Weight Loss Keys

Weight Loss Keys by Nate Richardson, editor@richardsonstudies.com
-1500 cal/day of bad food loses weight slower than 2500/day good food.
-stop eating before 3 hours of inactivity or that will factually turn into fat
-likely get protein in diet not need it after a workout, esp. if such was before close to time of rest.
-the myfitnesspal app makes it easy to count calories
-my nutrition professor Eliza Hamilton suggests fitness for 1 hr/day, and to not eliminate any essential food group, including carbs fats proteins vitamins minerals
-When you have no carbs, ketones are made from attacking fats, ketones are acidic. This is the ‘keto’ diet. The acidity is bad. Adkins diet got a bad name when he died, the new name for it is ‘keto diet’. Lots of heart problems from this. It is not sustainable. Much of the weight loss from the Atkins/Keto diet is muscle loss, and you usually gain it back in fat rather than muscle when you start eating carbs again.
-find exercise you enjoy so you’ll actually do it, like dance or skateboarding.

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