Jared Crocker, Natural Health Advocate

This is my friend Jared Crocker who worked for the medical supply industry, but upon learning that they just treat symptoms and make money, so he is leaving Babylon for self-reliance organic farming.

He is in excellent health l, much further along the health journey than I, and advocates

-no refined foods such as white flours or any other processed products, foods being the main source of toxins we encounter.
-animal products only as a crutch, and typically limited to around once a month for sparing use
-pure natural water, like a spring
-strengthening the body & increasing circulation by using muscles by a firm minimal bed, chair, and shoes such as moccasins and barefoot where possible.
-living rural & farming for ones own needs
-minimizing use of plastics

I asked Jared if we can find a happy calling in city life. He said his answer to that is increasingly, no!

For a few essays on introductory things I’ve learned from Jared:

On Walking Sitting and Sleeping on firm surfaces: http://richardsonstudies.com/2023/11/25/a-firm-foundation-introduction-to-walking-sitting-sleeping-on-firm-surfaces/

Dangers of Plastics: http://richardsonstudies.com/2023/11/29/dangers-of-plastics-2/

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