Disarming The Devil’s Lies about Sex

Disarming The Devil’s Lies about Sex
(The Why and How to not lust, and create meaningful relationships)
by Nate Richardson

We will here see how important the body is now and forever, and how the Devil warps this truth to deceive us.
The Doctrinal background for and suggested application in living with virtue in daily life. Specifically, how to resist lust with doctrine and skill. A brief easily read conversational essay by Nate Richardson, April 15th, 2017:
I pondered over what it means to not look upon a woman to lust after her, as the scripture denounces. Here are some guidelines for when a person is tempted to think sexually about a female inappropriately (aka a woman whom is not his wife, or overly sexualizing his wife), as well as the why behind it:
1. Don’t stare at her; this is a dangerous situation and the more you look, the more you lust. It’s in our biology, so be aware of your biology, and resist the natural man. You are not an animal, you need not feast like a predator. The woman is not an animal either, although her debased and purely sexual/reproductive appearance could convince you otherwise. The spiritually unlearned woman may focus her self presentation on body rather than charm of continence. They overly emphasize the one, having no faith in the other, thinking themselves to be of no charm, of no value other than their body. Animals go around thinking about sex, and presenting themselves for sex, rating each other on sexual scales. It should not be so with humans. Everything religion has been trying to say from the beginning of time is that we are NOT animals. Not even close! Sexuality is a core part of humanity, but we often get mixed up in treating it like the core rather than a core. When you meet someone, what’s the first thing you want them to think of you? Is it “wow I would love nothing more than to have sex with this person.” Or is it “wow this person is happy, and they are kind to me, and they are clean, and gentle, and wise in their reservation!” And for those seeking a relationship, their presentation ought to suggest the following, “wow this person is one that I could enjoy spending much time with because her words show her personality to be enchanting!” rather than “wow I want a relationship with this person because it means i might be able to have sex with them eventually.” No, if you base your relationship on sex, it’s going to break in half sooner or later, and usually sooner than later. So don’t get mixed up in putting your sexual foot forward. Put your best foot forward, and however physically attractive you may be, your best foot is your spiritual one, and the one that shows your commitment to healing the human race from every ailment. Often to express ones self takes more than a glance of the eye. We should not express our lack of patience by foisting ourselves upon others with the cheep shot of putting the sexual foot forward. Every human has a desire for sex. But not every human has a desire for beauty, for creativity, for ingenuity, for serving others. The way you dress sends a signal, narrowing down the types of candidates whom will approach you for friendship. Dressing attractively doesn’t mean showing off your curves; Brigham Young taught that the women should not wear such tight dresses, such being repulsive. Perhaps the reason President Young found tight dresses repulsive was not that they weren’t physically/sexually appealing, but because it sells short the rest of the person. It auctions off something so marvelous for such a low price. Men with charms and laughs can use deception and in-transitivity to sweep a good, unsuspecting woman off of her feet. The female must not encourage the vain circus tricks of the unethical man by waving “easy access, you’re already half way there” in front of his face. No, the mature woman holds her body with reserve, and with righteous protective zeal. She will not give it to just anyone. She will not advertise the half of it, or more, in her casual business of the day. Rather, she will be modest, very modest, and reserve the hidden treasure of her body for one whom seeks her whole soul, and not just her body. She wants the guarantee that the man will be committed to her throughout life and beyond, not the one that comes for the popcorn only to get up and look for another show. No, she knows that she is worth a lot more than popcorn. She better ascertains long term relationships via insisting that the mind and spirit are involved, not just the flesh.
2. recognize that she is beautiful, and
3. pray for her well being. Then
4. consider the blessings of Zion, and that God has all blessings for his Saints in appropriate all-fulfilling channels, and
5. recall that Zion is the only place of eternal sexual fulfillment, and the best shot at sexual fulfillment in this life as well. To ensure the reader understands “eternal sexual fulfillment”, which statement brings us to worlds far past our own present state, I will state the obvious, which is written in the most introductory text of my faith: namely that the body will rise from the grave, and be reunited with the spirit! Heaven is a place where people have bodies, live in families, and families can’t happen without sex. Worlds without end, you’ll never find such a creation. This is the genious of the restored truth of the latter days: that the body is central to the eternal plan of God, and is not merely to be disposed of after mortal death! Death of body is a resting, not a permanence! Are Christians clear about this? No! Are Latter-day Saint Christians clear about this? More clear than staring you in the face, yes! The universe is governed by laws which even God himself cannot break. The only reason a god is a god is because he and she have conformed to the laws of the universe. One of the laws of the universe is that we need bodies and the uniting thereof with a spouse to have full joy. Does full joy end after this life? No! And of course, there are many gods, though only 1 of them rules over us. Our God is our father. No being whom is not a child of God is ruled by God. All beings are ruled over by their celestial parent, worlds without end, forever and ever. To avoid the risk of saying something too sacred here, we will merely recall the words of Joseph Smith, that this “one eternal round”. Where did Gods begin? It’s one eternal round. Everyone has a parent… it’s a cycle, worlds without end, and without beginning. The mortal does not comprehend the “no beginning”, and alas I say it no better comprehends the “no end.” The average person has no clue about their true nature, for they have no clue about the nature of God. God has always existed, and we as his children have likewise always existed. God will always exist, and so will we. Even the devils of hell must go on an on forever, and have been forever going on. God fathered us in promoting our state, this does not suggest that we lived not before. Thus it is, we compare to understand, with the biological birth. That person did exist before it got a physical body, but the mortal parents heaped upon it a grand promotion: the body! Likewise, individual personal inteligences named you and me existed before God organized it into greater intelligence. The parent does such a vast favor for the child, that it is considered that the parent “created” the child. Indeed, for all intents and purposes of our word “created”, so he did!
6. confess the boundaries of interpersonal relationships in Zion,
7. know that person is your sister, with great potential and kindness, and act only in ways that will promote her lasting happiness in Zion
8. recall that in the resurrection our cups will run over, and we will hunger not; even the best of circumstances here in mortality to not begin to compare with the circumstances in heaven, and that is true in every aspect, thus the sexual aspect is included. Is it not written that we have earthly bodies here, but shall have heavenly bodies there? Shall we not transform from terrestrial to celestial? Yes, we shall. And all the pleasantries that come with it shall be ours, provided we continue faithful. Well hath the prophet Joseph Smith taught, that all your losses will be made up to you in the resurrection, provided that you continue faithful.
9. recall that in the resurrection the disabilities of this life will vanish, and
10. recall that in the resurrection people will respect each other, and do this by not immodestly tempt each other in overbearing and hurtful ways; indeed, the man of heaven has power given him to not be blown about by every temptation; he sees them for what they are, and he is blessed with a habitation where such temptations do not exist. When he must make errands to fallen worlds, he will use his power to not be effected by the crumbs on the floor there, for he knows of the divine feast in the worlds above! How attractive is the mere crust when you know of the pastry! Not at all!
11. talk to the person about who they are so you can see them for more than their body, and perhaps win their soul, bringing them to Zion, where they can learn how to properly use their bodies to capitalize on their joy. If they are flirtatious however, this can be more detrimental than beneficial, and politely wish them well, and be on your way, building the kingdom of God wherever and however you can. You must not allow yourself to lose the spirit, and such can happen if we engage in flirtation with unruly females, and for those married, they lose the spirit if they flirt with any female other than their spouse. Beware the flirtatious woman, she ropes you in to flirting back before you know it. If you find yourself in an inappropriate flirtatious situation, be you married or single, follow the example of Joseph the prophet in Egypt, and run away for Gods sake! If you settle for the unruly woman, you won’t know the deep joy of the woman of Christ, with whom you can share the spirit of Christ, and gain eternal life together in the Kingdom of God, becoming Gods yourselves united there forever in creation and pleasure.
12. think about Jesus Christ, and look for people who you can serve at that time. An old friend to call, a person present to minister to with your conversation whom is cast down because of their poverty or lack of social skills, etc.
13. be sorry for the girl of immodesty as she is living beneath her privileges, and could be much happier with the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost. Indeed, immodest use of ones body is not holy, but is profane. The definition of holy means sacred or guarded and hidden, the definition of profane is in the open, broadcast, and public. The body is not to be profane, but is to be holy. The Lord goes so far as to call our bodies “temples”, the very center point of holiness. Now how can you expect to have the Holy Ghost with you if your actions are now holy? It cannot be done, worlds without end, it shall never be. Conformity to decency is the only way to qualify for the presence of Deity, as manifest in the Holy Ghost’s presence in ones life.
Are these things true? Yes they are true. Though you may not confess them to your neighbor, you have felt in your heart that this is salvation through the Lord God Jesus Christ. You may feel these standards are beyond your reach, like Peter whom drown in the sea after being called upon to walk on water. In this we remember the words of the Master, “oh ye of little faith. Wherefore did ye doubt?” Let Christ pull you from the water today, but when he asks you again to walk on water, have a little faith! Behold, Christ walketh on the water! And lo, He saith to us, “Come! Follow me!” Come, feast, and become a God! This is your destiny. This is who you were born to be! Put away your confusion, your wanderings and senseless debate. Feed at the hand of the Creator of the Earth whom is Jesus Christ, and hearken to his precepts! There is no other way to fully understand the design than by learning from the designer. No way to fully become a creator, than to learn from the Creator. He is Jesus Christ. Fall to your knees, and there He will reveal Himself to you. Then you will know, not just believe. Then you cannot deny the feelings he then puts in your heart, and you will be constrained to say “surely this is the Lord, surely this is the answer to all my questions, and the path to joy here, and eternal bliss hereafter!

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