Introductory Thoughts on Excessive Meat

It doesn’t seem wise to parade on the anti-meat crusade. There is of course the New Testament verse that says those who forbid meat aren’t of God. But we have more recent revelation in the D&C stating that meats are ordained for our use, but to be used sparingly. It says they are especially for times of winter and famine, and ideally not used at all.

Animals generally can be considered a “middle man” to get our nutrition. They eat plants, and we eat them.

The reality is that research is proving time and again that meats and dairy are related to many significant health problems. Americans aren’t so much deficient in protein as they are in fiber. In fact we have so much protein that it is hurting us. And we have so few vegetables that it is hurting us.

So what do we do? At least limit the meat. If you want to totally eliminate it, you can do that if you are diligent about getting your nutrition from other sources like beans and greens. Studies indicate that the less of the stuff you use, the healthier you’ll be. Even athletes now are showing faster recovery from the decreased inflammation, etc.

A friend of mine uses meat perhaps once a month to be using it only “sparingly” as scripture insists.

So I’m not very comfortable with preaching the total elimination of meat, but I do see health benefits to it. I am comfortable of course preaching what the scripture says, to at least limit our use of it to sparingly. Scripture also indicates that it is sinful toward the animals to use them excessively. Of course the main point is that we want the temples of our bodies to be as strong as we can reasonably get them so our work on the earth will not be hindered.

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