Joel Skousen on Moral Decay Leading to Death

An excerpt from 8.25.23 by Joel Skousen


Historically, once homsexuality combined with all other aspects of moral decay gets a hold of young people’s minds, in combination with drugs, a bad music culture, permissive parenting, public schooling, and social media contagion, it only ends with the deadly eventual consequences of death, disease and war.


You may think this view extreme, but those are the lessons of history. Mark well the words of prophets of old whose calls to repentance went largely unheeded when the world grew increasingly prosperous, immoral, and godless. It always ended in nations being conquered and overthrown and the secular world never sees it coming. Prosperity always leads to blindness about all but the most imminent threats.


In our own times, almost never in any political or social debate does anyone raise the specter of the coming world war which will change our lives forever—and I don’t mean Ukraine. Yes, our world is blind to the larger war to come—and mostly because our government who is busy prepping for it, doesn’t want you alerted to the danger.

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