“It’s ok to be homophobic” Gasp!


I was in class one day having a little fun with the students in a ball game when they started joking around about how someone must be homophobic because they questioned something supported by the gay movement. I said, “it’s ok to be homophobic, so long as you treat everyone nicely.” Boy did I get a reaction from that! I was then one of the evil ones!


How dare someone in 21st century America suggest that anyone is allowed to disagree in the slightest with the gay movement!? How dare anyone claim that it isn’t good and normal and wonderful? How dare anyone be nervous about what is happening to our society! Yes, all healthy debate has ended. Now all we can do is shame anyone who isn’t on board.


The discussions are over, the verdict is in: the highest form of moral expression is to claim that there are no morals! Oh wait… I guess you can’t… nevermind.


At another point the same class was making fun of those who claim that pre-marital sex isn’t ok. I said “how dare you attack the foundation of western civilization?” They laughed and laughed. It was terrifying.


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