Yoga: Covert Demon Worship

Introduction: One of the biggest problems with yoga is that it encourages an Eastern form of meditation involving clearing the mind, letting go of ideas, giving control over to ‘the universe’ or ‘nature’, rather than retaining self-control. You should never give away control of your body to anything or anyone. Even a latter-day prophet, Lee I think, said he would willingly serve God, but never be Gods slave. In hypnotics, the student also gives his will away to someone else. Christian scripture passages suggesting meditation involve pondering ideas, not dismissing all ideas. Personally, I think the Devil laughs when he sees people sitting around for hours on end doing absolutely nothing! Remember, deception doesn’t need to be evil to be effective. But as we will see in the following evidence, this deception isn’t as innocent as many were led to believe.

-A short video on “Why Christians Should Avoid Yoga” by Doreen Virtue, a former New Age Master:

~1.5 hour video featuring the story of the author of

-See LDS Energy healing/emotion code exposed Facebook page/group.

-Pew research most stay in yoga for spiritual despite starting for physical

-For a list of bible passages condemning yoga, see

-Before we discovered these truths about yoga, my wife was enrolled in yoga certification classes. She saw that they teach to seek after those who are at a low point in their lives to target them, as it is they who remain yoga students for life. This to us suggests that yoga is a religion seeking converts. We saw many questionable things in the trainings, including instructions to call upon spirits to be of assistance.

-Some say yoga really works, so why not use it? Remember the Devil can perform little miracles to get people’s souls. It’s called selling your soul to the devil.

-Die hard new age / yoga students are committed to the idea that there are little bits of good everywhere, and that there isn’t one way to salvation/lasting peace, but many. This sort of pantheism strongly echoes the paganism of old condemned by the prophets in the bible. It is very different from Jesus Christ’s declaration that he is the way, the truth, and the light, and that no man cometh to the father but by him. That those who will not partake of his word will not enter the kingdom of God. This goes back to the old ‘several camps in heaven’ idea, which is a false notion. Baptism and faithful adherence to the councils of God are the requirements to enter the presence of God the father of all.

-The yoga teacher sits as a god enthroned to her class showing off her body and her supposed perfections and masteries, when in reality she is a queen of ignorance and finds pleasure only in the gods of the East.

-If these things haven’t given away yoga, the pants they promote end it all! It’s like Thomas Moore’s book Utopia about cannibals, at the end he says, ‘but you know the strangest thing about them, no one wore any pants!’

-The bible condemns the practice of communicating with the dead through mediums.

-Beware that Satan makes himself appear as an angel of light. He is a brilliant salesman! His counterfeits to truth are often accepted even by the very elect.

-A friend of mine pointed out that yoga is promoted by all the wrong people, “Yoga is the MOST popular exercise. It is promoted EVERYWHERE and by EVERY celebrity. WHY??? There is a reason why Satan is desperate to get everyone to do YOGA. Ancient Israel was absolutely forbidden from practicing anything that had to do with other gods. YOGA is a form of Hindu worship and was never designed to be exercise. Every single position in Yoga is a form of worship to a different Hindu god/goddess. Here is a video from a former Yoga teacher who converted to Christianity and she explains why you can’t be a Christian and practice Yoga. It is a little over 12 minutes and worth your time.”

-A friend of mine pointed out that yoga is actual worship of spirit beings, “yoga is meditation for Indian religion, worshipping Indian gods. And even if gods of myth have basis in the True God, that doesn’t mean they should be worshipped. From what I’ve learned and others have experienced, the gods worshipped in yoga forms are actual beings – who, since they are not God, must necessarily be dark beings – which means worshipping devils. Even if one is ignorant of that fact as most are, that doesn’t mean they can escape the consequences of it, just like smoking cigarettes will harm someone whether they know it or not… It’s one of those things that isn’t talked about much and is hushed when it is, since there’s such a huge yoga culture in the west now.”

-A friend of mine commented on the questionable spiritual nature of yoga, “My sister practices Yoga and she admits that there is something spiritual behind it. I haven’t been able to convince her that just because you feel a “spirit’ doesn’t mean it is from God. Satan is a spirit too.”

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