Creationism Vs Evolution Debate Ken Ham And Bill Nye 2014, notes

Creationism Vs Evolution Debate Ken Ham And Bill Nye 2014[Full] (Ham is associated with

I think the truth is probably somewhere in between what both of these guys say. On the one hand, the bible can have some of it symbolic, etc, and one of the key problems is that modern Christians reject LDS restoration which opens the door to clarification of revelations. On the other hand and even related to the first issues, the Devil has a great hand in contemporary mainstream science to manipulate and confuse and lead people away from faith in God.

-the media always differentiates creationists and scientists, usurping the word science
-kids are taught the religion of naturalism and that the bible can’t be trusted
-pop science is a mixture of observable science and historical science; they are a religion since they are saying things about origins when origins are not observable
-creationism is more scientific than pop science, pop science evolution says things you can’t observe, creationism is based on observation
-Nye says Noah didn’t know how to build a ship so its unreasonable that he built a sea worthy ship; this shows his lack of understanding that God can reveal things to man and is pitiful.
-the creationist and evolutionist agree on many things, its the timing which is at variance

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