Dinesh D’Souza: America, Imagine a World Without Her, 2016 Obamas America, & Brandeis University – Lecture & Documentary Notes

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America: Imagine a World Without Her

2016: Obamas America

Brandeis University Debate

America: Imagine a World Without Her by Dinesh D’Souza – Documentary Notes



This film is based on the book “America- Imagine a works without her” by the author of the film.
Made by the writer of 2016 Obama, see my summary of Obama 2016 by D’Souza.


This is an excellent film about how America isn’t robbing the world, but how it creates it’s own wealth through capitalism; points out socialist leaders and gives insight into how Native American Indians as well as Hispanics and African Americans have been able to live the American dream by working hard; points out government targeting groups they would to be quiet at election times etc.; treats Howard Zinn; Saul Alinsky; Obama; Hillary Clinton; Obamacare; Aaron Swartz; Alexis de Toqueville; Bono from U2; Reagan; Washington; Lincoln; the abomination of spreading the wealth (socialism).

-what if Hitler got the atomic bomb first?

-what if the civil war tore up the US into many nations?

-what if Washington was taken out by a sniper?

-he predicted national debt double with Obama, it did.

-he predicted with Obama our enemies would get stronger and our allies weaker.

-Lincoln said the USA will only fall from within

-people in America want a world without America

-Obama didn’t create the socialist method, the method created Obama.

-people think that America is evil

-Obama said we didn’t make the businesses we own, he was saying that we stole it. These things he uses to suggest that people should have the same amount of wealth. People say the big businesses are wealthy because they had the help of the police to protect them, and roads to drive on, etc., and that hence they should have no more wealth than anyone. BUT THE TRUTH IS THAT EVERYONE HAS EQUALL PUBLIC SERVICES, AND EQUALL OPPORTUNITY TO WEALTH. The ambulance doesn’t drive faster to the home of a wealthy man. It’s all equal public services, so we should not think that because the business had the help of local services that all should have equal wealth.

-Native American Indian activists think of America as genocide, sorrow, and destruction. They think it merely stolen land that they need given back to them, but IN REALITY, EVEN THEY STOLE THE LAND. CONQUEST HAS DETERMINED WHO OWNS WHAT FAR LONGER THAN AMERICA.

-many are activists now trying to give back Texas and California, thinking we stole Mexico. But MEXICANS LOVE AMERICA, HOW THEY CAN PROSPER HERE, WHEREAS IN MEXICO, THEY ARE TAXED MORE AND CAN’T BEAR ARMS. Many Mexicans would stay in America if Mexico was made bigger again; this is evident by the about a million a year of Mexicans who cross the border from Mexico to America illegally. There are no people illegally crossing the border to get to Mexico.

-Michael Erik Dyson at Georgetown University says America is still racist. He says thievery was essential in the making of America.

-one called July 4 a sham, a celebration of injustice; twas Frederick Douglas. He said US is the most guilty of blood than any of earth. He wanted to stay in America because the Constitution had things in it which would lead to liberty not captivity.

-American Imperialism many say is evil.

-they call America stealing from the world

-people think that capitalists are evil for they try to take from others so it’s not equal.

-they say capitalism is greed, and that the people will only be oppressed by it so long before they revolt.

-they say we stole it from Indians, Mexican, African, and via capitalism work, and that we not get our goods by theft

–Howard Zinn is now required reading for some in high schools, he says that Columbus was evil

-critics are raising the primary question of justice.

-declaration of Independence is a cry against injustice. Liberty was the solution to injustice.

-Professor Ward Churchill, one of the most outspoken anti-American people, says people in the world trade centers deserved their punishment. Says he would drop a bomb on America.

-Obama wants us to remake America, which entails pulling it apart.

-Obama’s remaking wants economic redistribution more than ever heard of. He says our wealth is stolen and we must give it back.

-Howard Zinn ; Ron Radosh studies him; knows he is at fault. Was communist party Zinn was, but left it for something more radical. He says America is intrinsically evil, and wants the youth of America to join it making it socialist.

-Hillary Clinton is a student of Alinsky, she even wrote her thesis on him. She thinks that the radicals should be the leaders in America.

-Alexis de Tocqueville wrote “Democracy in America”. He saw Americans as very entrepreneurial. He said they were usually innovators. He saw how no one bows or scrapes below another, how it’s the only country where we call the waiter ‘sir’ as if he were a knight. He saw Christianity shaping people’s inner and political life, and wrote that religion must be regarded as the first of their political institutions. He saw how since we had Christian ideas, we tried to help others live ourselves, rather than trying to get the government to do it. He said slavery makes work not prosper, since they have no incentives to labor, and how owners become lazy for they need do no work. He knew slavery and treatment of native Americans was not unique to America; most countries are founded in conquest and had slaves; Historically every country has despised entrepreneurship as a means of wealth. they called it next to the lowest class. They say looting is better than making your own business, because one must be stronger or more manly than the guy they loot from.

-America is built on a different idea, not conquest, but trade and entrepreneurship. That is how it has become wealthy unlike other nations.

-India and China are getting less and less people in poverty because they shifted over to entrepreneurial systems at least in part.

-Manhattan in all its wealth and value, is the creation of who built the things on it, not the creation of who sold it when there was nothing on it. So, WE CAN’T THINK THAT THE FORMAL OWNER OF THE LAND SHOULD GET BENEFIT OF ALL THE THINGS THAT ARE ON THAT LAND.

-Zinn blames America and Columbus for the sins of the Spanish etc., for crimes which happened hundreds of years before Columbus even came on the scene. Much of his history is simply dead wrong. He is re-writing history.

-Native Americans being less by 80 percent now, is not genocide from them being killed, but from them dying of disease.

-Native American Indians could go back to the way of life they wanted if they would like, but many of them choose to make money by being entrepreneurs instead.

-America conquered all of Mexico, then got rid of its national debt and gave half of it back.

-in Mexico today you can’t bear arms to defend yourself, and much of your labor, ten or twenty percent, is taxed.

-millions of Mexicans cross the border to get to America, none cross it to try and get into Mexico.

-300,000 men of the north died in the civil war to secure the liberty for Africans, something they couldn’t restore for themselves.

-starting in 1618 children were captured in London and sold in colonial America, these were white people. Indentured servitude it was. It usually for 7 years, happened much, or their term was extended, or they died before it was over. They worked side by side with African slaves. (*150,000 of these indentured servitude persons there were)

-Henry Lewis Gates is a scholar who speaks of 3500 blacks who owned more than 10 thousand black slaves.

-speaks of an African slave owner in favor of slave breeding, something that even common slave owners thought detestable.

-There were as many blacks who owned slaves as there were whites who owned slaves. Egyptians Africans, most countries had slaves. What’s uniquely western is abolition of slavery.

-Sara Breedlove was an African who started selling her own hair care products door to door. Also called Madam CJ Walker. Was the first self-made millionaire female in America. She told the people they do have opportunity she built her own factory on her own ground, and came from the worst of conditions, a first-generation free lady her parents were slaves, she was a widow with a child by age 20.

-we are all a minority of one and as MLK Jr. said, we all must write our own emancipation proclamation.

-we did not steal from Vietnamese

-we helped people in Iraq to have oil

-we helped Afghanistan have food

-we rebuilt Germany

-contrary to the Zenn narrative, we are not the bad guys of the world.

-capitalism doesn’t work through coercion or conquest, but at the will of the consumer. Like Steve Jobs who make the iPhone, we all want to buy that product, that is why he is rich. None of us are forced to buy that. Like Ben Affleck, he is a rich actor not because he has special skill etc., he is rich because OF YOU, THE PEOPLE WHO WANT TO WATCH HIS FILMS. You are the reason he is rich.

-religious conservatives give 4x more away than the secular people who merely say they want there to be more help for the poor. These conservatives, especially the religious, spend more time giving and less time asking others to give.

-Religion helps people to see not to rely on the government. One woman here interviewed said she lived on government welfare not wanting to get a job when she gets money for free. She lived this way for a long time, 7 years, until someone came to her with conviction and told her that the way she was living was not pleasing to God. Then she got over her entitled attitude, and started a business and lives on her own support now instead of sitting around at home thinking of how other people have wronged her.

-it was a Methodist minister who introduced Hillary Clinton to Alinsky.

-wealth of America is not based on theft, it’s CREATED.

-conquest is what the rest of the word believes, America believes in capitalism.

-if America is a force for good why are people trying to make us feel bad for being Americans? It’s so they can sell us their political socialistic agenda which will give them power over us.

–Saul Alinsky was a democratic socialist willing to see that happen slowly through the democratic process; he is far left; he wants the ‘haves’ to feel guilty, and the ‘have nots’ to feel wronged.

-Alinsky was trained by Nitti the Second-Hand man to Al Capone. He showed him how they had bad businesses, and how they were taking over good businesses. He showed them how they infiltrated businesses, the ins and outs of the mob business. The mob finds ways to get power legally and illegally. They find ways to use the laws to get corrupt power.

-Obama is a follower of Alinsky he saw their conferences when a young man.

-Obama gives the impression that he is with us and against insurance companies in “Obamacare”, but he is really for the insurance companies and against us. He is forcing people to buy insurance and insurance companies like that.

-Obama liked the government bailouts, that giving the government power over those companies.

-Hillary Clinton figured out the way, Obama is carrying it out. It’s the government collecting data on every American person, so it can go after any particular group. Watching their internet searches, what magazines they read, what you buy etc.

-people think if they are not criminals who cares if people read their mail, but the government if they don’t like what you do, they can find other things to tag you for. One man spoke against Nixon strongly and loudly, and they audited his business four times. Bad people find ways to highlight weaknesses of others to get their political desires.

-one man wrote a book on how the average person does 3 things a day that a liberal justice person could call felonies. True, people need obey the law, but what’s happening is targeting certain people to punish them for everything they can, while letting the rest go.

-Aaron Swartz look him up; spoke against liberalists, was targeted by the government.

-In a critical year of Obama’s election, many conservatives were tagged by the government and attacked to help Obama win the election.

-revolutionary war was to make American, civil war was to keep America together, WW2 was to protect America, our struggle is for the restoration of America. Fight for America as though the outcome depended on us alone.

-the world needs more Washington’s, Lincoln’s and Reagan’s.

-Bono a member of the U2 band from outside the US. speaks of the American idea and how it’s right, and how it’s not about left and right, it’s about right and wrong. The American idea is that if we have justice leave it to us and we will do the rest. Says America is the first to claw itself out of darkness and put it on paper. Says American idea is not copyrighted. see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rfuOOwJxsdU video called “Bono Speech at Georgetown – Keeping Faith with the Idea of America”






2016: Obama’s America by Dinesh D’Souza – Documentary Notes



-see  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=003vkFedcQ0 “2016: OBAMA’S AMERICA:, Dinesh D’Souza’s with Glenn Beck on GBTV
see also dineshdsouza.com
see also post on America: Imagine a World Without Her by Dinesh D’Souza, https://richardsonstudies.wordpress.com/category/america-imagine-a-world-without-her-by-dinesh-dsouza/
see also https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LAjGxvCc3qE

Notes from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LAjGxvCc3qE
-Obama is in favor with drilling abroad but not in the USA; this has nothing to do with green energy it’s to get the energy to other countries.
-Obama is making trillions of dollars of debt so we think that America owes the world.
-We see the real Obama in the second term
-Obama’s America was a top ten in America film.
-Obama has many black holes in his history: no evidence of his LSAT score, his girlfriends, etc., are unknown and he refuses to speak about these things.
-Obama offers America a certificate of racial absolution that is his secret America he offers that to white America.
-The next logical step for Obama to try and take is to get Islam to take charge of Jerusalem, to demand democracy in other countries where the majority will choose Islam.
-Obama we think is blundering around and not getting what we want him to accomplished; but really he doesn’t want to accomplish those things. He is accomplishing his own agenda.
-Obama says we are consuming beyond our share. We are 25% of the world but we use 25% of the stuff which is normal.
-America has only been the sole super power for 20 years.
Obama has made deep cuts to the military funding. But he doesn’t feel that way about other divisions. China can put 80 or 100 million people on the battle field, USA can’t. Obama is slashing down our nuclear forces and the military. He is opposite of Reagan. Obama says in essence, peace through weakness. Obama will get credit for producing the United States of Islam should such arise.
-Obama is an American born guy who is embracing third world countries.
-American’s voted for Obama because he did not disclose who he was. Obama also used his hidden power of being black to get elected as well. 4 years before the election of Obama we didn’t know Obama.
-Debating today you can’t use the bible; 50 years ago, conservatism was the native language of America, but now because of Obama accelerating it, conservative language.
-We can’t say Obama is against freedom, he may be against economic freedom, but he is for more sexual freedom. See he has his things he wants freedom for. (*this brings us Satan flags to me on every side).
-It’s hard for pastors today for they study the bible not so much as economics and science that the masses of people are studying today.
-Obama is not a traditional liberal. He not only wants to realign the wealth of the people in America, but to distribute it through the world. THAT IS AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT GOAL!
-Liberals are wondering why Obama doesn’t care about the poor; some think he is too smart; what it is is that his focus is on pulling down the rich.
-We look at what Obama’s dad believes for Obama wrote a book about “Dreams from my Father”.
-The people in Obama’s book on his life are people who’ve tried to bomb the pentagon and been anti-American.

-see  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=003vkFedcQ0 “2016: OBAMA’S AMERICA:, Dinesh D’Souza’s with Glenn Beck on GBTV
notes therefrom:
-2007 to 2011 is down 40% of USA wealth; if that happens again in the next four years, America will cease to be a first world country. In the same position as we were in 1500 before no colonialism where there was no superpower. That is the world Obama wants.
-Obama as the commander in Chief has power over who has the bombs.
-Obama will say “I dream of a world free of nuclear weapons” and get rid of those of America, while the rest of the world is making more bombs.
-Obama doesn’t care about energy saving, he is trying to get energy away from USA and into other countries. Obama says he is for green economy, he really just wants us to not have access to oil.
-Obama finds ways to justify what he does. He can get away with whatever he wants by saying it’s for some moral reason he is doing it.
-Obama avoided an issue against his running for President by bringing up that America still has racial issues it hasn’t dealt with. This made him win the Presidency.
-For 7 years Obama was raised by anti-American people.
-Obama says he is one of the greatest people at spending less money. He says it so much with a straight face that people begin to believe it. Americans can’t grasp it that he could possibly lie into a camera so blatantly. He says it with such conviction.
-Governor of Texas calls this film one that every American should see.






Dinesh D’Souza May 11 2017, Brandeis University – Lecture Notes





I advise the entire lecture; these notes are only a portion of principles presented.

-Conservatives are trying to conserve the principles of the American revolution: Political freedom, Economic freedom, & freedom of speech and religion. Fascism is the ideology of the all-powerful state.
-Hitler married nationalism and socialism in national socialism. Marx’s socialism wasn’t working, the poor didn’t rebel against the capitalists, they never have and never will. They determined people would die for their country more so than their class, so turned it to focus on nationalism rather than classism, and made national socialism, the “Nazi”. Much brilliant history in this lecture.
-Earlier there was book burning, but now they don’t have to burn the books because no one reads them, no professors assign them to be read. Also history of the democratic party given, and the idea refuted that there was a swapping of party ideals between democrats and republicans.
-Also speaks of cultural shifts changing politics, not just elections changing politics.
-Explains democrats gained black vote via the Big Deal in the 1930’s. FDR agreed to not ban lynching, to not include blacks in the new deal, he was in bed with the racists of the democratic party who gave him power by his agreeing to those things. FDR told Hugoe Black that he had no problem with the KKK.
-The south joined the republican party due to its anticommunism and its free market etc. Explains how being a nationalist is very different than being a national socialist fascist.
-Democrats were for states’ rights but only as a pretense of keeping slavery.
-It was good for Lincoln to emphasize federal power since there was almost none and mobs could have power, today there is so much federal power that we fight it; this is not inconsistent, as Churchill said, we steer a ship and when it goes too far one way we steer it the other, too far the other, the opposite steering, this doesn’t mean we are inconsistent.
-Democrats are stirring up immigrant fear to put down Trump.
-Why not believe global warming? 3rd world countries need energy fuel and multinational corporations to become 2nd world, meeting basic needs, not starving. We interpret the data differently.
-It’s wise for us to use tariffs against those who use them against us to obtain a level playing field if it’s a way of getting others to drop their tariffs on us.
-The abortion right, if there is such a thing, why would it be subsidized when none of the other rights are? For example the government doesn’t pay for me to start a newspaper or a church or to buy a gun.
-Also, deregulating the federal government wouldn’t mean businesses dump into oceans, that is a public good, a thing which the fed would regulate.
-Also, nothing is free, federalizing stuff makes people charge more for it, and involved persons to pay for it. Like not caring what cost of doctor is because some 3rd guy is paying, this rockets prices. We can’t just say a right to healthcare because it’s a need; food is also a need, we don’t give everyone food or prices for food skyrocket. The expensive part of healthcare is routine care; catastrophic is rare, that’s not the expensive part.
-Also, letting states chose their tax policies is better than universal in all, so we can have options, i.e. CA has 9% state tax, TX has 0%, so we can look around see what works and move to TX, etc.
-If Roe V Wade is overturned, it doesn’t mean the end of abortion, it means the moving of the issue from the federal level to the state level. At the state level, people can more easily get out of office people who don’t represent their views.


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