The Sound of Freedom movie: “God’s children are not for sale”

This is the true story of Timothy Ballard rescuing children sold into sex slavery.

A few messages from the movie:
-If you let evil go unchecked, it will spread, and effect you personally.
-Child sex trafficking is hard to even talk about, but is the fastest growing crime network, more than drugs.
-There are more slaves today than any time in history.

There’s been lots of progressive pushback to get this movie to theatres, but it is very popular now that it made it. It outdid Indiana Jones which came out at the same time. People are hungry for truth, freedom and defending their children.

Ballard goes undercover to bust these crime rings. His heroic actions can be hard to understand, being undercover with these crooks means very difficult situations.

This movie is not good for small children, but is good for young adults who are learning the reality of crime today.


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