Nephites in Europe: Quest for the Nephite Remnant by the Joseph Smith Foundation – Documentary Notes

-Russel M Nelson said once we know our lineage, we will make better choices for our inheritance.
-People of Iceland had a prince Nefi. A Danish Icelandic of Czech Book of Mormon, it spells Nephi as Nefi.
-Japan, New Zealand, Europe, Nephites could have escaped to these places.
-the Niflim family of Germany Switzerland etc. descendants of Nefi, have a legendary golden sword.
-the historic text says Nefis fathers fame is all over the heavens, and that they have established many lines.
-Book of Mormon has a prophecy that it would go to the nationS and peopleS who were of Nephi’s SEED.
-Brigham Young and others spoke of a cave which Oliver Cowdry and Joseph Smith visited, there were piles of plates, many wagon loads piled up along the corners, walls, etc.
-Early church leaders insisted that the New York hill Cumorah was
-the Nefi legends said they had a mass of treasure and a golden sword. The plates and the sword of Laban.
-Brigham Young described the hill Cumorah to have precious stones and other precious items more than a 6 mule team could draw.
-the 1st time Joseph was at hill Cumorah the sword of Laban was sheathed and on the wall, the 2nd time it was unsheathed and upon the table with a message that it would never be sheathed again until the day of the Lord. The sword of the Icelandic Nefi had a name which meant wrath. Thus, the swords have same symbol of Gods wrath.
-The treasure of these Neflim has been searched for for a long time. JRR Tolkien adapts it into his writings, and the German opera of the Ride of the Valkyries is about fighting over that treasure.
-Nephites may have returned to America their promised land with the pilgrims, early LDS migrations from Europe, etc.
-Rod Meldrum whose physical evidence of Book of Mormon in the heartland of America.
-over half of non-Utah Mormons and 31% of Utah Mormons have questioned that the Book of Mormon is a historical book.
-Cana Nefates meaning people of Nephi crushed the Romans, the Romans responded by sending about 40,000 soldiers to crush these norther European Germanic peoples.
-Cana or kana means descendants; these were descendants of Nephi.
-Germanic tribes were Hebraic or of Israelite descent
-there is a connection between Old Anglo Saxon English and Hebrew.
-Tindale knew 7 languages and was a master of Hebrew. He said Hebrew agrees 1000 times more with English than Latin. Tyndale was known like Shakespeare to be a master of the English language.
-European converts to the church have patriarchal blessings revealing Israelite heritage.

Episode 2 of Nephites in Europe:
-we live in a covenant land (America), and all the prophets declared this land to be Gods land; government leaders can’t codify sin into law and not have God smite them. The Book of Mormon is all about this.
-before the Lord destroys a wicked nation, he always allows the righteous to escape. Lot and Abraham, Noah and his family, Lehi and his family, and this would be true for righteous Nephites before that civilization was destroyed.
-the Book of Mormon says the Book of Mormon would be given to the Nephites in the last days. This means not all Nephites were killed.
-Jacob 3 and Helaman both indicate that the righteous among the Nephites would be lead away to safety.
-Book of Mormon also speaks of Nephites leaving to the northern lands and never returning, people of Hagoth.
-Book of Mormon says righteous Nephites would be led to safety before the civilization was destroyed.
-D&C 3:16-17 speaks of knowledge of the savior coming to the Nephites from the Book of Mormon.
-2 Ne. 3 suggests we can find where these Nephites may be by looking at the lineage of Joseph Smith. It suggests Joseph Smith is a Nephite. Joseph Smith has heritage from Northern Europe, he has no Native American blood in him.
-2 Ne. 3: 23-24 says Nephi’s seed would not be destroyed, but do mighty wonders, bringing to pass much restoration to the house of Israel. Thus, we see that Nephi’s seed is Joseph Smith.
-William Bradford joining hands with Squanto could well be a Nephite and Lamanite joining hands.
-Pilgrims coming from Europe were Nephites returning home to their land of eternal inheritance. Lehi was given the promise that this was a land for his posterity forever.
-bringing forth new doctrinal insights is never popular. John Nelson has promoted the Nephites in Europe theory.
-D&C 3 clarifies that the Nephites of the latter-days were those whose ancestors never rebel against the covenant.
-The way to know if you are of that ancestor is by revelation to the individual.
-the quest for the Nephite remnant is a stunning blow to the idea that the Book of Mormon isn’t historical.
-President Benson says the Book of Mormon is for our day. He said it better shows what happens today than reading newspapers.
-NEPHI says HIS writings are for HIS people in the LAST days.
-JSF is starting the “I’m a Nephite” movement

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