Jack Monnett on Homeschooling & The Restored Church – Lecture Notes

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-the focus on curriculum waters us down; we need to focus on becoming like our Father in Heaven, and we do this via celestial education.
-1860’s 1870’s in Utah, prior to this the Kirtland temple was used as a school, the parents would go there and learn academic subjects flavored with Mormonism, then they would be responsible to take those things back to their homes and teach their children; this shows who is responsible for teaching the children.
-Alvin R Dyer wrote “the refiners fire” book talking about Missouri and the promises of Missouri in the latter-days. Monnett asked him ‘how would you like to teach in the temple?’ he said, ‘if you teach in the temple, you will be able to teach the curriculum to parents’ he felt that all Millennium education would be home education, home schooling. The plot map of Zion is a 24 temple complex, there were 12 Melchizedek priesthood temples, he said probably the Aaronic temples would be used for teaching parents how to teach the youth, what to take home and teach the youth.
-in the 1870’s people could come to the small towns in Utah and the school boards were of Bishoprics and others with educational expertise, and they could teach things in their own local schools as they thought they should be taught, some was academic, but they taught things of the church, scripture classes, things of the prophets, all of those would weave in academia with this celestial learning which should take place. In the 1880’s they lost this since there were people who came to Utah who felt they could come convert the Mormons back to Christianity. They had given up on the adults but thought they could teach the children, and thus destroy Mormonism. They had academic degrees from everywhere and looked pretty good. They formed their own schooling. Mormons like education and it sounded good to go to schools by people who had high-fluting-degrees. The early saints however rejected the idea of a degree being what qualifies someone to teach.
-Brigham Young spoke of the issue of children being sent to gentile teachers: in effect he said if they can get a man who looks good, they will hire him as a teacher because of his smooth shift and a ring on his hand. But the stalwart man who chops wood, though he knows 5x more than the other teacher, they will not have as teacher. Get your brains right side up!
-there is an order of things; teach the spiritual foundation right, then teach the secular
-20 years ago, it was rare for someone to educate their children at home, not its almost mainstream.
-the child sits at home with its parents asking them questions; this is better than a child sitting with a teacher who is not interested in their life, and who asks predetermined questions with often predetermined answers.
-in public school they try a one size fits all class, that doesn’t work
-a parent can confess not knowing the answer to a child’s question, but the teacher with a degree feels they are supposed to already know, so they’ll often bluff.
-sitting in front of computer with someone else’s curriculum, that’s insufficient, have things you feel are important. And don’t use computer as babysitter.
-they took their child to China for a year, not focusing so much on schedules of curriculum, but the general education.
-one boy was on a 2nd grade reading level and wanted to be in homeschool, his mom watched soap operas all day, he said can’t we do something else? She said, ‘sure go read a book’. He did and brought himself to an 11th grade reading level that year.
-homeschooling you can read with your child and pause with them when they have a question and find the answer with them.
-In Oregon a woman homeschooled her granddaughter starting at age 8. By age 13, they went to a community college and asked if she could attend. They said no, she could not pass the entrance exams. So, she took the entrance exams, and scored higher than anyone, so they had no choice but to let her in. By age 14, she was ready to enter a 4-year university.
-homeschooled students are the most self-disciplined
-homeschooled students are often ready for college at age 14. BYU won’t let people in at that age, it’s a marriage institution for getting people married and into a job.


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