Scriptural Serpent Symbol : Christs Truth & Satans Imitation


-Moses lifted up such as a type of Christ in the wilderness for people to look to it and live

-used to have legs for it was given him a curse to go on his belly. He would not be on his belly already if that was not the case. Although, this may all be symbolic.

-women naturally have a fear of snakes. An enmity between them and snakes.

-type of Christ which Satan is subverting; God creates, Satan imitates.

–2Ne24:29 Fiery flying serpent=type of Christ footnote

–Ogden OT vol. 1 pg43 and Moses 4:10-11

-counterfeit symbol used by Satan

-Matt.10:16 serpent is wise, and disciples commanded to be wise as such

-Quetzalcoatl the white feathered flying serpent possibly Christ appearing to those of ancient Americas in his glory, and them associating it with the serpent symbol.


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