Brainstorming Faith Promoting Church Activities for Young Women

Principle: Make church activities religious, not just a social club.


-This is the place monument

-Ensign peak monument

-Temple square

-Church headquarters visit

-Visit various temples



-Watch & discuss a movie from Zion Tube

-Analyze an important scripture

-Make art of a scripture story

-Write a favorite scripture verse on decorated paper

-Role play missionary teaching investigators

-Watch a general conference talk chosen by topic

-Discuss the 5 modern popular antichrists listed by president Benson, & why they’re dangerous.

-Read “Best Loved Poetry of the LDS People”

-Attempt writing a spiritual poem or hymn



-Secret sisters with widows in the ward.

-Create a fundraiser for a need in the ward or locally.

-Just Serve service project

-Sing hymns at nursing homes

-Sing hymns on a popular street corner of your town or of a more populated area.

-Make and deliver cookies to the elderly or distressed

-Host a dinner for the missionaries

-Have a donation drive for a specific cause whether it be a refugee family that needs furniture or housewares and let the kids deliver it and set it up or a drive for a single mom.

-Babysit kids for a couple in the ward to go do temple sealings together.


-Write out testimony on paper, could include prompts by topic.

-List of scriptures or scripture stories and set up a date for a scripture knowledge bowl and had a game night of young women vs young men.


-Missionary Scavenger Hunt Hour: in a public location where each team is in a race to complete tasks like:

*Share your favorite scripture in the Book of Mormon

*Challenge another person to read the Book of Mormon

*Bear testimony of Jesus Christ

*Invite someone to meet with the missionaries


Home Making Skills


-Bake bread from scratch

-Candle making

-Soap making

-Learn heirloom seeds and how to propagate food for the future.

-Plant hanging gardens for your bedroom window

-Learn the difference between yeast cultures and sourdough cultures and what they do to the body.

-Learn how to make your favorite jam/jellies with this year’s fruit harvest.

-Have an ice cream social that begins with them milking the cow, mixing ingredients, setting up the ice cream maker and ends with them eating the ice cream.


Wholesome Recreation

-Learn pioneer dances

-Play scripture charades

-Set up a talent show dedicated to uplifting Gospel showcasing.

-Put on a mini play reenacting an event from Church History, like a little neighborhood pageant.



Family History

-Organize temple visits
-Index names on Family Search
-Fill in Prompts for an Autobiography
-Begin a challenge for daily journaling for a month (etc.)
-Record the history of grandparents and/or parents.
-Tell stories of pioneers
-Tell stories of LDS women


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