Taste The Fruits of the Spirit

Here is a journal account from myself, I will not discuss which topic this prayer was about, but with boldness I describe the feelings I recorded about the prayer. Suffice the description of the substance of the prayer being something pertaining to how to help raise children. I use boldness because you need real examples from your day; you can’t just read about things people went through 100 or 1000 years ago, you must know that faith lives. That God lives. That is my witness to you.

I felt a powerful peace as I prayed about ____. I felt the calm and quiet of the Son of Righteousness. I had great calm, and stillness, and power over my senses. The thought came to me, “did I not speak peace to your soul? What greater witness can you have than this?” It wasn’t mere calm, it was peace. It was an ease of soul, a comfort that all is well. It felt like a peace of all accounts being settled, and the feeling of the Lords support in my efforts. I had these general feelings of the presence of the Lord. I think this was because the ____ operation is for the sake of [helping] children, which thing pleases the Lord….

I would call this an outpouring of the spirit, but that would seem like a flood; it didn’t feel like a flood, it rather felt like a calm river. It was not a yelling but a still smallness, though it penetrated to the very core. I was not even fully aware of it at first until I reflected, then I knew very keenly that something out of the normal was occurring, and that it was precious beyond measure.

This reminds me of when I invited Thelma Starks to be baptized on my mission in Georgia USA. She accepted the invitation, and it felt like a marble was in my chest or stomach, a sort of heated object, but seemingly concentrated, not overwhelming in a wild sense, but overwhelming in a sense of perfect stillness. It did not overpower my senses, it brought all of my senses into order and subjection.

Perhaps I’ll relate another item on this topic somewhat related. When I prayed to know if I should marry my spouse, I felt not a “you must”, but I felt a “this would be a very very good thing”. It also wasn’t so overpowering as to remove my agency; God comforted me to the extent to know that it was a thing he would be fully vested in with me in. A full partner, that His spirit would be allowed to be involved fully. Needless to say, I didn’t have to stew over this decision for months and years on end. If it’s good for the Lord, it’s good for me.

A somewhat related tangent, the prophets have taught us to look for “a” right spouse, rather than “the” right spouse, because there is no such thing as “the” right spouse. The human race is compatible with each other, it’s no so fragile as all that when they are living the plan of their creator, the Man of Righteousness, Heavenly Father. So it is with many aspects of life, there doesn’t have to be a needle in a hay stack, the situations we are presented can work wonderfully, and eternally. This life is about building more so than about finding. About learning more so than downloading. More about experience than gifts. More about trying than perfection. Perfection is a serious commandment that we do not take lightly, but we recognize that a part of perfection for us is obeying the law of repentance. Indeed, the human race is perfect when it repents of its mistakes. As for the Spirit of God, it is the Spirit of Jesus Christ, it is champion of all, and life without it is the most risky voyage in the universe.

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