Joy Analysis by Hugh Nibley from Book of Mormon & Pearl of Great Price Lectures



-Mosiah 4:11-12 is the key, always remember your own nothingness and the goodness, of God, and you’ll always rejoice!
(Me Nothing + Good God = Rejoice!)

-Nephi said he lived after the manner of happiness, which means they were happy all the time and so should we be.

-There is no end to what we can and will receive so long as we don’t reject it.

-Shakespeare was right about this world being a dross and sleep, but when the gospel in fullness you find, all else is cast aside, it’s not just fine arts where you look at the menu, it’s the feast.

-5 times Brigham Young was driven out entirely. He said let ’em burn the temple the earth is the Lords and the fullness thereof. Let go of all and go worship. Things will care to themselves. Nothing has worn to me a gloomy aspect since I got the gospel. Even facing mobs. All works toward the good of the Kingdom.

-Never you find a sad true Saint. Joy to each needed measure. Brigham Young saw the temple burning and said “Good. 3 cheers.” What the Lord lets go, we do too, with joy. All that matters is the work the Lord has for me to do today. This is what Brigham Young was known to say.

-Visions of minds being opened isn’t like a symphony, but much more.

-Who live as they should constantly see glimpses of eternity.

-Brigham Young said ‘The secret of mine is to never worry. I never do.’ Also, Joseph Smith came to Brigham Young oft and said don’t be in a hurry.

-Greek tragedies show what life is like without the Atonement of Jesus Christ.


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