Dragons or Dinosaurs? by Cloud Ten Pictures – Documentary Notes

DISCLAIMER: These are my notes & commentary and do not represent a balanced summary of the author’s work. I’ve selected portions of the text which were relevant to me and placed them here in my own words, in an abbreviated fashion, with added commentary. Though this article introduces some main ideas from the text, it is bias toward what I felt were ideas of particular importance. This should not be considered a scholarly work, but rather an informal sharing & discussion of ideas as permitted by Fair Use law. I alone am responsible for the contents of this article.

For a video by Creationists who teach the earth being 6,000 years old and supporting science, see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PHesNW9WnDM   The video is called “Dinosaur didn’t die 65 millions years ago, they are still alive today – Documentary FULL”
-Much lore of dragons across cultures
-Alexander the Great, Marco Polo, reported large reptiles with huge tails, or a giant lizard which frightened his army.
-Word dinosaur was invented after bible published. They use jackal now instead of dragon because of fear of evolutionists, but the word should be translated as dinosaur based on the descriptions of historians.
-One Indian legend said a giant bird would bring thunder when it visited them which lived in the mountaintops. We see for a bird to live in the mountain tops it would need the updraft from a thunder storm to get there, hence the Indians said it was a bird which brought lightning.
-Josephus and many prominent historians speak of the reality of dragons.
-Many things that were around in the supposed age of dinosaurs are still here today like Oak and other trees.
-Water deposited sediment is where we find most fossils. Such is like Noah’s flood time, when sudden massive amount of water comes. Most bones are very scattered since when fall to floor of ocean are devoured. Also calcium carbonate is soluble in sea water. Hence, fossils forming is a rare thing to happen.
-Mt. Saint Helens made many layers of sediment not taking 100’s of years to form, for one day. This suprized geologists.
-Measure current lava flow from Hawaii and you won’t get 0 years old, but ancient.
-Radioactive decay rates have been at increased rates in certain periods of history one study called RATE shows.
-see vid. about 50 min in data supporting the earth being 6000 years old.
-see about 50 min in for lava flow in a canyon younger than the canyon yet measured as older than the canyon.
-see about 52 min in for C14 in several things.
-about 53 min in for dino found with blood cells in it; fresh marrow with blood vessels and being soft. This could not be if that animal died many years ago.
-Scrape said he is out to free the world of Moses; he is trying to get the world to not believe the creation account. about 56 min in.
-life were it to go from microbes to man, it would take more like googol years than billions of years, evolutionists saying billions of years can be a way of saying an impossible thing can happen.
-they say over billions of years anything is possible, but would you claim a person could win the lottery daily for 100 years daily? This is the type of claim evolutionists make.
-Evolutionists say the simplest life was long ago, like a jellyfish, but they actually have about as much DNA as we do.
-If you want to say things are by chance in being formed, what is the difference between billions of years vs. thousands of years?
-There should be millions of species between others in evolution should such be true, but there is not. People had evolution of the horse theory, that turned out to be fake. Darwin’s stages of animals etc. are no longer what we use.
-Newton, Boyle, Maxwell, Faraday, Carver, Pasteur, all these were Christian bible believing people. They have helped open us to more science than most.
-Job 40 “I made (this beast of beasts) along with you”. Some Hebrew experts say it was the largest land animal God made. It was said to have a tail like a Cedar, the tree. Consider the Cedars of Lebanon, they are huge. Another place says arms like great bars of iron.
-Job 41 Leviathan; it’s describes as leaving a trail in the mud that shatters pots etc. Describes that it has layers of shields with no gaps between them. Says they breath fire. There is a beetle that shoots hot liquid at things, the electric eel that electrocutes, the cobra that shoots poison into the eye. There is a hollow part in the dinosaurs that is unknown what is for, it could be for mixing chemicals to make fire.
-Dinosaurs on the ark of Noah? Avg. size of dinosaur is that of a goat. Animals were on the boat so they could reproduce. Science today teaches they could reproduce at age 8 to 10, so young dinosaurs would have been brought. Much of them would have been wiped out by the flood.
-There are legends of hunting dragons that is one way there are less of them.
-The ice age after the flood of Noah could have killed many dinosaurs also.
-Man think of how we come into existence randomly without a creator so they don’t have to be accountable to a creator. When Christ comes evolutionary theory will utterly go away.
-Evolutionary theory is driven by paradigms not by evidence.
-Appellation mountain and Himalayas were made from the flood. There are fossils in it because animals were crushed in that in the flood.
-Today one of the biggest reasons they can’t believe in Jesus is because of what they teach in science class in school; based on what they teach in school the bible does not make sense.
-Today’s science is proving that processes that were thought to take millions of years can be done in very short periods of time.
-Man’s views and opinions are always changing; rest your hopes and views on God’s wisdom, not man’s.
-Forensic scientists were not at the crime scene; they make conclusions and suggestions on what could have happened.  The judge and jury will determine the case by what the eye witness of who fired the gun from where. This is what the bible does for us.
-Evolution means survival of the fittest, and hence extinction of the unfit. But Jesus the most fit of all, died for us the unfit.

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