Non-Predestination aspect of Gods Agentive Servants

God’s servants are not pawns, they are free independent agents, without predestined future


We think about spirituality as “God gives a person agency, and the righteous person gives their agency back to God.” No, it goes like this: God gives a person agency, and the righteous person makes choices, and those choices become the will of God. For example, the brother of Jared brought stones for God to make bright to light his vessels; God then made it happen. Could Jared have chosen another way and it still have worked, still have been sanctioned by God? Yes! It’s like when Nephi got the sealing power; God trusted that the choices Nephi would make would be appropriate, NOT THAT he would do the exact things, the marching orders, of God. No, Nephi became an executive agent for God, a person whom did things that pleased God. God didn’t come up with all of Nephi’s ideas, but God did approve of Nephi’s ideas. Nephi became someone who acts, and is not acted upon. Nephi is learning the character of God, growing into his divine birthright. Beginning to receive the endowments of his Righteous Father, whom is God.

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