Immorality called Culture, Social Critics Missing the Mark

Sacred vs Profane: Bodies as Temples: A strange episode of current events of a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

This is why this country is going to fall; in an immoral immodest pornographic fashion show by the company Victoria’s Secret, the only thing people are saying is that it is racist. Though racism is bad, they are here straining at a gnat and swallowing a camel, ignoring the real vice of this project. This is looking beyond the mark.

They’re not calling it what it is: pornography. This society has decided to call immorality, “culture”, so that it cannot be shunned. Granted its “complete” nudity and the act of sex itself on display, but it’s close enough to corrupt us.

Are not our bodies temples? Is it not written, that temples are the house of God, holy places? Profane means in the open, sacred/holy means private, not open to public viewing. If the temple is holy, and thus closed off to the general public, so should our bodies be. And what when we profane the temple of God, and the temple of our bodies? Then the wrath of God is sent among the people.

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