Female Privilege Exists

Topics: Gender roles, modesty, accountability, pornography, addiction, sexuality, secret combinations/conspiracy,

I argued with a professor that there is such a thing as female privilege (she about flew to pieces when I suggested this!), the idea that women show their bodies however they want without respect for the modest feelings of others in society, and a number of other telling factors. She said I am hyper-concerned of the modesty issue, but I say she is desensitized, as well as many others!

I ask what Jesus would do, and how we dress in temples. I insist that the way we dress has to do with our problems, and taking women’s body lightly is a fundamental and core issue, a root to a tree of many issues. She said women raped are usually merely in tee shirts and jeans. But have you seen the tees and jeans today? They are very sexual and tightly form fitting. I wrote more on this by hand which I’ll turn into a document soon for this is madness. And women want to be men. And this is crazy. I don’t have time to flush this out now but by God I have evidence for my case, and I will stand up for what’s right. This professor has a PhD in some sort of social science and she is set in her ways, thinking herself at utmost authority. I will write some points here as this topic is too crucial to leave alone:
1. to deny female privilege is to deny women’s accountability in their role in social issues.
2. immodest women want to wear form fitting clothes and be seen as themselves without being looked at sexually. This is what the feminists tell me. However you can’t separate bodies with sex. Humans as sexual by nature. If you want to emphasize intellect and character instead of sex, why does the way you dress draw attention to the curvature of your breasts, etc.? It doesn’t make sense. Why don’t they cover the body to hide its curves and emphasize the face instead? If your definition of wanting to express your individuality is based on showing the curves of your body, then it is you, not men, who are looking at yourself in a sexual lens. You may say ‘we want to show our bodies without them being associated with sex.’ Well you may as well show a hungry man food without him associating it with ending his hunger. You may as well show a baby a toy without intending for it to play with it. You may as well show a cake to a peasant while expecting him to not lunge for it. Humans are not animals, and can think higher than mere sexual reproduction, but that is helped by dressing ourselves, covering our nakedness. To display our nakedness or come virtually close to it via tight apparel etc., we are over-emphasizing sex.
3. you think me overly concerned with modesty. Perhaps you and everyone else is desensitized. this is evidenced in the way that we are most open of showing body, more so that most of history. Look at a history of fashion book. You bring up the point that at one time it was fashionable for a high-class woman to be painted nude. This is an isolated event. Today we have a culture obsessed with sex and every day they walk in immodesty. Yesterday’s dress of sluts is today’s dress of moderation. Today’s dress of sluts is yesterday’s dress of private encounters between husband and wife only. What we tolerate (and call for) today is simply bizarre.
4.you say as long as rape culture exists that women dressing immodestly isn’t a thing of power. I say that despite rape culture, women can be independent in the way they choose to dress, and will be held accountable for the messages they send via the way they dress. Is it not written by the prophets that women become pornography by the way they dress? You say ‘well they are not dressing to that extreme to be called pornography’ I say, aren’t they? They look like chameleons, like they are nude but painted green, etc., based on the color of their outfit. The tit is covered with a bra to hide this feature, but everything else shows right through the clothing. Who do they think they are fooling? Many men don’t care that they dress this way and quite like that they dress this way. But this leads them to arrogance abusiveness selfishness hedonism greed lust and only bad.
5. women manipulate men into certain acts or exchanges by flaunting their bodies. This is an old trick, see Book of Mormon, God identifies this exchange of female body for services as one of the pillars for the secret combinations of the devil (see book of Ether). You say “immodesty isn’t the same as nudity” well that is true. There are 7 circles in hell. But we would do best to get out of hell, rather than saying we are comfortable in only an outer ring thereof. Any level of hell and devils will sap us of happiness and liberty. Don’t make the petty argument that 1 devil is fine so long as it’s not 3 devils.
6. asking men to not see women as sexual when they reveal their body is against nature. It jams his psychology and weakens him. His work is frustrated, he cannot focus.
7. The body of women has immensely overpowering effect on men. People of Islam understand this. I am not alone in recognizing the extreme danger of public display of what was never meant to be public. The concept of temples shows this: you need a recommend to enter. It’s not open to public viewing. Is it not written that our bodies are temples? Surly then we should not allow just anyone to peer into them and discover the mysteries.
8. notice how women speaking at General Conference dress. they are the examples.
9. denial is a step in the privilege cycle. Are you in denial of female privilege?
10. women hold sex over men’s heads. They say, “if you don’t do as I say we will have less sex.” men want sex more (most social scientists will agree on that), so women use this to their advantage. In the ideal marriage this does not occur, but we are talking about issues in society, and this is one of them.
11. the modesty of “for the strength of youth” section is important. No tight or revealing clothes (prophetic warning against yoga pants? Yes.) It helps avoid bad stuff like over-sexualization which always turns out bad; it’s an animalistic form of the fall of nations. When humanity turns into sensuality/animality, everything falls apart. See also warning of “family proclamation”, that rejecting family ideas will lead to destruction of nations. Certainly modesty is a family ideal. Anyone who says otherwise is looking beyond the mark, and has a seared conscious. Immodest dress attracts idol persons who want something for nothing. They want the body you’ve almost revealed to them, and it won’t take much work for them to finish the job you’ve already started before meeting them: that of undressing yourself and giving over your body. Of course we cringe to think on this subject, but we must remedy the plague.
12. woman puts herself into the world of men, out of home, refuses her nature as mother and seeks status in world of men. Men can’t have children, it’s obvious that their work would be to provide so that women can fulfill their role. Do you get it? The point of men is to fulfill woman. Woman is the motivator of men. If women go in their heart (rather than by necessity) to the workplace, they leave men demotivated. I don’t say it’s bad for women to work, I say that this mass exodus out of the home is bad. If them working comes at the cost of them being mothers, then it gets bad.

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