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These are my opinions and an attempt to explain things. Much of it is doctrine of the Church, I will work on referencing this in the near future.

Jesus makes us one with him? Yes but only because he is one with the father. He has accepted the way of perfection which Elohim reached before him. Now we humans are on the path to progression. Jesus has already crossed the finish line, we follow his example to get to the finish line.

The Holy Ghost what is it? It is a male deity without a body, but whose spirit resembles that of a body (all spirits resemble the body).

The Godhead do we worship each of them? In the sense that they have reached perfection yes. We admire (another word for worship) Jesus because he helps us get to Elohim.

Why does Jehovah speak as Elohim to Moses in the Pearl of Great Price? Because like one that cannot attend a meeting, so he has another person read his message verbatim, so is this. Elohim cannot attend us himself because of the Fall of Adam. Before the fall of Adam, Elohim would appear to Adam and walk and talk with him. Ever since the Fall of Adam, Jehovah has interacted with the people of earth directly. Ever since the Fall of Adam, we are in a telestial state of existence. This means God the Father doesn’t visit us. He only does so to introduce Jehovah on rare occasion like to Joseph Smith when Smith was called to lead this dispensation.

Who is God? There are 3. Elohim Jehovah and the Holy Ghost. The foremost of these is Elohim, whom organized the way that we humans can get exalted. Elohim is the author of the plan of salvation. The means that he brings about that salvation is by employing Jehovah and the Holy Ghost. Elohim is the leader. The supreme Governor. Jehovah is one of his sons, and thus inherits all that he has, and eventually becomes like him in every way. The Holy Ghost testifies to persons that these beings are the way to salvation. That is the role of the Holy Ghost in salvation. The Holy Ghost also plays a role in sanctifying persons who apply the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

Is God independent? Yes. Independent in that he needs no help to keep the laws of the universe/eternity. He is able to do his duty fully. He can take care of himself. He acts in union with others ( Each of these 3 Gods with each other, and other righteous volunteers) to save souls, because saving souls in all eternity has ever been a joint enterprise.

Like several roles in a play, so this is. Just because there needs to be several actors to illustrate a play on stage doesn’t mean that any of the actors are imperfect. The actors could do their role perfectly. But that doesn’t mean that one actor can perform the entire play. A perfect person uses his resources to make perfect and beautiful things happen.

The reason Jehovah is taking direction from Elohim in the creation of this earth etc. is because he is interested in participating with Elohim with the exaltation of his creations. In playing one of the essential roles to saving souls. Elohim is the one who is at the head. He is overseeing exaltation of his creations.

Exaltation is not possible without a Savior. Because humans make mistakes, we need a Savior. Elohim is the judge in the court. Jehovah is the person who appeals to the court judge asking for the welfare of the humans because the humans fell short. Because Jehovah is a God, he is able to appeal to Elohim, another God, and buy the freedom of the humans, he having fulfilled the requirements.

It is my opinion that it may stand to reason that Jehovah will one day act in a capacity that Elohim does now (that of leader in a Godhead, in other words, not the first councilor in a presidency, but the president of that presidency), and that Jehovah will have a person be a Savior for his literal offspring just like how Elohim has Jehovah be the Savior for his literal offspring (I say literal offspring meaning to include physical children which are born as a result of nurturing of spirits by a certain director, in our case Elohim, before they attain a body).

To be exalted, humans must meet the requirements for exaltation. What are the requirements? That every law be kept. Do humans keep every law? No, not at first. So they have a merciful being step in to pay that price for them if they manifest correction in behavior. Joseph Smith said that if a person gets exalted it has to happen in the same way that Jesus got exalted, that of obedience. We must repent if we are to be saved. Who makes repentance possible? Jesus Christ, aka Jehovah, that God who mercifully uses the power he has attained to help us because he loves us. Does Elohim love us? Yes. For God so loved that world that he gave his only begotten son.

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