The 7 Deadly Heresies by Elder Bruce R McConkie – Lecture Notes

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-God knows all things, he is not continuing to learn. If he did not know all things, he could not save any of his creations. This is a quotation from Joseph Smith.

-Evolution in the way many see it (Darwinism) is entirely false. There was no death before the Fall of Adam. There were not things dying and evolving before Adam. The fall brought death into the world. See 2 Nephi 2:22 where it expressly says this.

-There is no doctrine of post-death second chances for Celestial Kingdom residence. “Those who reject the gospel in this life and then receive it in the spirit world go not to the celestial, but to the terrestrial kingdom.”

Our work for the dead is for who did not have the chance to hear the gospel in this life. It’s not our place to judge who that may or may not be.

-There is no advancing from one kingdom of glory to the next in the life to come. Where you are assigned is where you stay. “Of those in the telestial world it is written: “And they shall be servants of the Most High; but where God and Christ dwell they cannot come, worlds without end” (D&C 76:112).”

-Temple marriage does not ensure that we will teach the Celestial Kingdom.

-We don’t have to be perfect in this life to merit living with God in the hereafter, but recall these principals, “(1) that this life is the appointed time for men to prepare to meet God—this life is the day of our probation; and (2) that the same spirit which possesses our bodies at the time we go out of this mortal life shall have power to possess our bodies in that eternal world.”

We need to be going towards God, and that not superficially.

2 thoughts on “The 7 Deadly Heresies by Elder Bruce R McConkie – Lecture Notes

  1. Only recently have I discovered your site. Conspicuously absent from your 7 deadly heresies summary and your categories is the Adam-God doctrine. Do you have anything to say about it?

    1. Only that Adam is only a God under Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Only our father in the sense that he came before us. Adam did help form the earth is was a part of the counsel of three that oversaw the creation. Adam was very righteous, God selected very righteous people (Adam and his wives) to start the earth’s civilizations. Adam was the first man. There was no death before the fall of Adam. Evolution is false doctrine.

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