Dangers of Plastics

Plastics break down and get into the air and into your body. These are toxic unnatural substances.

CARPET: Carpets have plastics, they erode into micro plastics, toxic. Carpets have toxic fire retardant chemicals.

WATER BOTTLE: A glass water bottle is ideal. There are various designs to avoid breaking the bottle.

CLOTHES: Get rid of plastics in clothes, seek pure cotton.

COAT: leather, wool, cotton, hemp, and sheepskin is highly prized.

SHOES: Try moccasins, barefoot, and otherwise minimally plastic shoes. Leather boots seem like a decent option too, though they typically have the rubber soles.

UNDERWEAR: Beware the plastics in undergarments, when you sweat your body will easily absorb the toxins of the plastics of your clothes. So avoid the nylon, polyester, etc. Go for the cotton, etc.

BPA Free? This isn’t the solution, they just replace BPA with other plastics just as bad.

Plastics Not the Main Toxin: All of this said, the key source of toxins we encounter is typically from the food we eat. But awareness of the dangers of plastics is a great topic to work on too and helps increase overall health consciousness.

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