Study Smarter Not Harder by Kevin Paul – Book Introduction Highlights

(these notes cover Ch’s 1&2 of the text)

–carry the tools to study better *i.e. notecards notepad always a book etc.

-all may be genius, it’s a matter of investment

-watching TV decreases intelligence, and hence we can do things to increase our intelligence.

-3 foundations for super learning: preparation, memory, concentration; pg. 8

-train different intelligence categories as athlete trains aerobic muscle and flexibility; namely these excursive each a different part: math, history, chemistry, music, art; pg9

-in becoming educated, education on mere skill training is a waste of time pg9

-takes a month to begin seeing much results with this

-earlier centuries it’s been about muscle strength, now it’s about brain strength in the workforce.

-learning is natural and fun, ask any infant.

-false is the notion that as you get older your ability to learn new things and to learn them as fast decreases.

-brain is a supercomputer that did not come with an instruction manual

-repetition is mother of skill, how things get into long term memory.

–sing math formulas to memorize equations

-we use only 2-10 % of the capacity of our brain for higher thought; pg. 17

-lower the stress the better for studying; p17 for why

-brain size and capacity not vary much between individuals; the real difference is the number of connections between neurons which we make; p19

-p 19 on losing intelligence by not continually learning and practicing.

-p21 problem of left sided brain dominance from our society’s emphasis on those type characteristics.

-our energy and focus are fragmented as we try to deal with thousands of things competing for our attention. p21; *so don’t listen to music while studying.

-regular meditation after study enhances memory storage and focus p22 on why and Zen meditation.

-doing then hearing then seeing are the order in which we learn best; but in school they reward and punish to the opposite order. p 24

-can’t learn with radio or TV or at place other than designed study place where you only study


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