Heart to the Fathers, not to Secularism: How remembering our Ancestors can Save our Souls

The world likes to show how their ancestors were wrong; but the Lord says we should “turn our hearts to the fathers”. The world is interested in reinventing a new wheel, the Lord says repent. I’m not saying we should copy some of the bad of our ancestors or prejudice. I am saying we should ask ourselves, “How would my ancestors react if they saw the way I dress? The way I treat the holy scriptures? The way I treat my neighbor? The way I treat my kids and spouse? The way I use my money and free time?” I think most cases will bring us to better behavior if we think in this way. The Lord said that lest we do this, the earth will be “smitten with a curse.” (see book of Malachi)

Your family history work will greatly influence your family future work for the better!

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