Book of Mormon & Pearl of Great Price Classes at BYU by Hugh Nibley – Notes

Notes principally taken from his Book of Mormon and Pearl of Great Price courses. These courses are in audio format and some video format available at church bookstores.   Topics: philosophy, repentance, forgiveness, honesty, emotion, faith, war, time, creation, Adam, practicality/conservationalism, Satan, we are liable to fall, gifts, prophecy, joy, visions, vocation     -BrighamRead more

A Study Guide to the Facsimiles of the Book of Abraham by Allen J Fletcher – Book Notes

    The Facsimiles of the Book of Abraham are a part of The Pearl of Great Price. The Pearl of Great Price is one of the canonized scriptures of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Amun_min_ra raised arm Ankh boat Cubit facsimile 1 Facsimile 2 Facsimile 3 Isis with Anhk and JerusalemRead more