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April 2022

Hillary Clinton Does Not Believe Putin Should Be ‘Let Back Into New World Order’

Apr 8, 2022
In the big picture, the “New World Order” that Chuck Todd and Hillary Clinton are discussing, includes not only the interactions of nation-states, such as Russia and Ukraine, but intermediary globalist organizations like the United Nations, G-20, and World Economic Forum. — Becker News

Black Lives Matter Secretly Bought a $6 Million House Allies and critics alike have questioned where the organization’s money has gone.

Apr 8, 2022
None of the women acknowledged the house behind them. It’s far from a box, with more than 6,500 square feet, more than half a dozen bedrooms and bathrooms, several fireplaces, a soundstage, a pool and bungalow, and parking for more than 20 cars, according to real-estate listings. The California property was purchased for nearly $6 million in cash in October 2020 with money that had been donated to BLMGNF. — NY Mag

Federal Judge Blocks Air Force on Giving Punishment for Members Who Refused to Take Covid-19 Vaccines

Apr 8, 2022
U.S. District Court Judge Matthew McFarland granted an order to block the military temporarily from disciplining 18 U.S. Air Force officers, airmen, and reservists, including 11 who currently or recently served at Wright-Patterson in Dayton, until their lawsuit is resolved. — The Gateway Pundit

Pfizer Hired 600+ People to Process Vaccine Injury Reports, Documents Reveal

Apr 7, 2022
Pfizer hired about 600 additional full-time employees to process adverse event reports during the three months following authorization of its COVID-19 vaccine, with plans to hire 1,800 more by June 2021, newly released documents reveal. — Children’s Health Defense

70% of COVID Cases Among CDC Employees in August 2021 Were in Vaccinated Employees

Apr 7, 2022
Data obtained through the Freedom of Information Act reveal that approximately 70% of all COVID cases among CDC employees in August 2021 occurred among “vaccinated” employees. — Children’s Health Defense

Biden Wants $2.6 Billion for Gender Equity Worldwide

Apr 7, 2022
With few guidelines and little oversight, there’s no telling where these funds will end up. The budget request will soon be sent to Congress, which ultimately decides what funding to approve, but the Democratic majority in the House of Representatives will likely try to incorporate the president’s priorities into its bill. It’s likely that $2.6 billion for gender equity for foreign assistance programs will make its way into the final bill. #WasteoftheDay It’s Your Money! — Real Clear Policy

Court Rules California’s Corporate Diversity Law Unconstitutional

Apr 5, 2022
A Los Angeles court determined on April 1 that a California law requiring certain workplace boardroom quotas of underrepresented communities is unconstitutional. Conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch filed a lawsuit (pdf) in early October 2020 arguing that any spending of taxpayer funds or taxpayer-paid resources on the quota law is “illegal under the California Constitution.” The lawsuit was filed days after California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed it into law. The measure required publicly traded companies to have a minimum of one director from an “underrepresented community” on its board by the end of last year and potentially more such directors by the end of 2022, depending on the number of members on a given board. — The Epoch Times

March 2022

The Media Campaign to Protect Joe Biden Passes the Point of Absurdity

Mar 27, 2022
A development in the infamous laptop story further proves the “Russian Disinformation” tale was itself disinformation, shaming a herd of craven media stenographers — Matt Taibi

First Black ‘Woman’ Nominated to Supreme Court Won’t Define ‘Woman’

Mar 26, 2022
In an exchange with Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), Judge Jackson refused to define the term “woman,” saying she was not a “biologist,” though the definition of gender is a key legal issue in debates over transgenderism. SEN. BLACKBURN: “Can you provide a definition of the word ‘woman’?” JACKSON: “No, I can’t” BLACKBURN: “You can’t?” JACKSON: “I’m not a biologist” — Breitbart

Report: Disney will ‘take action’ against Texas for order calling ‘sex-change’ procedures for children ‘child abuse’

Mar 26, 2022
As part of the Walt Disney Company’s continuing effort to kowtow to its left-wing employees, the company will reportedly “take action” against Texas for the state’s order to investigate “sex-change” procedures for transgender children as a form of child abuse. — The Blaze

‘It Makes No Sense’: American, United, Delta, Southwest Airline CEOs Demand Biden Drops Mask Mandate

Mar 26, 2022
‘It makes no sense that people are still required to wear masks on airplanes, yet are allowed to congregate in crowded restaurants, schools and at sporting events without masks…’ — InfoWars

CDC Quietly Slashes Covid-19 Death Tally, Reduces Child Fatalities By 24%

Mar 26, 2022
Agency’s Covid Data Tracker was updated this week with lower death tolls across all age groups, reducing the overall count by more than 71,000, including by 416 deaths of children. — News Wars

Frontline Doctor: Millions Will Get AIDS From COVID Vax By The Fall

Mar 26, 2022
“We are seeing vaccine related acquired immunodeficiency in the hospital now from the triple vaxed…It is a vax injury, and we are not really certain how to treat this,” says Dr. Elizabeth Eads. — News Wars

Online Influencers Spreading Transgenderism to Thousands of Young Americans, Experts Say

Mar 23, 2022
Gender dysphoria is 300 times more common among teens than it is among adults. Young American women seem far more likely to become transgender now than in the past, according to a study from the National Library of Medicine. All these qualities are classic signs of a “psychic epidemic” or mass hysteria, Kenny said. According to Medical News Today, mass hysteria spreads rapidly, is spread by communication, has symptoms that aren’t attached to any physical cause, and tends to spread fastest among young women. — The Epoch Times

CDC Removes Tens of Thousands of Deaths ‘Accidentally’ Attributed to COVID

Mar 22, 2022
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on March 14 removed tens of thousands of deaths linked to COVID-19, including nearly a quarter of deaths it had attributed to children, blaming an algorithm for “accidentally counting deaths that were not COVID-19-related.” — Children’s Health Defense

Indiana Governor Vetoes Bill Banning Transgender Athletes From Girls’ Sports

Mar 22, 2022
Republican sponsors of the bill said it was needed to protect the integrity of female sports and opportunities for girls to gain college athletic scholarship. — The Epoch Times

Ted Cruz Grills Biden Supreme Court Pick Over CRT, Child Porn

Mar 22, 2022
When Cruz asked her opinions on CRT, referring to a 2020 speech she gave at the University of Michigan where she mentioned Nikole Hannah-Jones’ revisionist 1619 project, Brown responded: “It doesn’t come up in my work as It’s never something that I have studied or relied on, and it wouldn’t be something that I would rely on if I was on the Supreme Court.” She also says she hasn’t reviewed “any of those books” that are available at Georgetown Day School, where she sits on the board. — ZeroHedge

How Much Waste Is In The $1.5 Trillion Spending Bill

Mar 22, 2022
Here are just a few examples of what was in the bill: $1 million for a “farm-to-refrigerator training facility” in Pennsylvania $2 million for George Mason University’s Center for Climate Change $2.5 million for a museum in Vermont. $3 million for a fisherman’s coop facility in Guam These examples represent only four of 4,400 earmarks in the bill. Earmarks are the ‘currency of corruption in Congress.’ It’s legal bribery to give away member pet projects for votes. (It took 367 pages alone just to list the earmarks!) — Open The Books

In a recent interview, Edward Snowden discussed his concerns with Bitcoin privacy, other cryptocurrencies, and the ethics of governance.

Mar 20, 2022
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has removed tens of thousands of deaths linked to COVID-19, including nearly a quarter of deaths it had listed in those under 18 years old. — The Epoch Times

Black Lives Matter Activist, Husband Charged With Fraud

Mar 20, 2022
A Black Lives Matter activist in Boston and her husband have been charged with fraud and conspiracy by federal officials after allegedly taking money meant for a nonprofit they founded to pay for hotel rooms, car rentals, and dining out. — The Epoch Times

The NYT Now Admits the Biden Laptop — Falsely Called “Russian Disinformation” — is Authentic

Mar 20, 2022
The media outlets which spread this lie from ex-CIA officials never retracted their pre-election falsehoods, ones used by Big Tech to censor reporting on the front-runner. — Glenn Greenwald

GOP Sen. Mitt Romney votes with Democrats to keep mask mandate for toddlers

Mar 20, 2022
Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) recently joined Democratic colleagues on the Health, Labor, Education, and Pensions Committee to approve a rule that keeps in place a mask mandate for toddlers involved in a federal early learning program. — The Blaze

Naomi Wolf Confirms Big Pharma Was Adding Varying Amounts of Active Ingredient to Batches of COVID Vaccine

Mar 20, 2022
Former Clinton adviser and COVID Vaccine critic Naomi Wolf joined Steve Bannon on The War Room on Monday morning. Naomi shared her latest bombshell from her investigation into the Pfizer vaccine documents released by the US government on their COVID vaccine testing. Naomi’s team of investigators, doctors and attorneys identified several US government documents that confirm that Pfizer was adding varying amounts of active ingredient to their experimental COVID vaccines. According to the data, the range of dangerous active ingredient went from 3mcg, to 10mcg, to 30mcg, to 100mcg depending on the batch they happened to inject you with. — The Gateway Pundit

DHS Releases New Rules on Extremism, Will Target Anyone Who Questions 2020 Election or Challenges COVID Narrative

Mar 20, 2022
‘Conspiracy theories’ about 2020 presidential election and government’s COVID response ‘will almost certainly spur some [domestic violent extremists] [sic] to try to engage in violence this year,’ claims DHS. — News Wars

‘Overwhelming’ Need to Investigate COVID-19 Vaccine Tinnitus: Researchers

Mar 18, 2022
A group of researchers who evaluated the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) found there is a need to carry out more studies on COVID-19 vaccine-related tinnitus. In an article published for the March edition in the “Annals of Medicine and Surgery,” about 12,247 cases of COVID-19 post-vaccination tinnitus were reported until Sept. 14, 2021. — The Epoch Times

Fauci Says MORE Vaccines WILL Be Needed; “We’re Not Done With This”

Mar 16, 2022
Just as Pfizer head says fourth shot needed ‘right away’ — Summit News

Rand Paul Introducing ‘Fauci Amendment’ To Prevent ‘Health Dictatorship’

Mar 16, 2022
Senator says action will “ensure that ineffective, unscientific lockdowns and mandates are never foisted on the American people ever again.” — Summit News

William Hurt: It took me a long time to face what I knew to be true about 9/11

Mar 14, 2022
Off my room, there was a patio. I could look down the avenue and see the site, smoldering in the night lights. In horror, I knew what it was partly made of. We all did. What I didn’t know at that time: Thermite keeps burning a long time. At night, I’d go down. They let me through the barriers because I was recognized. I’d talk to and hug the first responders. It never left me. The discrepancy. The difference between the story we were told to believe and its impossibility. I felt alone until 2013. Then I couldn’t stand it anymore, and I started digging. Digging for truth in the rubble of the official lie, then in another heavier layer of rubble that lay in my own mind, installed there by our mass media. — Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth

DuckDuckGo Updates Search Engine, Will Penalize Sites ‘Associated With Disinformation’

Mar 13, 2022
“Like so many others I am sickened by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the gigantic humanitarian crisis it continues to create,” Gabriel Weinberg, the CEO, wrote on social media. “At DuckDuckGo, we’ve been rolling out search updates that down-rank sites associated with Russian disinformation,” he added. — ZeroHedge

US Agencies Quietly Studying Reports of Post-Vaccination Neurological Issues

Mar 11, 2022
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and National Institutes of Health (NIH) have been conducting separate research projects into post-vaccination neurological issues, which have manifested with symptoms like facial paralysis and brain fog and have been linked in some cases with the vaccines, according to emails reviewed by The Epoch Times. — The Epoch Times

The Pfizer Vaccine Only Has 1,291 Side Effects!

Mar 11, 2022
A judge forced the FDA to release Pfizer’s clinical data and it’s worse than you can possibly imagine — Emerald Robinson via Substack

Oil Crisis 2.0: US Gas Prices Jump Most Overnight Since Iraq War, Record Highs Imminent

Mar 6, 2022
Gas prices at the pump were soaring long before Russia invaded Ukraine. The conflict has produced the prospect of a shortage of commodities, especially energy products, and sent Brent and WTI well over the $110 mark in recent days. Russia is one of the world’s largest crude oil suppliers. The spillover effects of the Biden administration sanctioning the country into oblivion have resulted in one of the most significant daily jumps of gasoline on record. According to new AAA fuel data, the current national average gas price is $3.837, up almost 11 cents overnight, the second biggest move on record since the early days of the Iraq war in 2005. At this rate, gas prices could exceed the record in days, which is only 27 cents away. — ZeroHedge

Propaganda, Corporatism, and the Hidden Global Coup

Mar 4, 2022
WEF Young Leaders Program: is a five-year World Economic Forum training program that hand-picks individuals most likely to succeed in politics, corporate governance and as key influential royalty. The WEF helps connect these graduates with leaders and capital to ensure that they rise in the ranks of national or world politics and/or corporate governance. …A small subset of the graduates from the Young Leaders Program in the United States include:…Microsoft founder Bill Gates, former Microsoft CEO Steven Ballmer, Jeff Bezos. Google co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page, Elon Musk, former Google CEO Eric Schmidt, Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales, PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel, eBay co-founder Pierre Omidyar, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla (a WEF Agenda Contributor), and Pfizer VP Vasudha Vats. — R. W. Malone


Nancy Pelosi Says GOP Reps. Need To “Shut Up” About Dead U.S. Troops In Afghanistan

Mar 4, 2022
Nancy Pelosi has said that Republican representatives who have a problem with Biden’s failure in Afghanistan need to “shut up.” — Summit News


Booster Shots Causing More Injuries Than Previously Thought, Israeli Survey Shows

Mar 3, 2022
More Israelis are experiencing injuries and reactions following COVID-19 booster shots than the country’s passive reporting system indicates, according to a survey conducted by the Israeli Ministry of Health. What do the data tell us about safety signals and underreporting? — Children’s Health Defense


COVID Spike Protein Contains DNA Sequence Patented By Moderna THREE YEARS Before Pandemic Began, Scientists Discover

Mar 1, 2022
Researchers claim there is only a 1 in a 3,000,000,000,000 chance that Moderna’s sequence randomly appeared in the virus through natural evolution. — InfoWars

Backed by Big Pharma, NewsGuard Brings ‘Fact Checking’ to Tens of Millions of Kids in Schools

Mar 1, 2022
The American Federation of Teachers (AFT) is partnering with NewsGuard — a for-profit “fact-checking” company with deep ties to Big Pharma — to help students in U.S. classrooms “navigate a sea of online disinformation.” AFT is the second-largest teachers’ union in the U.S. It’s also a staunch advocate of mandatory COVID vaccination and masks for schoolchildren. — Children’s Health Defense