Snoop Dogg: Targeting Kids for Delinquency, another recent episode, Mock Shooting The President

Snoop Dogg: Targeting Kids for Delinquency, Mock Shooting The President
another recent episode
by Nate Richardson
May 5 2017

Snoop Dogg put out a video of him holding a gun to someone who looks like Trump. Snoop targets young boys who never had a dad, and men who live in their parents’ basement, who think that Snoop is the image of a real man. Snoop knows that his audience is a bunch of arrested development kids and he is robbing them. Pimping them. Making a bunch of kids dress like gangsters so they get picked up by the cops, put in jail, and made into a prison labor force. He wants anarchy and should be put in jail for inciting riots and violence against the President. In his video they are pointing guns at cops all the time. They’re being trained to kill cops; to make chaos, exaggerating the mistakes of the police.

If you want political change, use the political process, or a 1776, not a strange assassin thug culture. This is ghetto and evil.

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