherhood] is not something to do if you can squeeze the time in. It is what God gave you time for.” Neil Andersen
–Life Is a 3 Act Play: Pre-Mortality, Mortality, Immortality

– Life Is a 3 Act Play:
1. Pre-Mortality [ Prepare]
2. Mortality [ Sacrifice]
3. Immortality [ Reward]
–“Every man and woman that reaches to this unspeakable attainment (exaltation) will be as beautiful as the angels that surround the throne of God.” Brigham Young
-Heaven Is Structured In Families D&C 130:2
-Temple Marriage: Not “Till Death Do You Part” The Perfection of Romance
-“The ultimate purpose of every teaching, every activity in the Church is that parents and their children are happy at home, sealed in an eternal marriage, and linked to their generations.” Boyd K Packer
-“No Other Success Can Compensate for Failure in the Home” David O. McKay
-“Communism is Satan’s counterfeit for the gospel plan” Marion G. Romney
– The Book of Mormon Settles Bible Debates
–Who have talents but never use those divine endowments of talents become as though they never had talents. (Matt. 25:14-30)
– Satan always has an excuse for wickedness, even the murder of God.
-All the evil men put aside their differences in their common hatred of Jesus Christ and worked together to plot the murder of Jesus.

-Jesus lived as a servant and was sold for the price of a slave.

-Self condemning humility is better than self-gratifying pride. -Bruce R McConkie

-We pray in the name of Christ for that is the name we took upon ourselves at baptism.

-Having love in us is what makes us bold at the judgement bar of God. (Matt. 25:40)

-The greater the obedience, the greater the love. (John 14:15)

-Friend of the World is an Enemy of God (James 4:4)

-“ Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live: And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die.” John 11:25-26

-“Make no small plans, for they have no power to stir men’s souls.” Spencer W. Kimball

-Live like a pagan, get a pagan’s reward.

-Keep the B.Y. in B.Y.U. (keep Brigham Young in Brigham Young University)

-The blessings obtained by sacrifice are greater than anything that is given up. (LDS.org)
-Life Is a 3 Act Play:
1. Pre-Mortality [ Prepare]
2. Mortality [ Sacrifice]
3. Immortality [ Reward]
–-In the exact same way as how Father sent Christ, so did Christ send the Apostles. As Christ is in the Father, so are the Twelve Apostles in Christ, and the Saints are in the Twelve Apostles. Christ does as he sees the Father do. The Twelve Apostles do as they see Christ do. The Saints do as they see the Twelve Apostles do. -Bruce R McConkie

-Even in our purest moment we can’t begin to pretend to understand the suffering of Christ. -Bruce R McConkie

-Jesus asked those who came to arrest him whom they sought. They said Jesus of Nazareth. He said I am he. These men were affected by his presence in such a way that they, who faught criminals without fear, now fell to their backs with fear being in front of something so pure. -Bruce R McConkie

-We can hardly count the times Jesus says these rulers are hypocrites and liars only fit for the fires of Gahanna. -Bruce R McConkie

-Gospel truth is taught by testimony. The spiritually alive believe, the spiritually sick question, and the spiritually dead deny and reject. -Bruce R McConkie

-Guilt yields cowardice, and cowardice weakness. -Bruce R McConkie

-The most plain and simple summary of Jesus’ teachings is in The Book of Mormon when Jesus teaches the people of ancient America as a resurrected being. -Bruce R McConkie

-The Book of Mormon will be the means of gathering the Gentiles in the last days. It is the sign that the gathering has begun. (3 Ne. 21:7)

-The Abrahamic Covenant is fulfilled in Eternal Marriage.

-America with its constitution is to prepare the way for the Book of Mormon so that the Covenant of Abraham may be fulfilled. – Bruce R. McConkie

-Prophets long prayed for the restoration of the Kingdom of God. The Book of Mormon coming forth is the sign that Kingdom is commenced again, and the gathering begun. (3 Ne. 21:7)

-Who walk mournfully before the Lord will be greatly blessed more so than those who are proud. -Bruce R. McConkie

-The Book of Mormon is the milk of the gospel; the sealed portion of the Book of Mormon which we don’t have because of our unbelief is the meat of the gospel. We must receive the milk before we can handle the meat. -Bruce R. McConkie

-The church of a man has no power to resurrect the body or to create Celestial realms where the exhausted may dwell. Only the Church of Christ may do that. -Bruce R. McConkie

-We can be as close to Christ as John was when he leaned on the breast of Christ at Passover, and that especially so during prayer. -Bruce R. McConkie

-Those who think all of the gospel is figurative are no different than the Sadducees, they believed not angels, Christ, or in the afterlife. -Bruce R. McConkie

-Christ’s greatest miracles were those of healing the spiritually wounded, of raising the spiritually dead to life. -Bruce R. McConkie

-The test of mortality is to see if we will believe the truth as it is preached to us. Those who believe the truth are saved, those who believe a lie are damned. -Bruce R. McConkie

-We can’t just believe; Christ commanded all to give reason to others for the reason of the hope that is in them. (1 Pet. 3:15)

-There has been a famine for the word of God, now not so, all may come and drink. -Bruce R. McConkie, Apostle of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

-We call out as if in the wilderness to the people to come and be saved. Quench the thirst of your soul. -Bruce R. McConkie, Apostle of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

-Our voice is one of joy gladness and melody; God has given again the fullness of the everlasting gospel, priesthood and keys, all things needed to save men. -Bruce R. McConkie, Apostle of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

-Our witness is that the great God has called his servant Joseph Smith Jr. to begin the true Church of Christ in our day. -Bruce R. McConkie, Apostle of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

– The prototype is Christ. He is the standard of salvation. He is a saved being. He is saved because he is a just and holy being, and if he were anything other than what he is he would not be saved. If it were possible for him to change from what he is it would not be possible for him to be saved. To be unlike Christ is to be destroyed. Herein hinges the door of salvation. Christ carried his cross and died, and if called upon, we must do so as well. -Bruce R. McConkie, referencing Joseph Smith, Lectures on Faith

-“And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.” Matt. 25:40

-Having love in us is what makes us bold at the judgement bar of God. (Matt. 25:40)



Create Magnets, Shirts, Hats, Stickers: Political





– WorldAffairsBrief.com

-“I have sworn upon the altar of god eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man” Thomas Jefferson

-“In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot” Mark Twain

-“Communism is Satan’s counterfeit for the gospel plan” Marion G. Romney
-“Spiritual impressions I’ve received about you lead me to believe that the term Millennial may actually be perfect for you.” Russell M. Nelson, 2016
-“If we are to build that Zion of which the prophets have spoken and of which the Lord has given mighty promise, we must set aside our consuming selfishness.” Gordon B. Hinckley
– True Feminism: Raising a Child is as Difficult as Any Corporate Position
-The Fetus isn’t a CHOICE, It’s a HUMAN BEING
-Abortion? Whatever happened to “Coexist”?
-Leading Cause of Death: ABORTION (they never saw it comin’!)
-Since life is short & man is frail, let tongue alive his tale to tell.




Create Magnets, Shirts, Hats, Stickers: Familial




–“Marriage between a man and a woman is ordained of God” The Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints
-“[Motherhood] is not something to do if you can squeeze the time in. It is what God gave you time for.” Neil Andersen
-Heaven Is Structured In Families D&C 130:2
-Temple Marriage: Not “Till Death Do You Part” The Perfection of Romance
-“The ultimate purpose of every teaching, every activity in the Church is that parents and their children are happy at home, sealed in an eternal marriage, and linked to their generations.” Boyd K Packer
-“No Other Success Can Compensate for Failure in the Home” David O. McKay
-The life of man, his exaltation entire, is to swirl around his spouse, to praise her and admire.

-Man is guardian of that which is most sweet, the wife of his bosom, the help whom is meet.




Create Magnets, Shirts, Hats, Stickers: Entertainment





–“Ball Is Life” –> “Baal Is Life”

-If “Ball Is Life”, what is afterlife?

-“Ball Is Life” except on Sundays

-Television: Roman Colosseum Alive and Well

-TV: 21st century Colosseum

-“I believe the entertainment industry cannot portray on film people gunned down in cold blood, in living color, and not have it affect the attitudes and thoughts of some of the people who see it. … I believe that the desensitizing effect of such media abuses on the hearts and souls of those who are exposed to them results in a partial fulfillment of the Savior’s statement that ‘because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.’” – Russel M Ballard Ensign, “It’s “Only” Violence”; (https://www.lds.org/ensign/2003/06/its-only-violence?lang=eng)

-Because of Television we live inside the great and spacious building. -Boyd K Packer

-Chose Media Wisely: Participation –> Emulation



Create Magnets, Shirts, Hats, Stickers: Beauty



-Though masters of different art, we ne’er have need to part

-Beauty is the Essence of Zion! (Ps. 150:2)

-“No amount of time in front of the mirror will make you as attractive as having the Holy Ghost with you.” -Sheri Dew

-“Every man and woman that reaches to this unspeakable attainment (exaltation) will be as beautiful as the angels that surround the throne of God.” Brigham Young
– Devolution: Generation Yoga Pants
-Express Yourself by Action, Not Trendiness
-Tattoos don’t leave your mark on the world, they leave the worlds mark on you
-God defines beauty as a thing being in the state in which he created it.
-“They make you look uncomely (unpleasant, unattractive), to see your dresses drawn around you, showing your form.” Brigham Young
–What were the last days like my father, before the end of days? Well son, People stopped wearing pants!

-Stop the Yoga Pants Revolution! For God’s Sake Sister, Cover That Up! Wrong Place, Wrong Time.

-It’s not that I don’t fit the dress, the dress doesn’t fit me.


– Profile of a modest woman reading: this is to fight the nude woman profile image which other vehicles use, showing there’s more to woman than the body. Bodies are divine, but their use is to be kept within the bounds which the Lord has set. Too many women are mistreated, not recognized as intelligent and divine as they are:




Missionary Appendix A: Scriptures on Restoration of the Gospel compiled by Donald Parry


–“Light shall break forth among them that sit in darkness, and it shall be the fulness of my gospel” (D&C 45:28).
-The Apostle John saw that the gospel would be restored by an angel (see Revelation 14:6–7)
-A study of prophets and dispensations helps on this topic: Prophets
Jacob 4:4, 6
Mosiah 8:13–18
Acts 10:34–43
Amos 3:7
D&C 136:36–38
Moses 5:4–12, 55–59
Moses 8:19–30
Bible Dictionary, “Dispensations”
see also
Articles of Faith 1:5
Matthew 10:1–10
Luke 6:13
John 15:16
Hebrews 5:4 One needs authority to administer the gospel. Such was brought back to Joseph Smith.
D&C 13: restoration of the Aaronic Priesthood to Joseph Smith
D&C 29: restoration of the Melchizekic Priesthood to Joseph Smith
For a study on how the church and the Priesthood fell away and hence the need of a restoration of them, see other documents on this site like “The Only True Church” and “Joseph Smith” and “Continuing Revelation from God” and “The Book of Mormon” and “The Restoration”.
Here are some references on the falling away (apostasy):
1 Nephi 13
2 Nephi 26:20–21
2 Nephi 28
4 Nephi 1:27
D&C 86:1–3
Matthew 24:9–11
Mark 12:1–9
Acts 3:19–21
Acts 20:28–30
Galatians 1:6–9
2 Thessalonians 2:1–12 (JST verses 2, 3, 7–9)
1 Timothy 4:1–3
2 Timothy 4:3–4
2 Peter 2:1–2
Amos 8:11–12
Topical Guide, “Apostasy of the Early Christian Church”
True to the Faith, “Apostasy,” pages 13–14
Our Search for Happiness, pages 23–32
Jesus the Christ, chapter 40, “The Long Night of Apostasy”


Missionary Appendix B: Scriptures on Gathering of Israel compiled by Donald Parry


-“I will gather the remnant of my flock out of all countries whither I have driven them” (Jeremiah 23:3).
–The power and authority to direct the work of gathering the house of Israel was given to Joseph Smith by the prophet Moses, who appeared in 1836 in the Kirtland Temple (see D&C 110:11)
-spiritual precedes physical
-Deut 30:1-5 gather
–The physical gathering of Israel will not be complete until the Second Coming of the Savior and on into the Millennium (see Joseph Smith—Matthew 1:37).
-Gather to lands of our fathers (Jeremiah 16:14–15).
-The physical gathering of Israel means that the covenant people will be “gathered home to the lands of their inheritance, and shall be established in all their lands of promise” (2 Nephi 9:2).
-The tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh will be gathered in the Americas. The tribe of Judah will return to the city of Jerusalem and the area surrounding it. The ten lost tribes will receive from the tribe of Ephraim their promised blessings (see D&C 133:26–34). (they go to Zion also (Zion is America)
-Zion is America, Jerusalem is Palestine
– James 1:1 (twelve tribes scattered abroad)
– Genesis 17:1–8 (God’s covenant with Abraham)
–Romans 9:4–8; Galatians 3:29 (those who follow Jesus Christ and His word are the children of the covenant)
–Jeremiah 3:14–18 (one from a city, two from a family)
–Ezekiel 20:33–36 (Israel will be gathered from all countries)
– 3 Nephi 20:29–46 (Jews will be gathered to Jerusalem)
–1 Nephi 15:13–18; 3 Nephi 21:26–29 (gathering starts with Restoration of the gospel)
–D&C 38:31–33 (the Lord’s covenant people will be saved)
–Isaiah 11:11–13 (the Lord will recover His people)
–Revelation 18:4–8 (a voice will proclaim the gathering)
–D&C 133:6–15 (Gentiles to Zion, Jews to Jerusalem)
-Ether 13:11 Shows that the old Jerusalem is to be built up unto the Lord after the destructions happen as well (when the new heaven and new earth come, which is the destructions making all things ready; see Ether 13). The lost 10 tribes have been scattered in the 4 quarters of the earth and in the north countries, see Ether 13:11. They return unto this place (this, the land of Israel, this is their inheritance! This is where they were before they were scattered! The place of inheritance for the seed of Joseph (Ephraim and Manasseh) is in the New Jerusalem on the American continent) after the new heaven and new earth:  see Ether 13:11: “And then also cometh the Jerusalem of old; and the inhabitants thereof, blessed are they, for they have been washed in the blood of the Lamb; and they are they who were scattered and gathered in from the four quarters of the earth, and from the north countries” (see Ether 13:11, also verses 8-10)
-“The gospel will be taught far more intensely and with greater power during [the] millennium, until all the inhabitants of the earth shall embrace it.“(“Churches on Earth During the Millennium,” Improvement Era, Mar. 1955, 176; see also Doctrines of Salvation, 3:64.)25 (Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Fielding Smith Manual: Ch.26 “Preparing for the Coming of Our Lord”)
-“Instead of being a time of rest, the Millennium is to be a time for all to labor. Idleness will not be found, better methods will be employed, not so much time will be consumed in the daily pursuits and more time will be given to the things of the Kingdom. The saints will be kept busy in the temples which shall be built in all parts of the land. In fact, so busy will they be that the temples will be occupied most of the time.”(The Way to Perfection (1931), 323–24.)” 26 cu (Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Fielding Smith Manual: Ch.26 “Preparing for the Coming of Our Lord”


Missionary Appendix C: Scriptures on The Coming forth of the Book of Mormon compiled by Donald Parry

-The Lord told the Nephites of another sign: the Book of Mormon would come to their descendants (see 3 Nephi 21). In Old Testament times the prophets Isaiah and Ezekiel foresaw the coming of the Book of Mormon (seeIsaiah 29:4–18; Ezekiel 37:16–20)
-God knowing what was to happen on earth, the calamities and lack of faith, gave the world the Book of Mormon (D&C 1:17-23)
-The Book of Mormon proves that the scriptures are true, contains the fullness of the gospel, and was translated by the power of God via Joseph Smith (D&C 20:5-12)
-Process of the Book coming forth see Joseph Smith—History 1:27–64.
-3 Ne. 15: the people of the Book of Mormon were visited by Jesus Christ (in ancient America’s) and it’s of them that he spoke when he said   John 10:16
16 And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice; and there shall be one fold, and one shepherd.
(see also D&C 10:59-60).




Missionary Appendix D: Teach as The Angels with Holy Fire by Elder Kim B Clark



“When I think of you and what you are going to do in God’s kingdom, I think of that marvelous experience in 3 Nephi 17, when the Savior gathered the children around Him. I want you to picture that scene in your minds because you are in that scene. The parents bring their precious children to the Savior. He gathers them around Him; He is at the center. He prays for them and their parents in a miraculous way, and He blesses the children one by one. Then angels descend from Heaven “as it were in the midst of fire”16and minister to the children, and that holy fire encircles the children.

In a powerful sense, this is what we do in seminary and in institute. Indeed, this is the Church Educational System. Parents bring their children to us. The Savior is at the center, the heart of everything that happens to the children. He prays for them and for us; He is our Advocate with the Father. We are the angels—you are the angels—who come to minister to those children in holy fire. That, my dear brothers and sisters, is who we need to be.” (“Encircled About With Fire by Elder Kim B Clark of The Seventy; Seminaries and Institutes of Religion Satellite Broadcast • August 4, 2015; https://www.lds.org/broadcasts/article/satellite-training-broadcast/2015/08/encircled-about-with-fire?lang=eng#note13)





Missionary Appendix E: Video Link to Angels Devotional by Dr. Donald Parry


Angels, Chariots, and the Lord of Hosts – BYU Speeches