Low Budget Library

Low Budget Library
by Nate Richardson
updated 1-16-18

-for more specific sources see also Book Library, Movie Library, and Music Library for links etc.

-“Books and Things” outlet of Cedar Fort Publishing; see scratch and dent section for books around 3-25$, 60% usual price; at 2373 W. 700 S. Springville

-Deseret Industries books from 1-5$

-Amazon.com used books; many for 1 cent and 4$ shipping

-Gutenburg project: Puts in the public domain books written over ~100 years ago.

-Librivox.org free audio book recordings in the public domain

-Provo Library book sales: every so often, quarterly I think, they sell books for 1-2$, and during the last hour they sell for 5$ per grocery bag of books.

-iTunes podcasts; many free audio lectures and audio books; search by topic.

-BYU education week every August; abbot 60$ for a week of courses, up to about 10 courses a day; large variety of topics.

-Garage Sales

-LDS seminary website downloads

-listing of websites on lds.org

-school or public library audio books and films for rent

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